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Your “Inner” Child

The Child That You Are





There is much valuable work that is being done in the spiritual and psychological communities with the “inner child”. Healing, nurturing, and bringing to the surface this hidden part of ourselves that has been beaten into submission by society, but the idea that we actually have an inner child is not accurate. Although, it is true to some degree on psychological levels because we have repressed our natural child like natures so much. Essentially, we created a split personality in order to survive an oppressive society that does not respect innocence but exploits it and “thrives” on its enslavement. Because of this, this part of ourselves had to go underground to survive.

There is no inner child. Instead, plain and simply, We Are Children! We are just deluded to think otherwise because we are in adult bodies, in an “adult” world - a world that fancies itself to be grown up, mature and responsible. So the inner child that wants to play, is kept locked away in the dungeon. People act less responsibly than children because they have repressed their natural spontaneous child like nature, and call themselves adults. You only perceive that you have an inner child because this innocence has been repressed and squashed. You’ve put an adult body over the child, you have hidden away the child that you are behind a facade.

Our separate sense of self created this “inner child” identity to try to protect our innocence somehow and retain it somewhere safe. In a sense, our true innocence, our Divine child like nature, has been oppressed by the false identity of the ego, an identity supported by the “adult” male dominated society. A world of the illusions of control, power, competition and survival, which our true essences of play and love no nothing about.

The inner child is essentially a separate personality formed from the conglomerate of all the repressed and unloved parts of ourselves. From all the feelings of guilt and unworthiness. From all the repressed feelings, traumatic experiences and expression of emotions, thoughts and actions.

The average person doesn’t have a clue that they have done this and they live their life based on duty and societal expectations, thinking they have matured and “grown up”. But as people awaken and start integrating their Self, they realize that they have repressed so much of their creative essence that it has even formed a life and reality of its own, an entity wanting to be heard, nurtured and freed to express itself. But once freed from its imprisonment, and you start expressing, being and embodying this child, it actually ceases to exist because just like the ego it is an illusion, and what is then left is your true essence, the real you, the playful expression that you are.

The release and acknowledgment of the inner child, is the release, acknowledgment and expression of your true Divine child nature. You are a child of God. It is this realization of your part in the trinity as created and creator, a son/daughter of Father/Mother-God/Goddess-All That Is, that is your redemption.

When you start to play as the child you are, you will understand creation, life and divinity. You will then realize that you must be the child that you truly are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You must be the child that you are to be the Kingdom of Heaven. You must be the child that you are to Co-Create Heaven on Earth. You are the Child. You are Heaven. You are Love.

Be the Child You Are! Be Heaven on Earth!


ZaKaiRan (The Divine Essence of Fun of the Spirit of the Child)


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