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Physical Health &
Light Body Assistance

by ZaKaiRan

Due to the stresses of today’s often toxic and depleted world, our bodies need the purest, most concentrated and highest vibrational certified organic, easily assimilable Super Foods, that are available to easily and gracefully with-stand the pressures and negative affects of life on planet earth, especially if you live in the concrete jungle. Also due to the increased levels of light we are encountering and embodying during these accelerated times of the ascension of planet earth and our ascension into immortal bodies of light, our bodies need quantum support and the most nurturing and nutritious foods and products available.

To support us on this journey of awakening and our transmutation to Light-Body, I have provided these Light-Body products and other supportive products to help you make these transitions/initiations of embodying your divinity with Grace and Ease. Because of abusive farming and food production methods; the use of pesticides, herbicides, genetic modification and chemical additives; the general mistreatment of plants, the land and the exploitation of food as a commodity, most “foods” today are fairly devoid of nutrition and lacking in life-force energy. And due to deforestation and pollution, we have decreased the levels of oxygen on our beautiful planet by 30%.

And our most important necessity of all, water, and our rivers are abused and our tap water mistreated with toxic chemicals such as chlorine & fluoride. Basically, everything that we need for our optimum health is controlled, manipulated, mistreated and disrespected in some way. But there is hope! We do not have to support the further destruction of our planet and our bodies! We have the power to make huge change on this planet! You have the power to make huge changes in your life!

And you can make this change by only eating certified organic whole foods. “You get what you pay for”. Good quality products often cost more because they actually have nutritionally beneficial ingredients in them and are produced in a more wholistic and often more “expensive” way. “Typical” products in normal retail stores are inexpensive because of quick profit driven mass production methods, synthetically derived chemicals and exploitative labor practices, with profit as the only motive.


It is an absolute must to ingest the most energized water you can obtain. All water is not alike. Alkaline water is the best. You will notice many water alkalinizers out there. Prill beads, apple cider vinegar..., also alkalinizes water. Rain water is the best water you can drink. Water that has hit the ground tends to become slightly acidic. Creek and river water is excellent as it is full of life and oxygen. You can see the difference if you look at the Dr. Emoto crystal pictures of water compared between stagnant lakes or rivers. I do not recommend drinking or even showering in water that has been abused with chlorine and fluoride, without filtration and energization. Reverse osmosis removes these chemicals, but doesn’t energize the water. You will have to energize the water yourself with Tesla's Radiation Harmonizers or other methods.

Please see my article Water and Food Lovergization and Dr. Emoto’s books and website on water crystals and other related links below. My other recommendations are fresh organic juices and Spiriulina (blue green algae), one of the most concentrated and Nutritious Living Whole-Food on the Planet!

Spirulina is a power-packed whole food that is awesome for Light-Body physical body support. It's nutritional profile is a compendium of nutrients containing practically everything your body needs, including: 8 Essential Amino Acids, 10 Non-Essential Amino Acids, 11 Fatty Acids, 12 Vitamins, 15 Minerals, 8 Pigments, 2 Lipids, 2 Sterols - In a Naturally Living, Easily Assimilable Plant Form. Growing naturally in mineral rich volcanic lakes and cultivated in ponds and lakes, blue green algae (Spirulina) is one of the riches foods found in nature. There are lakes in Africa where the algae bloom is one of the primary food sources for thousands of migrating birds, including the pink swan. (There is enough spirulina in Africa to feed every person in that country if it was harvested). Optimally you need to consume only ceritified organic spirulina and raw if possible as most spirulinas are produced with high heat which damages the spirulina cells. I no longer sell spirulina by itself, but I indirectly promote DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood which not only contains Spirulina, but a cavalcade of other wonderful ingredients.

A Clean Colon is a Happy Colon!

The majority of people do not get enough fiber in there diet. Even if you are vegetarian and eat only the best foods, it is recommended to continually provide your body additional fiber and also herbs that rid your body of parasites and toxins. And to do a serious clean out at least once a year or every 6 months. Your liver detoxes itself directly through the walls of your colon. If you have a clogged colon, your body will be unable to detoxify itself. So I highly recommend that you keep your colon clean with AIM Herbal Fibre Blend or other formulas such as Dr. Robert Gray’s colon cleansing formula. Additionally, we all need a healthy supply of beneficial bacteria in our colons and intestines, for proper food assimilation and to ward off Candida and other anaerobic/non-beneficial/putrefactive bacteria, spores and parasites...

