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Thou shalt not Judge! This has become the first commandment for the new age. We adopted it wholeheartedly because the old world was so completely blindly judgmental, and because we could see plainly, that all of the problems in society today, exist due to some form of judgement. This judgement is the after affect, the projection of ego due to un-awareness of true self and divinity. We could see that obviously the old version of operating, was completely dysfunctional, so we naturally picked the opposite polarity. We decided that the proper way to be in the new age was to be non-judgmental, to be allowing and tolerant of other peoples realities, spiritual beliefs and character traits.

We adopted a new way of being, called discernment. Classify, observe, analyze, but do not form an opinion, and certainly do not condemn. Here is the dictionary definition of discern: to detect with the eyes; to distinguish; to come to know or recognize mentally; to discriminate. The mental aspect is crucial to this definition, there is little or no emotion linked to discernment. With judgement there is lower/middle chakric emotion involved. Discernment is more mental. In a sense, this is the higher self of judgment.

This was a necessary and beneficial step, to purge ourselves of egoic prejudice, and genetic programming; to go beyond survival and competition; to discover the self that does not judge, but classifies, observes. This has helped us go beyond typical reality, to a much higher reality where judgement does not exist. Now it is time to bridge the two positions; to balance the form with spirit; to enlighten humanness to higher reality. This awakening has opened the upper chakras of the bodies being inhabited by the spiritual masters, you. It is now time to be fully balanced within all chakras, to be operating within higher realms as well as being a functioning, feeling human, here on planet earth.

The spiritual traditions of the ages have taught people to place their entire attention upon divinity, upon upper chakric levels. This is the sign of the halo in photos of our saints. The halo is real, and exists when someone is operating at enlightened levels in the upper chakras, especially including the crown chakra. The lower chakras were essentially neglected, or denied. This had benefit as we ascended above the lower chakric, survival orientation that humanity primarily operates from.

But this created a situation where the lower chakras were considered to be unworthy, and this was adopted by spiritual initiates to the extreme of becoming a renunciate; rejecting all survival orientated modalities and comforts, such as food, lodging, sex, relationship, money etc. But the lower chakras do not solely operate from survival, sex, and power, this is just the distortion of them when the upper chakras are neglected. So now many people in the new age realm, manipulate the shit out of themselves, trying desperately not to judge anyone for anything, including their self. And trying desperately not to operate from these lower chakras. Good luck, your in a body bunky.

Balance is the key, as always. This is the goal of ascension, of the awakening, of enlightenment. The balance of all the chakras, where they are all operating in unison, all spinning in synchronicity. Where you are just as aware of what is happening to your lower chakras as you are to your upper chakras. Where you know factually that you are a spiritual master inhabiting a human body. Where you utilize all the senses and energies that are available to you. You do not judge any part of the experience of humanness to be lesser than another part, it is all divine.

The goal: to have a halo around each chakra, around your entire body, not just your crown. This is light body, one big open unified chakra.

The Definition

What is judgement? We do not generally have a good opinion of judgement, in fact we are quite judgmental about judgement. We especially judge others that are very judgmental. Whoa nelly, isn't that a bit contradictory. How arrogantly pious we can be.

Practically everyone out there in new age land, is deathly afraid of committing this heinous crime called judgement. Don't you have a hard time not doing it? Isn't it a bit hard to see people doing really nasty, disgusting things, being generally un-awake, unaware, selfish egotistical bastards, and not judge the shit out of them. Isn't it a bit hard to act all enlightened and allowing. Sure you are awake and aware enough of reality to know that they just don't know the truth yet, that they just haven't awoken yet, that they are just ignorant of their own divinity, but I bet you still think they are stupid idiots.

If you are acting non-judgementally, than you are faking it, it is not real for you. You really are judgmental, you have the feelings and the thoughts, but you are acting as if you are not, as if you are above the human pattern of judgement. So not only are you are still judging but now you are lying as well.

The dictionary definition of judgement is this: A decision or opinion given after judging. Judge: to form an authoritative opinion about something. So with this in mind, how are you going to possibly not be judgmental about things. How are you going to possibly not have an opinion about absolutely everything in this illusion that we call reality. I am certain, that everything that you have the ability to understand, you have an opinion about. You as consciousness (higher self) also has an opinion about everything, this opinion is quite a bit more enlightened, but nonetheless, you as consciousness are quite opinionated, you have a definite bias and predisposition based on your unique essence, based on your gifts from All That Is, based on your knowing of reality and vision of heaven.

When you look at the basic definition of judgement there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. The essence of it is based in truth. We do not have a problem with the true essence of judgement, we only have a problem with its distortion, condemnation due to denial of self, and unawareness of divinity. We have a problem when people are judgmental about something that they do not understand, this is prejudice.

Prejudice, (pre-judice / pre-judge): an opinion for or against something without adequate basis. Judgement is based in truth, prejudice is based on lies, on ignorance, upon denial. And with this ignorant egotistical judgmentalness, comes condemnation; I do not understand it, I don't like it (even though I don't know why), so it should be destroyed.

