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March 11 2011

Personal Will & Divine Will

Accepting your Divine Power and Authority

By ZaKaiRan

There is a divine plan for everything and everyone, a destiny if you will, but it is not written in stone, your personal divine plan or your divine mission, is guided by your Divine Presence, encouraged by this Higher Self, but it is not imposed upon you, because you have free will to deny, repress, resist or surrender to this Divine Plan, because you are not a puppet on a string being controlled by some vengeful god, you are God!!!! But you as personality/soul are just a lower dimensional vibration of God, until you align, harmonize and merge with the God Presence of your Being, then you are vibrating at a higher dimensional Group Soul God-Goddess-I-AM rate.

You also have a soul plan, a divine plan that you as an individual Soul wishes to experience, this usually expresses itself in the realm of relationships and life upon planet earth especially in relationship to other people, the earth, animals, nature, etc. The Divine Plan of your Spirit, is more globally oriented, group soul oriented, galactically, universally and multidimensionally oriented, but always oriented towards all of humanity, this is why you are here as a divine spirit, to help humanity awaken to their divinity and mastery. We are all here on a Soul Mission and a Spiritual Mission, one is more personal the other is more group consciousness or group soul oriented.

There is also a Divine Plan for planet earth that is directed by the divine hierarchy of Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Emissaries of Light, Christed Extraterrestrials (Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, etc.), and the Light plorkers (players/workers) here upon the earth. This is ultimately why we are all here at this point in time, to follow the divine plan to Co-Create Heaven on Earth together. And the more you are able to follow your own personal divine plan, the more you will be in tune with the Divine Plan for Planet Earth and her Ascension into the Light.

And what will assist you to connect to this Divine Plan in a more profound way, is to connect to your Divine Presence, welcoming this Divine Presence into your life every day, connecting to the Family of Light, Mother Earth, the Nature Spirits, etc., and being completely globally oriented, focused upon assisting all of humanity, not just your local tribe and family.

Being globally oriented is a natural state of evolutionary enlightenment. Entering higher states of consciousness is being more Unity oriented and always being interested in helping others. Even if you are focused upon helping yourself, it is because you wish to become so empowered and so prosperous, that you are able to easily, powerfully and gracefully help others become fully empowered and prosperous in their own lives!

Another aspect of learning and remembering how to Co-Create Heaven on Earth together is to accept and honor your Divine Power and your Divine Authority and to honor the Divine Power and Authority of others. This is often difficult, because most of us have wounds from past lives from being abused by power and authority, or even abusing others with power and authority, when we became disconnected from Love, Truth and the Light. So we may have a tendency to resist, fight or be afraid of all forms of power and authority, even if it is divine power and authority - these energies feel like separation, even if they are not.

So we must heal our past, forgive and let go of the past, so that we can discover what true power and authority is, not the false illusion of power and authority that has traditionally stemmed from unconscious feelings of powerlessness, helplessness and unworthiness. We must realize that these feelings are illusions and that we are truly Divine Power and Divine Authority, but not over others, only of ourselves, certain energies, creations and bodies of work that may be a part of our mastery.

Now the first step to connecting with your Divine Power and Authority is to enter a space of total surrender and vulnerability, this is a place of true power. Any energies of resistance or fear, will block you from this divine connection. There is no need to protect ourselves, because we are not victims to our own creations. Divine Power does not necessarily act powerful, certainly not in any way that remotely resembles power over anything.

The second key is to raise your vibration, expand your energy bodies and open your chakras, this will facilitate the 3rd key, which is to connect with your God-Goddess-Christ-I-AM Presence, the true divine essence of Godness that you truly are. Until then, you will be more oriented towards personal power, personal evolvement, security, etc., that is more tribal and blood family oriented.

There is no need to resist or fight against “authority” upon planet earth, the beings who wield the sword of “authority”, wouldn’t know divine authority if it bit them in the ass. These dear souls, are merely afraid that if they do not have money, power, real estate, corporations, etc., and control others and financial systems that ensure they always have a lions share of the carcass, then they will be worth nothing. Their unconscious fear is that they are worthless, powerless and helpless, so they act in ways that appears like they are worth a great deal and that they are sure of themselves and powerful, but nothing could be farther from the truth. But they are not our concern, other than to have compassion for their suffering, our concern is how to help everyone connect with their Divine Presences, so that they realize they are Divine Authorities of their own Realities, that they have the Divine Power to Create Heaven in their lives and the Mastery and Unified Ability to connect with their other broStars and siStars to Co-Create Heaven on Earth.

The 4th step is the alignment of your Personal Will with Divine Will. This is accomplished by honoring your Soul Mission as well as your Spiritual Mission, by connecting with your God Presence, and helping your Soul heal, so that you as Divine Soul, merges with you as Divine Spirit, then you have taken the next step of merging your Personal Will with Divine Will, then the Divine Plan for Planet Earth can flow through you without resistance from personal agendas, vows, agreements, programs, etc., which are always based in fear. This connects you to the energies of Divine Authority, which ultimately means that you have Divine Authority over your own life, to create the life that you came here to create and experience, based on your Soul Path and Spiritual Mission, then you become a Divine Authority in the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth, and how to accomplish this in the most powerful, graceful, easy and peaceful ways.

Infinite Blessings on your Journey of the Mergence of your Personal Will with Divine Will!


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