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How to “Really” Lose Weight!

And keep it off!

In a Natural and Healthy way!

By ZaKaiRan


Are you tired of looking like a Sumo wrestler?

Are you tired of your spare tire being as big as the one on your car?

Is your rear end overtaking you on the highway of life?

Have you tried dieting, but found it difficult and ineffective? Or you lost weight, but then gained it right back again?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, or even if you’re just a little overweight and you would like to trim up that sexy body of yours, then read this article on how to “really” lose weight, and keep it off in a natural and healthy way.

There are a “million” weight loss diets and fads out there in the world that have been invented by very well-meaning people, but many or most of these “diets” are unrealistic and ultimately ineffective, especially in the long term to keep the weight off. And they, more often than not, are just capitalizing on people’s desperation to lose weight with the latest greatest “miracle” weight loss system.

And if a diet that you choose actually does work and you successfully lose weight, more often than not, you will put that weight back on again very quickly. That is because our bodies are very smart and they are programed for survival. If there is a lack of food, such as in the case of a famine, the body will slow its metabolic rate down so that it can conserve energy during this lean time. 

So, if the famine is not too long, a person will lose a surprisingly minimal amount of body fat, just like when a person diets briefly. With this in mind, your average “diet” that is typically built around just eating less, eating no carbohydrates, lowering caloric intake, etc., are ultimately ineffectual, especially in the long term because as soon as you are off of the “diet”, your body will pack the pounds back on again for some “mysterious” reason. 

In fact, eating less is absolutely the wrong thing to do if you want to “truly” lose weight, which means keeping it off! Because if you do lose weight because your body has had to dip into its fat reservoirs to keep it going, because you have been eating such a minimal amount of calories, as soon as you start eating normally again, your body will slow your metabolism down and start packing the pounds on again.

Why does it do this? 

It does this because your low calorie “diet” is the equivalent of a famine, and now that your tribe has a surplus of food again, (you’re eating normally again), your body slows its metabolism down and stores every morsel of food you eat to prepare for the next famine.

This is the classic scenario of why most people who “diet” lose weight and then gain it right back again at lightning speeds like a yo-yo. They lose weight and then gain it right back again. They lose weight and then they gain it right back again, etc. Unfortunately, the creators of these so called “diets” do not understand how the body’s metabolism works, unlike Chris Powell who this article’s techniques and diet is based upon. 

In order to truly lose weight, and keep it off, you must absolutely, without fail, eat 5 small meals a day, spaced 3 hours apart and drink lots of water! The principle behind this is, your body is like a furnace, if there is only a little amount of wood for the furnace, and little oxygen, the flames will be small and burn out quickly. If there is little fuel for your body’s furnace for energy, then the body slows down the furnace to conserve its supply of fuel (food) and stores this fuel as fat. 

But if there is a continual supply of food on a consistent basis, the equivalent of “feast times”, when the fields are flourishing and there is plenty of game to hunt, then the body kicks into high gear and fires up the furnace to full force and keeps it burning to burn up the food you’re eating, because the body realizes there is plenty to eat and there is no need to store up fat for lean times. 

But again, the body is smart and wants to survive at all costs and is always planning for lean times. So, if you want to lose weight, you must be tricky and fool the body so that it keeps its metabolism high all of the time, even if you lower your caloric intake.

So, how do you do this? 

Well, the amazing body transformation, fitness and weight loss specialist, Chris Powell, Star of the U.S. TV special “Extreme Make Over Weight Loss Edition”, guest of the Oprah Winfrey show, the Doctor Oz show, guest trainer of the Australian weight loss show, “the Biggest Loser”, and author of the New York Times Bestselling book, “Choose to Lose, the 7-day Carb Cycle Solution”, and designer of the Vemma Bod-e Transformation fitness and weight loss Products, has figured out how to trick the body into keeping its metabolism high. This is accomplished through “Carbohydrate Cycling”, a technique that has been used by the fitness industry for 30 years to maximize weight loss and at the same time, conserve muscle mass, which is a key ingredient because during lean times, the body will take energy from the muscles, thus decreasing muscle mass. 

