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Just Do It!

Courage and Spontaneity



Courage: Being afraid, but doing it anyway.
Spontaneity: Acting from Divine inspiration in this now moment.

Just Do It! Be Courageous and Spontaneous - that’s it, that’s all you need to do and all you need to know - the Key to Enlightenment – Just do it! Just Do It represents everything I speak about in regards to awakening, ascension, enlightenment, everything. It represents exactly how I live my life and how I recommend all awakening masters to live theirs.

Just do it! Have courage and embody your true divine power! What are you waiting for? What’s your excuse for not being Who You Truly Are? What’s your excuse for not being in the moment? What’s your excuse for not living the life that you truly want? What’s your excuse for not having prosperity in your life? What’s your excuse for not being with the people you really want to be with? What’s your excuse for not doing what you really want to do? What’s your excuse for not breaking out of your survival bubble and living a sovereign life of freedom?

I often hear a whole list of complaints from people like: “nothing has changed;” “humanity is still fighting each other;” “things aren’t happening fast enough;” “everyone predicted lots of changes after 2000, and nothing has happened….”

I speak to people often with these similar feelings and I received a letter from someone who wrote: “It seems to me all a bit disappointing. So many predictions: - there will be earth changes, UFO landings, new energies, new vibrations of love,…and nothing happened. By the year 2000… Nothing. I thought there would be something new in your newsletter, but still the same old stuff I have heard over and over again. It seems the New Age will only be predicted in words and writings, while in reality life gets worse and worse. Ah well, let’s see, ‘it’ might still all happen”.

This is a feeling that I often have myself, part of it is the lack oriented, not enough, ‘poor me’, “I’m a victim,” human feelings, and the rest is our natural desire as planetary ascension experts to want more. It is our natural inclination to always want more and more and more ascension, this is how it gets done. But this must be balanced with patience, with allowing for divine timing, and for each individual to wake up at their own pace. It is a balance of patience and impatience. Another part of it is proof, as humans we like physical tangible evidence, it makes us feel that things are real and happening.

I am certainly aware of all the predictions that everyone has made, and I wrote about them in my “Earth Changes” article on my website, and I have talked about these predictions more specifically in my light body/ascension articles from the stand point, that due to the accelerated energies that we are now experiencing, predictions are not very accurate and subjective to the dimensional realm they are being channelled from. All predictions are merely possibilities, and due to these accelerated times, things change constantly. Here is your proof that things are really happening.

We didn’t have earth changes because things have happened, on a huge scale, on spiritual levels. If earth changes and economic collapses would have been necessary, then we would know that nothing has really happened, on spiritual levels, the important levels. So nothing drastic happening is a good thing. I know we would all like dramatic things to happen, (like ET’s landing), to wake up the masses, but it is better if they wake up on their own. We must be patiently impatient.

You must step outside of normal reality and normal reality perception, and see true reality. Then you will know how accelerated everything is and see that changes have happened on a massive planetary and universal level.

But even physically there is proof all around us that the change is happening on a massive scale. Many of these changes you will not even notice if you are not perceptive, because the old world still tries to keep them hidden, and because the transition is happening as gently and gradually as possible, but for those with the ears to hear and the eyes to see, changes are everywhere. For example: the crop formations continue progressively getting more elaborate every year. UFO sightings still continue everywhere. The balanced 2000 presidential election of a 50/50 split. The Australian aboriginal/white reconciliation….. “Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you”.

Changes are happening everywhere, politically, economically, etc., cooperation has become the standard order of the day. And is all happening on individual levels, because of everyone’s gradual realization. Individual awakening is of first and foremost importance. You can’t co-create Heaven on Earth by working exteriorly, (of course this helps), but first you must take care of your self, then you can take care of the world.

There hasn’t been anything new in my newsletter because I am not interested in sensationalism and glamour, I am a no nonsense planetary ascension reporter. Certainly there are always new reports of accelerated energies, ET news, Photon reports, Ascended Master reports, etc., that I could talk about, but most of them don’t matter because individual awakening is still the #1 priority. And really all of these things may apply to the entire planet, but really are related to the internal awakening of each individual on planet earth, and not usually about exterior phenomena.

