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The Master Keys of Success & Wealth


By ZaKaiRan


Hi! I’m ZaKaiRan and I have been teaching and writing about health, wealth, success, creation, manifestation, enlightenment, spirituality, ascension and similar subjects, for 20+ years.  And during this time, I have been educating myself through success mastery/Law of Attraction training from the king of success, Kevin Trudeau, and other success masters.  And from this training, as well as its application in my daily life, I have learned the most important keys to maximize your success.  The keys that can help you create success in your life on all levels, including: relationships, health, wealth, freedom, fulfillment, happiness, love and joy, (if you consistently and persistently apply these principles). 

And there are two success factors that are absolutely essential for your success and happiness, that are basically the umbrella that all other success factors are under.  Number 1 is your thoughts, or how you think.  And number 2 is how you act and react.  And using the “training balance scale” analogy coined by Kevin Trudeau, the percentage of focus you must use to succeed is, you must spend 90% of your energy focusing on your thoughts and getting your thinking right, and spending only 10% of your energy and focus on action.  Especially when you are starting out and you are still training your brain for success.  

Success Key Number 1 – Mind, Thoughts, Thinking…

So to get your thinking right, you need success mastery or self-improvement training in the form of audios and books on a daily basis.  And you need to physically attend self-improvement seminars lead by masters of success.  People who have what you want and who have been where you are.  People who can inspire you to believe that you can also achieve success just like they did.  And by attending these high vibrational events led by these success masters, this raises your vibration and builds your belief in yourself that you can do it, that you can make your dreams come true!

You also need to build relationships with like-minded people.  This is another key ingredient of success which includes giving and receiving recognition.  This is another excellent reason to attend uplifting events, especially conferences held by your company, where they recognize the power of giving and receiving recognition and recognizing people in the business that have achieved higher levels of success.  This motivates and inspires you to achieve that high level.

You should also be giving recognition in your daily life to people you are in business with.  And giving recognition and being grateful to people who serve you in any way, such as at a restaurant, and people who work for you, etc. 

By giving recognition, (through the Law of Attraction), you attract to yourself success and recognition for these accomplishments from people around you, which helps you succeed even more.  But the goal of giving recognition is not necessarily to receive recognition.  Giving recognition is rewarding in and of itself, because it feels just as good (almost anyway), to give recognition as it does to receive it.  And it raises your vibration when you are genuinely and emphatically appreciating the success of someone else.

So the first element of success has to do with thoughts and getting your thoughts right, or getting your thoughts in alignment with success.  And I can point you in the right direction as to where to receive that success mastery training to get your thoughts right to reprogram yourself for success.  Because in general, unless you had parents that were masters of success and you were home-schooled and trained in the secrets of success, or you went to school at Hogwarts, and your memory banks are filled with self-worth and self-belief and you know you will succeed at anything you want to do…, then instead, your memory banks will be filled with a lot of contradictory, limiting, negative programs.  Programs of “I am unworthy”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m powerless”, “I’m helpless”, etc., and other similar programs of poverty, self-sabotage, and failure. 

This first element of positive thought reprogramming is absolutely essential to your personal freedom as a human and as a professional, and your empowerment as a soul.  Everyone needs a massive amount of reprogramming, because our whole lives we have been programmed in negative ways.  So to counteract that negative programming, most people need a massive amount of positive reprogramming. 

To aid in this process of reprogramming, it is necessary to delete these old programs in the memory banks.  I recommend learning and utilizing program releasing tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), TFT (Thought Field Therapy), the BEST technique, Mary Miller’s I-Ching System and similar releasing/healing systems, to release programs and beliefs that are limiting you from achieving your full potential.  

I also recommend learning how to use the basic Ascension tools, of Vow, Contract, Belief and Agreement releasing, to release karmic programs that are held in your energy fields, soul, and in your DNA, that are taught by most Ascension teachers like myself.  Keep your eyes peeled for the “Ascension Master’s Toolkit”, and the introduction to this book the “Mini Ascension Master’s Toolkit”, which is available for free on my website at  

So, key success element number 1, is negative program release and positive re-programming to get your thoughts in alignment with success rather than the struggle and failure.  To get your thoughts in a natural positive state, where you are always thinking positively. 