What people that use the energy of prejudice are so angry about, and killing each other about is separation. The only thing everyone does not understand about life, is separation. What "separates" everyone, is the fact that people do not understand the illusion of separation, and do not want to feel their pain about it, so it is typically projected out onto others as anger and hatred. I am angry at you because you are separate from me. In order to not have to experience their pain of separation, they want everyone to be just like them and to act just like them. This behavior is bizarre and ironic but it is the truth of all problems.

All social problems on planet earth, including: war, religion, politics, ethnic tension, class struggles, poverty, pollution, greed, relationship difficulties etc., stem from everyone's inability to deal with, and understand separation. To deal with their own understanding or mis-understanding of self, within the wholeness of All That Is. And especially to deal with their immense pain in regards to this illusion called separation.

You can especially see this in relationships; we want our lovers to be just like us, so that we will not feel separate from them. When there is conflict, we freak out because we can't understand how our partner can be so radically different from us, and we feel the pain of separation.

As light workers we have gone deep into our pain of separation, and desire for oneness, and transmuted these illusions within our consciousness. We realize that we are all one within the separation and encourage individuality. We encourage others to wake up to their unique, individual, creative essence.

Now discernment is very enlightened, to be able to observe everything wholistically without any opinions, but it is not very realistic, because we are do-ers as well as be-ers. We are indeed enlightened and allow all realities just as God does, but we are also active co-creators of reality. We are the actors in the divine drama under the direction of All That Is.

We exist in a progressive creation, a physical changing creation. Discernment is from a position of non change, it is not active. If you discern things than you do nothing about them, you just witness them. But you are not here merely to observe reality, to just witness it, you are here to participate with it. If everyone was here to just witness and observe, then nothing would ever happen, and there would be nothing to observe.

If you are going to participate with reality than you will naturally be judgmental, you may at times even be condemnatory. If you are not going to participate with this reality then you had better lock yourself in a cave. But this surely is denial of your true purpose of being here; if you did not come here to participate with this reality then you would not be here in a body. Many spiritual aspirants and masters, especially renunciates, that do nothing but sit and meditate, being "enlightened", (in my judgmental opinion), are in denial of doingness. Yes, they may have mastered beingness, and this is of course excellent, but the next step in spiritual mastery is doingness. The cosmic joke is, that we are already masters of beingness, we have come here to become masters of doingness, to be the spiritual masters that we are in a human body. To fully embody our magnificence, and emanate this light through physicality.

Many of us are already masters of doingness, we have done this many times before on this or other planets. But we are not necessarily masters of doingness in these bodies, on this planet, at this time, with this ascension process taking place. I give myself permission to experience life, to experience all the experiences of humanness; all the sensations, all the sensuality, all the expression, all the joy, all the pain, all the truth, all the illusions. This is why I give myself complete permission to be as judgmental as I want, to experience that expression of life, of divinity. But I realize the truth of my beingness, and I realize the truth of my doingness, and I realize the truth of reality, therefor I have divine dispensation to be judgmental. I have divine dispensation to be judgmental because I know that I am part of All That Is, and I know my place in the scheme of things. I know that I am a holy master residing in a human body, with feelings and thoughts that are not mine and not me, but are part of this reality and experience called life.

When you give yourself permission to be judgmental, you also give yourself permission to not be judgmental. When you allow yourself to be who you are and do whatever is required in the moment, then you are a divine instrument of God. The Bible said, "judgement is mine," sayeth the Lord. Who is the Lord, the Lord is God, All That Is. Judgement is part of God, All That Is. You are an expression and creation of God, All That Is, therefore even judgement is yours and is divine. You have divine dispensation to be as judgmental as you possibly want to be.

The Gift of Judgement

Now what good is judgement? Without it you could not act, you could only be. Discernment is the beingness of life, judgement is the doingness of life. God, does not act, God just is. This is why God created you, to be the doing aspect of God. God is all things. God is non-judgmental, as well as judgmental. Everything is part of All That Is.

As you grow more and more, as you awaken more and more to your magnificence, as you realize the truth of your power and divinity, then you will allow yourself to be judgmental, divinely judgmental. Divine judgement is discernment, combined with knowing, (divine opinion). From here, if you have divine authority to do something about a certain situation, then you will do something. If you do not then you will not. This is divine knowing, allowing all realities, but knowing the divine plan of things. Knowing divine possibilities that are available for people or things, guiding them to these possibilities, or leaving things alone if you are to do nothing.

We are the instruments of All That Is. We are the players in the divine drama. We are the action of God's discernment. The doers of beingness. We are the judges of life. The judges of preferred reality, based on the divine plan of All That Is, and our vision of heaven on earth. This co-creation is in our hands, we are the manifesters of heaven on earth.

If I am a responsible master, and I see that you have purposely been denying something, I will tell you. I will tell you because I love you and because you want me to expose you, that is why you are here in my presence. We all want to be exposed, we all want to know the truth of our eternal beingness. The timing of this exposition is determined by you as consciousness, it is my job to know what you as consciousness want from me. It is my job to give you want you really need, not what you necessarily want. It is my job to provide awakening in whatever form is most efficient. This form may not be sweet and nice, but it will be the truth. This awakening is not easy and it is often painful, but I can guarantee that it will be worth it, ignorance is not bliss.

