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The Illusion / Reality

of Separation and Oneness

(The Process of Awakening)



Oneness is a concept of the mind that is in direct opposition to separation. You cannot have oneness without separation. Concepts of the mind are illusions, therefor, oneness and separation are illusions.

Oneness and separation both exist and neither exist, a paradox of existence and experience. There is no oneness and there is no separation, life just is how it is, the cosmos is just how it is.

The Levels of Divinity - The Densities of Awareness

Ascending all the way to All That Is, there are different degrees of density and awareness levels, separation within the oneness of All That Is. Oneness is a given in the higher heavens and separation is seen as part of the vast creation of the expression of the oneness of All That Is.

Using the model of dimensions to describe this, we exist "multidimensionally" with aspects of our beingness residing in these many higher heavens. First, you have what you could call your spirit, (your higher self or your overself), and depending on who you are you may have many yous on many levels of awareness; physical and light body yous that may have greater awareness than this you because they are older or more awake then this you. You may exist on many planets, in many universes, but you, the original you, was created in a specific universe from specific entities, your father and/or your mother. These beings are much greater than you, they are your ultimate guide and you would do well to aspire to be as great as them.

You also have brothers and sisters, ("soul mates"), other beings created by your father and mother, they may be greater or lesser in awareness to yourself. You also have your twin flame: your closest "brother or sister"; the divine counterpart to yourself; a being that is closer to yourself then any one of opposite polarity. If you are male consciousness, she will be female consciousness, and vice versa. And you also have extended family members, uncles, aunts, cousins etc.

In order to play this game of separation, we have stepped down our awareness of oneness into fragments of All That Is. We have fragmentalized ourselves to experience self. Without this fragmenting there would be no sense of self, only oneness. Part of this sense of self is the knowledge of levels of awareness and consciousness. Part of this awareness is knowing what our position is in the cosmic scheme of things. These different degrees of awareness are necessary for this process of the illusion of separation that we call form.

The Special Forces

Are you a committed deep consciousness diver? One that dives deep into truth, beingness and self. Do you need to know everything about yourself, "human psychology" and any and all ways in which you attempt to deny your divinity. If so then you are a planetary transition team member, part of the special forces dedicated to waking yourselves and humanity from the dream of separation. To waking up self and humanity from the illusion of limitation to the fully awake state of divine expression.

Planetary transition team members are crack team experts at shifting consciousness to higher potentials - which is what you do and who you are. Your level of awareness is quantumly higher than 99% of humanity. Your evolutionary status from a human spiritual viewpoint is far superior to those souls currently incarnated on planet earth. And compared to other planetary transition team members you may be more advanced then some and less advanced than others. This fact of apparent superiority / inferiority can be a point of conflict within our beingness in regards to our perception of oneness with others. This conflict only arises when we try to resolve the paradox of awareness levels of entities and apply the illusion of worth to people based on these levels.

As you go beyond your programs of unworthiness you will be able to be at peace with the truth of this apparent separation. We are all one and ultimately we are all equal, worthy, parts of All That Is, but we are all existing at different levels of awareness due to many factors. On a human level we may have awoken sooner then others and have been developing and growing into self longer than others.

On a cosmic level some of us are more experienced at ascending consciousness than others. We have ascended more planets and are more experienced at being a spirit in a body than others. Some of us just exist at a higher level of divinity because we are "older". Other beings exist at naturally high levels of divinity, because they were created to operate from that level based on their divine purpose in the scheme of things. Many of these beings rarely enter the lower heavens and inhabit a body, and do so on special occasions only, (a few examples are Angels, and Melchizedeks). At the final stages of ascension (which is now), these beings arrive to assist in this transition.

If you are a planetary transition team member, an ascension specialist, then it is a given that you are more advanced than the average "human" because you need to be. It is your job to be more experienced and operating from a higher vibrational frequency in order to awaken and entrain them. If you did not have a greater sense of self, a greater awareness of who you really are in every day life, if you did not know higher truth and see beyond typical human perception, then how could you assist humanity in their process of awakening, how would you know what to do.

How do we awaken ourselves? We get lots of help from our buddies. We usually go to someone "superior" to us, who has a greater level of awareness, to be entrained up to this higher level that they naturally operate at. If everyone was asleep and operating at exactly the same level of awareness then who would wake us up? Even we transition team members wake each other up. In fact we must wake each other up first before we can assist humanity with their awakening, this is all part of the process of ascension. So we transition team members will be at all different levels of awareness with many being much greater.

