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I Love Money!
And I'm Not Ashamed to Admit It!


What Is Your Money/Prosperity/Creation Resistance Quotient?

(A Spiritual Perspective on Abundance, Creation and Manifestation)


I'm sure that the title of this article has already turned many people away because those people have an adversarial relationship with money.  In other words, they have beliefs and programs that “there is something wrong with money”, or that they “do not deserve wealth”.  Or other beliefs such as: “money is not spiritual” or “I will become corrupt if I get rich” and a cavalcade of other beliefs and programs that are not only limiting them from having wealth, but limiting them from creating anything positive in their lives, including success, health and healthy relationships.

Most people who say they do not want wealth and who are allegedly “not into money”, are typically reacting from these limited beliefs and programs, or they are unmotivated to create any thing in their lives because of self worth issues.  Even if you honestly believe you are not interested in becoming wealthy, if I was to offer you a million dollars right now, no strings attached, you sure as hell would take it!  So, the truth is that most people want to become rich, they just don’t want to do what would be necessary to create this wealth in their lives. 

Even new age people who say, “I’m not into wealth and success, I’m into just allowing the universe to give me what I need," these people just don’t understand how the universe and how the laws of the universe really work.  The universe does not just blow around like the wind; the universe is active, not passive.  It is a very active alive being, comprised of the collective consciousness of All-That-Is/all creation. 

You also cannot get what you want by sitting and meditating as if you can just sit in the presence of allowance and the money will somehow miraculously come to you.  If a person could get wealthy by meditation, then all of the monks and nuns of the world would be the richest people on earth.

This is how the universe really works: “the universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality”.  Another way of saying this is: “you create for yourself, through the Law of Attraction, what you are most focused upon”.  In other words, “you get what you think about most of the time”. 

And if you are really and truly a light worker, then you will naturally be very passionate to make serious changes on planet earth, and to do so; you will need some serious cash to accomplish this massive task!   So, don't be deluded to think that you can make any serious degree of change upon this earth by sitting in the lotus position all day and imagining world peace.  You would serve the earth better by creating peace within yourself first.  And you also don't have to be running around like Henny Penny telling everyone that the world is ending, or we're ascending, or everyone is God, or everyone is Love etc., either, everyone will wake up in their own divine timing.  But what you do need to do and what you need to be, is an active creator and co-creator of divine reality.  Which means you have to find out what it is, and get busy creating in your heart and mind, what you have come to this earth to create.

What is your dream?

What have you come to this planet to create through your own actions, thoughts, emotions, energies, ideas, imagination and teachings?    And what have you come to co-create with other light plorkers (players/workers) through synergetically combining your thought, word and deed to co-create for this planet?  

If you are reading this then you did not come to this planet to quietly meditate on the sidelines and watch this planet evolve.  You are here to put your thought word and deed into the game and start playing!  You are here to actively and passionately create heaven on earth!  And to accomplish this huge mission, you're going to need to be wealthy to do it because, like it or not, this world runs on money.  You can deny it and act like you don’t need money and believe that you can manifest what you want without money, but you are only deluding yourself.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with money!  Money is not the root of all evil!  Even the love of money, as the bible more accurately states, is not the problem either.  The real issue here is ‘self worth’, and the belief that if “I can get money, or fame, or relationship, etc., then I will be worth something, then I will be admired and loved, etc.” 

But the opposite is the truth.  First you must develop a solid core of self worth, and then you will manifest money and anything else you need in your life for your health, wealth and enjoyment.  So, if you want to really start manifesting wealth or anything else in your life for that matter, first you must get happy, then you must become friends with money and the Law of Attraction.  In fact, you must start loving money big time, because “you get what you think about most of the time.”  Whatever you are fascinated, you will get more of this through the Law of Attraction!

It is your beliefs such as, “fear of money”, “fear of corruption”, “I am unworthy” etc., that are holding you back, nothing else.  The point is you need to get over your limiting beliefs about money ASAP because the planet is ascending and we need you fully in your power of creation!   You are no good to us if you are resistant to wealth and manifesting money.  Because if you are resistant to manifesting money then you are resistant to manifesting in general; you are resistant to your own creation abilities; and you are resistant to the Universal Law that “you create in your life, what you think about most of the time.”

Resistance to your creation abilities is resistance to your own divinity and resistance to the fact that you have been empowered by God-Goddess to create whatever reality you desire to create.  You are God-Goddess expressing itself in a single body/mind consciousness!   It is time for you to acknowledge this divine fact and it is time for you to acknowledge this every single day so that you can become a fully empowered member of the family of planetary harmonizers, masters and creators. 

So, what is your Law of Creation/Law of Attraction, money acceptance quotient?  In other words, how much of your consciousness is open to not only manifesting wealth but also manifesting whatever you desire to create?  And do you have programs that say you do not deserve to have these dreams?

