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Light Body II

Ascension-Christ Consciousness-The Christ Body



You are Light/Love, Spirit, Divine Consciousness. Light is a manifestation of Love and a creation of Love. Everything, everyone, all reality, all creation is made up of Love and Light. There are just different vibratory rates of the one light of All-That-Is. All higher reality is a higher vibration of light which created this light reality, and we are a creation/manifestation of this higher light of All-That-Is.

In these accelerated times as our planet awakens into its enlightened state and as we verge upon a New Civilization, there is much information and books about spirituality, about enlightenment, personal power and psychic phenomena. This personal bias of awakening is often excludes the wholeness of creation and our extraterrestrial and dimensional origins. Personal enlightenment is a necessary part of the awakening process, but it is spiritual ego and an illusion if it is not seen truthfully in a macro perspective, including the entire cosmos, including all life, that we are parts of All-That-Is, that we are all this One Great Spirit. We must expand our awareness of who we are and our origins to include a larger perspective of species, and planet, and universe, and super universe, and dimensions in our process of awakening. We are in the cosmos, we are Spirits having a human experience, we do not need to become enlightened in order to feel happy, get out of "hell" and go to "heaven".

The most expanded and enlightened books and teachers of today speak of "pure consciousness" - that is what you are. And along with that is the process that is taking place now, beyond personal power or enlightenment or anything personal, and that is Ascension. Ascension of the human species. Ascension of this Planet. Ascension of this solar system. Ascension of this Universe. The real meat and potatoes. In our exploration beyond the personal we include the big picture, the Divine plan of All-That-Is. Species evolution, planetary evolution, species enlightenment, planetary enlightenment. The big picture where the individual is less important then the entire species.

Now why isn't there much information about Ascension and Light-Body? There has been information about these subjects but they have been written in the channeled and very esoteric texts, books not known sometimes even in spiritual circles, and they have not been known because people haven't been ready for them. Even the bible speaks of Ascension and MerKaBa and Light-Body but you have to be extremely learned to decode the truth from this cryptic text. But the big reason is that this is very new occurrence. The ascension began when everything was created, and the ascension of the species has been being planned for millennia, this is obvious by many books including the bible. But the actuality of the ascension occurring, and of Light-Body manifestation, is in our lifetimes, a reality, therefore it is extremely new, and all the Divine Plans can now come to fruition.

To the Ascended Masters Light-Body and Ascension is not new, but for this planet it is very new. Many beings have ascended, including entire civilizations, but the ascension of an entire planet into immortal bodies of light is very new. Certainly it has occurred on other planets in other universes, but here it is new. It is especially new for the human species, this is why the Ascended Masters are winging it just as much as we are. Plans are set in motion but are continually subject to change depending on how quickly consciousness raises and what All-That-Is-Divine Plan has in mind. We know what usually occurs in planetary ascension scenarios. We know what usually occurs in personal ascension scenarios, but this planet and species is an individual and is subject, as always, to the Divine Plan. Planetary ascensions do not happen every day. Entire new civilizations of light are not created every day. We are writing a whole new book - "the Book of Light", the vision of a New Civilization of Light.

What is Ascension? Plain and simply the ascension is a descension of Spirit into form, and an Ascension of the form into Light, or Light-Body. As a species we are becoming a light species, modeled after the Lords and Ladies of Light, our creators and essence. Our planet is becoming its own light self, a Star.

What is Light Body?

Your Light Body is All That You Are, the Wholeness/Soul/OverSoul of your entire beingness. Light Body is your God-Goddess-I-AM-Presence, your Higher-Self/Selves, Ascended-Master-Avataric-Bodhisatva-Selves, ET-Angelic Selves on ships, planets, dimensions and the myriad possibilities of bodies across the cosmos; and other soul yous in bodies on this planet, including a possible twin flame, heart flames and soul mates; and all the yous (your soul family) that exist in all space time and dimension, (which includes all your 12 soul extensions and their aspects, and other aspects of your being that are functional and non-functional because they are lost in their consciousness, in some space, time or dimension). (See "What Dreams May Come", a fabulous movie which details this exactly.) For your ascension, this means retrieving anything in this Wholeness/Soul, that is lost and embodying your God-Goddess-Presence, the divine union creating the "Christ Body", the Ascended Light Form.

This Light Body/Higher Self is your original body of Love, before any form of separation, that created you and is all of you. You are its creation; it is you, you are it, there is no separation between you and "Higher Self". Any "separation" is merely perceptual. And there is no separation between you and any other you, this is merely a "picture of reality".

The next step for every one on planet earth, whether they know it or not, is the manifestation-activation of their Ascended Light form body (Christ Body). Plain and simply, it is a body of light; the physical manifestation of ascension; what you become when you ascend to a higher realm of self awareness, and/or inscend your "Higher Self" and become this "Higher Self".

