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The Healing Force of Balance, Creation and Transformation

Do you want to change the world?
Do you want to help nature heal?
Do you want to help humanity wake up?
How do you love the world and love the lost souls who are destroying it?

There is only one way to help the world and that is Love! Love is all that the world needs and is all that you need to wake your self up and embody your Divinity!

Do you want to change your reality? Do you want to create a more healthy, prosperous and ecstatic life? Do you want to create more wholistic, balanced, healthy and loving relationships?

Then you must love yourself, love the reality you have created, and love into form, a new reality that is based on your vision of heaven on earth! You must heal those aspects of yourself that do not feel worthy of love and learn to love yourself and others unconditionally. And you must master the “Law of Reflection” so that you can gain creative control of your reality.

How can I love myself? How can I create a loving reality for myself? How can I love the aspects of myself that do not love themselves? What about forces of “darkness” that are resistant to love and light? How can I help them to realize that they are love?

How can I see my reality, my aspects, my beliefs, etc., that are seemingly unseen, that are creating my reality? How can I heal my karma so that I can return to love again and be centered in love all of the time?

The answers to these questions, also, empowering guidance, meditations and invocations, will be provided by ZaKaiRan and ZaKaiRan’s God Presence to help you love yourself and love love into your reality, to create heaven in your life and heaven on earth!

What is Love?

Love is not a weak, passive or impotent energy, but a force to be reckoned with. Love is the force that is making all positive changes upon this earth and Love is the force that will make the greatest levels of change within you!

Love is the force of the Divine Mother, and the Christ Child is being created within the womb of the mother, and Christ Consciousness is birthing through us and into our realities creating a new Civilization and new planet of Light.

If you would like to open your heart more fully, create more love in your life, learn how to powerfully play with love, embody love and emanate love, to create powerful change in your life and on planet earth, then join me, ZaKaiRan, the Family of Light, and your broStars and siStars in divine communion for this empowering Teleclass.


This blog was written for the 2012 – The Wake Up Call! - Teleclass Series #7 with ZaKaiRan

The Co-Creation of a New Civilization of Love, Light and Unity


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