The same planetary ascension process is still in place; gentility has always been the plan, even though it looked for a while that drastic measures would be necessary, but we have been doing such a good job that huge earth changes are no longer necessary. And these other things, like UFOs landing, will only happen when everyone accepts the simple fact that ET’s plainly exist, and are a normal part of reality, and begin communicating with them in consciousness, and ask them to come and help us. But this just will not happen before people are seriously accelerated and have embodied their divinity. The Ashtar Command’s plan to evacuate the Light Workers was an emergency plan only, and was scraped long ago.

For positive ET’s the non-interference directive has always been paramount, just like the Prime Directive of Starfleet Command on Star Trek. They will not interfere, even positively, if you don’t ask for it, and not before they are directed by the cosmic hierarchy. The non-interference directive applies even stronger now. Previously, negative ET’s were allowed to interfere with us, but that is now being disallowed, we are being left to our own accords.

All Reality is Perceptual

We humans always want proof that something is real or is really happening before we’ll believe it, this is the typical way of perceiving third dimensional reality – if I can see it or feel it, then it’s real, if I can’t, then it’s not. Most people want proof that something is real before they will commit to anything. Even in relationships, people want to be sure that it will “last forever” before they will commit to what is there in that moment. This is folly. This is fear based reaction. This is living a life based on proof, and proof is an illusion.

People want proof that all this spiritual stuff is really true before they will believe it. They want proof that the world is going to change before they will commit to a life of sovereignty and freedom, so they won’t be outcast by friends and family for their radical behavior and thrown into jail by society for it. They want someone outside of them to tell them they are a magnificent master, rather than realizing it themselves. This is the same exterior perceptual reality. All reality is perceptual, nothing exists on the outside without being first realized on the inside.

Once again, “Just Do It” fits nicely, because jumping into the water requires courage and faith, you must have courage and faith to just be who you are. Just doing it, is freedom, and this freedom does not rely on proof, only faith. Awakening and Ascension, does not reply on proof, on what can be seen, it relies on what cannot be seen - the realm of Spirit, your higher self is not seen, (not in this dimension any way), it just is. So have faith, trust in God and jump in without testing the water.

Many Light Workers want proof that the world is waking up, and that the planet is ‘really’ ascending, before they will awaken further into their magnificence and Divinity. If you are waiting for humanity to wake up before you do anything, you will be waiting a long time, many people may never awaken, and they will have to die, and go elsewhere to play their games of denial and separation. You must ascend so that humanity will know how to do it, because once you’ve got it, your job is further awakening, not waiting for humanity before you awaken further.

Waiting is not how Heaven on Earth is created. The recommendation – “Follow Your Spirit without hesitation” applies well here. Notice the term “without hesitation,” if you are waiting for proof that Spirit exists before you will follow your Spirit, you will never be connected to higher Self, to divinity, only to the world of hesitation. The New civilization of Light that is manifesting, regardless of your involvement with it, is being created by those that are – ‘just doing it’, not by those that are waiting and hesitating.

Spontaneity is the key to everything – love, enlightenment, ascension, awakening, balance, compassion, etc., because spontaneity is your natural state of being and the natural flow of your Spirit, your Higher Self; your intuition is your spirit directing you. Spontaneity is Creativity, which is Creation. If you follow your Spirit, you will be constantly awakening, you will be constantly growing, and stepping further and further into the magnificence that you truly are.

Spontaneity is ‘how you truly are’, and who you truly are! The human falsely separate identities of the past, that you have adopted, and the mass consciousness orientation of survival, power and control, that is inherent within this illusion, will always tell you otherwise: think before you act; be afraid; the world is a dangerous place; grab your share before the next guy; there’s not enough for everyone; lie; manipulate to get what you want; plan for your future security; procreate, procreate, procreate – the list goes on and on, and every excuse and every plan is fear based.

Let’s Make A Deal

The old reality and our old identities, are dependent on agreement. The illusion/reality of today, exists because everyone agrees on this reality. Lack, fear, survival, etc. exists because we co-dependently agree that they do.

All reality is an illusion, a co-created and agreed upon illusion. Even the reality of the New Civilization, is a co-created illusion, it is a much nicer and more real illusion then the old world, but never the less, still an illusion.

