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Money & Spirituality

The “Deep Dark Separation”

By ZaKaiRan SheeHan


I have entitled this article Money & Spirituality, the “Deep Dark Separation”, because this is basically how money is perceived by so many “spiritually” and “religiously” oriented people.  So many people hold such extremely limiting programs in their minds and energy fields about money that hold them not only in states of poverty and struggle, but also hold them in a state of inner conflict, which literally blocks them from their biggest desire - which is spiritual enlightenment. 

Any time anyone has judgment towards someone or about something, they are in conflict with themselves, and they are in conflict with God, the universe, etc.  Which limits their spiritual experience of peace, joy and love, and ultimately hinders their experience of enlightenment and being at peace with God.

It does not matter what the judgment is, whether it is: homophobia, sexual repression and other judgments about sexual behavior.  Or judgments about: gender, race, money, wealth, luxuries, etc.  Whatever the judgment is, it absolutely does not matter, because any judgment about anything or anyone creates conflict within themselves and of course creates conflict with other people.  And therefore, they are in conflict with God, because God is completely unconditionally loving, and no part of divinity judges any other part of divinity - which is everything, because everything is divine, everything is God, because everything was created by God.

Everything and everyone is divine, so any judgment that anyone has about anything, any one or anyone’s behavior, puts that person in a state of resistance.  Essentially putting them in an inner state of war.  It puts them in conflict with their natural state of being, which is unconditional love. 

Judgment, condemnation, disapproval, etc., these perceptions and beliefs are, in a sense, “anti-love”.  Or to describe them more accurately, they are “conditional love”.  For example: “I will love you, or I will like you, or I will treat you respectfully, only if you behave in my approved manner, (based on my beliefs about the proper way to act).”

Now I could literally write an entire book on the subject of judgment because it is practically at the root of all conflict between people.  And it is at the root of all people’s inner conflict within themselves.  All suffering that causes people to be unhappy, ill at ease and not at peace, stems from judging other people’s behavior as well as self-judgment, including guilt and shame and other similar limiting beliefs.  But the real point of this article is people’s inner conflict about money and their judgments about money.

“Money is Nothing!”

The fact of the matter is that money, in of itself - is nothing!  It is classically worthless physical objects in the form of paper, plastic or coins.  And in the old days, money actually had some real tangible value when coins were minted from precious metals, and when each bill was physically “backed” by gold.  But Fort Knox has since been raided and I’m sure there’s nothing there but a big whopping IOU.  But that was long ago before the right to create money was given away by the governments to the privately owned banking system. 

But in today’s day and age, money is just typically numbers in a computer or on the bank statement, so it essentially has no “real” tangible value.  Money only has value and worth because we as a society all agree that it does.  But for someone who lives in the bush or the jungle, and relies upon the land to provide their sustenance, they have absolutely no need for money, so it has little or no value to them.

So with all of this in mind, why do people have so many issues about money?   Why do people have such ludicrous beliefs such as “money is “evil”, or “money is the root of all evil”?  Why do the poor people judge the rich and why do rich people judge the poor? 

Well to answer the first question, if you refer back to my first statement about the fact that money has no meaning and no worth unless a person places worth upon it, with this in mind, how can money be evil?  And for that matter, how can money be good or bad?   Well of course it can’t be good or bad, because “it is nothing”.  It is not good and it is not bad - it just it is.

Money is just a tool that can be used wisely or can be use stupidly, just like any other tool.  You can use a hammer to hammer in a nail to build a house, or you can use that same hammer to bash in someone’s skull.  The hammer is neither good nor bad, but the wielder of the hammer, can be “good” or “bad”. 

It is the same with money, it is a tool, and a person can do wonderful things with that tool or bad things with it.  They can feed people, and heal people, and help the environment, and help animals, etc.  And a person can buy things to support their own health and happiness, and the health and happiness of their family, their friends and their community.  And with that money, they can buy things that give them shelter, provide them transport and facilitate the creation of wonderful experiences, such as travel, etc.  Or that person can use that same money to exploit people, kill people, kill animals, rape the land, etc.  Again, it is your choice.  It is the wielder of the tool that is “good” or “bad”, it is not the tool that is “good” or “bad”! 