You must be able to see and "know" higher truth in order to guide someone. You must see beyond typical perception of limited reality to see "where they really are" and see "where it would be in their best interest for their growth for them to be going". You have the ability to guide them because you have been there, you have already experienced similar things as you awoke from your slumber. It is similar to parenting; proper parenting comes from being more aware than the children, being more experienced, being superior in awareness of reality and experience, but never treating them as if they are inferior from a position of worthiness.

Divine Patience

You must have Divine Patience, patience that is balanced with the passionate fire of purpose with insistence that others move forward into the truth of their beingness. Divine Patience requires you to be divinely discerning, respecting their sovereignty and their own divine timing, discouraging human laziness that wants to maintain the status quo and encouraging and influencing accelerated quantum awakening. This is a case where you must know where others are going or should go for optimum growth and awakening, and encourage this growth with compassionate understanding of how difficult the process is.

Similar to being good parents, many times we must be very strong and do things for their own good. This is a case where we curse our guides and teachers now for the uncomfortable feelings we experience as we awaken and thank them later for the growth from those experiences. It takes a wise being with compassion and grace to have patience to allow others to awaken at their own pace with the temperament of knowing their divine timing and encouraging the activity necessary to meet this divine timing.

True parenting recognizes the master of the spiritual entity inhabiting the body. So as spiritual guides and teachers it is our job to recognize the master of all beings and encourage it, that is honor, oneness and true guidance. The guru is not superior to the disciple, just more aware, with a greater sense of self, currently, at this time, in this body, on this planet.

Things could be different, you could be the guru and they could be the student. You could be the parent and they could be the child. But we all answer to higher authorities. We were all created by someone and we are all under the jurisdiction of high councils. We all have our many "gurus", our friends who help us wake up, who are "bigger" than us. And we in turn become gurus for others and help them wake up - and so on and so on. But ultimately our true guru is our father/mother/All That Is, that which created us, that which we aspire to be like, that which we are. The guru is Self.

On a human perceptual level, greater awareness of self may not represent a greater awareness "higher dimensionally" but often it does. So don't be fooled by form, some high degree entities (like angels) embody dense forms (i.e. gang members, bums) or live in drastic distorted situations (i.e. war torn politically discordant nations), so that when they do awaken it shifts those dense structures they have embodied to quantumly higher potentials. So the bum you judge or feel sorry for ultimately knows exactly what he's doing and might be higher then you. This scenario aside, when beings are operating from an actively awake state they probably will be more advanced then others.

The Levels of Perception

For someone who has a high degree of awareness, it can be difficult to remain centered in ones own truth in a world that does not value truth and encourages illusion. In all actuality it is more difficult to remain uncentered in denial of self, but it paradoxically appears otherwise. This is the case because lower forms of consciousness will always try to cut you down to their size to not feel separate from you and so that they will not have to grow and be entrained to your higher level.

Egos with their inferiority complex will always try to undermine someone that operates with greater awareness of self beyond human identity. In relationship this can take the form of the higher person consciously trying to elevate the other person, possibly undermining their sovereignty, their free will right to their own truth or delusion; and the other person, usually unconsciously, trying to bring them down to their lower level of operating with less love and less awareness.

From a cosmic perception and especially a human perception, awareness levels can be identified plainly by the degree in which we allow ourselves to love and be loved. And to the degree in which we allow love to be embodied and manifest fully in our lives. Projection and denial of responsibility for your own stuff within relationship is a blatant act of denial of self love. Inherent with this denial of self love is disallowance of receivership of love from another - self sabotage. This will take place when two people are together where one person has less awareness of self and divinity; and when anyone of the two people has a program somewhere that they are unworthy of love, and are afraid of revealing themself because they are not awake yet and realize that they can now reveal their true nature and allow others to see the truth of their beingness.

Of course both people can reject love if neither people are aware of self, but this exploration we are engaging in will explain those relationships as well, as we are all at different levels of awareness from each other. We are all separate expressions of All That Is, with our unique perceptions of reality.

Another way of delineating the levels of awareness is the amount of divinity one is aware that they exist as; in other words, how closely they actually know that they are God; how close they actually experience the true essence of their beingness; or how closely they experience themselves as a unique individual expression of All That Is. And the degree that they know the real individual uniqueness of their beingness, the individual gifts that they embody and exist as for the experience and expression of All That Is. The degree that they actually know their "status" in the grand scheme of the Divine Plan, especially in regards to their specific mission of the ascension of planet earth based on who they are.

