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Inner Activism
Entrepreneurial Activism

Creating a Divine Reality in your Life and Planet Earth
by changing your inner reality and business



Greetings beloved empowered masters of divine creation! This is a letter of empowerment! Contrary to what your ancestral or soul programs may say, or what society believes, you are fully and completely empowered to create a fulfilling, prosperous, and magical life for yourself, right now!!! In fact you are already creating your own reality right now, and contributing to the creation of the collective reality, with all of your beliefs, programs, ideas, thoughts, visions, vows, agreements, contracts, feelings, etc., that are in your conscious and unconscious “mind”, (your mental, emotional and other energy bodies, linked to your chakras…). And with a sufficient amount of healing, re-programming and empowerment, you can and are creating a new more divine reality! I have written extensively about this in my many articles on reality creation that you may utilize for your further self empowerment on my website: www.ZaKaiRan.com.

Society still believes that their lives and life on earth, is controlled by chance and outside forces. We give our power away to corporations, business, governments, religions, societal rules and ancestral programs, until we realize through an experience of the awakening process, that we are creating our realities and can create a much better reality for ourselves as well as the planet.

The first step to reality mastery is taking responsibility for what you are creating - that includes everything! You may not know what part of yourself, or what program, or what aspect of your soul is attracting this experience to your reality, but regardless, you must take responsibility for it’s creation and manifestation, and start healing it’s fear based perception.

The next step is the willingness to change your reality and determination to do so. This journey of empowerment is the use of personal will in tune with divine will. You cannot create a divine reality with only personal will, you must align your frequencies to the divine plan and to your higher self and ultimately, your God Presence.

So you must accept the power of your personal will, emanating from your divine heart and the center of your divine beingness. This alignment with divine will, focuses your intentions for the upliftment of all of humanity not just your own personal gain. Your intention is to change reality in general, for the good of all, through your divine heart and the creation of divinity in your own personal reality, which affects the entire collective reality in very powerful ways.

So how can I make change upon this planet in powerful ways? You can be an environmental or political activist to affect political or judicial policy or to try to change the minds of humanity by educating them or convincing them that respecting the environment or animals is a good thing. And all of these things are necessary avenues of pursuit, but as we all know, trying to change the old world is a long and arduous process, and there is a strong energy of manipulation in this form of action, which is not our natural way of being or acting. So you can try to change the old world, or you can create a new one. This is a much more natural and efficient way to alter/create reality. Our natural way of acting is to create harmony within ourselves, then harmony manifests around us. This inner awareness and truth emanates out everywhere we go and through everything we do, which creates a divine wave of energy that empowers others and provides a grace filled space for others to shift their realities and become empowered them selves.

It is not empowering to others to tell them that they are wrong and bad and they should change the way they are acting because they are harming the planet, animals or other people. This, more often than not, creates resistance and reactions of anger and even violence, because you are blatantly saying or implying that your reality is better than their reality. From a divine perspective, this is disrespectful to a soul. And if someone suffers from powerlessness or helplessness, you trying to “help” them, implies that they are powerless or helpless, and they will resist this projection because, even though their unconscious reality believes it, they don’t want to feel this.

There is nothing wrong with any thing that anyone does, there are only higher and lower vibrations. Every form of expression is divine in the eyes of Divinity, all part of the divine plan. It is just All-That-Is experiencing the illusion of separation and limitation. It is just God-Goddess expressing itself in that specific manner. The real truth is that everyone knows, deep down in their hearts, that their actions are either loving and supportive, or damaging and hurtful, but most people’s chakras are shut down and they cannot feel or see the truth. And most people are disconnected from Love because their hearts are not open.

So the most empowering thing you can do for others is to see the love that is in all beings and have compassion for their suffering, because they couldn’t do the destructive things that they do if they were not in pain, and unconsciously felt like they were unworthy, and powerless, and helpless, or some other face of human suffering, and limited by their fear based programs. So you must create a more divine reality in yourself first, then you will become empowered to help others in a very compassionate and empowering way.