Everything that anyone does towards personal awareness, planetary awareness, healing, learning... is about Light-Body-Ascension. All acts of enlightenment, to further your awareness of "who you truly are" are to enable you to inhabit an "immortal body of light", the next evolutionary step of humanness, the new improved "Light-Human" (HU-Man, God Man). All the shifts and changes in consciousness, feeling and awareness that everyone is experiencing is preparing them for light body and is creating their Christ Body. Every experience you have ever had in your whole life and lives, has been about remembering your connection to God/Goddess. When you remember God/Goddess you remember who you are, so everything you have experienced no matter how you may judge it, has been perfect for your awakening and growth to your Divinity, to the realization that you are God-Goddess-All-That-Is.

The higher cosmic realms are light; when you ascend you become more light. Everyone is ascending into/embodying their light bodies, (or at least it is something that is available for everyone, with much ease and grace). In all actuality it is a necessity, the new civilization manifesting on planet Earth is a "Civilization of Light”. Physicality as we know it is ceasing to exist, we are becoming a Species of Light. We are ascending to what we really are - Light/Love.

The Process - Light Body Manifestation and Activation

The process of Light/Christ Body manifestation is not very linear. You could "get" yours in many ways, including: "slow" activation/manifestation through Spiritual Life Initiations, Ascension experiences/activation's…), one big Ascension, and/or many additional ascension experiences/activation's. Or, as many people on planet earth who are not Transition/Ascension team experts, genetically along with the species.

Regardless, the activation of it is a process of learning and experiencing, this is because it is relatively comparable to being born into a physical body. You come into a body and you have to learn how to use it, how to animate it, feel within it, and further, to discover who is who in the body, in regards to the bodies sense of self. Within a light body there is a natural greater sense of self, (you had to embody this greater wholeness to manifest it). This is all a part of your ascension and the planetary ascension. You must learn about it, its properties, how to work within it; how does my consciousness relate to it and use it. Who am I and what am I now that I have a light body (or lighter body)? Is this my first light body or have I manifested others previously on other planets?

When you have embodied/manifested/been given/activated your lightbody, in the true sense of the world, you have ascended. You are now beyond typical human perception. You no longer operate within human limitation constraints. You may still think you are limited in many ways but this is merely leftover human beliefs, perceptions and pictures of reality, as you learn to operate from pure-divine-consciousness rather than the illusions of the world. When you have/are a Light-Body you lose all typical human physicalness (even though you may still appear typically human). Your physical body "mutates" genetically to be able to be/embody this Light. You are evolving to a higher species - "Light-Human".

Mutational Symptoms

With Light-Body embodiment, your DNA changes including the activation of extra strands of your 12+ strand helix (10 of which are dormant), and the addition of more chromosomes. Dormant glands activate, producing new hormones. We will get taller. Our brains will expand. Supernatural abilities become common. We are able to see and hear multidimensionally. Psychic abilities are common place. We are able to teleport physically with our own thoughts and travel in consciousness. We become crystalline rather than carbon based.

Your physical body is mutating to accommodate this manifestation of your Light-Body. Light-Body "mutational" symptoms are like earth changes in your body. Often they are cleansing reactions to detoxing and embodiment initiations. You will experience a list of mutational symptoms including: headaches, heartaches, eye aches, ear aches, flu and cold symptoms and even more drastic mutations as your glands and human systems mutate. Many of the diseases of today including chronic fatigue, candida etc. are symptoms of this mutational process. Please do not try to fix anything during the mutation process, "you are not sick, you are just mutating". (see my article "Sick, or mutating…") I recommend lots of massage, epsom salt baths, mud baths, Japanese Acupuncture, detoxing, colon cleansing, oxygen products (NACLO2), Spirulina…, lots of shnuggling, love making, and divine holidays in nature.

When things get rough ask for lots of assistance from beings in bodies and without: call upon Grace Elohim; the Ascended Masters; the Angels; the Arcturians (for light body healing); and the Hathors (for emotional assistance). (Grace is the divine force which allows you to make a complete break with the past in each now moment). And every energy you are processing can be assisted by Grace. Grace has arrived! Ask each night for a regeneration and healing chambers, Light-Body activations and for your chakras and Light-Body to be cleared of any negative energies, judgements... by the Violet Flame.

In preparation for light body and after you "have" your light body it is recommended to eat "Light" alive foods because you are now feeding your Light-Body as well as your physical body. If you haven't already, you may become vegan. You may also become less idealistic and eat whatever you feel like, (but consciously of course) or what your body really wants or needs (possibly even animals). You may also be drawn to eat just for the fun of it, taking food a lot less seriously. Remember, eventually you will no longer be eating at all, so enjoy it while you can.

