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"Mary Jane"
and other

“Intoxicating” Substances

(A Spiritual Perspective)




In my work of assisting masters with their awakening process, I encounter many who are giving themselves a hard time about their use of certain substances. The two main ones are marijuana and cigarettes.

They are both plants, they grow naturally with or without the help of humans. Treated with respect, they are both "spiritual" in nature. Both have always been revered as spiritual substances by native populaces. Tobacco is used extensively in the Native American traditions as a ceremonial substance, especially to carry your prayers to Great Spirit. Marijuana is used extensively in many native populaces, and ceremoniously in many religions, including one of the great spiritual capitals of the world, India. Even the city Dhaka is named after cannabis.

Tobacco is an excellent substance for grounding and balance. This is obvious, by its increased use by people that are stressed, and going through emotional difficulties. People are naturally drawn to smoke to try to balance out their energies, to ground everything they are feeling into this reality. The difficulty, as with all substances, is when people use tobacco for more than what it was designed for, when people try to use tobacco to deny their emotional experience and avoid their suffering. When they rely upon it as a structure of complete support rather than just a crutch to help them walk.

When you smoke you are engaging in all the elements of the physical reality. Water is contained within the tobacco; the tobacco is the earth element, and of course fire and air to smoke it. For full completion of the elements, you include spirit, the etheric element. When spirit is included, it is a ceremony. Without ceremony, without true intention, it is a drug, used to escape and deny suffering. This description can be applied to marijuana or any other substance as well.

Life is a ceremony, be conscious of what you do, always. So like all substances, tobacco should be respected and used ceremoniously. It should be used carefully, consciously and reverently with respect to whence it came. And be consciously aware that nicotine is chemically addictive. Used occasionally, these negative affects would be negligible, especially if used ceremoniously. Used addictively, without consciousness, will be harmful to your body, (your temple), physically and auricly. Also please be aware that tobacco companies put many extremely harmful chemicals in tobacco to further increase the addictive properties of this natural plant. Organic tobacco would be preferable.

Ganja and Alcohol

There is no substance on planet earth that you need, including food, water, or even air. This is the game we decided to play - physical reality, with all its sensations, realities, illusions, experiences and addictions.

Every single thing on planet earth is divine. Like most things in this world of form, when you get them from the source, in a natural state, before humans have manipulated them - they are better. These natural things have a higher vibratory frequency than others. This is why I see certain substances as being more beneficial than others. For instance, Ganja grows naturally. Alcohol must be synthesized.

Alcohol has spiritual significance, when it is used ceremoniously, like communion, in a natural form like wine; (red wine even seems to have some physical benefits). Other than that I do not see any real benefit to it. It can be somewhat of a reality alterer or door opener, to assist people to learn to come out of their shells and move beyond their social programming, but the trouble is that people do not learn from the experience, and come out of their shells naturally, without the alcohol. Alcohol can also bring up repressed emotion, which can be of benefit, but people who drink are generally not in a capacity to acknowledge and use this to their benefit.

When cannabis Sativa is used properly, it is a reality shifter. It is an enhancer. If you are working on something within your consciousness, marijuana can assist you to go through it faster. If you are going through intense emotional experiences, and you are stuck in a rut, marijuana is the perfect shifter to get you out of that rut and see other possibilities. This is the ceremonious use of marijuana.

Ganja can be an assistant, providing open communication with less aggressive reactive tendencies. It can also assist to enhance sensual pleasures. But once again, it should be used consciously, ceremoniously, with respect. Many people do the same thing with marijuana as alcohol, using it to function daily, as a support rather than an assistant. Used in this manner it is just an addiction, a way to further deny emotions, truth and divinity. This use dishonors self, Ganja and mother earth.

Mary Jane is not technically a hallucinogenic but it has many affects similar in ways to hallucinogenics. Hallucinogenics are reality shifters, they allow you to see other possibilities. The use of hallucinogenics have always been used to shift consciousness, or to open beings up to alternate perceptions of awareness and realities. Even though it was done primarily in a social context, even in the sixties these substances were used to shift consciousness individually and on a planetary scale.

