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The Master Keys

Keys to Ascension and Reality Mastery

to Create Heaven in your life



Key 1 - Responsibility - (Accepting Responsibility for your reality and manifestations)

Absolutely everything that exists and manifests in your life is the result of your consciousness and unconsiousness, created for your spiritual growth and awakening. Good or bad, painful or blissful, it is your manifestation.

To the degree that you accept responsibility for your complete reality and manifestations, including the actions of others towards you - to this degree will your life be empowered and you will be free from the shackles of the illusion of victimhood. You are the sovereign of your kingdom, your reality, your life, your relationships.

Taking responsibility for all aspects of yourself is an act of love and compassion towards self and all that is. This is true self love, because you have multitudinous aspects of self that feel unloved, unlovable, disrespected and unworthy… that have experienced many traumas in many lifetimes on this planet and other planets across time and space, that need to be healed and loved. It is time to take responsibility for your complete wholeness.

Key 2 - All healing is within you (Forgiveness)

Realize that along with responsibility for your reality and manifestations, is the acceptance of the responsibility to heal yourself. All healing is within, and only you can heal yourself. This is the gift of individual consciousness, you as a unique essence of God Presence. This is also the gift of free will, because you may receive assistance from the Ascended Masters, Angels…, but you must embody this assistance. And your healing comes from radical forgiveness, towards others and self across multidimensional levels, across time and space.

"Forgiveness is the love and acceptance of what is, without judgement. It is the paradox of knowing that what has occurred was not the true intention of self, yet the knowledge that somehow, from a past deed or a present deed, one is partly responsible for this occurrence. That this is done and now can be healed without the casting of blame or judgement on oneself or another. With forgiveness comes the compassion that ultimately all men, women, children and beings in their hearts truly wish only the best for all, yet the knowledge that through trauma of life, not all are connected to their own heart and love and for this, misjudgment is made manifest.....To forgive, is to love all and cast no shame on one or self........This I ask of you"........ Lord Maitreya - (Channeled by Qala Serenia Kikiya Phoenix)

Key 3 - Assistance

You would do yourself a great service to utilize the vast amount of assistance that is available to you on multidimensional levels. There are miriads of Ascended Masters, Cosmic Healers, Extraterrestrials, Angels and Emissaries of Love and Light that are willing and ready to assist you and guide you in any way they can in accordance with Divine Law. Beings that will heal any of your energy bodies as you open to the being of love that you truly are.

But because of this gift of free will and you being the sovereign of your reality, your personal divine power and creation - assistance from these higher dimensions, including your own soul and God Presence, is only available if you ask for it.

Key 4 - Love

This key applies to the first three keys because the love that you are, that is within you, is your real healer. The love that you are is the real creator of true reality. All real healing and creation is done with love. Nothing real manifests without love. All else is created by your ego and fear. The only way to really be the sovereign of your reality, to heal yourself and to really receive assistance with your growth, healing and divine guidance, you must realize the love that you are, and nurture and embody this love.

Any time your heart is not open, you are operating from some fear or past memory from this lifetime, or an aspect of self that is lost in this past truma. Any time your heart closes, there is some form agreement to be closed because of some fear or trauma, once again related to this lifetime, other lifetimes or from a soul extension or genetic extension. Release these fears and agreements and get your heart open again, get back to love.

The balancing of your love and light work is a paramount key. Asking for assistance of a Light nature and as you release more and more of what you are not, you make room for your Soul (Higher Self) and God Presence to be able to be embodied. All of this increases your light quotient. And the more light / God Presence you bring in, the more darkness will be revealed. It is sort of like a cleansing reaction that you may experience when doing a physical body detoxification, and your body reacts violently (developing flu like symptoms) because so many hidden stored toxins are now released.

The same analogy applies to spiritual detoxification. As you ask for more light and get it, what is hidden in the shadows, all the wounds of separation, all the aspects of yourself that are scared and frightened and angry, are revealed, and must be healed. And of course this healing takes place with love, lots of it. Your love quotient must be increased to balance all of the light.

Forgiveness is a key ingredient for this love quotient to be increased. Compassion and forgiveness for your suffering in this and other lifetimes, (all aspects of self, including soul extensions, genetic lineage…). Forgiveness and compassion for others that have hurt you in this and other lifetimes, (including all aspects of self). Forgiveness and compassion for all aspects of self that experience being unworthy, powerless, helpless, unloved, unlovable. All aspects of self that are functioning in a karmic state of suffering from past deeds and experiences, where they did not act from love, or reacted without love.

"Remember that it is only the great love that you hold inside that is truly your own healer and teacher and that only this love as you remember it, will truly lift you from the darkest of times in your life. Through this love alone, can you truly forgive all that may have occurred in other times....that may karmically create difficulty in your present life experience". -1 - Lord Maitreya - (Channeled by Qala Serenia Kikiya Phoenix)


This article/guide sheet was inspired by divine information from my dear friend Sri'ama Qala


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