Sleep patterns may become erratic, you may sleep little or need huge amounts as your physical body mutates and your light body activates - do what occurs to you. At some point you will no longer sleep as you do not need to check out and recuperate. You no longer need to sleep to connect to higher cosmic levels but actively connect to them normally and naturally in a day to day level. But until then you will probably need a huge amount of sleep as your body mutates and you embody more light and detox physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In both cases your sleep will become more "conscious", you will use sleep to recuperate from the onslaught of "3rd dimensional reality", as a regrouping mechanism and as a time to commune with higher levels of Divine Consciousness - with the Ascended Masters, Angels....

Your chakras are changing by being fully activated by you being fully in your body. Lightbody is being "fully embodied". Your Light-Body is activated by you being fully in your body. When you are fully in your body, your chakras are balanced, you are not like a toothpaste tube that has been squeezed, either operating from your lower chakras and the patterns of survival, instincts, and ego, or upper chakras of idealistic puritanical spirituality with denial of physicality, emotion and feeling, and the pleasures of the flesh and senses. Your chakras will grow and be huge, extending way beyond your physical body. They will unify as one Unified Chakra, (MerKaBa), a giant spinning vortex of Love/Light - (Light Body).

My Light Body

Every one has a Light-Body/Higher-Self/I-AM-Presence, essentially separate but one with their physical body waiting above in the "Soul-Star-Chakra" to be embodied. We generally refer to Light-Body/Higher-Self as fifth dimensional, and operating from the perspective of this Light-Body. This was part of the process of its manifestation. When you Ascend and embody your God Presence you are no longer strictly a physical being, but Light as well. And the more activated, the more Light and the less "physical" you are.

So paradoxically, I am still 3rd dimensionally physical, but I am also 5th dimensionally Light. And in another sense, I don't really have a 3rd dimensionally physical body any more at all because it has Ascended. My light body is vibrating at the vibratory rate of physicality, it has the appearance of a normal body and for all intensive purposes is physical. If I vibrate considerably faster (than the speed of light) you would not be able to see me. I have the ability to do this, as do we all. Or if I just phase in from being so much in the moment, I will be unable to be seen. This is essentially traveling dimensionally, or being dimensional. Many animals go interdimensional, like cats and dolphins and whales. Often times, the cats I have had would "suddenly appear" out of nowhere. (Often we are unable to be seen by other humans that are vibrating much slower, you seemingly appear out of nowhere, or they just don't see you. Be careful when driving, sometimes you and your car may be "invisible" and other cars may not see you).

In another sense, because I am a "Christ-Consciousness-Being", and am operating at this accelerated vibration, my body is very "4th dimensional", especially since I have accepted healed and merged with my 4th dimensional self, and I allow my emotional-psychic-magical-intuitive-Divine-Feminine-Self to operate fully in this "3rd dimensional world", speaking and being my truth without fail, contrary to the pressure to do otherwise and give my power away to 3rd dimensional mass consciousness programs of survival. (The high overtones of the 4th dimension are the Christ Consciousness levels. See my article "the 4th dimension" on my website),

So I appear typically human, (well, to some people anyway), but I am not. But what an efficient way to be able to work within the world of form by appearing to be typically human. Very few people actually have the ability to see Light-Body because it is of too high a vibration, it is moving just below or above the speed of light, therefore it cannot be seen by anyone that does not see with the entire light spectrum and have their clairvoyance opened up. I have compassion for those that still see me (and themselves) as a "typical" human, for they do not have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

I have had many Inscension experiences, and one Ascension. I have been ordained by the Ascended Masters with several "titles" for these experiences, for my openness and surrender to Divinity and the Divine Plan. These "titles" are on my website, including my awakening history. But ultimately these "titles" and awakening process means nothing because where I have gone and where I will go, everyone will follow in their own unique way. In a sense, when you ascend you are given (you embody) your Light-Body and your physical body "dies". Or your physical body is resurrected as a "Light Body". This is what happened to me. This is one process of Ascension, my process of Ascension is different to some, similar to others. My specific Ascension was designed so that I may continue assisting humanity with their Ascension and planet earth with the activation of her Light-Body.

Prior to this time now, many books have described the Ascension process as attaining complete awareness of who you are and ascending your body "out of here", disappearing completely, perhaps for a period of time, maybe even hundreds or thousands of years, (or even dying, then ascending), and then deciding whether or not you will come back to further assist humanity, or move on considering your work is done here. You will probably re-incarnate at this point as an Avatar or Bodhisatva, and possibly remember your past lives and be reminded of them from other masters on the planet (ala the Dalai Lama and other reincarnating masters).

My process has been less dramatic. First of all I am a walk-in, so part of my ascension/awakening was just remembering who I am as an extraterrestrial, (I was unaware that I was a walk-in until years later). I did leave here, "die" and decide to stay (of course, that's why I came here), or more accurately, I decided to stay prior to my ascension, and this experience was all part of the plan - my "personal" mission with assisting this planet and humanity's ascension. This is the combination of personal will and divine will, when your personal will is divine will, then personal will actually does not exist.