So, how does “Carb Cycling” work?

I can’t describe the entire weight loss regime in the space of an article, and for it to be affective, it must be followed precisely, with the right foods, the right exercise and with the right support and guidance. And this support and guidance is a key ingredient because “everyone needs a little help from their friends”, and it is highly beneficial to have motivation. And you can freely get this support, guidance and motivation, every day from the transformation experts Chris and Heidi Powell, who will guide you through every step of the way on your journey of transformation, through menus, strategies and health and exercise tips, delivered to you every day in videos and information on your free mobile Bod-e app. 

But generally, the solution to weight loss is to keep the body furnace running hot by eating 5 small meals every day so that the body believes there is enough food around and there is no need to store fat. But because the body is always preparing for lean times, even eating 5 small meals per day is not enough, because the body will try to adjust your metabolism even to that and start storing fat. So here’s where we need Chris Powell’s secret weapon, the “7-day Carb Cycle Solution”.

The “7-day Carb Cycle Solution” is where you do 7 day cycles of alternating between high Carbohydrate and low Carbohydrate days. You do 2 days of low carbs, then 1 day of high carbs; then 2 days of low carbs; then 1 day of high carbs; and 1 guilt free (or 1 “muck up” day as I like to call it), where you may eat whatever you want (within reason), so you don’t feel deprived. Sorry, no junk food, (ok, maybe a little). And of course, eating 5 small meals per day, which is absolutely crucial. 

Going back and forth between 1 high and 2 low carbohydrate days, (or high and low calorie days), revs up your metabolic furnace and your body keeps the furnace fired up even on low carb days because it is getting enough food on a daily basis, especially if the food is nutritiously complete. So the furnace stays hot and you burn stored fat on low carbohydrate days.

The Myth of Overweight People

One of the main myths that most people believe, is that overweight people eat a lot and eat all of the time. When the real fact of the matter is that most overweight people don’t eat enough, or rather, they don’t eat frequently enough. And if they ate 5 meals a day, starting immediately upon waking up, (and didn’t eat greasy sugar filled processed junk foods), their metabolism would be higher and they wouldn’t be overweight in the first place. 

Of course, another key ingredient is what people are eating. Most people do not eat enough nutritious foods. They eat too many empty calories from fast foods that are completely lacking in nutritional quality, and they eat foods that digest very quickly which spikes blood sugar levels off the charts, which causes all kinds of body problems from increased levels of diabetes to teeth issues. And as soon as you have blood sugar spikes from sugar and white flours, the body immediately turns those calories into fat to get those calories out of the blood stream.

So obviously a huge key to optimal weight and health is to eat good healthy wholesome complex unprocessed organic foods regularly throughout the day. This health and weight tip should be an obvious no-brainer, but unfortunately many people in today’s day and age are ignorant, uneducated and naive. I say naïve, because so many people have been literally raised (programmed) on fast food and know no alternative. And many actually believe that fast food is good for them. 

The classic story of today’s generational fast food lifestyle, is when Jamie Oliver, the famous British TV Chef and champion for healthy meals in schools, was visiting an elementary school in his quest to educate children and schools about healthy food. And in front of a class of students, he held up a potato and he asked the class if anyone knew what it was that he had in his hand? Not one student knew what it was!!! Then he held up a plate of hot chips aka French fries and the kids surely knew what those were, but not one student knew that those chips were made from a potato. Of course every child in that class eats French fries practically every day, but not any of them had ever eaten a potato! Absolutely tragic!

How this whole Carbohydrate Cycling weight loss system works is brilliantly described in Chris Powell’s book, “Choose to Lose, the 7 day Carb Cycle Solution”, but basically, on a high-carb day, your body is in an anabolic state, where it has sufficient fuel to fire the furnace and the necessary nutrients and energy to fuel your cells. On these days, you are building up and energizing, or firing up the furnace.

On a low-carb day, your body is in a catabolic state, whereby it is receiving less fuel for the furnace, but it is still burning hot from the high-carb anabolic day and your 5 meals per day. And in this low caloric catabolic day, your body still needs fuel, so it takes the fuel from your stores of fat.

