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Note: This article was written in response to an Australian national reconciliation, offered by the new government and Kevin Rudd's apology to the Aboriginal people of Australia who were systematically killed and mistreated since the time white man stepped upon this great land and declared "Terra Nullis", in other words, no humans live here. The British government did not recognize the Aboriginals as humans, or as even existing. They certainly did not recognize their right to the land. Among all of the atrocities extended by the white man, aboriginal children were also taken from their parents, especially children that were half white and half aboriginal, (see the movie "Rabbit Proof Fence").

Additional Note: There has been a 10 year drought in Australia. As soon as the apology was given to the aboriginal people of Australia by the Rudd government, the drought broke.


I'm Sorry

A Blessing for our Ancestors

and this Beautiful Land of Australia


To all of my beloved aboriginal family upon this great land of Australia, Torres Strait Islands and New Zealand, please forgive our ancestors for mistreating you in any way. Please forgive us for all our judgments and prejudice towards you and your ancestors. Please forgive us for mistreating your children, and please forgive us for mistreating this land!

We call upon the law of forgiveness to flood across this land on this day of forgiveness to wash away the transgressions of our forefathers and mothers. May all of these generations forgive themselves and may all the beings who were hurt by them forgive their actions and know that they "knew not what they were doing", and were merely acting out of their feelings and fears of unworthiness and separation.

We also call to our ancestors to forgive themselves for their actions and we call to the karmic board for karmic absolution for all of these lifetimes and experiences and ask for a clean slate, a new beginning, to form a new civilization of cooperation, love and truth, and our natural way of honor and respect for each other, the land, nature, the animals and mother Earth.

We ask all of our ancestors to be at peace now in the knowing that all of these experiences and the settling of this land were for purposeful good to fulfill the divine plan to create a new country based upon honor and respect for all life, all beliefs, all races, all cultures, all religions...

We offer this decree, this prayer, as a gift to this country and all countries upon this earth. A decree of release, healing, forgiveness and blessing!

I forgive all! We forgive all! All is forgiven!

All transgressions are absolved! No one is a victim!

All experiences were created by the soul for its experience and growth, for its further knowing that we are truly ONE being; we are all love; we are all divine; we are all the entire universe of All That Is expressing itself at single points.

We bless our ancestors, we bless our genetic lineage and our genetic programs and beliefs, and call for the complete transmutation of all beliefs, programs, prejudice, judgments about our unworthiness or the unworthiness of others to transmute into love, honor, truth and respect.

We call for special karmic dispensations now as we send a wave of forgiveness and blessing across this land, to everyone here, and everyone who came before us. We decree with the full power of our divine beingness for a complete clearing of all past traumas, massacres, murder, abuse and abduction!

We call now for the Violet Fire and invoke the Violet Fire Angels to sweep our fair land with this divine fire of transmutation to clear, heal and transmute all traumatic energies, and to help all entities attached to this land and the past to find peace and move into the light. For all sacred sites to be reenergized, healed and cleared. And we invoke the silver ray of grace to create a fresh start for this country and everyone here at this time, with no attachments to the past. We also call upon Archangel Michael to clear all cords of attachments between ourselves, our ancestors, all life times, all experiences, and all people from these lifetimes and experiences, and we call upon the karmic board for karmic absolution between all of these people and between us all, across space-time dimension.

We are divine grace!

Blessings to all of our ancestors! Blessings to all of us!

Blessings to the land, the trees, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, and the land and sea creatures. And we call for all the divine assistance and blessings available from the divine hierarchy: the ascended Masters, the Angels, the dolphins and whales, our subterranean Lemurian family, the divas and fairies, and all other beings wishing to assist with this divine blessing.

We bless all! We love all! All is forgiven!
We bless all! We love all! All is forgiven!
We bless all! We love all! All is forgiven!

We are one! One land, one people!

We are one! We are one! We are one!



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