In the old world these types of shamanistic substances were quite necessary. These "reality shifters" were used to assist your awakening; to open you up to higher possibilities; to open doors to other realities - because there was such a dense delusional reality that was the norm, supported by social consciousness and energetic planetary limitation structures. So to go beyond this illusionary reality, initiations were necessary using these substances. Now, for the most part, the use of these substances is unnecessary and obsolete, due to the increased levels of light that exists on planet earth, guidance from incarnate and discarnate masters, and the subsequent ease of naturally seeing alternate realities and possibilities.

Similarly, certain spiritual practices and initiations are unnecessary, things are much easier now. I still see many beings that are awakening, put themselves through lengthy spiritual practices and workshops, with initiations, levels, and huge detail. To some degree this is unnecessary. All is possible and available now, with grace and ease. Your enlightenment is available instantly now. Just know who you are, now! If you need help, go to a much higher workshop, led by a master that does not screw around. Someone that is not interested in a following; that is not interested in ransoming enlightenment; whose only interest is in evoking your magnificence, and providing stimulation for your own insights and enlightenment; someone who is a guide to assist your to embody your Christ Consciousness.


What is behind addiction? Any addiction is to suppress pain; to suppress some form of suffering; and to deny your true self. With all your attention on your addiction and your guilt about this addiction, how can you discover true self - this is a trick of the ego, to keep you busy, disconnected from stillness.

Addiction is a distraction from feeling, from your emotional experience. It is the use of sensation to suppress the longing for truth, and the fear that truth is not available. Like typical social consciousness, its focus is pleasure seeking - to obtain an experience that is similar to the experience of the ecstasy of being. Behind all pain and suffering, (which addiction is used to deny or suppress) - is the pain of separation, separation from self and All That Is. In a human sense this translates as not feeling loved; unworthiness; lesser than; I don't belong; I'm not good enough….

What's your addiction? What do you use to distract yourself from the truth of your eternal beingness? We can use anything, including life itself. We can use people, relationships, food, spirituality, affection, sex, being pious, being outrageous, anything to distract us from the essence of our beingness. There is nothing wrong with any "vice" it serves beingness. But if it serves the denial of beingness then....

There is absolutely nothing wrong physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually with the use of any substance if done consciously, which is what everyone is battling with. It is not the general use of substances that is a problem, it is only when they are used to deny self are they a problem. If you are using anything to avoid seeing the truth of your divinity then I recommend ceasing their use, cold turkey. Stop being a wimp and give them up. You don't need anything or any one. You are a sovereign entity, loved by All That Is. You are Divine. Nothing you do or have ever done is bad, wrong, evil or punishable by any cosmic judging force, (except the manifestation of your own consciousness as your life and reality), so give yourself a break and be conscious of what you do.

If anything that was given by God on planet earth assists you with your awakening, growth, and experience of Divinity and fun, then enjoy it consciously. While eating, drinking, smoking, lovemaking or anything that you do with your body - be aware of your energy and intentions. Enjoy the sensual experience of humanness! Be who you truly are through this experience of humanness - and Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

Sweet Mary Continued

The Affects of Cannabis (A Scientific and Experiential Analysis)

Cannabis is not harmful as draconian propagandists would lead us to believe. Cannabis is a very unique substance, it has been wrongfully classified as a narcotic, as a sedative and as a hallucinogen. It is none of these, it is a unique psycho active plant. It does not chemically act upon the central nervous system in any "normal" way as synthetic drugs do. This has especially been proven by the fact that we have Cannabinoid receptors in our brain which produce endogenous opioids, (substances like opium). According to Dr. Lester Grinspoon, a medical marijuana researcher, not only do we have these in our brains, but in our organs as well. He states, “Think about it for a minute. If the brain produces its own cannabinoid-like substances, it doesn’t make much sense that it would produce a substance which is going to damage the brain. Indeed, long before it was discovered that there are endogenous cannabinoids, the empirical evidence did not demonstrate that cannabis damaged the brain”.-1 Used reasonably, it not only does not negatively affect the brain, but has actually shown to stimulate learning and memory centers of the brain, and many athletes report increased performance from cannabis.-2

There are more than 60 cannabinoid compounds contained within the Cannabis Sativa plant, but the primary psychoactive substance is a chemical called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Most of the other cannabinoids are considerably less active but may increase or decrease potency by interacting with THC. It appears that they function like support personnel. “While the cannabinoids do possess hallucinogenic properties, together with stimulant and sedative effects, they in fact represent a unique pharmacological class of compounds. Unlike many other drugs of abuse, cannabis acts upon specific receptors in the brain and periphery. The discovery of the receptors and the naturally occurring substances in the brain that bind to these receptors is of great importance, in that it signifies an entirely new pathway system in the brain”.-3

It is now common scientific knowledge, that based on research to determine the specific biochemical pathway responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis, it has been commonly determined that our brains have specific cannabinoid receptors, and that THC acts directly upon these cannabinoid receptors. It can be reasonably assumed that without these specific cannabinoid receptors, we would not be affected in any way by cannabis. Many animals also have cannabinoid receptors and are affected by cannabis. Others do not and are not affected by it at all.