Similarly to Jesus, my physical body "died", then my consciousness was "resurrected" into my light body, provided for me by Lord Sananda, Sai Baba and many other Ascended Masters. In addition and paradoxically, I created it myself. I did actually leave here, (going to source, to the Ascended Masters…), but it happened so fast that no one could have seen it (time is different on these higher dimensions. I could have been there years in earth time, who knows?) I am not aware of having left, most of my experience of it is in hindsight because it all happened so fast. I later had another "death" experience (with the help of some nasty/lovely ETs) which provided me with a remembrance of what happened to me when I ascended.

I chose to stay, which means I stay at a vibration below the speed of light to be able to function here "physically". If I did fully activate I could not be here, I would disappear, and be fully in a higher reality, unable to function "physically" in this one. I have chosen not to be because it better serves the Divine Plan and my personal growth within that Divine Plan to be here "physically".

I am truly human now that I know who I am. I can see that "human" was an experience of my beingness, a character to experience through. And I know what being human is really about: a way to experience more of myself, a way for All-That-Is to experience more of itself as me. I can be human if I want to be, and when I am transmuting structures for humanity and planet earth, I act as if I am typically human. I work within the character structure of humanness, if I did not I could not do the work and experience the "separations". But if I did not know who I was I would not be able to transmute any structures of limitation, I would essentially be locked in a karmic pattern, acting the same way over and over again with no apparent reason why (typically human consciousness).

All The World's a Stage…

The best actors act the part with complete conviction that they are indeed that character, but always retain and express their own sense of self through that character. Terrible actors do not have an awareness of their true-sense-of-self, they are not able to act a part with true spontaneity and emotion and conviction, because they do not know who they are and therefore cannot express their essence through the character. We love the actors that are still themselves through different characters, but we "entranced" for the moment to believe that they are indeed that person - this is "Existence".

Before you have Light-Body, before you are "En-Light-ened", before you truly know who you are - you are not human, you are acting as if you are a human, but you are doing a poor job of it like a soap opera actor indicating the part rather then really living it moment to moment. In day to day life, the realms of Spirit and physical reality seem to conflict, and since you do not know that you are a spiritual essence having a human experience, you are confused. Your character is not real for you, you have not rehearsed enough and researched the character enough to be able to portray human with conviction, "you do not know who you are".

What we are doing is enlightening human by being truly human, for what is human? It is a creation by All-That-Is for us to experience through, it is our character in the play. And like all things, human must evolve, this is the natural order of things, we evolve and grow within a species that is evolving and growing. "Human" has a consciousness to it, separate from you, and you work with each other for your mutual growth, experience, play and expression.

Further, before you know who you are, you are not really human, or Spirit, or ET, or Angelic or anything, you are living an illusion. You are lost, wandering around on stage, not knowing where you are supposed to be or who you are supposed to exchange dialogue with - you have no direction. Well let us give you some direction so that you will no longer be lost on stage and feel like a fool.

You are a "Divine Spiritual Essence having a physical human planetary experience". You live in (your town______), in (your country_____), on planet earth, in this solar system, in the Milky Way Galaxy, in the Christ Universe - one of many local universes in the grand scale of Super Universes. You are you. You have always been you and will always be you. There is no one else like you. You are a unique snow flake, an individual expression of All-That-Is. You are perfect!

You are here to experience humanness, evolution, growth, expression, feeling, Light-Body, Ascension and Love. You are here to experience separation within the oneness of All-That-Is. You are here to experience, rediscover and express the gifts that All-That-Is has given you, that of your eternal essence and Mastery. There - you now know who you are and what you are, you are no longer lost. You can now start really being human, or at least really start acting the part with conviction and fun, with true detachment and true divine human expression.

So your task: balance the mundane physicalness of the world with the cosmicness that you really are. Be a Human-Master, a Light-Master, because you came here to be truly human - a cosmic human, an Ascended Cosmic Human. This is Light-Body. If you have served All-That-Is by being in a body, then you deserve Ascension - you deserve a promotion to Light-Body.

You have come here to ascend humanness, to enlighten the species of human, to ascend it to ever higher potentials, so that greater awareness of self is available to those that inhabit human. Consciousness and humanness can grow together, this is the experiment. If you as consciousness could no longer grow within "human" because "human" is not ready to grow, you would have to leave "human". This is why many beings come here only briefly into human bodies, they come in, get the growth and experience they needed and then leave. This is the explanation why children and babies may die, entities do not necessarily need the full life long experience for their growth, experience and to emanate the divinity and pure essence that they are for the planet and humanity.

And from a planetary human evolutionary perspective, the experiment of humanness must succeed so that many beings can continue their own personal experiments and growth within the structure of humanness. So the planetary transition experts and Ascended Masters make sure the experiment succeeds to assist all those beings needing the species to continue. This is why humanity has not been allowed to destroy itself, even though it has been hell bent on doing so for millennia, and especially the last fifty years of the nuclear age.