The Paradox

At this point you oneness junkies might be freaking out with all this separation talk, well just tell the ego (the perception of the world) to go back to the hole it crawled out of and then we can continue. Oneness is a given within the wholeness of the separation of All That Is; because there is nothing that is not All That Is, nothing is separate from All That Is, so in true reality separation is an illusion, but paradoxically it is also a fact of perception, one of the many wonders of the workings of All That Is; it is a paradox that I suggest you not try to resolve, which is what the linear perception of the world (a.k.a. ego) was trying to do.

Paradoxes are not linear. Oneness encompasses separation. The linear male aspect is contained within the female sphere, this is the fusion of form with spirit as we enlighten the density of human to the truth of divinity. The perception of the world operates linearly only from the simple perception of right and wrong within the paradox of All That Is. There is no right and wrong in the paradox of the free will zone, where you can do your best to resist self, to resist divinity, but ultimately how can you resist what you are, you can only put it off for so long before the force of evolution will force you to wake up or be unexisted.


It may be painful at times, being of a high order, living your life with quantum awareness, with a great sense of self and awareness of true reality, in a world that does not welcome truth. It may be especially painful when you see people that you love continue to be in denial, refusing to grow and unable to comprehend your higher perception of reality. When they push your love away because they unconsciously feel unworthy of it, and to experience some "free will" illusion that they have some control in their lives. When they refuse to awaken and step into the magnificence of their own beingness and there is nothing you can do about it.

This is the great lesson of compassion and patience that all masters learn and must demonstrate; and the lesson of humility, knowing that their perception and level of awareness is dense and less "enlightened", but that they themselves are not. Their awakening process is just behind you from a linear perception.

In these cases we all have gifts for each other. This is a constant awakening process and all of us wake each other up and provide growth for each other. As masters we constantly test each other. In the scenario above, the higher degree person tests the lower by coaxing them to awaken further. The interaction with the lower degree person and the possibilities of immersion in more illusions, tests the higher degree person to maintain humility and compassion and not to succumb to ego perceptions of superiority.

They also test you to remain centered in your truthful awareness without backsliding down to their lower level, falling into power games of control, competition and victimhood; in other words identifying with your suffering and the world of human survival, where no matter what they dish out from the old world perception of reality you stand firmly steadfast in your truth without any need of defense. This is how the master of us all tests each other, how divinity and love tricks us into awakening.

When you are a master, when you have embodied the master you truly are, you see the divinity in everyone. You see your own divinity in the lowliest person test you to see if you will be fooled by appearance and actions and be judgmental, falling into the trap of superiority, its game of trying to resolve the paradox and prove its worth. At the very least you will see the illusion of fear and survival that they exist in and operate from and have compassion for their suffering.

This is how you (the master that you truly are) tests yourself to see how you will react, to see what your free will choice will be - will you follow wherever love leads no matter how dangerous it may look, will you feel the fear and follow love any way. This is how you wake yourself up.

Relationship is the big testing ground. The master of us all specifically puts us into relationships as testing grounds to further awakening. In these accelerated times many beings will be required to enter relationship with someone who is less aware or of greater awareness for the express purpose of accelerating both parties. Are you willing to be tested to your limits through the grandest test of them all - relationship?

Many of us have had huge amounts of spiritual training in past lives, on other dimensional levels and planets. Training on the Pleiades; training with the Ascended Masters; training with the Melchizedeks; training with Ashtar Command and many other extraterrestrial federations. The task of embodying who you truly are is a process of awakening. It takes no training to be who you are, to be aware of who you truly are, but it takes training to manifest it here in this body to ascend this planet. This training takes place constantly: spiritual teachings, relationships, releasing limitation structures, balancing your bodies etc. - it is all an awakening process. This of course creates different awareness levels, we all wake up at different speeds depending on the work that we require ourselves to engage in for humanity. We all wake each other up. These different levels are necessary for this gradual process of awakening - it is part of the fun and the illusion of separation.

We are all teachers and students; we learn from our teachers and our students. We teach our teachers and we teach our students. There is always someone that has less awareness then us, and others with more. This illusion of separation keeps us growing and tests our resolve of maintaining awareness of divinity, who we truly are, eternal beingness, consciousness, existence, amongst all the chaos.

