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Do they actually exist? Can you actually make a Mistake? Can you make a decision that negatively affects your spiritual growth? (If you’re reading this article and considering these questions, then no.)

Generally what I would call a mistake is following fear instead of Love. Not taking a risk that has manifested in front of you for your growth, but playing it safe instead and clinging to the old world familiarities for your ego’s security. In other words not passing the initiation test.

In my exploration of truth, awakening and divinity, I did not want to believe that mistakes really exist. Generally I have operated under the premise that even if you make a "mistake", the growth that you gain from this mistake, counteracts the mistake and nullifies it so it's not a mistake after all.

From the perspective of awareness and growth this is true, but this is a reality of the paradox, you still made a mistake. Of course sometimes you discover that what you thought was a mistake actually was not. But let us explore the possibility of alternate realities, whereby you could have made another choice, you could have reacted another way, you could have chosen divinity instead of denial. This is the only real mistake, denial of divinity. And until wake up time even this is not a mistake but perfect, another paradox.

If you are smart you will not make that mistake again because you learned from your experience. Then it is no longer a mistake but education. But you still made a “mistake”, even though it wasn’t a mistake – a paradox. So just say oops. Saying oops develops humility. Humility is admitting you fucked up so that you can move forward from that place. Denying your mistake is just plain denial of the truth from a place of spiritual pride within your consciousness. Pride does not serve awakening, humility does. (The old world reality survives on pride, pride does not exist in the new world).

Recognize the truth and admit it to yourself. Making a mistake is nothing, it is just experience. Mistakes happen, we exist in human bodies in a world of illusion, where choices have many consequences. To you as divine consciousness mistakes are nothing, part of the process, part of the experience of humanness.

But denying your divinity is the only real mistake, the only real sin. But paradoxically it is part of the game, part of your spiritual growth and part of the fun. This is one of the very few realities where you can actually do it. Other less physical realities it is nearly impossible, so give yourself a break. You came here to inhabit a body with the sole/soul purpose of denying your divinity. So as you awaken and re-accept your divinity, you will fall prey to your own traps that you created for yourself.

The awakening process is full of initiations. These initiations are not necessarily for the awakening of you as divine consciousness but more for you as a soul and your experience as humanness as you embody the true blueprint of human, the divine human, the light human, as you embody the vision of the New Civilization of Light.

There is no real initiation, only a gradual creation of the new you, the Adam Kadmon, the divine human. Your only mistake is not accepting who you really are. You can only make this mistake for so long until you have re-discovered who you are and refuse to deny who you are any longer. You are who you are no matter what you do. You are who you are no matter how much you deny it, so it is your own game, you cannot really hide.

But the manifestation of the New Civilization, the plan of God for this planet needs your awakening. So your mistakes only limit this manifestation, it lets the team down. We are counting on you accepting your divinity and living that divinity. We will not leave without you.

But remember we are here to help you, you do not have to do it alone. We are here to help each other awaken, we are a team, and good team members do not leave their wounded compatriots to die in the field, we drag them back to the M.A.S.H. (mobile astral spiritual hospital) unit and heal their wounds. We are warriors as well as healers.

One mistake or trap that you may fall into can be, when in your process of awakening you are still thinking that all spiritual awakening must come from suffering, from hardship. This program has been taught by many spiritual traditions, it is programmed into social consciousness. You may still be living your life in such a manner and quite probably are fed up with spirituality because of it, and are begging for a comfortably numb, normal life.

If this is your life, you are making a mistake. You’ve been trapped by a delusion. Awakening can most definitely come from joyful experience. And a shift in consciousness will enable this new direction. Since reality is perceptual, your experience of life can be joyful or painful, it depends on your reaction and perception. So the same experience depending on your perception of it and your reaction to it, can be ecstasy or agony.

So do mistakes exist, absolutely, even in higher cosmic realities. Chance exists, the mystery of unfoldment exists, infinite possibilities exist and can exist depending on individual and group choices. When mistakes happen, we as spiritual masters must repair them, if possible. If the mistake affects our other team members, the divine plan for this planet, this universe, or affects the growth of another person, or the divine plan for a relationship and the spiritual unfoldment and growth from that relationship, or any mistake that affects anything including our own growth, we must admit it. If you do not, you are heading down the path of darkness.

Anyone may play the game of denial of their divinity for aeons, they may do this forever and ever as long as their is a place for them to do it in. But when a system, Universe, or planet’s divine timing is set for awakening, when a civilization of light is divinely planned and manifesting, all denial must stop, or else you must go elsewhere to systems where the game of denial is still being played.

So with this in mind, denial of divinity is not universally a mistake for everyone, some souls may be very young and still want to experience limitation, so it is not necessarily their job to awaken. It is your job to awaken and recognize who else's job it is to awaken. This is the discernment of being a master, recognizing the level of consciousness that everyone is at, knowing where each soul is and what they still desire to experience.

This is following the Divine Plan of individuals which affects the whole. So a mistake here is pressuring everyone to awaken, when some people are not supposed to awaken yet. Eventually everyone must awaken, but there is individual divine timing. This is the transition period. The most important thing now is for all the transition team members to wakeup. It is not necessary for the position team members to wake up yet. (See my article “The Position Teams & Transition Teams, The reality creators & dismantlers” on my website). (Position team members are the majority of the beings on planet earth. This team sets up structures and realities, they are the builders whereas transitioners tear them down and envision the new). When all the transitioners have awoken, then all the positioners will wakeup. Then the positioners will do the work necessary to set up the new civilization.

A mistake in this instance would be for a transition team member to be running around trying to wake up people who are not ready yet and are not supposed to wake up at all during this transition period. But like all mistakes, if you learn from it then it is just awareness.

For others who refuse to move, it will be our responsibility to move them on to other realities. And your gift to them is recognizing who you are so that they can see who they are, or not. Your gift to them is recognizing their place in the scheme of things so that they will be realistic with themselves. So go forth and make no mistakes, be who you are, an impeccable master who knows what you know without a doubt. Follow your knowing, make choices that you know will serve your awakening, the awakening of others, your groups plan and the Divine Plan of All That Is.

If you fuck up, admit it, we all know anyway, we are not in denial of your mistake, you cannot hide from anyone but yourself. Others may deny your mistake but we will not. Admit your mistake so that you can learn from it and grow stronger, never to fuck up again (at least not in a similar situation), this makes you a master of that thing.

All great masters have made lots of mistakes, but the mark of a master is to admit their mistakes and not make the same mistake twice. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”. Scotty

Be a master and learn from your mistakes. Forgive yourself and forgive others when it serves their growth to do so. Let no one off the hook. This is the time of the great awakening, it is time for everyone to awaken to who they truly are and act as who they truly are. And it is your job as a master to monitor the entire process and take responsibility for what is divinely ordained for you to be responsible for - for you are your brothers keeper.

I will not leave you behind, I will carry you until you are safe, healed and can walk on your own. Call on me in time of need and I will be there, I am always with you.

Blessings on your Journey of Awakening to the Magnificence of your Eternal Beingness


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