The New Civilization is being created because the new, agreed upon illusion is prosperity and unconditional love, rather than lack and conditional love. In all actuality, this world is what everyone really wants, they just don’t know it yet, and most people do not know that it is even possible. All things are possible, we are the creators of reality, we are the hands of God moulding the clay. Will you accept this responsibility? Will you be a creator of this New Civilization of Unconditional Love, a creator of Heaven on Earth, or will you remain playing your role in the drama called victims and perpetrators.

Individually, we co-dependently support each others ignorance and denial. We project our denials onto others and they accept them co-dependently because we accept theirs, it is the deal we make with each other. The loop continues until someone pulls out because they no longer support these illusions and this game of denial. This is why people don’t want you to awaken, because you no longer support their illusional lives, identities and denial of their divinity. You no longer agree on that reality. That reality is no longer your preferred reality, you have a vision of something much better.

The old civilization is nothing but fear based. Everyone in this civilization lives from survival, fear, power and control, (all illusions) – from a base of separation, rather than oneness. Letting go of these illusions is the key to your salvation, to your ascension, enlightenment, happiness, and realization of True Self. Especially control. If you let go of control, right now, your life will radically change. This is the fear that everyone has and knows. So just let go! What are you waiting for? What are you afraid of? It is time to face your fears for the illusions that they are and surpass them.

But if you let go of control, (your illusion of it), you will have to let a higher power control your life. You will have to live a life of complete surrender and spontaneity, where you never know what you’re going to do next. When you do this, you will have to let go of everything that you have previously known and thought was real.

If you let go of control, you will have to let go of all old forms of co-dependent relating, including lack based commerce, and conditional relationships. You will have to let go of all your attachments to everyone and everything in your life: friends, family, jobs, money, places, countries…everything. You will have to give up all of your identities and roles that you are enslaved by: husband, wife, lover, mother, father, boss, employee, boss, son, daughter, etc; and everything that goes with it: all your agreements and vows to act certain ways, especially from duty and responsibility to those identities and relationships; and proving your worth by your dedication to those roles, responsibilities and relationships.

This is the fear that everyone has, and everyone encounters along the path, especially letting go of relationships and forms of security - your survival bubbles. When you get to the edge of one of these bubbles, your ego alarms go off: danger, danger Will Robinson, danger, security may be threatened, danger!

I see it all the time, people start awakening and they realize that the relationships in their life are not supportive to their expanded awareness and Divine Identity, this new spontaneous self. They realize that all their relationships with everyone are all based on need fulfilment, conditions, agreements, deals, and vows of denial. They are based on supporting each others insecurities, false egoic identities and false realities.

Some risk leaving them behind and embrace the fulfilment of unconditional Love, and Divine Self. They risk being outcast by everyone they love, including their family. They risk giving up conditional love from people who only know this type of “love,” for their true family who totally unconditionally love them exactly how they are, and place no demands or expectations on them. While others refuse to give up those that they “love,” and stay where they are, safely snug in their survival bubble.

Relationship and family are the big initiations. They test your commitment to Self, because you’re dealing with people who don’t want you to wake up, because you will leave them, and because their divinity is evoked in your presence, and that is scary and undermining to their reality. These interactions initiate you into standing up for your higher reality of Divine Truth. Your relationship with everyone is an outward manifestation of your inner relationship with God Goddess All That Is.

The end result is ecstatic, only the transition and letting go of control is hard. Once you have surrendered to Divine Will, you realize that you have only let go of the false aspects of your relationships with self and other people. You realize that you have not abandoned self but embraced Self. And your lovers, friends and family that you have left, they have not been abandoned either, you have taken Divine care of them by freeing them to being in the hands of their own Spirits, and you now become their caretaker in consciousness, instead of being their need fulfilment machine in the world of form.

By freeing them to be Who They Truly Are, you have only stopped supporting their false identities, the denial of their Divinity and conditional love. By this you have done them, and yourself, a great favor. You now emanate back to them, their true identity and magnificence, rather than their false identity and perception of unworthiness. It will be difficult to be with them because your realities undermine each other: your reality illuminates the truth of their splendor, while theirs fights to reinforce the lie of unworthiness.