High densities of receptors in the brain's hippocampus and cerebral cortex regions suggest that cannabinoid receptors play a part in cognitive functions (thinking, knowledge, awareness, perception). This is consistent with evidence in humans that the dominant effects of cannabis are cognitive: loosening of associations, fragmentation of thought, and confusion on attempting to remember recent occurrences (Hollister, 1986; Miller and Branconnier, 1983). High densities of receptors in the basal ganglia and cerebellum suggested a role for the cannabinoid receptor in movement control, a finding which is also consistent with the ability of cannabinoids to interfere with coordinated movements. Cannabis has a mild effect on cardiovascular and respiratory function in humans (Hollister, 1986) which is consistent with the observation that the lower brainstem area has few cannabinoid receptors. The absence of sites in the lower brainstem may in fact explain why high doses of THC are not lethal.

Adams and Martin 1996; and Hollister 1988b – characterize the effects of Cannabis and their immune system effects as “complicated, conflicting and controversial”, especially considering that the cannabinoid doses or concentrations induced in research were quite high when compared to reasonable levels of exposure in normal human smoking. Most research about the effects of marijuana usage has been overly dramatized to serve the points of view of right wing conservatives, and research has often been conducted with this bias. The drastic effects that are typically released in medical reports are based on large quantities of pure THC (the most active cannabinoid in cannabis) introduced to test subjects and lab animals, to see the affects. From this research, it can be gathered that there are long term affects from serious abuse, but obviously the affects of actually smoking on a normal recreational basis would differ greatly from this irresponsible type of research. And because of the politically subjective bias of most research, and desire to achieve long term results in a short time period, actual realistic qualified medical data is currently unavailable or inconclusive.

Based on what I have studied and discussed, it is apparent to me that most research results to date are inconclusive, and real qualitative, quantitative and unbiased research is needed and hindered by the controversy surrounding the plant and the "legality" issue. Real unbiased research is necessary with normal people over normal time periods. Oral and intravenous ingestion of cannabis is obviously more potent and the results would be obviously different than recreational smoking, especially in the case of experienced smokers who actually are able to regulate the intake of THC by the amount they smoke in one sitting and in long term use. Therefor in a true sense, a "marijuana" researcher would have a difficult time quantifying results. Additionally, psychoactive affects and THC absorption varies greatly between individuals. The affects are very subjective.

Acute affects vary with the individual, with experience, setting, expectation, frequency, and duration of use. The immediate adverse affects of smoking can be paranoia, delirium and other mixed symptoms. Of course these reactions are based on the potency of the plant itself, (THC content), the usage amount and other factors already mentioned. Additional factors are emotional and pier support, or lack there of. From a Shamanistic point of view, these are important factors that would not be considered in a typical scientific study. From my experience, these drastic reactions are infrequent and are specific to the individual’s perception of reality, and balanced, or imbalanced state of mind. Because cannabis is a substance that activates receptors in our brains and lymphatic system, it therefore activates what is already present.

Other effects scientifically documented are: Decreased short term memory; decreased sperm production and motility, and a decrease in plasma testosterone in males. Very little research has been done about endocrine and reproductive effects upon females, but one study completed in a research hospital found no effects upon hormone production or menstrual cycle changes. (Mendelson & Mellor 1984)

Some biased researchers and anti drug propagandists have called cannabinoids immunosuppressants. This is inaccurate. Cannabinoids are realistically characterized as immunomodulators because although they generally suppress, they also enhance some immune responses. (Friedman et al. 1995). So can we gather from this research that there is actual danger to someone’s immune system from smoking MJ or only if they are given massive quantities of pure THC at one time repeatedly, as in the case of typical research?

