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Independence Day




This article was written for American Independence Day on July 4th, 2003, when I was traveling in the U.S. It is not strictly "American", and is, (as are all of my articles), totally applicable to everyone everywhere who are freeing themselves from the shackles of the matrix and accepting their true sovereign nature of Divine Independence.


Dear Divine Sovereign Masters of Love-Light,

Today is independence day for us "Americans", celebrating the granting of our independence by the powers that tried to control us and, the acceptance and embodiment of our birthright as sovereign free prosperous beings.

Our forefathers foresaw, envisioned and set into motion, the base for the utopian society we are creating as Love-Light-Prosperity Players. A society, reality and world where individual opinion, belief, sovereignty, and freedom are respected by all. Ironically our ancestors, in order to obtain their freedom, took away the freedom of the current inhabitants of Turtle Island. And currently, our government and society has become, in many ways, as intolerant and oppressive towards diversity as the society and governments we are celebrating our independence from.

But our main oppressor is and always has been - our belief in our own unworthiness, and subsequent belief in the unworthiness of others, fostering enemy/lack consciousness, and our resulting new Gods - fear, mistrust, money and consumerism, (to name a few). But this is and has been all perfect for us to realize that we do indeed create our own reality, that we did indeed create the world we live in, and it is now time to co-create a new world of Prosperity/Christ Consciousness - Heaven on Earth.

This is accomplished by each individual accepting their own sovereignty; their own individual independence; their own right to be respected as an individual to make their own decisions and not be controlled or oppressed in any way by anyone, including their own egos, programs, training, beliefs… Heaven on Earth is accomplished by every being accepting responsibility for their divinity, as a master, as a creator, as the God they truly are.

We are indeed Gods and Goddesses, creating our own reality and group consciousness, with every perception, belief, thought, action and reaction. What kind of world are you creating? Personally I am creating Heaven, with everything I do and say. For me there is no other real reality? I have taken the blue pill (see the Matrix). I have seen the light, and I now see nothing but light.

What do you see around you, and in you? Struggle, survival, co-dependence, war, terrorism? To me these things are just manifested illusion. To me these things are like a movie. I temporarily suspend my dis-belief that it is all make believe, for entertainment value, but I never really fully believe any of it to be real. I see cooperation, awakening, compassion, growth, giving, joy, Love… What do you see? What you see is what you get!

You are a sovereign master - a Creator God! You are the entire Universe expressing itself and creating itself at a single point. You need no other being for anything, not even to create heaven with. It is your job to create heaven in your own "little" life - in your own little movie, your own little sit com. You don't need to wait for anyone else. (Time to rescind all those Bodhisattva vows). In fact, if you wait for anyone else, then you hold us all back. This is the nature of co-creative reality - the paradox of creation and existence, oneness and separation, independence and dependence. You don't need anyone to help you accomplish your Ascension, in fact no one else can really do anything for your Ascension. But we are ascending a planet, so we are dependent on our brothers and sisters to wake up one day and remember their magnificence.

So we are dependent and independent. We will create heaven on earth with or without others. It certainly is easier with the help of others, but you cannot wait for anyone. And this is how you help others, by not waiting. (You do not help anyone, especially yourself, by maintaining co-dependent relationships). You certainly drop bread crumbs behind you for your friends to follow, but you charge on full speed ahead, without ever looking back. (This is how this "wake up" plan works: some people wake up before others, for the one's asleep to watch you wake up and follow in your footsteps).

Don’t look back, you will turn into a pillar of salt. Don't look back or you'll get sucked back in to the matrix and an agent will get you ( more matrix analogies).

Full Speed Ahead my friends!

Manifest your vision of Heaven in your life!

Question Reality! Accept your Divine Sovereignty!

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

Happy in/dependence Day/Life!


In Divine Sovereignty and dependent/independence,



(Lak'ech - Maya for “I am you and you are me”).

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