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Ascension Tool of the Month - Sept 09

For your continual harmonization
and alignment to your awesome magnificence and divine mastery


Karmic Healing

Reclaiming your Divine Power

+ Extra Special Bonus

Reclaiming your Divine Power Decree & Meditation

By ZaKaiRan


This is an excerpt from
“The Ascension Masters Toolkit”

Energy Releasing, Healing, Activation & Manifesting Techniques & Meditations for Co-Creating Higher More Divine Realities & Embodying your Divine Magnificence!


Through our many lifetimes, we have had many experiences of “power”, sometimes empowerment, sometimes dis-empowerment, and through our journey of empowerment, we have hopefully realized what power is and what it is not. What humans typically view as “power” is usually an illusion created by people so that they can feel “powerful” or in control of their lives, because consciously or unconsciously, they really feel unworthy, helpless, powerless or any of the many other possibilities of human suffering, and are trying to deny and repress these feelings.

Primarily, humanity’s focus is on the giving, selling, stealing and exchanging of energy in the form of power, approval, admiration etc., and even love, because they feel separate from each other, separate from energy (life-force), and separate from love and divinity. Humanity gives their divine power and personal will away to groups, organizations and individuals outside of themselves, so that they can feel like they belong, and won’t feel their feelings of separation. Also so that they will feel “empowered” by being a part of society, or part of some group, and so that they won’t be shunned or cast out of the group by being different, whether this is their blood family, career, religion, political affiliation, race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gurus, teachers, lovers, etc. We have also given our power away because we felt that this was the right thing to do to earn or receive the favor and love of others. This way of living all stems from the illusions of human suffering, all under the umbrella of unworthiness. This is a survival orientation, to experience emotional, mental and physical survival. And being accepted by the group, has insured our survival, because we are protected by “our own kind”, but these groups do not necessarily support our spiritual health and empowerment.

It is now time for everyone to reclaim their divine power, and to retrieve all of the power that they have given away to feel wanted, accepted, etc. by others, and give back all the power they have taken from or exchanged with others. And it is now time to stand firmly empowered in your sovereignty knowing you have your own "power" and energy and access to the unlimited supply of divine power and energy of the universe, and therefor, there is no need to take or receive energy from anyone else. And it is now time for everyone to fully realize, that we are not separate from love, or separate from God, or any aspect of life, in any way. And we are love!, therefor, there is no need to take or give or “exchange” love with others so that they will love us and accept us etc. We are love, and don’t “need” the love of others, but we are also not here to work and play alone, we are here to support each other and to love each other, unconditionally! The key word here is ‘unconditional’, ‘unconditinal love’, as opposed to ‘conditional love’, the form of love that humanity typically lives with, whereby we love each other if we are honoring our agreements to act in certain ways, and be certain things for each other, but we withdraw this love if our friends, lovers, children, family, etc. breaks those agreements and acts outside of our rules and regulations that we have determined is the proper way to live and relate.

The Meditation below, is a specific karmic release (forgiveness/healing) exercise for the retrieval of the power you have given away and taken, and the energy/power you have agreed to to exchange with each other from your many lifetimes, and from this lifetime, which we continue to do so on a daily basis, until we are empowered in our sovereignty and know we are love and power. Every day that we experience powerlessness or helplessness because some outside force has “control” over us, or we feel a victim to it, whether it is our apparent lack of finances, or political or corporate forces, human ignorance and denial, environmental destruction, or even our car breaking down, if we are reacting in anger, or depression, then we are giving our power away to that thing or person or group… In those instances, it is time to re-empower ourselves, and you may do a form of decree to help you remember that you are the creator of reality and every experience can be an opportunity for growth and even the most depressing situations can become joyful and even fun, it is all in how you react from your past programming of fear, or consciously act in love and joy towards each experience. It is always your choice, you can be empowered by any experience or disempowered by it.

Reclaiming your Divine Power Decree & Meditation

I call now for divine assistance from the Ascended Masters, Angels, Karmic Board, my Soul, God Presence, God-Goddess and the entire family of light…, to assist me with this process of healing and karmic release, and to surround me in a pure white column of Love-Light, and the golden Christ light, activating my Antakarana, and connecting me to the Inner Earth Core and Central Sun.

Now send this golden pillar of light down into the Earth core allowing Mother Earth to feed you with the pure love and voidal frequency. And send your pillar of light up through your higher chakras through the sun, through to the central sun, allowing the Central Sun to feed you with Source frequency.

And I call upon my God Presence and the Ascended Masters to cleanse all my chakras, AnTaKaRaNa, meridians, cells, and bodies of all energies that are not in complete resonance to divine power, and to heal and release any cellular memory from any lifetimes where I have given my power away, or taken power from others.

Breathe now as you feel this love-light cleansing your cellular memory, karmic memory and DNA.

By Divine Decree, with the Power, Essence, Love and Grace of God-Goddess, All-That-Is, my own God-Goddess-Presence and the Universal Laws of Love, Grace, Divinity, Oneness, Compassion, Integrity, Forgiveness, Truth, Karma, Reflection, Liberty & Creation, I now release all Vows, Agreements & Contracts that I, or anyone else in this body, or any of my Souls, Soul Extensions, Soul Aspects, or any of my ancestors (any one in my genetic lineage), have ever made, in this or any other lifetime, across space, time and dimension, to give my power away to anything or anyone, or to take power away from others. And I release all Vows, Agreements & Contracts to give my power away to my genetic family, friends, career, political affiliations, race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gurus, teachers, lovers, religion, spiritual organizations, or anything else….., or to take power away from others, or to act in certain ways, speak in certain ways, and adhere to certain beliefs and doctrines out of fear of being rejected by my primary group.