“The cardiovascular effects of smoked or oral ingested marijuana have not presented any health problems for healthy and relatively young users” (Benowitz and Jones 1981; Hollister 1988a). THC and other cannabinoids seem to have no direct toxic affects. In fact, there seems to be no immediate toxicity of THC and other chemicals contained in cannabis. And cannabis appears to be completely non lethal, unlike most pharmaceuticals and over the counter drugs, including aspirin and other legal recreational drugs such as: alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, sugar. Thus far, there have been no deaths that have been attributed from the intake of marijuana.

U.S. government health authorities estimate there are 500,000 deaths per year from tobacco usage, and 150,000 to 200,000 from alcohol. This does not include alcohol involvement in 50% of road fatalities, and 65% of all murders. There are 100,000 to 150,000 deaths per year from legally prescribed and over the counter medicines, and over a thousand of these are from overdoses of Aspirin. There are only 5000 deaths per year that are attributed to illegal drugs, while ailments attributed to caffeine kills up to 10,000 people per year. There have been no deaths attributed to the consumption of marijuana.

Addiction / Physical Dependence
Consciousness - Balance - Male/Female (A Gift from the Goddess)

Actual addiction is inconclusive, as THC and other cannabinoids have no direct affect on the body's systems (only indirect via cannabinoid receptors). And regular intake of cannabis is often coupled with other narcotics, including alcohol and tobacco. There appears to be less actual physical dependence and more psycho emotional dependence for “addicted” users. Physical withdrawal symptoms have been documented by scientific research, but once again, these cases were with the induction of high doses of THC that normally would not be ingested. For normal modest smokers, there are minimal or non existent withdrawal symptoms. For high intake smokers, more physical effects can be felt as anxiety, irritability…

Because of the unique qualities of cannabis, and cannabinoids (the active ingredients in cannabis), and based on my personal usage and witnessing of others, chronic smokers are addicted in an indirect way. They are addicted to a feeling and an experience of bliss, or escape. They are “addicted” to a state of euphoria, where there exists no pressures and stresses - no future, no past. A less linear state that most people long for, whether they admit it or not.

It is obvious to me from this data, and my experience, that marijuana balances the energies of male and femaleness, (outwardness and inwardness). This is physiologically obvious by the fact that it affects male hormonal (testosterone) levels but not female hormonal levels. An example being our society's over indulgence in linear control, and the illusion of power.

I have seen the many effects and variety of ways that this substance has upon different people based on their level of awareness, physical and psychological make up and perception of reality. It can loosen the ridged hold that many people have about "how reality is". This is the description of "euphoria", of the bliss state where the typical human grasp upon linear thought is loosened and alternate possibilities are considered. This is why it is the “drug” of the Aquarian age. It loosens our grasp upon the old-status-quo-linear-perceptual-reality.

Cannabis is described scientifically to have the effect of "fragmentation of thought", and "loss of short term memory". It alters our normal thought process to be less linear and more spherical, considering many possibilities at once, including emotional integration into the thought stream. Many people who are normally very active may become very “mellow” when ingesting cannabis, suggesting to me that perhaps for that individual, this is more their natural state, rather than busy busy busy.

Once again, since it is an enhancer, depending on your perception of reality, it can enhance the negative aspects of your reality that you are not willing to deal with. Much of the feeling of paranoia that many people experience is due to their own experience of guilt. With no beliefs in your own unworthiness or feelings that you are doing something wrong (smoking marijuana and life in general) than the enhancement experience would be your own well being, rather than your own wrong doing, especially if it could be grown without guilt. Many people also experience paranoia because of the projection from society that it is wrong, evil, bad, a drug… And because it is grown with this consciousness of guilt and paranoia, this is imbued into the plant, and experienced by its users.

Because this substance specifically affects certain receptors that are specifically designed to receive THC, it is obvious to me that this substance was created to affect everyone individually and very specifically to their level of consciousness. And based on my intimate knowledge with it on spiritual levels, it is specifically designed to help you alter your perception of reality, (if used respectfully and synergetically)..

(Note: cannabis plants are male, female or androgynous. The highest concentrations of THC come from the female plant. This is the primary plant used for ingestion. The primary plant used for industrial production would be the male plant which has very low THC, and long sinewy "phallic" stocks).