The problem with most diets is they shock the body into a catabolic state, and this is absolutely the wrong thing to do, because, in a catabolic state, your body turns down the heat and lowers your metabolism and therefore burns less fat. And to lose weight, you need to keep that furnace burning hot. Hence, alternating between high and low carb or anabolic and catabolic days.

The two key factors to weight loss

The two key factors to weight loss are to eat very frequently and exercise. Not eating large portions that take hours and hours to digest, (thusly lowering the metabolic rate), but eating small complex meals that digest over the next 2-3 hours, and provide energy for the body, thusly increasing metabolic rate. 

Even if you just ate really good foods, (not fast foods, no sugar, etc.), but good whole grain carbohydrates, organic proteins and lots of veggies, and 5 small meals 3 hours apart, you would lose weight! You would lose weight because this eating regime kicks your metabolism, your body’s furnace, into high gear, and you then burn up most of what you are eating. Your body would store little or no fat and start burning fat. And if you exercised regularly, then you would lose even more stored up fat at a quicker rate because exercise gets your metabolism rocking even faster and you then become a lean sexy healthy machine!

Exercise is a key factor for general good health and weight loss. Yes, you can lose weight through diet alone, but if you want to really get your metabolism kicked into high gear, you must exercise! Exercising gets your furnace burning, and the biggest furnace you have for burning calories is in your muscles. So you must get them working with resistance training and cardiovascular exercises. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to work out 5 hours a day, in fact, Chris and Heidi Powell make it really easy for people when starting out on the program. They only ask for 5 minutes of exercise per day. That is an extremely reasonable amount of exercise that anyone can handle, no matter how out of shape that person may be. And that 5 minutes can be just doing some brisk walking. And then you are asked to increase that exercise by another 5 minutes a day every week. Of course, you can do as much exercise as you like, and the more the better. And the optimal exercises are detailed in Chris’s book.

And there are countless other benefits that you receive from regular exercise, such as: lymphatic health, increased lung capacity (help for asthma sufferers), detoxification, increased energy, better moods, healthy heart, better sleep, increased libido… Exercise also prevents osteoporosis, lowers high blood pressure, is an excellent de-stressor, it prevents colds, reduces diabetic complications, promotes healthy pregnancy, prevents cancer, has anti-ageing effects, promotes brain health, prevents stroke, improves oxygen and nutrient supply to all cells in your body, improves muscle strength, joint structure and joint function, helps to manage arthritis… The list goes on and on. 

This is another no brainer, but our busy “survival” oriented lifestyles typically grant us little time for “frivolous” things like exercise. But if you truly want to be lean and live a long healthy disease free life, then it’s time to get busy and make time in your life for exercise. And have fun doing it. Do things that are fun not laborious! At the very least, start walking, which is one of the best and least stressful exercises you can do. And I highly recommend rebounding on a mini tramp (or a full size trampoline), which is one of the best exercises imaginable, because rebounding exercises every cell in your body. It also gets your lymphatic system moving which increases your immune system for optimal health.

Now, until recently I have not needed to diet or lose weight. But through the years I gradually built up body fat from the body’s natural tendency to prepare for famine. I have always eaten healthily, having been an organic vegan for 30+ years, but even a vegan can pack on a few extra kilos around the midsection. Yes, I knew what to eat, but not when to eat and how often. My typical diet was that I would not eat anything until around 10 or 11 o’clock, then I would have a smoothy, then lunch and then dinner.

And I learned why I was slowly packing on the pounds when I was introduced to this diet from Vemma and Chris Powell, because most overweight people eat like Sumo wrestlers. Sumo wrestlers need to be very fat, so they eat nothing until about 3 PM in the afternoon. Then they have a big meal and take a nap. Then they have another big meal for dinner and go to sleep. Most people eat like sumo wrestlers, they eat nothing but a doughnut or a bagel and a cup of coffee until 1 PM. Then they eat a high calorie, high fat lunch, and then a big meal for dinner and go to sleep. No wonder this planet is about to go out of orbit with all of the sumo wrestlers walking around these days!