When you primarily think in a positive manner, this changes your DNA and you vibrate at a much higher energetic rate.  Because, as you can imagine, depression, negativity, shame, guilt, envy, jealousy, anger, hate, “excusitus” (making excuses for not succeeding and following your dreams in life), blame, (blaming everyone and everything for your misfortune, rather than taking responsibility for creating your own life experience), etc., are all low vibrational energies, that limit your success on all levels, including your relationships, finances, health and general well-being.
Whereas, positivity, excitement, joy, love, etc., are high vibrational feelings and states of being that empower you on all levels, including your health, wealth, success and fulfillment.

This positive thought element is an absolute essential element for your success, freedom and self-empowerment on all levels.  And it does not matter what specific goal or desire you wish to create in your life, whether it is spiritual, financial or relationship success, it does not matter because they are all essentially the same. 

They are the same because all of these life factors are all created using the number one creation factor of the universe, the Law of Creation and Attraction.  And how you are vibrating, based on how you are thinking and how you are acting, creates positive experiences inside your body and outside of your body.  In other words, it creates positive experiences and positive people in your life, including internal health, loving relationships and financial success.

And the chief goal of this number 1 success key, is the realization that you are the absolute and sole creator of your reality!  And the belief that you can be, do and have whatever you want in life!  And you can make your dreams come true!  Your wish is your command!  You get what you think about most of the time!  You become what you think about most of the time! 

This key success element is very simple and takes only five minutes to learn, but it takes a lifetime to master.  And the key to mastering this element of success for a life-time, is staying teachable!  You must always be open to learning more, to experiencing and receiving new insights, realizations, and cognitions about how to live in a positive way.  To master the law of attraction.  And you must learn how to up-lift and care for other people to help them achieve their dreams, and manifest what they want.

Success Key Number 2 – Action, Technique…

So again, 90% of the “battle” of success is getting your thinking right which increases your vibration, so that you are attracting the things that you want in your life.  90% of the “training balance scale” is thoughts and thinking right, but without element number 2, those thoughts will not manifest and you will not create what you want.  You will not create what you want because without action, there is no form for the universe to use to deliver what you want. 

And putting wisdom into action, is always the next step of mastery, because “to know and not to do, is not to know”.  It is easy to be enlightened in the serene monastery, but it takes great mastery to maintain your enlightened state amongst the chaos of life.

So element number 2 is specifically about putting into action the training you have learned, especially in relationship with other people.  It is about putting your success training into practice.  Such as creating your own business, or getting involved with an already established business, like a network marketing or affiliate marketed business, because then you are able to put element number 1 (correct positive focused thought), into practice, and you have provided the universe an avenue to deliver finances and beautiful like-minded loving people, recognition, etc., or whatever you want, to ensure your success, fulfillment and happiness.

If you live in a cave no one knows you even exist, so if you want a beautiful relationship, how is she or he going to find you?  The same thing applies to money, if you want money and you do nothing to achieve it, if you do not go out there and interact with people, and don’t invest money into yourself or into your business, then how do you expect the universe to rearrange itself (based on what you want), to provide you the money you want?  What you want wants you!  If you want money, then the money wants you!  It wants to come to you, but there is no way for it to be delivered if you have put nothing in place for that money to be delivered to you. 

The only real success is results!

When discussing the Law of Attraction, I have often heard people say, “I’m really good at manifesting, just not with money”.  Well, I’m sorry to inform you, but if you are not good at manifesting money, then you are not good at manifesting!  If you can’t manifest something quantifiable, like money, then you’re not good at manifesting.  You have not mastered the Law of Attraction and you have not mastered your own self-worth issues.  Manifesting parking spaces does not qualify you as a master of manifestation. 

Real success is measured by results!  The only real success is “quantifiable” success.  If you can’t quantify it, it’s not real!  Only results prove you are truly successful and you are truly a master!  The rest is just theory, conjecture and wishful thinking!  Without any quantifiable physical proof of your success, such as a achieving a monetary goal, there is no way to gauge your level of mastery and your ability to create and manifest what you want.

But when you manifest something, such as money, into physical reality, you are able to tangibly see the result of your efforts.  You are able to quantifiably witness in living color, your mastery over the Law of Attraction.  You can quantifiably see, feel and experience your mastery over your thoughts by what you see around you, by what you have created in your life.  Not only money, but an increased quality of life with increased levels of joy, love and fulfillment.  As well as an increased quality of your relationships, that are much more loving, supportive, loyal and unconditional.