Since the areas of the brain where cannabinoid receptors occur are connected to various areas of your body, this contributes to the many affects of the cannabinoids. Not to mention auric/etheric awareness. Now because there are naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors in our brains, it is reasonable to assume that our bodies contain a naturally occurring or “endogenous” cannabinoid like substance. And I will theorize that since God-Goddess has given us a plant that also contains these substances, this plant is indeed a spiritual gift, one that is designed to be used to activate more strongly these cannabinoid receptors to bring about an altered and expanded state of consciousness, or whatever state these cannabinoid receptors are designed to evoke.

Since it is obvious that cannabinoid receptors with the help of the cannabis, create a euphoric state and the many other effects - it is obvious that this experience is part of our natural life, or possibly designed for special purposes such as: reality alteration, expanded awareness, relaxation, meditative states…?) Or perhaps it is designed to balance us to keep us from not being so linear. (Cannabis has a direct affect upon the release of normal basic linear thought, freeing up imagination, ('left brain feminine'). If this is the case (and this seems obvious to me), it makes complete sense why the old world abhors marijuana so much. It is because it creates an altered state that does not follow the rules of mass consciousness reality, (a world addicted to linear thought and control). And those that have a tendency to ingest it, are those “radical upstarts” who live their lives outside of "the matrix". These beings want to be left alone to be individuals, to be who they truly are, not what society wants them to be.

Another reason that society, (which survives on lies), represses cannabis, is because, for those that are conscious, marijuana is an idea and mind stimulant. For those people that are unconscious, perhaps it is mind numbing, or can be used in this manner, to calm the mind and its worries. But I believe in general, that it is a mind/idea stimulant. Many great plans are created by groups and individuals that are under the influence of cannabis or their own anandamides (bliss generators), which is a reality outside the confines of the world of survival, lack, unworthiness, power and conflict.

Anandamides/Cannabinoid Receptors

Devane and colleagues, (1992), discovered a brain molecule which mimics the action of cannabinoids. The molecule arachidonylethanolamide anandamide only acts on cannabinoid receptor cells, and has no effect on identical cells which lack the receptors. (It has not as yet been found which neurons are responsible for producing anandamide molecules). Anandamides are naturally occurring bliss chemicals, that our bodies produce (Ananda; Sanscrit for bliss)

Now once again something is plainly obvious to me. Anandamide molecules in coordination with cannabinoid receptors or (anandamide receptors) create or assist to create a bliss state. This is the same euphoric state that is accomplished through deep meditation and attaining higher brain wave states (theta and delta). And this state is affected throughout the body. So cannabis is a guide to show us what is naturally possible, or is designed to expand this natural state at specific times where a shamanistic experience is necessary. This is another example of interior and exterior technology or interior and exterior spirituality. Your choice, and one can reveal the other. In this case, people who have never meditated or done anything spiritual that would raise their vibration, can use this spiritual aid to reveal that another state of consciousness is available. Some people depending on how linear and typically masculine they may be, may need a boost to show them alternate possibilities. But many people do not need this boost because they naturally operate in a balanced and blissful state, because they have attained a level of awareness where this is the natural state of this level of being.


I smoke cannabis very little now, and only when it is synergetic, (energetically, Divinely, synchronistic) because I am so balanced now, that it can take me away from my natural state of this balance - so it is not needed in these instances, it is not synergetic. Mostly I enjoy it now ceremoniously, somewhat socially, to help enhance group consciousness and aid communication, or just for pure fun.

In the past I naturally wanted to smoke marijuana when I had been working a lot, doing lots of typically male linear things. In these instances I had a natural desire to balance this male with female. Now this desire to smoke marijuana is a quick fix and for me being as busy as I am, this quick fix has been necessary and often perfect. At the same time I may also think, “I’ve got to stop and go within, and meditate, spend some time alone in silence”. So once again, as in life, I have a choice, interior or exterior technology. Stop and relax, which I of course do most of the time because I am not addicted to using exterior crutches, or go for a quick reality shift. But both have their place, and both are very valuable in my opinion. And based on the amount of people that smoke in the world, they would agree with me. Mary Jane smokers are becoming a majority not a minority, or at least people who are proponents of free expression whether they smoke MJ or not, would agree with me that I have the right to smoke this gift from Goddess as I see fit.