Now, at the risk of being similarly fined the ludicrous sum of 37 million dollars and being completely unjustly thrown in prison like Kevin Trudeau, just for saying that he found the ACG diet that he wrote about in his book, “weight loss cures they don’t want you to know about”, easy – “I found the Chris Powell 7 day Carb Cycle Solution diet very easy”!

I lost 10 kilos in 3 months using the Chris Powell 7-day Carb Cycle solution and the Vemma Bod-e weight loss and fitness products as a part of that system, without having to change my life much at all. And I didn’t increase my exercise regime any more than what I was already doing, which is 2 yoga classes per week, 1 weight training work out at least every other week, daily rebounding for at least 4 minutes and a 2-3 hour game of tennis every other week.

I especially found it easy to follow and maintain this diet without cheating because having high-carb days and 1 guilt free/muck up day per week, I never felt deprived of anything. It certainly helped having no sugar, chocolate, ice cream or junk food addictions to give up, as I had previously given up those vices years ago.

The diet is easy to maintain without “cheating” because you are not depriving yourself of all of the foods that you love, such as carbohydrates, which is an integral part of the success of this diet. Yes, you certainly have to give up eating greasy sugary junk foods, if you haven’t already, but you don’t have to give up breads and other carbs that are a normal part of your diet, as long as they are whole grain. 

And it is especially easy to follow and stay on track because Chris and Heidi Powell guide you the entire way through a series of free videos delivered to your free mobile app, that tells you exactly what to eat and when to eat it every day - too easy!

And regularly eating power packed super foods is another key ingredient, because when your body is receiving proper nutrition, it craves less food. If you regularly eat foods that are lacking in nutrition your body will always be hungry regardless of how much you eat, because it is craving nutrition, not just calories.

So with the help of the Vemma Mangosteen and Aloe based liquid nutrition drinks, (also with decaffeinated green tea, 65 essential plant-based minerals and 12 essential vitamins), and the Vemma Bod-e fitness and weight loss products, (the Bod-e Burn, to keep my energy level up on low carb days and the “Powell Perfect Shake” for breakfast to start my day with the perfect combination of carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients), your body receives all the nutrition it needs for the day.

The mangosteen fruit incorporated into the Vemma products is a power packed “super-fruit” loaded with xanthones, a super antioxidant. And the aloe in the Vemma products is jam-packed with phytonutrients which help your body prevent disease. And the green tea provides even more antioxidant power. And in regards to the minerals in Vemma liquid nutrition products, minerals are such a key ingredient when it comes to health. In fact some nutritionists claim that minerals are possibly even more important than vitamins for optimal nutrition. But the only kind of minerals your body can actually assimilate for its nutritional needs, are plant based minerals. In other words, minerals that are extremely minute and that have been assimilated by the roots of plants incorporated into the plant structure of leaves, roots, stems etc. 

All other vitamin and mineral supplements in hard-packed pill forms, are extremely difficult for your body to digest, and assimilate for your nutritional benefits. So your body gets rid of them in your urine and faeces. In fact, sewage treatment plants report that literally tons of undigested vitamin and mineral pills end up in sewage treatment plants every year. Whereas, the nutrients in Vemma are easy to digest, because they are in a liquid form, and are 90-100% assimilable.

So, there you go. I have given you the goods to help you to not only lose weight “easily”, safely and without stress, and to help you keep that weight off! And even more importantly, a method to help you get healthy while you lose weight.

So, what’s your excuse for not losing weight? 

Do you have the courage to act now? Or will you wait and do it “tomorrow”? 

Tomorrow never comes! There is no tomorrow! There is only now! 

“OK, I’ll try it”. 
DO, OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY! - Jedi Master Yoda

So, if you’re tired of looking like a sumo wrestler, then act now
and turn yourself into a lean sexy healthy happy love machine!

You Can Do It! Success is a decision away!

Your lean sexy healthy body is a decision away!

Yours in immense health!





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