So back to the “deep dark separation” between money and spirituality.  So many spiritually oriented people have huge amounts of conflict within them about money.  And many of these people try to rationalize these conflicts by “opting out” of normal society and living “naturally”.  But unless you’re going to leave “normal” life entirely and completely live off of the land, the basic fact of the matter is that we live in a world where we all need money to not only survive but to thrive.

Most people have a “counter intention” situation happening within their minds.  Their negative beliefs are not congruent with their positive desires.  People have a positive intention to create more money in their lives, but at the same time, they have negative beliefs (intentions) about money that are canceling out their ability to create and manifest the money they desire.  If they had no negative programs about money, they could manifest all the money they wanted very quickly.

But these negative programs are ringing in their heads such as “money is evil”, “If I’m rich other people will think I’m greedy and corrupt and judge me and reject me”, etc.  Or “I’m not good enough”, “I can’t do it”, etc.  People want to be wealthy, but at the same time, they judge people that are wealthy as being arrogant, unhappy, greedy bastards…  So, with that negative belief, these people will always struggle financially because they don’t want to become arrogant, unhappy, greedy bastards.  So they will never become wealthy because of this counter intention.  You want it, but your programs say, “You shouldn’t have it, or it’s bad to have it”, etc. – counter intention.

People are in such denial when it comes to money that it is “tragilarious”!  So often people say to me, “I’m not into money”, but they are lying to themselves, because if I handed them a thousand dollars, they sure as hell would take it! 

Everyone would do themselves a great favor by doing their best to get rid of all of the denial and repression about money and admit it to themselves that they would love to be rich!  It would be nice if more people actually admitted it to themselves that they would like to be wealthy.  That they would like to be financially free!  That they would like to not have to worry about money anymore!  If they would admit it to themselves that they would like enough money in the bank so they never had to think about money ever again!

If you are through being in denial about your desires and you are through being in conflict with your desires to be wealthy or at least financially comfortable, then please take this opportunity to admit these things to yourself and say them out loud.

“I want to be wealthy”!  “I want to be financially free!”  “I want to have enough money in the bank so that I never have to think about money ever again!”

And the real truth of the matter is that anyone who does not want financial freedom is lying to themselves and is in massive denial of the truth, and they probably just have a program that says, “I don’t deserve to be rich”.  And I can say this with absolute certainty because I know that it is every single person’s natural state of being to be in a state of abundance!  To live and be in a state of wealth!  That means wealth on all levels not just monetarily.  It is our natural state of empowerment to be masters of creation with the ability to create anything we want, any time we want.  And it is our natural state of awareness that money, like everything else in the world of form, is a renewable resource! 

There is no limit to money!  There is no such real thing as a “recession”!  Financial recessions and depressions are human creations!  They do not just happen coincidentally out of nowhere.  Financial depressions are caused by humanity’s lack orientation, disempowerment, ignorance and their limited perceptions and judgments about money, finance, commerce, resources, etc.  As well as similar limiting beliefs and fears by the controlling elite forces who are manipulating the stock market and money market.

Our natural enlightened state of being is to realize that everything is divine!  That everything is God-Goddess-All-That-Is.  Therefore money is also divine!  Therefore, any conflict about money, any judgments about money, any negative beliefs about money, or about people with money, or people without money, are a complete waste of valuable energy and absolutely idiotic.  So all of you “spiritual” people out there, get over your stuff about money!!!  And finally admit it to yourself that you want to be financially free!!!  If you do, and you work hard at clearing these limiting programs and beliefs that are hindering your enjoyment of life, you will improve your qualify of life immensely.  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be on the road to financial freedom.  But the journey of financial freedom is the same as the journey of enlightenment, it is a journey.  There is no fast track to enlightenment, just as there is not fast track to wealth.  It is “5 minutes to learn, but a life-time to master”.

Lazy – (or couch potato manifesting)

Of course the other big issue in the creation and manifestation journey, is the fact that people are basically lazy and do not want to do what it takes to master the Law of attraction to become wealthy and financially free.  Yes, everyone wants the millions of dollars to magically appear out of nowhere.  Everyone wants to win that big lottery jackpot, but this kind of thinking is a poverty way of thinking and is just basic delusion.  It would be nice if we could all win the lottery, but unfortunately this is not going to happen!  You can’t wish that your dreams come true, you must make your dreams come true!  Don’t wish for the genie to magically appear out of the lamp, you must be the genie!  You are the genie!