This is each of our jobs, to wake each other up. To be judgmental, divinely judgmental. To be discerning as well, from consciousness, with no opinion, this is true balance, this is the balance of spirit and form. The balance of spirit and form is what we are accomplishing, that is ascension, descension of spirit into form, ascension of humanness to complete spirit awareness.

Give yourself permission to be judgmental so that you can discern the difference between old world condemnatory judgement and divine judgement. Divine judgement sees higher more enlightened possibilities, while at the same time, allowing for the imperfection of the moment, allowing growth and divine timing. Divine judgement allows you to be as deluded as you want to be, while at the same time encouraging you to awaken further to higher truth.

Cosmic Judgement

There are no sins. There are no commandments. God does not give commandments. This would be limiting to free will, and free will is what this experiment in form and expression is about. Commandments were given by entities that claimed to be God. What a perfect way to control people, convince everyone that you are God, then give them rules that they must follow or they will be punished.

From a less conspiratory perception, these moralistic rules were given to the mass populations, because these people could not be reached on spiritual levels beyond basic survival and morals, they were too superstitious. After this, any good intentions behind them were manipulated by spiritual authorities to control the masses with guilt. It was the responsibility of the spiritual leaders to provide the next step in spiritual evolution, and provide the truth of sin and judgement. But they were not interested in the truth, only power and control.

This is why Jesus came, to shatter all the illusions of sin and judgement. He essentially said, ok the sin thing is obsolete, you now as a race, have awoken enough to understand more than just basic survival and morals. You can now start taking responsibility for your own life and consider that you are a holy being, a part of God. All sins are forgiven, and all commandments are just recommendations for your growth and experience. There, done, you don't have to worry about all those rules and regulations any more, you can be yourself, and you are not going to be punished by God if you screw up.

All realities, truths and delusions are allowed by God. God does not judge you. Only we as God judge each other and ourselves. Judgement is a grand paradox of this reality, it exists and it is an illusion. It exists because life does not exist without it, it is part of this reality. If you do not judge at all, than you are not in this reality, you are not in the world of form, you are solely spirit.

Judgement is one of the divine forces of creation, it creates progression and growth. We as ascended beings have the authority to be judgmental, to be divinely discerning with the balance of human perception. Without judgement you could never make a decision, you could not act. Discernment gives you perspective, it provides knowing. Judgement gives you direction, it gives you choice. When you accept your divine authority as a co-creator of reality, than you naturally become very judgmental, very opinionated. But this is based in truth, the essence of your truth, from the essence of your divine beingness.

There is judgement in the cosmos. You are divinely judged by your friends in high places. You are judged by your councils, and Father, and Mother, and your fellow transition team members. But they do not condemn you for any of your actions, for they know how difficult this job is and they see the big picture, they know the divine plan. They know the huge growth that comes from "failure" as well as "success".

Nothing you do is wrong. There is no condemnation for anything. There are choices that you make in your life that can be beneficial to your growth, or detrimental to your growth. There are higher and lower possibilities to everything. There are free-will choices that you make in your life, that may or may not be for the higher good of yourself and all concerned, in these cases there is definitely judgement, divine judgement.

There is no cosmic punishment, only a natural progression of growth or stagnation. If there is stagnation, then recommendations are made for your good, as well as the good of all. In certain circumstances free-will is overridden by divine authority for the manifestation of the divine plan, this is what will occur on planet earth if everyone does not willingly wake up in divine timing.

Instead of punishment, there is growth. Sometimes growth can feel like punishment because it is so painful. Why am I experiencing all this pain and suffering, I must have done something wrong? Maybe you did do something that was not so beneficial to your growth, but consider the possibility that what you did was totally perfect for your growth and further awareness of self.

We are allowed to be all things and to experience all things. We are encouraged to be judgmental, truly judgmental. At times in the process, we may condemn ourselves and others because we do not see the wholeness of everything, because our identity is tied to the pains of separation, but our divine self sees the wholeness of everything, even if it can be judged here to be wrong. And because you are that divine self, you are allowed to judge, you are allowed and encouraged by All That Is, to be discerning, and make decisions based on this discernment. What is also allowed is delusion, denial of self, and this is what prejudice is, judgement plus projection of some delusion, some lie, to keep the illusion of false self continuing.

Like any experiment, success usually comes from many "failures", one does not exist without the other. Allow yourself to experience the illusion of "failure", it is part of the experience of life on planet earth. There is huge growth from "failure", more than success, because you usually only succeed after you have had many "failures". Success is the orgasm after the foreplay, the process of experience. So enjoy the process, allow yourself to experience all aspects of humanness. This is character development. Character enables you to function as a spontaneous expression of All That Is. Be who you are and use character to do whatever is necessary to co-create heaven on earth, even if it could be judged as wrong.

Be yourself! There is no one more qualified for the job.

Blessings on your judgmental journey,


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