What are you wildest dreams?  Write them all down in a dream book and do not edit yourself just let your wildest dreams flow on to the page.  It does not matter how far fetched these dreams may be.  Dream big!!!!  And do not leave anything out! If you are very spiritually oriented you may be tempted to omit things that may seem selfish or too opulent and excessive.  And you may be tempted to only write things down that serve others and are “unselfish”.  Do not edit yourself!  Write down all of your dreams!  You deserve to have whatever you can imagine in your life!  What you want wants you!  And the universe wants you to have everything and does not judge you for anything!!!  You may have a Rolls Royce, a butler, a maid, and a mansion, as well as peace on earth.

If you block one thing, you block them all.  “The universe is completely unconditional and rearranges itself to accommodate your perceptions of reality”, and if you have a program that says, “these things are bad and only those things are good”, then you will struggle to manifest the good things in your life, because your attention is focused upon the bad things.  And through the Law of Attraction, you will manifest those things that you do not want over and over again, and wonder why you don’t have those “good” things in your life that you want so badly. 

So once again, what is your wealth creation and money resistance quotient?  And what is your money/wealth creation acceptance quotient?

To manifest your dreams, you must become at peace with all aspects of creation, which includes greed.  All souls are given complete freedom to experience all forms of expression for their soul growth and expansion and just because someone else is greedy and has abused money and power doesn't mean that you will, or that there is anything wrong with money and power.  It's what you do with money and power that is important.  It is your choice to be a parasitical elite greedy power junky who only cares about amassing wealth, to gain a false sense of self worth.  Or to be someone who amasses wealth to uplift and nurture humanity to be all that they can be. 

What is really important is when a person focuses their creative energy upon succeeding at some endeavor, whether it is becoming a successful stock trader, or becoming a successful musician, etc.  What is important is what you become from this journey of success mastery, not what you create.  It’s the person you become, not the toys you collect that really counts.  The money and toys are the signs of recognition.  They are the award for your dedication and commitment to developing yourself!  The journey is the reward in itself. 

Money and Power

Money and power are just energies, and money means nothing unless we give it power.  If you are resistant to wealth, then you are giving your power away to money.  You should be using money to empower you - not to disempower you.  Just because other people are disempowering others by hoarding wealth and controlling masses through fear, doesn't mean you have to play that same game.  You’re the master of your own reality, so you can create your own game, the game of holistic wealth, where you are completely cleanly wealthy, rather than filthy rich.  Learn to embrace money and wealth as your friend and you will have a beautiful supportive co-creative relationship, built upon honour and respect.  Stop treating money like it's your enemy!   Money is not your enemy it is your friend, if you choose it to be.  But regardless, whether you choose enemy or friend, money will play either role for you completely unconditionally in your divine drama that is your life.  You are the director of your play and you are the actor and you write the script and set the stage…

So, what role will you play in your divine dramedy?  Will you be a champion or a poor victim?  It is your choice.  What will be the subtext behind your lines, what programs are going on in your unconscious mind, such as: “I don’t need money”, “money is evil”, “I don’t deserve money”, “it’s too hard to create wealth”, “if I get wealthy I will become corrupt”, “I don’t like to sell”, etc.  Whatever the belief is, why would you want these limiting programs creating your reality for you?  It is time to change the program, just like your television, you can sit and watch that stupid boring fear-based program or you can grab the divine remote of your mind and change channels.  It is time to wipe the slate clean.  It is time for you to shine and remember that you are a powerful creator of reality and you are creating every aspect of your life and reality right now!  

What is your life responsibility quotient?  

In other words, how much of your life are you taking responsibility for?  5%, 10%, 20%, 50%, 80%...  Of course, your goal is 100% because the basic fact of the matter is, you create absolutely 100% of your life right now, and you have created 100% of your past experience as well, whether it is conscious or unconscious.  So, any aspect of your life that you are not taking responsibility for are places where you are still playing the games of denial, resistance and victim hood.  You are not a victim so stop acting like one!  No one has control over you!  You are not powerless to anything or anyone!  And there is no mystical force that is mysteriously creating your reality for you except you!  You are your own genie!

Every second of every moment of your life you created and attracted to yourself through your focus, intent and joy, through the Law of Attraction, all the good stuff, as well as all of the bad stuff.  And I know some of you are thinking, "No way, there's no way I would have created being molested, raped, mugged, cheated, abandoned, rejected, stolen from” etc. etc.  Well, I am sorry to inform you, but you created every single minute detail of your life, all the yummy stuff as well as all of the crap, you created it all!  