The Ascended Masters

Throughout history many beings have ascended, some well known some completely unknown. Most would have fully ascended physically, taking their bodies with them, leaving the planet completely. These are the Ascended Masters. These ascensions have occurred throughout the billions of years of history of the planet including Egyptian, Lemurian, Atlantean times and civilizations prior to these. In fact entire civilizations have ascended as well like the Anasazi (Native Americans).

Most ascended masters have not returned but continue to serve the ascension of this planet and the species by their example and their assistance on higher realms of consciousness. Some have returned into other bodies, aware that they are Ascended Masters some without the awareness that they are or were Ascended Masters.

Other Masters have taken another path of ascension through physical death. In this case an ascension coincides with "enlightenment," the ascension occurs after death. Many of these beings are our Enlightened Bodhisatvas of the East that reincarnate and are aware of their previous incarnations, i.e. Sai Baba, Babaji, The Dalai Lama etc. Many of these beings continue to return again and again, assisting humanity with its ascension and enlightenment.

This is the definition of Ascended Masters from the Keys of Enoch: "Masters who have served several incarnations in the lower heavens teaching the Cosmic Law of the Universe and who have ascended back into the presence of the Father from whence they receive new assignments to teach a wide variety of worlds because of their greater love".

The Awakening

As you awoke from your slumber and realized who you were and manifested your Light-Body, you transformed everything that you experienced in the world of form to Light and Love. So as you transformed yourself to Light and Love you transformed everything else to light and Love. You no longer need to be hooked up, you can now truly be "in the world of form' without being "of the world of form'. From this position you can truly make great change. You are now an expression of the Light-Love of All-That-Is.

Your worth is now put into true perspective; your divinity a given; your essence a Gift of All-That-Is. You now live as an active Co-Creator of Heaven on Earth, doing the divine work you were designed by All-That-Is to do. So what happens now? Similarly to before you had your lightbody you discover self. ("Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water; after enlightenment, chop wood and carry water"). But you enter a whole new level, you realize your true gifts, your essence, your mastery from past lives, and actively live and express them in everything you do. You see how everything you do from the cosmic to the mundane relates to who and what you truly are. And you start using these Gifts/Mastery to make change.

You no longer personally grow from the old perspective, you now grow because you realize that you step down from heaven to embody and transmute the negativity of the world (the illusion of separation). You no longer take it on, you transmute it, you let it go through your Crown/Soul-Star-Consciousness (above your head), and give it back to All-That-Is. You take on the darkness of the world and turn it into Light through your Light-Body.

When working directly with other awakening masters, you take the stuff that they do not know how to deal with and mush it up into a light ball and send it back from whence it came. If you encounter beings of a dark orientation that are hanging onto and using negativity for their own gain and to control and enslave others, then you just be a divine reflection, taking their power away by just being love and not resisting their games. This gives them growth because they hopefully see the truth of what they are doing, they can no longer hide in the shadows. You help them find love for themselves, which is why they are mucking around with manipulation and control in the first place.

And you use your essence and gifts from All-That-Is to accomplish your missions of Light. You open doors for people so that they will open doors for themselves. As you discover who you are, you help others discover who they are and where they are from.

Now once again, what is Light-Body? What do you think it is? Find out for your self. Don't take my word for it. This is your experience; this is your light body; your manifestation; your expression and experience of your eternal beingness.

Planet Earth

Earth is aligning and merging with its Light-Body. She has ascended to the high-overtonal-Christ-Consciousness levels. She is now (2002) at 9th level+ Light Body. When her Light-Body is fully (or semi-fully) activated and in her 5th-dimensional-whole-light-self, no one will be able to exist on planet earth that does not have their Light-Body as well, there will be no place left to hide. (For an explanation of Light-Body levels, please refer to my "Light Body I" article. And for more earth dimensional transition information, please see my article "the 4th dimension" on my website).

When you get your Light-Body as mother earth has, a process of activation occurs. There are places on planet earth where her Light-Body is activated and places where it is not. A similar situation exists for any one who is embodying their Light-Body. Once you have your Light-Body you start discovering what it is and start activating it. Your Light-Body may be fully constructed, but maybe not fully descended into your physical body, or you may have only pieces of your Light-Body constructed. As you progress in awareness, more of your Light-Body will descend, be constructed and activated. This is done through MerKaBa, your Dimensional-Light-Transitioner-Transporter- Vehicle, the bridger between dimensions and realities, between Physical and Light. You are able to travel dimensionally and linearly through space at and beyond the speed of light, because you are light. (More info, see MerKaBa section later in this article and my article "MerKaBa" on my website).