Our Personal Creation - Time & The Cosmic Day

Cosmic levels. Within the creation of All That Is, many beings were created at higher divinity levels, some refer to this as the hierarchy. They exist only in the higher heavens as consciousness, existence, spirit form and light body forms. They do not descend into the lower heavens of existence and experience. The lower beings are down the scale in the lower heavens, the more form they will have, their forms will be progressively denser with lower and lower vibratory rates, with "less divinity", or more accurately, less awareness of divinity, a lesser sense of self that they are truly one with All That Is.

Time. Time is a paradox, something that exists but does not exist depending on your perception. To continue with our exploration we must use this model of progression. Each one of our spiritual essences was created at a specific "time", at the creation of a specific universe for expression in that universe with a bias from that universe within the cosmic day. This designates our origin and our "cosmic age" within the cosmic day. This also designates our greatness based on wisdom and awareness from experience.

Cosmic Age. Some beings have been around longer than others, for instance, your father may have been around for 500 billion years. You, the offspring of this awesome being may have been around for only 500 million years. Someone else's father may have been around for 900 trillion years and they (their offspring) may have been around for 2 billion years. So in one sense, the older being would be superior, they have a much broader sense of self within the wonders of the workings of the universe. On a spiritual level they will be treated with higher honor, respect and authority from a place of superiority. But make no mistake, there is no judgment here, no egoic perceptions of separation, superiority in this case is factual, objective not subjective.

We were all created during certain times within a cosmic day. One cosmic day is the amount of time that it takes for everything to separate from the source, for everything to go to its maximum point of separation from the source, create all existence of all universes and levels of experience, and then to turn around and come back to the source, ascending the entire creation of All That Is back to itself. This is one cosmic day. Then another cosmic day starts.

So if you can imagine how long that it would take for that to happen then you would have imagined a cosmic day. So from God's perspective that's one cosmic day, from our perspective that is billions upon billions of years. During the time that everything is moving away from the source it is condensing, when it reaches 12 noon on the cosmic day and begins to move back to the source, it begins to expand. Planet earth was moving away from the source, that is why mastery of limitation was available here because the planet was condensing. Our information says that March 7th, 1988 was noon on the cosmic day for planet earth, that means planet earth is now moving back towards the source.

Now everything has its own cosmic day within the grand cosmic day. Many beings on planet earth have not reached noon on their own cosmic day yet. Many are still condensing. If you are reading this then you are a planetary transition team member, you have already gone past your 12 noon. It is your job as a planetary transition team member, now that you are expanding, to wake up your buddies by dropping clues that they are asleep and that there is something a foot, mastery of limitation is complete it is now time for mastery of divine expression.

Because planet Earth has gone past its own 12 noon it is now expanding, ascending to higher existence's of divine expression. Anyone that wants to continue living on planet earth must synchronize with the earth and its progressive expansion, its ascension into light (into a star), and synchronize with other masters that have a similar vision, synergetically co-creating the new civilization of light, Heaven on Earth.

So how is this all relevant to you personally? If you consider yourself to be a spiritually awake being, a light worker, if you recognize who you are, that you are a planetary transition team member, an expert at ascending planets, that you have surpassed your twelve noon and are expanding back to the source of All That Is, then you know what your job is, you know your status in the cosmic pecking order. This provides you truth of your beingness of who and what you are. It provides you the fact that you are a magnificent being, greater then you can currently imagine, and that you actually have creative control regarding the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth and the manifestation of this civilization of light.

The Awakening

Everyone is here for some reason. Some are here to just experience this ascension from mastery of limitation into divine expression, to experience expanding back to the source. These beings are the experiencers, they are not the transitioners. Everyone has their own experience designed for them for their growth.

Everyone has their job dictated by their spirits, the divine plan, their father's plan etc., some it is just to experience, to witness. For others that have already gone past their own 12 noon, they have another job. The job for the first half of the cosmic day for transition team members was to wake up. The job for the second half of the cosmic day is to wake up others. Now as transition experts we each have our specific jobs based on our essence and function and what we volunteered to do for the planet as far as transmuting certain dense energies.

So regardless if you are a transition expert or not, because of the position of planet earth in its cosmic day, absolutely everyone that is here on planet earth must awaken to the truth of their beingness. Everyone must allow the light to dispel the darkness. Form must be enlightened. Everyone must embody and activate their light body. If they do not, they cannot and will not survive the increased levels of light manifesting on planet earth.

