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The Message of the Christ

A Letter to the Living Waters Unity Church
(Arvada Colorado, USA)

from Apostle ZaKaiRan

Greetings beloved Brothers and SiStars of the Living Waters Unity Church

I have been teaching Ascension, Love & the Truth of Divine Consciousness for the last 13 years in many places around the world, including light centers & festivals…, and I have of course attended many traditional Christian churches, but I had never attended a “Spiritualist” church. After attending your Sunday “Service”, I experienced such joy and hope for group consciousness and the sanctity of the church as a divine structure and gathering place of love.

I had such fun communing with you divine beings, and leading the teenagers and teenagers in adult bodies in a divine meditation of divine presence. I had a similar amount of fun that I have conducting my own events, because the divine light was there and the joy & fun was there. In your church, I experienced open hearts, which was the most fun of all. It was so wonderful everyone singing and laughing and not taking this “spiritual” thing so seriously. Something that I have never experienced in a Christian church, where it is so somber and pious, with rarely any laughing, and certainly the fair share of “we are lowly unworthy sinners who need saving…”

It had never occurred to me there were so many “Spiritualist” churches in the U.S. and to connect to this huge movement and my family therein. (The church tradition is so strong in the U.S., with a much lesser emphasis in other countries, especially Australia, where I live).

I have been living with my parents while teaching in Colorado. When I returned home, I talked briefly about the church, and how much fun I had. My father asked me if there was “the Christ message”? Of course I knew what he was asking, which was, “did they preach that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, and believing in him is the only way we can be saved from our sins and go to heaven, blah blah blah…” Which I responded with, “well, they do don’t preach the traditional religious doctrine, but more about we all divine beings… Which he responded with, “Oh, a feel good church”. Which I responded, “yes, a feel good church”. (As if there is something wrong with making people feel good about themselves).

After that, I got to thinking about how I could have responded. The truth is, you absolutely did have the Christ message! And from my perception, the real Christ message Jeshua (Jesus), wanted to portray, which is love!!! Love yourself, Love others, realize that you are love and that everyone else is love too!!! And Love the God/dess/Christ that you truly are. His message was unconditional love and forgiveness - without judgment. Very simple, very easy!

His message was not, “you are all sinners and need me to save you”. It was not “worship me and believe in me as your savior, the “only” son of God, and your ‘sins’ will be washed away and you will be saved”… His message was rather, “believe in yourself and your own Christ nature as your true savior! It is, “s/he who believes, decrees, and affirms his/her own indwelling God-Goddess-Spirit is saved!!!!

This is the pathway of Ascension, which Jeshua (Jesus), facilitated for us through the ascension initiations of betrayal, crucifixion, forgiveness, ascension & resurrection. The transmutation of the ego into divine personality; personal will into divine will and the lack & fear oriented mind into divine mind. It is about believing in the Christ-ness of Jesus to activate the Ascension Flame within, which is your own Christ Self. This is why Christianity is so large and other religions that worship one master, or “God”, such as Buddha, who have ascended, also activates the “Ascension/Enlightenment” flame.

Jeshua walked the path of Ascension so that others could follow him. He cut the pathway of truth, love and light, through the jungle of illusion, lies, denial and darkness. Similarly to the many other masters who have walked with him, before him or after him, and have also ascended, such as: Enoch, Elijah, Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Disciple John, Guatama Buddha, Zarathustra, Confucius, St. Therese of Lisieux, Pope John Paul XXIII…, Lady Nada, Serapis, St. Germain, Quan Yin…, all of which are now one with the entire spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.

Any Ascended or Ascending master, activates this Ascension Flame through their example. And anyone “who sees and believes is caught up in the rapture of the currents of the Ascension Flame!”*

Feel good church? Absolutely! Isn’t that the real point of going to church, or shouldn’t it be the real intent? As if there is something wrong with feeling good about yourself. In typical churches/religion, you are generally taught to feel bad about yourself. That you are a sinner, unworthy of god’s grace… There is a minimal amount of teaching related to feeling good about yourself and instead people are taught to only feel good about God and Jesus, or Allah…, things apparently outside of self.

What was so happily portrayed at your “church”, was that we are all divine and wonderful beings, and “thank God for you!” That we are all God/dess, and are part of the Godness. The focus was on us as individuals, and as a group-whole, that we are divine individually and together. Yes, there was praise of God, but not as if God is outside of us, rather it was praise of us as God. And yes, that we can feel good about ourselves! We are not flawed, bad, evil sinners and lesser than God. We have not been cast out of heaven and need to earn or learn our way back in. But we are born perfect and divine and loving and beautiful, but have sometimes believed otherwise, (which is the only sin) Or were taught otherwise, and forgot who we were, that we are God-Goddess. And we are remembering and reaffirming this absolute divine truth, to ourselves and to our divine family members – to Create Heaven in our lives and Create Heaven on Earth!

We are Heaven – all of us!!! We are all Divine!!!! Every single person on earth!!! No matter who they are, no matter what they have done – everyone is divine!!!!! If we were not divine, then that would mean that we were not created by God, that we were created by something outside of God. Is anything separate from God? Was anything not created by God?

So divine friends, keep up the good PLORK (play/work), this is how it is really accomplished, this remembrance that we are all divine – through play and work (whichever is divinely appropriate in the moment). Which I loved experiencing at your church. You all knew how to love and have fun. You have realized that joy is how you experience the divine, not through somber supplication, shame and guilt, but divine expression of the joy that we truly are. The joyful expression & embodiment of the Christ that we all are, the unconditional love we all are!!!

So keep on playing and expressing the joy that is in your hearts & your love for self and your brothers and siStars of Love on planet earth - that we are all God-Goddess, the Christ children… That we are all magnificent divine masters of love, light, health and prosperity!!! Worship the God-Goddesses that you truly are and the Divinity that everyone is!!

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!!!!

Infinite blessings of Divine Love to you all and every being that enters your doors!!



* - Page 176 Lords of the Seven Rays – Mark & Elizabeth Prophet

©ZaKaiRan AatKa'Nui SheeHan

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