Again, it is easy to be enlightened in a cave, but the real test of a master, is living that enlightened, empowered, abundant, generous, grateful, prosperous, happy and content state, in the dense, lack oriented, ungrateful, unhappy, discontented and disempowered world.

Cash Cow – Mooooooo!

Another paramount success principle that all wealthy successful people understand and have in their lives, which is associated with Success Key #2, is having a “cash-cow”.  It is having a “perpetual money making machine”.  Some business venture that provides true passive “walk-away” income, day in day out, whether they are physically working or not.  Something that you work hard at for a certain period of time, (usually 2-5 years), that you build to such a thriving level that you can literally walk away from it, but you continue to receive money from it for the rest of your life.  Robert Kiyosaki talks about this in his books.  It is the principle of getting money working for you, rather than you working for money.

Now there are very few business structures on planet Earth that are reasonably available to the average person to build a “cash-cow” without the need of a massive financial investment, as well as a massive outlay of time.  Franchises are one classic “cash-cow” example, but they require a great deal of expertise, hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment capital and 5-10 years of massive hours and massive stress before any profit is seen. 

But there is a much easier business model that is entirely less expensive, less stressful, much quicker and a lot more fun to build then a franchise, or any other business for that matter, to create financial freedom for yourself.  And this golden business model is available to absolutely anyone regardless of their education, age, race, gender, country, or financial status.    

It is literally the business model of the future that is available right now.  It is a completely equal opportunity business.  And this business model is of course, “network marketing”, otherwise known as “referral marketing”, and sometimes known as “social marketing” because of its social or relational nature.  The network marketing industry is the second largest industry on earth and has created more self-made millionaires than any other business!  And it is has paid out more money to more people than any other business, aside from professional sports. 

This industry is also often referred to as “multi-level” marketing, although this does not accurately describe many companies’ business structures, such as “my” company Vemma that pays on volume rather than levels.  It is an Affiliate Marketed business, rather than a multi-level business.  Its compensation plan is entirely more lucrative, generous and easier to build than other “network” marketed businesses.  

It is also much more fair and honoring of individual and group achievement because it pays the people who deserve to be paid, because they are the ones doing the work of promoting the products and the company.  Essentially, Vemma pays for quantifiable results.  The more results that you and your team create through your efforts and what you attract to yourself and your business, (through the Law of Attraction), the more money the company gives you for your results (not your effort).  And with these results, you have more proof of your mastery of creation and manifestation.

The network marketing industry is a completely equal opportunity business where literally anyone can afford to start and grow their own business into a multi-million dollar enterprise with little or no capital to start.  And the beauty of it is everyone builds and owns their own business!  Everyone owns their own empire, their own multi-million dollar enterprise! 

And everyone has the equal chance to succeed!  It doesn’t matter their “position” in the business.  No one is given more favors or more pay or better deals than anyone else.  Everyone is on completely even terms.  (Contrary to the normal corporate business model).  And there is no limit to what a person can earn from their own business, because there is no limit to the size that you can build your personal business.

But to get a state where you are a “millionaire” in this business or even to a point where you have financial freedom and you can give up your day job, for example making one hundred thousand to five hundred thousand or a million dollars or more per year in passive income, to achieve this level of financial freedom, requires great desire, commitment and persistence.  As well as the absolute necessity of engaging wholeheartedly with success key number 1.  You must always be educating yourself, raising your vibration and thinking right, so you are always vibrating in a positive manner so that you are naturally attracting success to you 24/7.  It’s like passive network success attraction.

Without getting your mind right and your thinking right, plain and simply, you will struggle in life and you will struggle to make your dreams come true.  That is why so many people struggle and fail at business because they did not incorporate success element number 1. 

These people did not understand that without getting their thinking right, they were destined to struggle and fail because they would be sabotaged by their own minds and negative programs.   And anyone new to this business or any business for that matter, if they don’t get their thoughts right, they will struggle and probably eventually go bankrupt.  Unfortunately, those are the sad statistical realities.  In fact, most businesses fail within 2 years of opening their doors.

Even without success training, some people do have success in business and network marketing because they had supportive parents, sponsors, mentors, piers, and teachers.  And because they believed in themselves, they believed in the products, the industry, the company, the leadership, the compensation plan, the system of success, etc., so they were able to succeed. 

And others have some degree of success, but these people often plateau and struggle to grow their businesses and achieve higher levels.  And for them to actually progress to a higher financial state where they are literally making hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars a year, to build their businesses into multi-million dollar enterprises, success element number 1 is absolutely essential! 