Some of these people will hate you because you have left them with their pain of separation. You see, people agree on their illusionary world because it keeps denial operational, it keeps the pain of separation away, the feelings that they have been outcast from heaven, and are being punished by God (in hell). People do not want to feel these feelings, so they deny divinity all together, to keep them away.

When everyone first entered this third dimensional reality before entering their bodies, many feelings occurred, all stemming from the separation of this reality. These are the 12 faces of human suffering, they are: I am Unworthy; I am powerless; I don’t belong; I’m not good enough; I don’t know; There is a way that it is; There is a right way and I don’t know it; I can’t trust my Self, others or the universe; I am incapable; I haven’t got the capacity; I need to be perfect; and, I need to control myself…Most people experienced many of these things, they exist in their subconscious and underscore their lives unless they have dealt with these adopted illusions of suffering.

Over-lighting all these faces of human suffering is “I am unworthy,” this is a paramount illusion of typical third dimensional reality. With this is the feeling of being punished for doing something wrong, this is the root behind the Catholic church’s assumption that we are all sinful beings, the concept of original sin, it all stems from this experience. This is the prime fear based illusion of this current mass consciousness reality.

You have not been cast out of heaven and are not being punished for anything. Unworthiness was a great illusion to adopt to experience mastery of limitation, limitation is over; it is now time to get over this illusion and recognize your magnificence; it is now time for mastery of Divine Expression, where instead of supporting each other’s limitations and denials, we now whole heartedly support each other’s mastery, divinity, and magnificence, instead of secretly wanting everyone else to fail so that we can be better and more successful than them; so that we can get a bigger share of the carcass then them. We really want everyone to succeed, to have everything they want and be all that they can possibly be - we must recognize this and live this reality.

The old civilization is dependent on everyone’s continued support. The New civilization is not. It would certainly like your support, and your support will certainly manifest it quicker with more grace and ease, but it is not waiting for you. Heaven on Earth is manifesting whether anyone likes it or not, so you can ride this wave of Love, be a co-creator of it, and thoroughly enjoy this fabulous experience of the ascension of a planet and the species on it, or you can kick and scream and throw tantrums, and lead a miserable co-dependent life as a slave to the old world systems, and be a victim or a perpetrator. Take your pick – be spontaneous or be repressed. Be courageous, or be a victim. Be a Divine Creative Force of Love, or be a controlled, dependent, manipulative force of fear.

Spontaneous Creative Expression of Divinity

With this new found spontaneity (intuition, divine guidance, creativity, connection to Spirit, Higher Self, True Self), you will do things that you had only dreamed of prior to this time. Things that you need will manifest quickly and easily, as if the angels are listening to your requests (and they are), and manifesting these things for you.

Old illusions and structures of limitation will drop away quickly. New miraculous abilities will become part of your everyday reality. Spontaneity will be your normal expression and repression will become alien. Freedom and Co-creative Relationships, rather than co-dependent relationships, will be your preferred and only reality. You will militantly settle for nothing less than complete Unconditional Love, and anyone that tries to impose conditions on you, you will snub and leave in your dust. You will no longer be fascinated with the survival drama of “life,” being addicted to the rush of adrenalin and the “feeling” of being alive, rather than the fulfilment of ‘really’ being alive.

You will act in ways that you previously had not thought of, you will become totally unpredictable. You will allow human expression to the fullest, with the full range of emotion and expression. You may laugh or cry uncontrollably at any moment. You will get angry: in fact, you will probably get much angrier than you ever thought possible, as you release all those emotional anger crystals that formed every time you repressed your disgust and anger about life. You will give yourself permission to yell and bitch and moan and complain about the old world and the conspiracies of life and how despicable people act, while all the time being totally detached from this drama.

You will release all the old programs of “you don’t deserve to be happy and fulfilled.” You will see beauty in the world where before you only saw decadence. You will become part of the wonders of the workings of the Universe and experience bliss beyond all human expression.