The more growth you have on a consciousness level, the more your Light-Body activates. When you are fully activated then you can leave the planet if you choose. Your full activation timing is determined by how it will best serve the planet and the divine plan's awakening of humanity. You activate your Light-Body based on this timing, (and your own growth), so it is not about activating it as if it is something to attain. Your growth is not dependent on Light-Body; Light-Body is dependent on your growth. MerKaBa, (like your physical body), is your tool to do the work of All-That-Is, it is not your ticket out of here. When you are Light-Body, you finally and officially become a member of the cosmic-human-race and get an E ticket to the best rides, especially the cosmic roller coaster. Full activation will happen when it serves the Divine plan for it to be so. And the plan is for as gentle of a transition as possible, for everyone. Although your divine will choice is the doorway to its manifestation and ultimate activation/embodiment. How much of your life is dedicated to the service of All-That-Is, and the Divine Plan of All-That-Is?

The next step of quantum awakening is Light-Body. Growth happens regardless of the form in which we inhabit, so growth continues whether you try to remain limited to a physical body or you activate/embody your Light-Body - one pathway is just much more accelerated. Not everyone necessarily needs to awaken, but everyone will have to awaken massively and embody their Light-Body-Higher-Self to be able to continue to live on planet earth as she further ascends into her full 5th dimensional Light-Star self. You've got to be a Star to live on a Star. Those still needing to experience dense limitation will have to go elsewhere to play.

How Do I Get My Light Body?

Everyone already has a Light-Body. Everyone is Light-Body. It is really not a matter of getting anything, but a matter of getting everything out of your way that does not know itself to be this Body/Soul/Spirit/Wholeness of Love/Light.

There are many cosmic ascension tools and inner technologies available for clearing out this old baggage and assisting to bring in the new Love/Light, but ultimately there is no method or process to attain realization/Ascension. There is really nowhere to go and nothing to do except experience. Growth happens when you fully allow your emotional experience. Growth can even happen when you do not allow your experience, it just takes longer with a lot more bumps in the road. In instances where beings who are not growing at all, their consciousness is sent to other planets in denser bodies and civilizations. If after they have been given many chances and their consciousness has been recycled over and over again on the farthest reaches of the universe, and they are de-evolving, not accepting love as the only reality, their existence/consciousness is taken back to its creator from whence it came. (For cosmic ascension tips, tools, and technologies, see my book "the Ascension Master's Toolkit", on my website).

Now because the ascension energies currently operating on planet earth, including the convergence of the dimensions and planet earth's ascension beyond the astral plane, many veils have lifted. It is now wholly available to know who you are. The veils of separation and limitation have lifted, we are now left with our own consciousness in relation to these illusions. Limitation is no longer supported by human social consciousness energy grids due to the Christ Consciousness Grid activated by the Ascended Masters (see my article "the 4th dimension for more information about this). Your birthright is available if you accept and allow it, and ask for it. There is massive help available from the Angels, Ascended and Enlightened Masters - incarnate and discarnate - but ultimately you must realize/discover "who you truly are". It is not difficult, we only make it so because we are hard on ourselves and often disconnected from Divine Guidance, deluded by the "Matrix". You are who you are - plain and simply. You are who you are, you live where you live, you do what you do - that's all you need to know, the additional details you can find out later, that will be the icing on the cake.

There is no trick to obtaining your Light-Body, to ascending, your I-AM-Presence is in charge as to when you will have it activate it and be it, and it is your choice as a personality to say yes to your own Spirit, to your own Divinity and Mastery, or resist and hang on to the old world with a GI Joe Kung Fu grip. So there is very little need to do anything to manifest your Kung Fu except allow your experience. That is all you have to do. Although I guarantee you will go through heaps of initiations of clearing balancing learning and remembering. Light-Body does not need you to be "enlightened", but it does help to have high levels of awareness and massive spiritual maturity to be able to handle the responsibility of being an Ascended Master. When it is yours to have, you will have it, and you will learn fast.

You don't actually have any choice, the more of planet earth's Light-Body that is activated the less choice there will be. When Gaia is fully activated everyone will have to be in their Light-Bodies or they will cease to exist. The force of evolution train is coming through town, so get your tickets now and climb on board before they're all sold out.

If you are desirous to inhabit/embody your Light-Body and to be an Ascended/Inscending Master then you will have it, you will do it - in fact you are already doing it. Your desire and passion and intention is enough. Light-Body is the continuing evolutionary process of self awareness, providing massively advanced levels of awareness of Self. To be reading this article and to be considering Light-Body and Ascension you have already attained the level of awareness of true sense of Self that is creating your Christ-Body.

You are already embodying your Divinity with every breath, especially when you are taking full responsibility for your reality, manifestations and emotional experience. But for added acceleration, call upon the Ascended Masters for full and complete Ascension. Call upon the Archturians and the Angels to help you activate your Light-Body. Ask for Ascension Chambers every night. And ask Lord Sananda to "give you your Light-Body", to help you embody and activate your Light-Body, and he will. As an Ascended Master and as an Arcturian Light body specialist, I am also empowered to "give you your Light-Body", with activation's and cosmic assistance that will also clear any pathways that may be hindering its embodiment. We can begin its activation, further its activation, or provide a "full" activation (depending on where you are in your conscious evolution). You may ask me in consciousness for this assistance, or physically through a personal or phone session. Time to trade in your old suit for the new Light Suit, the latest hottest newest most advanced designer suit on the market from the greatest designers in the Universe - the Ascended Master Suit individually designed just for you.