Most probiotics that are for sale on the open market are relatively ineffectual. Often times the number counts of lactobacillus and other strains of beneficial bacteria are over estimated, and often they are dead by the time they get to the consumer. And in other cases, they were not cultivated in the proper medium and thusly not hardy enough to remain in your gut and set up a quality residence for themselves.

This is why I offer the best Pro-Biotics that exists: IN-LIVEN Certified Organic Probiotic Super-Food and FAST-TRACT Certified Organic liquid pro-biotic, the only certified organic pro-biotics in the world! The creator of these products, Czerral, has spent 30 years perfecting the most broad spectrum, hardiest and healthy intestinal bacteria for our consummation.

IN-LIVEN Certified Organic Probiotic Super-Food is a whole food as well as a probiotic, containing 18 Amino Acids, (including the 8 essentials), 26 Certified Organic living wholefoods, significant enzymes, 13 Lactobacillus bacteria (full spectrum), (approximately 40 million colony-forming units per gram), and a broad spectrum of essential nutrients.

FAST-TRACT Certified Organic liquid pro-biotic is an “extreme” liquid probiotic especially made to FAST-TRAC your internal bacteria to ensure a proper balance of intestinal flora for optimum health of your body and your elimination system. FAST-TRACT contains more than 265 million colony-forming Lactobacillus bacteria units per millilitre! It is especially designed for gluten intolerant people and those who have Candida, to kick their butts! The secret to good health lies in the friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract. A healthy supply of friendly bacteria reduces the levels of toxic pathogens that cause ill health. They also alter the pH of the large intestine, making it inhospitable to undesirable bacteria, moulds, mould spores and yeast, particularly Candida.

Liver Cleansing

I also highly recommend keeping your liver clean through regular liver detoxification and to do periodic parasite cleansing with Hulda Herbs (Black Walnut tincture, Clove powder and Wormwood powder), or other liver cleansing herbs and methods. (Herbal Fiber Blend takes care of most parasites, excluding eggs). I also recommend getting as much oxygen into your system as possible. To help in this regard I offer you NACLO2 (Stabilized Electrolytes of Oxygen). A very stable, concentrated and versatile oxygen delivering and detoxifying product. And of course, for fun, I recommend chocolate, preferably organic, and fruit juice sweetened, (Pleiadian food). (Health benefits of Chocolate). All of these and other supporting elements will greatly assist your body during these times of massive acceleration and the grounding of your Divine Magnificence.

NACLO2 is an oxygen product in a liquid form, where large amounts of Oxygen (O2) are bound up chemically with Sodium Chlorite (NACL). This oxygen is released directly into your body through your stomach when it makes contact with stomach acid. Aside from Prana, (life force energy), your body needs oxygen above all things, and lots of it. A healthy physical function depends on it on all levels. You can hardly get enough oxygen into your body these days due to the current depleted levels of oxygen on planet earth from deforestation, green house gases, air pollution, toxic water and toxic food…, all depleting our oxygen supply. NACLO2 puts large amounts of oxygen directly into your system, without having to deep breathe for hours on end to get the same effect. Our bodies are generally oxygen depleted, especially if you live in a city and have a stressful life. All diseases are anaerobic, meaning they thrive in oxygen depleted, acidic and toxic environments. This is obvious by the rampant amount of diseases on planet earth. You may have heard of the term oxidizers. There are good oxidizers and bad oxidizers. Oxygen, of course, is a good one. Oxygen and other oxidizers destroy pathogens which cannot exist in an oxygen rich environment. The oxygen released in your blood stream through drinking NACLO2, serves to detoxify pathogens and parasites in your system. There are many ways to get more oxygen into your body, including: exercise, raw organic juices, deep pranayamic breathing, ozonated water, ozonated air, and the most readily available and easily taken form, NACLO2. I highly recommend utilizing this product for general health and well-being and to assist with the Light-Body mutation process. And to assist with the dismantling of old dense patterns, structures and programs stored in your body. (Ozone is oxygen, but with extra electrons: O3, O4…. There are many powerful anti-cancer and disease therapies that use Ozone to purify the blood of pathogens).