You will do physical things that you would not have done before due to societal pressure and self repression. You will want to do lots of beautiful physical sensual things, like running and dancing around naked, rubbing mud all over your body, and having sex with beautiful people. You will have compassion for others that are so repressed about their bodies and sexuality, and be angry at how they judge you and try to limit and your freedom of expression by trying to impose their moral sanctions and sexual guilt upon you. You will act how you feel in the moment and make no excuses for your behavior, because you know that they are the one’s with the problem not you.

And you will be required by your spirit to confront people with their lies, negative behavior and denial. You may have to speak the truth in the moment about situations, and the behavior of others. They may not like you for it, but this is the greatest gift you can give people – the truth. Being easy on people may look like a kind and ‘spiritual’ thing to do, but it is not. It does not serve the truth, it does not serve the Divine. Denying the truth is repression and negativity, it is plain and simply darkness. Darkness is ignorance of the Light, shadows do not exist without light.

In order to be a Spontaneous Creative Expression of Divinity, you will have to give up all our spiritual ideals about how you are ‘supposed’ to act when you are a Spiritual Master. Spiritual Masters say whatever and do whatever will best serve awakening and growth in that moment. If this takes the form of manifesting objects, or being peaceful and gentle then so be it, but if it takes the form of bonking someone on the head with a spiritual baseball bat, then that serves better in that moment.

So don’t look for proof and wait for humanity to wake up, don’t wait for anything! You are the pathway cutter, it is your job to awaken first, so that humanity can follow your lead through the jungle. You are a leader, and it is your job to lead them as best you can, and then show them that they are leaders as well, and to follow Self.

I am so sick and tired of everyone waiting like sheep, for everyone else to do it before they will. Nothing will happen if everyone waits for the next guy to step forward and say, “No I’m not going to take this shit any more.” Nothing will happen if everyone is a follower and only a few are the leaders. Everyone is a leader! Have courage, step forward and be counted and be the truth that you are. (See my article “Follow the Leader”).

The old civilization of oppression, counts on complacency, it counts on everyone settling for the scraps that fall from the table, on you doing as you’re told, shutting up and being good little sheep. The dark forces count on this self imposed repression. Fear is a great way to control people, it is a great way to keep people from realizing their true nature, their essence of divinity. It is a great way to keep people enslaved by the threat of loss of privileges or life.

Spontaneity does not listen to fear, because it does not recognize it as being real. It does not try to prove its worth to deserve freedom and fulfilment and its share of the pie. Spontaneity does not play such games. Spontaneity does not try to obtain freedom and fulfilment; spontaneity is freedom; spontaneity is fulfilment.

Spontaneity originates in the realm of Spirit, fear originates in the world of human. As you are awakening, you will hear both voices, or rather, you will hear the voice of fear and feel the pull of spontaneity. Spontaneity will be propelling you to act now, speak now, to be a conscious channel. Fear will tell you anything to keep you from acting right now, anything to get you to doubt yourself and be confused.

Doubt and confusion is not your natural state, if you are experiencing these illusions, then you are off track and following fear instead of spontaneity. You are following the old world - hell, rather than the new world - heaven. You are following old identities and securities, rather than your true divine identity and the only true security - Divinity. Follow your Spirit without hesitation – not everyone else’s!

You are a human BEing, not a human DOing.

Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway. The more you follow your true nature of the moment, your true nature of spontaneity, your true nature of Divinity, the less those fears and doubts will be heard and felt, they will become a whisper and then they will be gone completely. You will become detached from your thoughts and feelings, and discover which thoughts and feeling are really yours, and which are the world’s, and being courageous will be average daily life for you.

At least 70 to 80 percent of your thoughts and feelings are not yours. We are all psychically connected. The fears of the world are always floating around the mass consciousness grid. They infiltrate everyone’s consciousness. It is your job as a master to filter out this garbage and determine what is really yours.

All fearful thoughts and feelings are not yours, and are not real. So it is easy to determine what is yours and what is humanity’s. It is easy to determine how to live: if it exists in Heaven, then that’s how to live. Your natural state of being is unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, gratefulness, patience…Anything else is a temporary condition needed or not needed in the moment.

In an unbalanced state, the emotional body references solely from the past. In an unbalanced state, the mental body references solely towards the future. In this unbalanced state, the now moment is not seen for what it really is, it is judged for worthiness from past experience or if it will help your survival in the future.