And I Release to the Light, any and all energies, entities, attachments, mechanisms, structures, implants, programs, patterns, codes, beliefs, thought-forms, curses, judgments, perceptions or pictures of reality…, that have supported or maintained these Vows, Agreements & Contracts, or that are based in dis-empowerment, or designed to dis-empower me or others.

I call now to all of my Souls, Soul extensions, Soul Aspects, and Ancestors and any one else that is related to these vows and agreements of power, and anyone karmically connected to me, from all lifetimes, spaces, times and dimensions, (and anyone holding past debts, regrets, agreements, curses, spells, dramas, traumas…), to join me now to receive divine healing.

See, feel, sense, and know that all these beings are now with you, joining you in this divine healing, and are all around you. This may be a very large circle of divine beings. Feel, sense and know the feelings, energies, dramas and love between you, (that you hold individually and as a group, that needs to be cleared and healed).

I call upon the divine mother to surround us all in Healing Chambers and Love Cocoons, to be healed and released from all of our patterns of “dis-empowerment”, so that we may return to our natural state of divine empowerment, centered in love, compassion, prosperity and divinity. And I call upon Archangel Michael to disconnect all cords of attachment to any lifetimes where I have given my power away or taken power from others.

Ask all of these beings to forgive any dramas, traumas, regrets, transgressions…, that have occurred between you in your past lives together, any pain and suffering that you have caused, and forgive yourself for causing this pain, and forgive them for any pain they have caused you.

Beloveds, I forgive you all for any times you have taken my power, and I forgive myself for all times I have given my power away to you or anyone, or taken power away from you or anyone.

And I ask you all now to please forgive me for any times I have hurt you in any way in any of our lifetimes together, for any pain or suffering that I have caused you, any times I have betrayed you, or rejected you… Please forgive me! And I forgive myself for any pain and suffering I have caused you or anyone across space, time and dimension! And I forgive you for any pain you have caused me.

And I call upon the law of forgiveness for us all and for special dispensations of divine forgiveness.

And ask them to release you, and release them, from any obligations, debts, bonds, agreements, vows…, through this forgiveness.

I release you, and I ask you to release me, from any obligations, debts, regrets, bonds, agreements, vows, curses, spells…, (through all time, space and dimensions) that have separated us from our power and our connection to Source.…, that we created together that are holding us in patterns or disempowering us in any way.

I ask you all now to recognize your own Divinity, your own mastery, sovereignty and divine power - your own connection to Source. And I ask you all to forgive all that has occurred through all time, space and dimensions that has separated us from our power and our own connection to Source.

And I call for the cosmic white fire from my column of light to spiral through each of my power crystals in my chakras, cleansing, purifying and assisting the grounding of the divine knowledge and awareness that I have learned from these many lifetimes, illuminating and releasing the soul gifts from these experiences.

Focus upon and feel the golden power crystals in each of your chakras, and feel them grow as your power returns to you and you accept your divine power.

Now, retrieve any power or energy of any kind that they are holding for you, that they have taken, that you have given, exchanged or shared with them, and ask for this power and energy to return to you now. See this energy going back to them. And give permission for your God Presence to reinstate the energy (power) that you have been holding for them.

I now ask the Ascended masters for a wheel of golden Love-Light to be spun through me and all of my souls, soul extensions, ancestors and all aspects of my soul that have joined with me for this healing. And I ask that everything within our entire beingness be restored back to the wholeness we truly are, and I truly am and I ask for all memories to release through the star grids to Source, and everyone be restored to their natural state of divine empowerment. All is forgiven!!!!

I call upon my God Presence and the Karmic Board to help me retrieve and give back all energies, all power…, that I have given away to others, taken from others or that I am holding for others. I ask for all power that I have given away to anyone or anything to return to me now, and I give back all power I have taken from anyone, or power or energy I have been holding for anyone, or anyone has been holding for me. And I call upon the Karmic Board and all the Lords and Ladies of Karma, and the Angels and I ask for complete Karmic Absolution with anyone and anything related to these vows and agreements, and any lifetimes where I have given my power away, or taken power from others, and I ask for assistance for all of my power to be returned to me now! I ask for all my karmic records to be healed and for us all to be shown the truth that all experiences, and every lifetime have always been for my empowerment, even when I have experienced the illusion of giving my power away.

I now retrieve and accept my divine power!!!!

I am Divine Power! I am Divine Power! I am Divine Power!

Breathe deeply and see this happening! Intend for and see your power returning to you, and see the energy you have been holding for others returning to them now.

And I offer this divine healing as a gift for humanity, so that all beings on Earth may be able to receive everything that I have received from this, and I ask that I may continue to be a vehicle for the power of God-Goddess’s Love, and the Ascension Frequency, so that we may all recognize and honor our awesome magnificence, embody our divinity and co-create heaven on earth! I ask that the embodiment of this love be manifest through every cell, chakra and body of my being and that this love radiate out to all beings and bless them with my love.

And So It Is! And So It Is! And So It Is!


This is an excerpt from
“The Ascension Masters Toolkit”

Energy Releasing, Healing, Activation & Manifesting Techniques & Meditations for Co-Creating Higher More Divine Realities & Embodying your Divine Magnificence!


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