Now I do not consider marijuana to be strictly a quick fix, or strictly exterior technology, especially for me personally because I am at one with this herbaceous gift of the Goddess. I am at one with its Devas, its guardians. I am at one with all things because I know everything is God/Goddess. Some things are denser versions of this Isness, but everything is God/Goddess nonetheless. And I have done the necessary ceremonies and work in consciousness necessary to become at one with it. But once again, it depends on where you personally are in your consciousness, your awareness level. Mostly it is just a matter of being open, conscious, feeling and willing to be at one with things, rather than at odds with them, - (the release of all adversarial relationships, enemy consciousness).

This is why the governments and typical society judge this plant and its consumption so harshly, because they want to instill fear and guilt into those that ingest it or consider ingesting it. This way they will never have a complete experience of it. They will desire to do it just out of defiance rather than a desire and openness to reach a real altered state. And even if they reach this state of "ananda", they will unconsciously or consciously feel guilty and be denied of a pure spiritual experience. Treating this plant in this way cheapens its intent, it disrespects it, just as all life is generally disrespected on this planet by typical society.

This is why people develop problems or have reactions “as a result” of smoking pot, but is it the marijuana or is it their own consciousness? Obviously it is not for some people, or at least these people should be assisted by caring-compassionate-aware guides. Some people who can read auras say that smoking pot creates holes in the aura, but is it the smoking of the pot itself, or the individual reaction based on their level of awareness? It does not affect my aura in a negative way. Why do you think that is? Obviously cannabis is quite a sophisticated plant and its effects are complex. We have only just begun to explore this wonder plant, just as we have only begun to explore our own consciousness.
Many people experience memory loss. This is also synonymous with more left brain feminine orientation that is not concerned about the past, but this moment. The future has more appeal because anything is possible in the future, but most importantly is the present. Tactile senses are heightened, many people, including myself, will attest to the effect that sex is excellent on cannabis.

In fact most things are better while under the influence of cannabis. Stress is lowered considerably. When I lived in Los Angeles, I often carried some reefer with me in my car if I needed to travel in stressful rush hour traffic for any length of time. With its use, stressful situations like this are instantly relieved. Eventually I realized that I never had to stress out or rush around and I made a perceptual shift to never be stressed and rush anywhere.

Normal movement is “interfered” with. Typical linear masculine functionality is impaired, but the sensual levels, the female tactile physical, emotional levels are enhanced. Once again normal mass consciousness perception is altered, normal linear physical movement is altered, allowing for an alternate way of movement.

Many athletes performances are enhanced by the use of Cannabis.-2 Personally I have tried it for sports, in particular skiing, as recommended by some skiers, who say it relaxes them and helps them flow with the mountain. Personally it does not enhance me for physical sports. In the case of skiing, I am not able to react quick enough, or more accurately I just don’t care to ski as aggressively as I normally would, or like to, my body just wants to “cruise”. But for Hatha Yoga, it is sheer perfection. My awareness of every tense place in my body is instantly revealed. My body instantly wants to stretch like crazy when I am "stoned". Postures are easily obtained that would normally take much limbering for due to increased relaxation, and I believe, increased circulation. My awareness level in general of my body is quantumly enhanced, this is why sex is so good. Additionally, in regards to yoga and sex, cannabis is also a kidney booster. Your kidneys are your batteries, (in Traditional Chinese Medicine), this is why many times people have the energy for sex after smoking pot, where as before they did not. Kidney energy is especially useful for males especially when on top and you need lots of kidney/sex/chakric energy to do your thing.

Other more feminine types of physical activities like art or dancing are also excellent under the influence of Cannabis. It is a general creativity enhancer, freeing up the creative senses to flow spontaneously. It is easy to let go of inhibitions and flow with the art or music and the natural spontaneity of emotion and movement of the moment. I am able to dance with the same spontaneity “straight” but there is a tendency of more conscientiousness (thought) about other people and their presence. I personally become more animated than my normal already animated state, I let go that much more. This supports my hypothesis that cannabis enhances whatever state you are currently operating in. It enhances your current awareness, (or lack there of). Since I operate at such high levels, these high levels are enhanced that much more.

The affects of cannabis for me personally are specific to my level of consciousness. Like all things I desire to be conscious about them, this is why I have ceremoniously attuned myself to this Divine Herb - to its essence - to the creator of it - and to the Devas of it. I do not use it for any form of denial, which is what most people use it for. This is the key element in the holistic use of this Gift from God-Goddess.

Our Brains and Physical Function- 4

Based on research I have studied, our brains and physical function of movement and rest, our brains healthy function and balance, and our physical balance, between rest/relaxation (inactivity) and movement (activity), is maintained by a balance of two chemicals - dopamine and anandamide.