The fact of the matter is, that in order for anyone to get rich, a person must learn how to master the Law of Attraction and Creation.  And that person must accept their divine power as a creator.  If you seriously want to make your dreams come true and manifest what you want in your life, you are going to have to whole-heartedly accept and embrace your personal power of creation!  

But most people are completely unaware that they even have this power to create whatever they want in their lives.  Or if they do have a hint of this power, they are afraid of it because they fear they will become corrupt with such great power.  And they have been taught to fear it as “witch craft”, or to believe that “only God has the power to create”, and numerous other limiting beliefs that disempower them. 

We are also further disempowered by not being taught the basic law of the universe which is, “You get what you think about most of the time”!  You create your life and reality with your thoughts and words!  And we are not trained to master our thoughts and speech in order to be able to create the reality we desire.  Instead we are taught to focus on conflict, competition, tragedy and scarcity consciousness, so that we will continue creating these things in our lives. 

And we are not taught the basic fact that - we created every single experience of our lives!  You created every single experience in your life, all of the “good” and all of the “bad”.  Most people can entertain the possibility that they created all of the good things, but they are typically unwilling to consider that they also created the “bad” stuff as well!

But the basic fact of the matter is, whether you believe it or not, whether you want to admit it or not - you are absolutely and completely empowered to create whatever reality you desire to create in your life!  But you must learn how!  You must be “teachable”!  And to be teachable means that you must be willing to learn and willing to accept change!  “5 minutes to learn, a lifetime to master”.

But most people are afraid of their own power of creation.  Perhaps they believe they will become corrupt if they use their divine power.  Or they feel that they are “unworthy because only God has the power of creation”.  If that was true, then that would mean that God has strings connected to each one of us, that none of us has any free-will, and we have absolutely no control over our own lives. 

Most people are ignorant of their power, resistant, or in denial of their power.  And most people are just lazy and unwilling to do what it takes to master the power of creation because it “takes too long to master”.  It is not something that can be mastered in 5 minutes. “5 minutes to learn, a lifetime to master”.  The fact is, most people are programmed with a “fast food” and “fast money” mentality, and they do not have any patience!  They do not understand the power of “delayed gratification”, where there is no immediate pay off for your hours and hours of work. 

But over time, the pay-off is much greater because of their patience and tenacity and focus and diligence and commitment and their consistency and persistency!  And because of this consistency and persistency, the universe sees that they are very serious about creating their dreams into reality and not just wishing their dreams would come true.  They are diligently making their dreams come true, because they understand that the power of creation is in their hands and no one else’s!

The power to create what you want is a big responsibility, a power that the great masters and sages understand well.  And they also understand that many beings upon this earth have used that power to further malevolent, rather than benevolent causes.  This is classic “dark side” creating.  And many people, governments, corporations, and even countries have created in this “dark” manner. 

The most enlightened and empowered people on the earth understand the great power of creation mastery.  They especially understand the quantum power of the group master-mind and how powerful it is when a group bands together with a single cause in mind.  We have seen this group master-mind power at work throughout history with positive and negative consequences.  The classic negative scenario is of course the rise of the Nazi regime and all of the people joining in on the wave without resistance.

And all wealthy successful people understand the power of creation and understand what it takes to wield this powerful sword and what responsibility is required of them.  Those that take the “easy route” or the “fear-based” route, of course, end up on the “dark” path.  They may manifest great wealth very quickly, but their lives are full of anguish and heart-ache.  And those that take the “slower” route, the route of true mastery, the Jedi path, or the love-based route, these masters experience a much greater level of personal joy and fulfillment.

But most “poor” people are afraid to wield this sword because it takes mastery to swing that “heavy” sword of wealth and abundance.  They are afraid that if they become wealthy, they will become corrupt and head down the “dark” path, and be “disallowed entry into the kingdom of heaven”…, and a hundred other ludicrous beliefs and programs!