“May the force be with you!”

And not one person on planet earth has ever built their business into a multi-million dollar enterprise without having their mind and thinking right!  That is, at least the positive oriented “light-force” creators.  What I mean by that is, there are two ways to make money: the positive, “light”, cooperative way, where your business focus and your products are designed for and built around customer service in order contribute to the betterment of society.  Where your number one focus is on helping people and improving their lives, not just profiting from them at all costs. 

And the second way is the classic parasitical elite, “dark-force”, greedy, fear-based, exploitative, competitive (“kill the competition”) way, where wealth is generated from exploiting the value and production of others.  This is something that I talk about more extensively in other articles.

Having your own “cash-cow”, your own “perpetual money making machine”, that provides true passive walk-away income, where money comes in every week, every month and every year for life, whether you are working or not, is your absolute key to freedom on planet earth!  Because without it you are stuck in the rat race!  You are a slave to the system!  You are money’s bitch!  You are on that proverbial rat wheel going nowhere fast!  You are stuck in the matrix!  

If you are stuck in the “matrix”, then you are living a life that appears real, but is not real! Because, if you are not pursuing your desires, if you are not actively focused on creating and manifesting your soul’s dreams and goals into reality, then you are not fulfilling your destiny!  You are instead, working to fulfill someone else’s dreams, goals and destiny.  And you will not ever be content or feel fulfilled until you are completely focused on creating a life of joy, happiness, freedom and love for you and your family! 

If you are doing things that are energetically draining, things that do not bring you joy and that are not directly related to your goals and dreams, and fulfilling your destiny, (such as working a job that you hate), then you are stuck in the rat race!  You are stuck in the matrix and it is draining every ounce of life-force energy and creativity from you! 

It is time for you to break free from your shackles of slavery and disempowerment! 

It is time for you to accept your power as the divine creator of reality that you truly are! 

It is time for you to embrace the freedom you deserve by working towards and creating your own cash-cow, your own perpetual money making machine! 

It is time for you to empower yourself by getting money working for you, rather than you working for money! 

It is time for you to have financial freedom! 

Abundance is yours by Divine Right!!!!!

So with these elements in mind, if you want success?  If you want financial freedom and time freedom?  If you want fulfillment, enlightenment, joy, happiness and better relationships in your life?  If you want to embody your divinely creative power, to manifest your life’s dreams?  If you want to master the Law of Attraction to Be, Do and Have whatever you want in your life? 

If you want to make your dreams come true? 

If you want to create an awesome joyful, adventurous, thrilling, exciting, love-filled life for yourself?  And if you are serious about creating financial freedom for you and your family for your entire life?

Then contact me now!  And let’s get you on the road to freedom!

Let’s get you tuned in and turned on!  Let’s get you on the road to health, wealth and fabulous relationships!  Let’s get you on the road to fulfillment and happiness!  Let’s get you on the road to love!   Let’s get you on the road to true power and divinity! 

Let’s get you on the road to freedom!

Infinite blessings of immense abundance!

ZaKaiRan  /

This article is dedicated to Kevin Trudeau, the grand master champion of Success & Freedom, who is fighting for our rights of free speech and free health choice!

Thank you KT for all that you have given me and continue to give me every single day through the amazing success mastery training you have made available through the Global Information Network. And thank you for all that you are doing for humanity's freedom of speech and freedom of health!

God Bless you Kevin Trudeau!


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The Master Keys of Success & Freedom

If you are like most people, you were not trained in the keys of success to achieve financial freedom.  You were not trained how to run your own business and be an entrepreneur.  You were not trained to succeed financially at something that not only brings you joy, but also provides you the biggest gift of all - time freedom.

If you are like most people, you were not supported by your parents, friends, family and society to pursue your own dreams, you were taught to settle for what society has determined is “safe” and “secure”, which meant going to school and then working for other people to help them achieve their dreams.

You were taught to forget your dreams because they were “unreasonable”, “unachievable pipe dreams”,
and a waste of your time and money.  

97% of the population on planet earth choose the societally approved lifestyle choices of: school, college, job, marriage, children, mortgage and retirement.  While 3% of the population, pursue more entrepreneurial endeavors and pursue “lofty” dreams, to achieve the gifts of financial freedom and time freedom!  These “dreamers” understand and live their lives based upon the keys of success, and these keys to freedom are available to you, if you know where to look and how to apply them.

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