Dopamine seems to activate movement and anandamide seems to inhibit movement. Hence the lazy, mellow feeling most pot smokers experience. If there is an imbalance in the system with an excess of dopamine, several neurological and psychiatric disorders develop. These diseases include schizophrenia and Gilles de la Tourette syndrome.

This is why marijuana is affective in treating these diseases, it mimics anandamides which balances or counteracts the excess levels of dopamine. Anandamide and dopamine are both chemicals that the nerve cells in the brain use for communicating with each other. Obviously, these chemicals are related to our motor functions and the nervous system which tells our body to move, fight or flight, or relax, all is safe, there is no danger. It is also obvious to me that anandamide is our natural stress reducer, and many or most people use marijuana as a stress reducer. Most pot smoking people that I have known in my life are pretty mellow people (except for those people who drink, smoke and do drugs, as well as MJ.

Drug Abuse and Shamanism

Anything can be treated respectfully or abused. Your body can be treated respectfully or abused. Any substance treated respectfully, is how and what you choose it to be. If it is used consciously than it has a divine purpose. If a substance is used for escape, for denial and repression of emotional issues, than it is a drug. If it is a drug, then you are the slave and it is the master. Treated consciously, anything can be a friend. This is the shamanistic use of substances like marijuana and hallucinogens. This is working with nature and the elements and elementals. This is balance. Also being conscious of when to use something or not, is also balanced and divinely synergetic.

Remember, Cannabis is a plant, it is not a synthesized drug. It is created by nature, by Mother Earth. It is a gift from the Mother Goddess. Now, like all gifts from God, you are unconditionally granted complete freedom to abuse it, or to respect it, this is your right as a sovereign entity, as a child of God with the gift of free will. You are the creator of your reality, you get whatever you want. If you want more opening, and awareness, and love - it is yours. If you want repression and denial and escape from your own self perceived unworthiness - you can have that too. But all things are alive and have consciousness, and as unconditionally loving as cannabis is, it will only be your slave so long, and it will only be your scapegoat and your substance of denial for so long. This is why addictive people move on to synthetic intoxicants to try to escape from life, to deny and repress their suffering, because cannabis will no longer play this game.

The time of respect is upon us, respect for all life, including the plant kingdom. The hemp plant has unconditionally allowed itself to be repressed and abused, just as the animals, trees, the land, other plants, women and gentle men, by the male dominant perspective civilization. But this time is complete, it is time to free all slaves from their shackles.

Cannabis is a shamanistic herb, plain and simply. Shamanistic substances are repressed by society, to try to keep people in line, trapped in "the matrix", enslaved to a system of greed, lack, competition, and enemy "consciousness". Shamanistic substances put your darkness, your illusions in your face to release, heal and clear. They shift your reality. Everyone is a sovereign entity, guided by their own divine spirits. Sometimes these spirits guide individuals to ingest herbal substances, sometimes it is there egos. So use these shamanistic substances or don't. Follow your spirits or don't. Be the truth and divinity you are, or don't. It doesn't matter it is all experience, it is all soul growth.

I offer these insights with Unconditional Love and Prosperity Consciousness,

I Am ZaKaiRan

For extensive information about Hemp and Cannabis Sativa "marijuana", including its numerous medical and industrial applications, history and suppression - please refer to my book "Hemp - a Gift from God" on my website: www.ZaKaiRan.com



Q: “What is the significance of the plant marijuana, does it have some significance, or has it been abused as a drug.”

A: (from the Divine Mother, channeled by Qala Serenia)-5

“It is a feminine plant of healing, it opens the third eye and if used only once or twice, can restore the feelings within the heart connection to the mind. It has been abused and is grown with fear, so this plant usually holds much paranoia and fear thought forms attached to it. The Spirit of the plant, you can connect to by calling it forth to you, you do not need to have any of this physically to be healed by this plant."

"Know that this sacred medicine has been used in ancient times for many years to assist those in the sacred mystery schools to open their sight to the Spirit. Know that this plant was grown in a very special way to achieve this, it is not usually grown this way. We hope that this assists you now."


54% of the American public believes drugs will never be legalized because then “the cops would have to buy their own”.

Poll conducted by the polling firm of Wingery and Associates, from Michael Moore's “The Awful Truth”.



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