Everyone who is here during this ascension are great souls, regardless of soul evolution or vibration of awareness, or how "old" you are; regardless of whether you are stuck in the time/reality loop of limitation, (a position team member), or if you are a reality buster, Ascension Master (transition team member). Regardless, everyone is in the process of ascending their form to becoming an Ascended Master (most people just don't know this yet). But only the strongest most experienced advanced and dedicated souls answer a call of help from a planet. All who come to assist in the ascension of a planet and the evolution of a species, is a credit and honor to their mastery, origin, and Divinity. (Please see my article "The Position Teams & Transition Teams - The Reality Creators & Dismantlers")

The MerKaBa Meditation

One process of activation that I whole heartedly recommend is the MerKaBa meditation given to us by Drunvalo Melchizedek.-1 I teach Light-Body workshops incorporating this meditation and other techniques. Another MerKaBa activating type meditation is Aliyah Ziondra's "Unified Chakra Meditation", available on my website, and see reference-2. And there are many other MerKaBa activating teachers and techniques, some of which are on my links page on my website.

Similarly to your Antakarana, (your rainbow bridge to Higher Reality), your MerKaBa is the Light bridger between worlds. It connects the cosmic Light dimensions with the lower denser dimensions of physicality. By building/activating your MerKaBa vehicle, you are able to call upon, reach out to and embody higher dimensions of light and love. Through MerKaBa you are able to merge the world of Light and "dark", the worlds of divinity/oneness (inner technology) and separation (outer technology) and create your Christ-Body.

A large part of my Light body activation and preparation for ascension was religiously doing the MerKaBa meditation and the Unified Chakra Meditation. Both heal your tetrahedrons, (from stored repressed karma and past life emotional trauma, downloading baggage), activate them, and get them spinning. Both shift your consciousness and breathing to the heart level - the heart also being a bridge between dimensions and worlds, the doorway to Christ Consciousness. (All great change takes place within - with inner technology). Both synchronize, expand and unify your chakras essentially making you into one Unified Heart Chakra, one giant bubble of love. The MerKaBa meditation also teaches you to remember how to pranic breathe. Pranic breathing is a must in these accelerated times, I highly recommend it especially when you are going through heavy emotional situations. This centers you in your heart, in the Christ center. From here you are completely balanced, able to live compassionately without judgement of self or others. You may also read about pranic breathing on my website, and extensively in "The Hathor Material", by Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene. (Your own process of awakening and Light-Body activation will be unique unto you, but you may reference your own experience by reading my "Light Body I" article and "What is Light Body"-2. Antakarana information available through Joshua David Stone's Ascension books and my book "The Ascension Master's Toolkit").

Other Light Bodies

For some beings the manifestation and activation of their light body will be their first one. Their first Christ/Light-Body, created from the template of their current body, from the experiences of this incarnation, and this Ascension. This is not the case for many experienced transition team experts that have ascended planets before. You may have Light-Bodies previously created by other or higher yous. You may have many Light-Bodies that were created on other planets in other universes by various means, these other yous, ascended yous; and once again, your entire wholeness, the all of you is your big Light-Body. Your original or first Light-Body will be your "oldest", most experienced, and will always be your guide and template for new ones, including this new one. It will naturally be your goal to match the magnificence of this Light-Body. Call upon assistance from other yous that have Ascended on other planets and dimensions, to help you create/manifest/activate your Human-Christ-Light-Body.

When you have activated your Human-Christ-Light-Body you will realize that in all actuality you have many Light-Bodies, at least three, and that you can split off a Light-Body any time to do some specific work somewhere when you are needed in more than one place at the same time. Just being specific to me as this personality, and not including all of the others me's, I have a Human Light-Body, an Extraterrestrial Light-Body, and a Cosmic Light-Body. All are still being activated and "lit up" so to speak. My Human/Christ-Light-Body I have already been speaking about. This is the Light-Body that future others will be modeled after. My ET light body is the one that exists and is being constructed/activated on ET levels, (ships). My third is my Cosmic Light-Body. It is what I use to traverse the cosmos, communing on much higher levels than even "Light-Body" level. This is a Group Soul "body".

After Light Body Manifestation

After you have manifested/created/activated your Light-Body, (and are continuing to do so, as Ascension is eternal), you may still be experiencing life as if you are human, and limited, and doubtful... You may still perceive things in an old way through the beliefs of the body and the world and ego, but this is a further experience of discovering and knowing who you really are and being a pure channel of Light. Because within the body, there is you, Pure Divine Consciousness, and the ego-body's perception of itself. You may still be a little confused as you have lived in a body for so long that you think you are a body and you are a human, but you are not, you are no species, no physicalness. This is how physical is transformed into Light in a gradual manner. As you wake up to who you really are, you lose awareness that you are a body and an ego/separate-self and feel know and truly experience your connection to all life and to the One Great Spirit. As you try on your new Light-Suit you may start to think that you are that as well, but you are not this either, (although it is much nearer to what you really are), so this is a further experience of knowing who you really are as you expand your awareness to include much more of All-That-Is as you.