For more information on Pranic Breathing from ZaKaiRan.During my path of exploration and awakening, I have studied human nutrition and function extensively. It is my humble opinion that the optimum nutritional requirements of the body cannot be met under normal circumstances with basic meals. You cannot eat enough of the right things to provide what your body really needs on a daily basis. Even with the sole consumption of only organic foods. This is why I am so driven to personally consume and offer for sale the most power packed Super-Foods that exist. The majority of these Super-Foods are Network Marketed because it is very efficient and much less expensive to get a product out into the world through word of mouth advertising. Network marketed products also enable us to obtain products at wholesale prices, that would not be available to us at these prices otherwise. So we are able to maintain our health much more inexpensively. And these companies and the network marketing business model, operates outside of the greedy, exploitative, corporate, profit oriented business model that is rampantly destroying our planet and humanities health and well-being.


Our bodies prefer complex whole foods in their natural energized raw state. This is the natural way that food and nutrition really exists and which is much more easily assimilated by our bodies and our individual cells for optimum health. And the most easily assimilated forms of nutrition is through plant sources, because nutrients in plants are already small enough for our bodies to use without having to break them down to huge degrees before they can be assimilated. This is where whole juices, powders and liquid nutrition sources come in.

Even though there are some excellent vitamins out there, especially those that are network marketed, I am not fond of vitamins in pill form, and primarily supportive of Whole Raw Super-Foods.

We need complex synergies of nutrients that all work together synchronistically. Most supplement pills are undigestible and unassimilable and just end up in the sewage treatment plants.

One of the best ways to get massive amounts of nutrients and life force into your body is via liquid nutrition products like Vemma and other live, Organic, easily assimilable, Whole-Food sources. Organic fruits and vegetables are alive, full of life force energy (Prana) and oxygen. Spirulina is alive and full of life force energy, (especially raw spirulina). Raw vegetable and algae powders and juicing, are great ways to get massive amounts of nutrition into our bodies to fortify them and bring them to an optimum state of health and functionality.

I totally recommend getting yourself a really excellent quality twin geared juicer, as live raw vegetable juicing is a really wonderful way to bless your body with massive amounts of life force energy, and easily assimilable vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and oxygen. 8 glasses of fresh raw carrot, apple and green juices is the backbone of the Gerson Institute, a highly successful cancer therapy. (Gerson.org). Wheat grass juicing is also extremely beneficial if you can grow your own wheat grass or buy trays from your health food store. (Information about Wheat Grass juicing is available from the Hippocrates Health Institute. (Note: the chemical structure of chlorophyll is very close to the chemical structure of our blood).

EMF & EMR (Electromagnetic Frequencies and Electromagnetic Radiation)

Additionally, I highly recommend protecting yourself from the harmful affects of EMF and EMR (Electromagnetic Frequencies and Electromagnetic Radiation) so that you are no longer negatively affected by these energies. All Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation are damaging to your body, so to assist you with this, I offer you Tesla’s Radiation Harmonizing Products. Tesla's Radiation Protection Products are Energetically altered Titanium Pendants, Phone Pags & Plates, to Harmonize the Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies & Radiation from Electricity, Mobile Phones, Cell Phones, Computers, Appliances, TVs, Overhead Powerlines, TV/Radio/Mobile/Cell Phone Towers.  Also, for Immune System Support, and to Harmonize Water & Geopathic Stress Energies, such as: Leylines, Hartman Lines, Vortexes, Radon, Nuclear Radiation, etc. and Underground Water. There is also a video about how we cleared all of the radiation from a farm that was irradiated with radiation from a power-line transformer that exploded from lightning, you can see that Video here.


I also recommend unifying/opening/activating your chakras and activating your Light body, so that you have a strong etheric body for this psychic and often toxic world. In this regard, I have offer the Unified Chakra Meditation, courtesy of Aliyah Ziondra, a simple yet very powerful meditation. I also recommend doing the MerKaBah meditation from Drunvalo Melchizedek, which is taught by myself and Flower of Life facilitators.

You are an awesome wonderful magnificent master of Love-Light!

You are a Child of God!

You are God-Goddess-All-That-Is expressing itself as you!

And you deserve the most Energized and Loving Products available on the planet to Bless and Nourish your Divine Body of Light!

Infinite Blessings of Divine Health on your beautiful journey of awakening and embodying your Divine Magnificence!


(For additional information about the light body mutation process see my articles “Mutation” and “Light body I”.)

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