The fact is, to be a conscious creator of reality, to consciously create money and to manifest any dream in to reality, what is required of any young Jedi master in training, is utter and complete pin pointed laser focus!  It requires intensely focused passionate desire!  It requires your full energy and full intent!  It requires the full engagement of your creative energy! 

But most people, including “spiritually” oriented people, that should be embracing this power, are deathly afraid and resistant to this power!  Because the acceptance of this power is nothing less than the journey of enlightenment and self-empowerment!  I said “journey” of enlightenment, not the 1 day seminar on enlightenment! 

Enlightenment is being a conscious creator of reality, and it requires intense commitment!  And you are either consciously creating reality in a positive way, or you are unconsciously creating reality from your negative beliefs and programs!

Being afraid of the power of creation is being afraid of the divine master that you truly are!  So the question is, are you going to live the rest of your life in fear of your power or will you get off your lazy “spiritual” arse and get busy creating the life, and the world, you want to create?   

Or will you just keep complaining about government and corporate corruption, and about ignorant people, poverty, environmental degradation, etc.  Will you just keep blaming everyone and everything for your unhappy unfulfilled life, and for the crappy state of the world?  Or are you going to finally do something about the state of the world by becoming an awesome abundant happy content generous loving person?  It’s your choice!

Because, the sad fact of the matter is, you can’t change the world!  You can’t change the economy!  You can’t change the government!  You can’t change corruption!  You can’t change anyone!  You can only change yourself!  You have no direct creative control over anything or anyone outside of you, you only have creative control over yourself and your own thoughts! 

You can’t change the world, but you can influence it!  You can influence it to change by changing ‘your’ world!  And you can change ‘your’ world by changing how ‘you’ think, and by changing how ‘you’ talk!  Especially how you talk.  It is much easier to control your speech than how you think.  So start there.  Focus on always speaking positively about everything and everyone!  Then focus on thinking positively about everything and everyone!  And delete those old negative programs with EFT and other program releasing techniques.  Look for the gold!  Look for the positive in everything and everyone!  Talk about and think about the positive in everything and everyone!  Look for the gold, not the dirt! 

If you talk about crappy things and you think about crappy things, then you’ll manifest crappy things in your life!  It’s as simple as that.  So stop talking about crapping things, and stop thinking crappy thoughts!  And start filling your mind with uplifting and happy thoughts!  Then you will no longer have a “deep dark separation” of conflict between you and money, because money will no longer have power over you!  Instead, you will have power over money!  And you will learn how to use money as a tool which creates leverage in your life and makes your life easier, because you learn how to get money working for you, rather than you working for money.  You learn to love people and use money, rather than loving money and using people.

You see, whatever you judge you give your power away to.  Whatever you “hate, fear or condemn”, you give your power away to that thing.  You give your power away to it because you are playing the victim game, believing you are a victim to reality, rather than a powerful creator of reality!  Believing that you are at affect, not at cause!  You are living your life as if those things have control and power over you, which of course is an illusion!  You are in full control of your life and your reality!  And you create that life and reality based upon your speech, thoughts, feelings and your actions.

Time to Take your Power Back!

It is now time to take your power back!  To realize and embrace your place in the divine scheme of things!  You are not a helpless, powerless, sinful… human that has been cast out of heaven because you screwed an angel!  And you are not an ignorant sinful human who has to learn or earn your way back in to heaven by believing this or believing that.  Or believing that you need to be saved by someone! 

The real truth, my bright little stars, is that you are all Gods and Goddesses in a body experiencing temporary amnesia.  You have forgotten that you are “spirits having a physical experience, not physical beings having a spiritual experience!”  You have been taught to believe that you are lowly limited “sinful” faulty… humans who need to become spiritual, or need to be saved, or need to become enlightened in order to save yourself, etc.    

You are not helpless!  You are not powerless!  You are not unworthy!  You are all perfect just the way you are!  With all your temporary faults and farts.  Learn to enjoy your faults and weaknesses and if you want to improve something about yourself, then do so!  If you want to be more fantastic, then grow yourself into someone that is fantastic!  If you want to be a better manifestor, then grow yourself into someone that is a master of manifesting!  Stop looking for the easy route, the quick way, the fast money, etc.  Stop looking for instant gratification to take your suffering away! 