For some it may take longer than others. It all happens in divine timing. Some beings do not have to transition, they can just awaken at the last minute. Some don't have to awaken at all, they can die and go elsewhere to further explore limitation. Others may be resisting change and are failing in their mission. The specific experiment of that soul is failing, that soul extension may need to be recalled to the factory of All That Is for servicing. Souls may recall soul extensions that are failing in order to channel full energy into soul extensions that are succeeding.

Some entities may actually be stuck in a human loop, unwilling and unable to awaken. Now when humans have been given many chances to wake up and still resist the light they will be recalled, and given a jump start. They may experience a near death experience, or experience physical or emotional trauma and loss to wake them up from their illusion. Or they may be abducted by ETs. We use ETs to wake you up you know? We even use the 'Men in Black' to wake you up. And naturally we use earth changes to wake you up. We will bloody use anything to wake you up to who you really are.

In the NDE, beings can experience huge changes and receive awesome mystical experiences. This is because in the span of 3 or 4 minutes earth time, we can take them to higher realms and even to All That Is to be shown the truth of who they are, and what reality really is. Dannion Brinkleys mystical experiences on other realms during his NDE in his book "Saved by the Light", is an example. And his experience and subsequent writing of the experience wakes others from their slumber.

Similarly, traumatic experiences like earth changes, abductions etc. alter peoples reality by forcing them to consider their mortality, their immortality and that the world that they have assumed was real is not so real anymore.

Epilogue - The Ascension

Regardless of why anyone thinks they are here inhabiting a body on planet earth, whether they are awake or not, transition team member or not, light worker or not, everyone is here for one thing - the ascension of planet earth to a star and their own ascension into an immortal body of light, and the manifestation of the new civilization of light, a society of pure love, truth and divine expression.

Within that is the knowledge and experience of being love, and learning about love. Everyone is here to learn about what they really are - love. This entire experiment has been about love. Limitation was accomplished by limiting the flow of love. Mastery of Divine Expression is accomplished with the free flow and allowance of love. Ascension is accomplished with love. The acknowledgment of who and what you truly are is accomplished with love because love is what you are.

The awakening and the ascension process is happening on a universal level. All involvement in any way with Earth has to do with learning about love. Countries, races, tribes, groups, and individuals are all learning how to love (within a human biological body) and that there is nothing but love. All extraterrestrial involvement with earth was to teach them about love. This is an experiment in cooperation. An experiment in love. This planet has many races from the far reaches of the galaxy. The entire genetic base of this planet is essentially extraterrestrial in origin. Each race arrived on planet earth at some time in earth's history. The star seeding began millions of years ago. Not many planets have such a diverse number of different races. There have also been many races, and species that have inhabited planet earth which no longer exist, they left, ascended, died or were destroyed.

There has been lots of ET interference with the genetics and the consciousness of the human species on this planet. All of this involvement (or interference, depending on your perspective), was for this experiment in cooperation, oneness within separation, separation within oneness. Within certain perameters of this experiment, (monitored by more enlightened ETs, Angelics and Ascended Masters), ET races have been allowed to do as they pleased. But all interference with expansion of consciousness and enlightenment of the species is now being curtailed. All negative forces are being asked to complete their missions of limitation, awaken to love, to the truth of their beingness, or go elsewhere to finish up and arrive at their 12 noon. Any further interference not sanctioned by the true powers of authority, will be met with extreme force.

Anyone who is not interested in Mastery of Divine Expression, who is still interested in denying their divinity and their love, who is still interested in playing the games and illusions of power, control, manipulation and other illusions of limitation will have to go elsewhere to play. Their consciousness will be recycled on other planets still densifying on the outer edges of the universe, or unexisted entirely.

The experiment is now ready for its next level - truthful, spontaneous, graceful synchronistic cooperation; the sharing of true vision of peace, a real shared vision of heaven on earth; for this is everyone’s vision whether they know it or not. It is All That Is's vision to manifest Heaven on Earth, a utopian society of Love and Light, here now. Since we are all part of All That Is, it is our vision as well.

But rest assured that this is an Unconditional Ascension, you do not have to deserve to ascend to ascend, just by coming here and experiencing life in a body you "deserve" Ascension, you have met all the eligibility requirements. Light Body awaits you, sign up now - Uncle God wants you!

All My Love,



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