Once again, you must first take responsibility for your own reality, your creations and your actions that are creating your reality, because the universe sees what you believe in based upon what you are focused on and fascinated with, and what you are acting upon, to see what you are implying is real, and to help you create more of this reality. This is how powerful you are and how supportive and unconditionally loving the universe is. When you take full responsibility for your reality, you become an inner activist, creating change in the outer world by making change in your “inner” world. And when you change your inner reality, you naturally develop wisdom and compassion to see the right ways to act towards humanity, and the outside world, which further empowers your ability to create a divine reality for yourself through your “outside” actions.

This is the part of the journey of empowerment in dealing directly with the outside world in a heart-based, centered and wholistic way. As spiritual awakening masters, we have a tendency to separate ourselves from normal society because we don’t fit in and the old world is not supportive to our divine reality. But the next step in this journey of empowerment is learning to interact with humanity in a more direct and wholistic way, on our terms, from love, not seeing anyone as an enemy, but seeing everyone as your divine family. This often leads awakening masters to a natural desire to create their own businesses to become financially supported through things that bring them joy. There is a natural desire to create a reality where you’re doing what brings you joy, rather than doing something you hate because you’ll get money at the end of the week.

This is the next level of empowerment of becoming interdependently self reliant, by being supported by Spirit, because you are doing your divine work, the mission you came to planet earth to do. It is a refocus on being financially responsible, and exploring new financial possibilities, because you realize that “normal society” and normal financial structures, do not support your divine reality of true prosperity, they tend to be based in competition and lack, but your divine reality is based on cooperation and abundance.

Being an Entrepreneurial Activist

This new level of empowerment, creates entrepreneurial activists, where by everything you do, including business, is to make change upon this planet. The name entrepreneurial activist was coined by Alf Orpen, a wonderful man who is completely dedicated to educating humanity about alternatives to the destructive agricultural practices that are accepted as normal and even “healthy” here on planet earth, including the use of pesticides, herbicides and franken foods (genetic modification). He has been involved in the certified organics industry for 30 plus years and is one of the directors of ONEgroup, an international certified organic body and health care company, based in Australia, that is completely dedicated to our health, prosperity and the health of the planet. The example that he and ONEgroup leads, is the fact that we do not have to be abusive to the planet or to others in any way in our business dealings and the way we live our lives. They are making changes on this planet by educating humanity about the destructive chemically based body care and makeup industries and how we can alternatively, love and bless ourselves with beautiful products, and bless our bank accounts as well. They are also an example that you also create your reality and make change upon this planet by your actions, including all the little things you do for yourself, the planet and for others.

For instance, do you know where your toilet paper comes from? It might be sourced from virgin rainforest that has been chopped down, chipped and pulped so that you can wipe your bum! Do you know what the chemicals are that are in the foods you eat and put on your skin? Do you really think they are healthy for you? The profit oriented corporations want us all to believe that these chemicals that they put in our food and spray on our vegetables and put in our skin and body care products are just fine and dandy and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Oops, that’s what they were designed to do, hurt flies, so if they’ll hurt a fly, don’t you think they might hurt you, and all the other good creatures on planet earth, especially if these chemicals bio-accumulate up the food chain to be much more concentrated, and combine together in toxic soups in our water streams and on the land?

So the point is, education, education, education! People are easily controlled when they are poor, and uneducated, and their lives are solely focused upon surviving. When you become personally empowered, and know that you create your own reality and your actions are also creating the planetary reality, then you naturally educate yourself about what is happening on the planet, and what actions you are taking that are contributing to the destruction of our planet. And you want to make this education available to your fellow humans, not because they are bad and wrong for being consumers, but because you want them to also become healthy, happy, empowered, and financially prosperous!

We can all be prosperous without hurting the planet and without hurting others. Abundance is our birthright! There is enough food and water and everything else we could possibly need for everyone, as long as we can make a true connection of what we truly need and truly want. You can see what wanting what we really don’t need has done to the earth, and this mentality is shifting, naturally, as we evolve as a species. We are creating an entirely new world that is completely focused on cooperation and mutual support.

