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Mutating or Sick?

That Is The Question




You are not sick, there is nothing wrong with you; you are not broke and do not need to be fixed; everything you always thought was wrong with you may actually be something that is divinely perfect about you.

There is a picture of reality that exists in social consciousness, this is the belief in sickness, in unwholeness - you cannot be unwhole. Sickness and unwholeness is an illusion, this is one of many in this dimension of illusion; although you can choose that reality/illusion if you like. You cannot catch disease any more than you can catch health, even science knows this fact but is reluctant to release this information due to the ramifications it would have on the medical industries money generating machine.

Planet Earth is Ascending through the 4th and 5th dimensions, it will eventually become a star. We are doing the same thing, we are transitioning into higher dimensional realms (a.k.a. Ascending), or more accurately we are descending our spirits into here. Along with this process of Descension/Ascension is a phenomena called mutation, we are mutating into bodies of light which is the next step for us as a species and as planetary stewards for Gaia’s Ascension. This mutation process has been occurring for sometime, in fact the Ascension began the moment this Universe was created. This mutation is accomplished by gradually descending light and love, who we truly are, into us and planet earth. We are the grounding rods for the planet, we ground her up into our spirits.

As these increased levels of light descend into our bodies and onto planet earth our bodies experience mutational symptoms, these symptoms are typically misdiagnosed as colds, flu and any number of "diseases", and may occur depending on the individual and the resistance that certain bodies may have to these increased levels of light. I have had massive mutations in my eyes, serious reactions to my third eye opening. I also have had many throat "problems" due to my throat chakra receiving its fair share of light and being prepared for speaking truth, divinity and channeling higher dimensional energies through to this dimension. My personal list goes on as the body workers around town will attest to, including back problems and muscle aches.

Typically these mutational symptoms are not thought of in the context of wholeness that I have stated above but in the old fashioned victim position of sickness consciousness. Sickness consciousness is a devious plot devised by the dark forces to keep us stuck in the dramatic polarities of victim hood, one of the many polarities that maintain the 3rd dimension. I have never been sick in my entire life, I have been mutating although since I was born and have had symptoms of this Ascension / Descension process throughout my life.

Pick Your Own Reality

This is a dimension where you are allowed to pick your own reality, no matter how outlandish it may be. Which reality do you prefer? - one where you are a victim to your body and your environment, prey to any disease you might "catch", suffer and die from; or that of, I am a spirit inhabiting a human body, that is transitioning dimensionally, I am embodying my oversoul self, my light body, and my body may experience discomfort as this transition occurs.

If you have mutational symptoms: aches pains, imbalances etc. that you need assistance with, find someone who holds a similar picture of reality that you are a whole being, in need of assistance, as we all do, as you transition dimensionally into your immortal body of light. Seek someone that you have synergy with and that will empower you by holding you in there consciousness as a master on a holy mission, a spirit having a human experience, who just needs a tune up; some assistance from a M.A.S.H. team member, one of the Body, Mind, Spirit specialists. Instead of a human that didn't take good enough care of their body; has bad karma; did something bad in a past life; is broken and needs to be fixed. You can be the healthiest person in the world and still have mutational symptoms.

The Universe Rearranges Itself to Accommodate your Picture of Reality

What are you implying as real? Whatever you participate with, make decisions based upon, and base your actions upon, (what you are calling real), the Universe will give you more of it. Thoughts, and feelings are not real and do not determine your reality, contrary to what many new age teachings propose. The Universe does not rearrange itself to accommodate your thoughts, feelings and affirmations, but by what you are implying as real. If you are a holy being on a holy mission occasionally experiencing discomfort as you descend more of who you truly are into your body, then the Universe will give you more of this reality. If you hold dear to being a struggling human trying desperately to have a spiritual experience, to earn or learn your way out of here by adhering to spiritual rules, than the Universe will graciously give you more of this reality.

Pick your reality. Which reality do you prefer?

With Love and Mutation,


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