You just created and attracted most of your experiences unconsciously through similarly oriented thoughts and feelings that had similar feelings to the experiences you created.  Or you created and attracted experiences based upon your unconscious programs and the limited neural pathways that exist in your brain.  Or you created and attracted experiences because you as a soul wanted to have these experiences for your spiritual evolvement, understanding and wisdom of life, relationship, sex, creation and manifestation.

Tantric Wealth Creation

It is time now to realize that you are an amazing creator of reality.  And it is time for you to start actively and consciously creating reality rather than creating reality unconsciously based on your limited beliefs and programs.  It is time now for you to passionately focus your thoughts and emotions with a burning desire for their creation and then you will manifest anything you desire.  It is time now for you to accept your divine power as a creator God-Goddess and responsibly master this divine ability and power of creation for your own wealth, health and joy and so that you can pass this mastery on to the rest of humanity!

But to master this ability, because you have been creating reality for so long using old patterns, programs and beliefs built into you by living in a society that is built upon lack, competition, control, limitation and negativity, you will have to create new neural pathways of abundance, cooperation, creative control, expansion and positivity.

And you will have to be patient and practice delayed gratification, just like tantric sex.  Where it's not just about the orgasm and receiving a result, but more importantly it is about the amazing energy generated through the sensual journey.  You must create wealth in the same manner by must practicing “tantric wealth creation”, because tantric sex and tantric wealth creation is the same thing.  Both use the same sexual/creation energies.  For tantric sex you use these sexual/creation energies for co-creation, rather than procreation.  You also use these kundalini energies to raise your vibration to higher frequencies, to achieve enlightenment, divine union and ecstatic pleasure.  For tantric wealth creation, you use these same sexual/creative energies for the creation of success, wealth, resources and relationships.

So if you are resistant in any way to creating wealth, or to creating anything for that matter, then you probably have some sexuality issues because your sexual/creative energies are blocked by limited programs that say, “this is good and this is bad and that is good and that is wrong”, etc.

The goal and point here is, to get to a completely open-hearted space of unconditional Love.  Only when you can be unconditionally loving and completely non-judgemental, can you become a fully empowered creator of reality.  This state of consciousness is often described as being “enlightened”, or in “God Consciousness”.  And these are apt descriptions, because God-Goddess/the Universe, or whatever you would like to call infinite divine intelligence, does not judge anyone or anything, for any reason.  And does not judge or condemn any expression, thought, deed, feeling, belief, etc., because God-Goddess-All-That-Is does not judge itself.  And you are this Divinity.  God-Goddess-All-That-Is does not judge any expression because that is judging its own expression and that would be insanity.  So, judging others and judging yourself is more insanity, because you are judging God!  

So, the question is, where will you channel your sexual/sensual creation energies?  Will you channel them towards the old world, thusly energizing old patterns of lack and competition?  Will you channel your creative energies to try to fix the decaying world of polarity?  Will you channel your energies towards things that you do not want?  Or will you channel your creative energies towards what you truly desire and deserve to manifest in your life?  And will you channel your energies towards co-creating a beautiful cooperative world of honor, respect and unconditional Love?  The choice is, and always has been, yours.  Success is a decision away, so make your choice now to create a new world with a passionate burning desire for its manifestation!  

How can you make great change upon planet earth?  Master of the Law of Creation and Attraction to powerfully manifest your desires!  Learn to manifest wealth and success!  Learn to manifest your creativity!  Learn how to dance and sing and play and write!  Learn how to manifest whatever you need so that you can travel anywhere and do anything with anyone.  It’s not what you have, but what you can do with what you have that is important.

And you’re not trying to get rich just so can have a life of leisure, but so that you have the creative and financial power to seriously make positive changes on the earth!  And to do so you're going to need to be rich!  Yes, I said it it’s all out in the open now!  Everyone needs to be rich!  Ok, some people are going to need and want to be richer than others because that's their divine mission, but the point is, you are here to get some serious plork done (play/work), and you will need some serious cash to accomplish them! 

So, get busy creating and get busy letting go of your crap about money and start powerfully and intentionally co-creating Heaven on Earth!  And start having fun doing it - that’s an order!  If you're not having fun doing what you’re doing, then its time to start doing what brings you joy.  And unless you do it with joy, you will struggle to create positive things in your life.  If you forgot how to have fun then I recommend laughing every day for 5 minutes to start your day and when crap flies through the day - laugh at it!  Just laugh and smile and your life will change immensely.  Fake it till you make it!  If you can't laugh at life then you haven't gotten the cosmic joke yet.  Life is not a drama - it's a comedy - well at least it's a dramedy.  So, laugh!   People will think you're crazy but they're the ones that are crazy for not laughing.  Laugh though your heart is breaking.  Laugh though your head is aching...

You are your own Genie!   Your wish is your command!  Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

Infinite blessings on your abundant journey!



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