This is also where we’re headed business wise and agriculturally. The old business model was completely based upon exploitation and profit for the elite, and controlled by those beings who felt they were deserving of wealth, or who felt their physical and emotional survival depended upon being wealthy. But our next stage of evolution is no longer based upon the lie of unworthiness, but based upon the fact that we are all God-Goddess in human bodies, that we are all divine beautiful masters of love-light and we all deserve health, happiness, abundance, joy and fulfillment. And the new business model is based upon the creation and fulfillment of health, happiness, abundance and joy for all of humanity, and everyone’s spiritual-business focus is upon this Vision!

So, is your life and business focused upon this vision? How much of your consciousness is still focused on “personal success” and getting ahead? Do you really want complete prosperity for everyone, or do you have programs that say, “I must succeed so that I can be somebody and feel good about myself and people will love me, and I must do better than the next guy so I’ll feel great about myself and because there is not enough to go around”.

Is your life and business primarily focused upon profit for yourself and your family? Or is it focused upon profiting “yourself” so that you can help others become profitable? Option 2 is our natural way; option 1 is the survival/competition/caveman way. Option 2 is the focus of you as God Presence; option 1 is the focus of the aspects of your being (aka ego), that experience itself as being unworthy, powerless, not good enough… But you as Higher Self know these to be illusions, therefore, no energy is placed into these illusions, and abundance and prosperity for all is your entire focus, (to the best of your ability).

So are you an entrepreneurial activist? Is your life and business focused making change upon the earth? Are the businesses you are involved with, or have investments in, supportive to the health and wealth of the earth and humanity? And what about all of the businesses that you are supporting as a consumer? Do these companies care about the environment? If so, what are they doing about it? Do they care about your health and well being? If so, what are they doing about it? Do they care about your prosperity or only their own? If the food and the products you are buying are not supportive to the earth’s health, to human, animal and insect health, and supportive to the empowerment and prosperity of humanity, then why are you supporting these companies? Why are you eating toxic chemicals and putting them on your skin? Why are you wearing clothes produced with toxins? Why are you supporting the destruction of our lungs, the trees?…

How much do you love yourself? Do you love yourself enough to only eat what is divinely blessed and honored, (that hasn’t been sprayed with toxic chemicals)? Do you love yourself enough to only put divine products on your skin (that contain only beneficial and certified organic ingredients)?

How much do you love this planet? How much of your food and products that you eat and use have been produced destructively? How much of your food and products that you eat and use have been produced lovingly with complete respect for all life? What actions do you take in your normal life to show your love to mother earth?

Are you grateful for the beauty and bounty that mother earth supplies? How do you show yourself, mother earth, humanity and the universe that you love yourself and love the earth? Do you love the environment, the elements, the animals, the vegetables, the fruits, the trees, the oceans, the rivers, the fishies? If so, then how are you showing it? Are you giving anything back to the earth, or are you just taking from it? When was the last time you planted a tree or paid for one to be planted for you?

Are you going to be an inner activist to make change within your own reality? And are you going to be an entrepreneurial activist to make change in your outer reality, upon this earth by supporting only truly healthy agricultural and business practices?

It is now time for your empowerment and the empowerment of all of humanity, this includes every single minute creature upon this beautiful ball of land and water! It is now time for the full creation of a new civilization completely dedicated to loving and caring for all creatures great and small! A civilization that is worthy of joining the Galactic Federation of Planets!

This is our mission, to go where no planet has gone before!!!

Live Long and Prosper!!!!!!!!!

I AM ZaKaiRan

P.S. I highly recommend joining a tree planting group such as Rainforest Rescue, and planting trees yourself, you will experience a great degree of fulfillment and joy.

Empower your Business
By Being an Entrepreneurial Activist

Learn how to make change on planet earth by how you do business and operate your business

Free Recording of Entrepreneurial Activism Webinar,
with Alf Orpen,

which took place on Wednesday 20 May 2009

just go to: http://onegroup.acrobat.com/p34401363/

Lucie: Thank You Alf it’s very powerful & inspiring
Marlene: That was brilliant
Joanna: That was fascinating and assures me I am in the right business. Thank you.
Greig: You have given us a lot to think about & act on

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