When you have ascended/are ascending/inscending and are activating/embodying your Light-Body, you can now experience emotion and feeling directly without an experience that your feelings are yours or are you, they are seen accurately as an experience. Your emotional body is cleared, expanded and balanced with divine knowing to feel completely, (without hanging on to anything to feel connected to humanity, and to feel alive). You now feel Divine Multidimensional-Emotion. You finally feel truly alive!

You no longer need to experience the present as if it is affected from the past. You no longer need to experience life through your holographic-past-emotional-illusions of time. You no longer need to experience thoughts as if they are actually you or that they are actually your thoughts. Divine thought-guidance-knowing is realized and is your primary way of functioning. You no longer need to think in a traditional way, analyze and base reality on empirical knowledge. You do not need to project into the future. You can now live in the moment. You no longer need to think about the world, or judge it through the world of mental, or try to manipulate it to change, because you know that change only happens from within. You are now operating from Christ Consciousness that does not live in the world of survival, an essence of Love that does not judge, but only observes, feels, witnesses, "classifies", perceives, and guides when appropriate.

You no longer need a separate-ego-structure to keep you limited and connected to the world in a co-dependent survival oriented way to prove your worth to God and humanity, and so that you won't feel separate from everyone. You no longer need a "devil" that tries to convince you that you are a limited human being that needs to become enlightened, and obtain Godness to deserve to go to heaven. You now know exactly what God is because you are God.

You lose the separate-sense-of-self perception of ego. Your True Divine Personality emerges and ego surrenders to the Divine You. Personal will merges with Divine Will. You still experience sense-of-self, but not separate-sense-of-self. You still experience life as an individual, but paradoxically at the same time, you always feel your deep eternal connection to everyone and everything. You as Higher Self and you as personality are One as the Christ, as Unity-Christ-Consciousness.

Your auric-field/energy-bodies and chakras are no longer used to manipulate psychic-thoughts-feelings-emotions-energies… or to filter and guard against their attacks, you can now experience all energies directly and openly because you are no longer playing games of control to maintain you empire, and you no longer hang on to anything to create and maintain your identity. You perceive everything accurately because you are connected to higher guidance, and because you know that all energies are love, expressed purely as Divine Truth, Knowing and action, or masked by denial, control, power, suffering… Your chakra system expands and mutates, they become huge fields of Light to express and receive divinity through, points to directly express who and what you are including the gifts of your beingness that are unique to you, gifts that change and affect anyone who comes into contact with you. You can now use these points of expression to do what you really came here to do - Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

Listen with divine ears in regards to spiritual matters. Always find out if what someone says is true by finding out yourself from your own Divine Spirit. Listen through your inner ear, to the truth within, from your knowing, your essence, within your Center, your Golden Column of Light (Antakarana). Do not listen to the lateral beliefs, politics and gossip of the world that tries to penetrate and entangle your consciousness from the sides; to control you with doubt and confusion; to get you back into "Matrix", the world of belief, survival and competition, the world of external lateral (synthetic) technology, not inner (natural) technology. All inner knowledge and awareness of true Divinity is available to everyone! You are this Great Spirit! Dedicate your life to the Highest Service of All-That-Is. And know that everything you do is of this highest service to Love.

Light and Love of All-That-Is, shine forth within my beingness, that I may know the Divine Light and Love that I Truly Am.

Oodles of Light-Love,

ZaKaiRan - known as One of the Caretakers of Humanity and a Caretaker of Planet Earth-Earth Mother. He is part of a Vast collection of Ascended Masters, Extraterrestrials, Angels.... who graciously serve to assist Planet Earth’s transformation into a Star and humanity’s Ascension into immortal bodies of light. ZaKaiRan is a Mayan/Arcturian Light Body Activator & Healer, Master Attuner, Divinity and Love Evoker, Sacred Geometrist, limitation Illuminator and transformer, Divine Channel and Master of Relationship Transformation.

Lord: “Any manifestation of Higher Light Consciousness”. Adonai: “Lord” – (Keys of Enoch)

1- The MerKaBa meditation and "Flower of Life Workshop" is available from a Flower of Life facilitator, (there is a list on their website: www.folr.org). In Australia there are a few FOL facilitators, one I know of is Patricia Athena - www.athena oz.com.

2- Aliyah Ziondra's "Unified Chakra Meditation" is in her book "What is Light Body" (Wings of Glory - www.einsoph.com - rapture@SpiritOne.com) and Tony Stubbs book, "An Ascension Handbook".

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