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Poop your Way to Success!

by ZaKaiRan

The daily success habit of reading a few pages every day from a Self-Development book


I've recently shot 3 videos about the compound effect which is the success principle of doing daily habits of success that when compounded over time, build up to a mountain of success momentum. And one of those success habits is reading 10 pages of a self-development style book every day. And with this powerful success habit in mind…

Everyday, you spend at least 2-5 minutes doing your daily business on the toilet. So, that's 2-5 minutes where you could be reading 3-4 pages of a self-development style book, and using the compound effect, the Slight Edge principle, of doing little baby steps of success, every day. And even if have not other time in your entire day to read, by being a consistent and persistent reader, because you're going to poop anyway, and you might as well make that time valuable… by just reading a little bit every day, you could literally be pooping your way to success! And after a year you've read 2-5 books!

And every day, I read at least a couple of pages of a success book, and aside from my normal success habit of reading 10 pages a day in the evening or morning, I am literally pooping my way to success! And you can too! So, throw out those brain numbing magazines and grab a copy of "Think and Grow Rich", "The Magic of Thinking Big", "The Slight Edge", "The Compound Effect", "How to Win Friends and Influence People", "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind", "Ask and It is Given", etc. And POOP YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS!

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The Purpose of Life is JOY!

And the Basis of Life is FREEDOM!

And your life can be a charmed, magical, prosperous and fulfilling one,
if you accept your birth right of Joy and Freedom!  

Your life can be one of immense happiness, health and wealth, if you are willing to be coachable and teachable, and willing to apply the principles of success, on a daily basis!

You can be, do and have, whatever you want in life, if you choose to settle for nothing less than utter and complete Joy and Freedom!

What is your Dream? 

Do you want to inspire and empower people?
Do you want to Get out of debt?  Do you want your own house?  A new car? 

Is your dream to fire your boss, have your own business and create Financial Freedom for yourself?

Maybe your dream is to have Time freedom so that you can spend more time with your family and do whatever you want whenever you want? 

Maybe you want better relationships?  A more loving partner?  Or, maybe a lover?

Or, do you want the time and money to travel the world, and visit amazing places all around this planet?

Maybe your dream is to pursue a creative endeavor, like being an actor, or a writer, or a singer, or a dancer, or an artist, or a professional athlete…

Whatever your dream is…
you can be, do or have it! 

But you need to remember and apply the keys of creation to manifest these desires into physical reality. 

And you need a vehicle that will help you manifest your dreams.

And you must learn the keys of how to master the Law of Attraction. 

You must learn how to think positively with laser-like focus about what you want, not on what you don’t want.

You must learn how to follow your own infallible self-guidance system that will guide you the entire way to creating what you want in your life. 

And I am very happy to show you how to follow that infallible self-guidance system to manifest your hopes, dreams and desires, with a

FREE Guidance and Coaching Session!

Along with this free guidance and coaching session,
you will also be shown an absolutely amazing platform of Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment,
that will help you create the abundance you need,
to have the freedom you desire and help you achieve your dreams!

This offer of a FREE session, is also available on an on-going basis, but only if you are truly teachable and coachable!  And you show me that you are actively committed to creating the joy and freedom you desire, without excuses for why you can’t have it!

If you meet these qualifications, and you are truly open, teachable, coachable, passionate and committed to achieving your dreams of financial freedom, then I will support you on a long-term basis, with periodical free guidance and coaching, to BE, DO and HAVE, whatever you desire to create in your life. 

So, future champion, if you lock arms with me and you truly commit to creating the freedom you desire,
you will create a completely abundant, magical, joyful, healthy, happy, loving
and fulfilling life for you and your family!

So, if you want more out of life than working for 40 hours a week, for 40 years of your life, only to retire on 40% less pay than what you received while working…

And if your dream is to create a life of Fun, Freedom & Fulfillment,
where every day is a holiday
and you have the time and money to do whatever you want, whenever you want,
and all you do is pursue your dreams…

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And let's get you on the Road to Freedom!



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