Stop wanting things to be easier and quicker and instead, grow yourself into a better person that can conquer the most difficult task easily!  Grow yourself into a master of delayed gratification!  And learn how to be open and teachable!  Learn how to be understanding, tolerant, patient and compassionate!  Learn how to focus on how to use desire to create what you want!  Learn how to love, because love is all that you are, and all that everything is!  Everyone is love and everything is love!  And every action is the expression to that love or the denial of that love!

And learn how to express that love through supportive actions such as saying, “please” and “thank you”!  And being grateful to people, grateful to universe, grateful to God, etc.  And being grateful to yourself for creating everything in your life! 

And express the love that you are by recognizing other people’s accomplishments and expressing genuine happiness and appreciation for them, instead of being envious of their talents and achievement.  “Success is not what you have done compared to other people, success is what you have done compared to what you could have done”.

Praise people for their accomplishments, and praise people’s accomplishments to other people.  This is the power of recognition!  And when you recognize other people for their achievements and you give them praise and celebrate their achievements, this uplifts you energetically.  You are putting yourself in a vibration of appreciation, and this helps you manifest your goals.  And this helps you manifest appreciation from other people for your achievements and your mastery.

Express your love by telling people they are beautiful, and they are awesome, and they are wonderful!  Be thankful for what you have created in your life, but at the same time always want more.  Not out of greed and not because you are trying to fill some void inside of you.  And not to get a fix, like a drug, because you need the latest toy to make you happy. 

The point here is to always be creating something new because we are creative beings!  If you are not creating something new, if you are not working on a project or working on a creation, or working toward achieving a goal - then you are dying!  You are either growing or you are dying!  There is no in between.

It is our natural state to be creative and to always be creating new things.  This is obvious when you see people who reach a great level of success and then they crash and fall.  They start doing drugs and alcohol and their lives and relationships turn to doo doo.  And then their career goes down-hill because they stop focusing on what they want and start focusing on not losing what they have.  They try to rest on their laurels and focus on maintaining that “fame” and status, rather than choosing a new goal to achieve.   So they are in conflict with their natural creative state, their natural state of being a creative master. 

Instead of creating something new, they fear losing what they have.  They fear losing their great fame and fortune that they have worked so hard to create, so of course, they lose what they fear losing.  (“You get what think about most of the time” – Earl Nightingale).  This is what creates the desperation that must be dealt with honestly, confronted and conquered, or repressed with alcohol and drugs.

So young “Sky walkers”, what will be your mission?  What will be your quest?  What will be your next adventure? 

What is your dream?  What did you come to this earth to create?  What dreams do you wish to fulfill?  What do you wish to create in your life?

Whatever your dreams are you can have them!  You can be, do and have whatever you want! 

You can make your dreams come true!  Your wish is your command! 

So, will you accept your divine power as a master of creation?  Or will you continue your comfortably numb existence doing what “big brother” tells you to do and being a good little worker/slave? 

So in regards to the “deep dark separation” between you and money, where are you now in relationship to money?  Is money your friend or is money your enemy?  Do you truly want money and financial freedom enough to do whatever it takes to get it?  Or will you take the “easy”, “comfortable” route and stay in conflict within yourself and continue your fearful, shameful, incongruent existence of “needing money, but being afraid and resistant to receiving money?  And wanting to be empowered, but being afraid of your power.

You are the master of your reality!  What kind of reality do you have and what kind of reality do you want? 

What is your dream?  What have you come to this planet to fulfill and create, for yourself and for the rest of humanity?

Whatever it is, it is guaranteed that you will need a lot of money and a lot of time to accomplish it.  So to have the time freedom you need, you are going to need to be financially free to have the time to fully focus on creating it. 

So, if you would like help to fill in this “deep dark canyon” between you and money.  To make money your friend.  If you would like to learn how to use money as a tool and get money working for you, rather than you working for money? 

If you would like to create for yourself a life that is free from worries and debt? 

A life filled with empowerment, happiness, joy and love? 

Then Contact Me Now! 

And let’s get you started on the road to freedom! 

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Infinite Blessings of Immense Abundance!

ZaKaiRan SheeHan



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