This is the human condition, regretting the past and fearing the future. The past and future do not exist, they are illusions - only this now moment exists. This now moment is the key to enlightenment: if you can, right now, be in this moment, and live every moment in this moment, then you are enlightened. You are a human BEing, not a human DOing.

The future is a vision of possibilities based on this now moment. The past was an experience for your soul that brought you to this now moment. Learn from the past, but do not fear this moment as if it is the past, and do not fear the future as if it will be like the past.

If you live in the nowness of this moment, you are following spirit, you are following your Higher Self, in fact, you are Higher Self, you are God, I AM. You are creation itself, and you are a creator. You are not I was, you are not I will be, you are I AM!


Stand up and exclaim it out loud. This is a powerful saying. It is perhaps the most powerful thing you could say and realize. Keep saying it over and over again and feel your I AM Presence, this is you, the real you, which is everything. You are an individual expression of All That Is. I AM is the same as WE ARE! - WE ARE ONE!

I AM part of All That Is! I AM All That Is! I AM God Goddess All That Is!

Now say I AM (name). This will be powerful as well, it will show you who you are in terms of separation and oneness. Both are contained within this saying. I AM, is individual and oneness at the same time. Your name is another expression of individualness, it represents your humanness, or higher self, if you have been given this name. Saying I AM (name), shows you how multidimensional you are, it is a trinary expression of Isness.

Your name may not feel like you, in fact, it isn’t you, it is only a representation of you. You are - I AM - over all. Your name is a way of differentiating the individual aspect of you as part of I AM All That Is. By saying this you may realize that your name does not fit your expanded awareness and expanded identity. It may represent an identity that you have let go of. (See my article “Names” on my website).

So will you wait for evidence before you believe that this ascension is happening? Will you wait for proof that Heaven on Earth is manifesting before you decide to wake up? Will you wait for a Savior, or will you save yourself? Will you wait for the ET’s to land and whisk you out of here, or will you create your own space ship with your MerKaBa Light Body and whisk yourself really into here? Will you wait for everyone else to start living as masters before you will start living as a master? Or will you live your life now as a master does regardless of whether or not anyone else is, and not be concerned about whether or not you are rejected by your friends and family? If they do reject you, then they were really not your friends or true family in the first place.

All reality is perceptual, all reality is formed by how you perceive it to be, you are its creator, whatever you are fascinated with, you will get more of it. Look within yourself for proof of change, rather than to the old world that is struggling to let go of control. You ‘are’ Change! You ‘are’ the New Civilization of Light! It does not really exist outside of you. You are the creator of it, you are its manifestor. True Reality/Creation only manifests outside of you when it exists within you. When you see heaven within, you will see heaven everywhere, you are heaven.

Heaven on Earth is already here; it already exists; it is your job to recognize this. See it! Live it! Be it! This is creation! You are a Creator God! You are an Elohim!

You are it! You are the New Civilization of Light!

You are Heaven on Earth!

Just Do It! LIVE HEAVEN!!!

Yours in Divine Spontaneity,

I AM ZaKaiRan


Addendum: There is the distinct possibility that major earth shifts such as economic collapse still may occur, especially since the lost humans that have put themselves in positions of power and who are in control of the resources and money on this planet are still hell bent on raping and pillaging as much of this planet as they possibly can before they all die. I don't quite understand their thinking here, maybe they think that the one with the most toys and money gets a better position in heaven, or maybe they think God or the devil can be bribed or something.

But one thing is for sure, there is the absolute need for the complete dismantling of the corrupt financial system on the planet to a more cooperative one that the Galactic Federation is apparently setting up for us, and is supposed to go into affect some time in the near future, until then, don't worry about what the corrupt greedy bastards are doing, because they're not interested in changing their behavior in the least and all of your judgment isn't going to help them change any time soon. Instead, focus on your job, your reality and what you have come to this planet to accomplish. It's your job to make the changes on this planet, so stop waiting to be rescued. And get over your money stuff because the richer you can get, the more power you will have to make serious changes on this planet.

Happy Trails!


©ZaKaiRan AatKa'Nui SheeHan

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