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Ascension Tool of the Month - Aug 09

For your continual harmonization
and alignment to your awesome magnificence and divine mastery

The Power of Decree
“Stress Relief Decree”

For the release and healing of all aspects of your soul
that experience stress from life on planet earth, and past life experiences

The Power of Decree

by ZaKaiRan


What is a decree?

A decree is a very strong statement of intent, or more accurately, a statement of fact. When you decree something, it is an absolute, not just a possibility or an affirmation of creation. You can imagine a king or queen making a decree, and when s/he makes a decree, it is to be carried out absolutely and followed to the letter, by those who it is there responsibility to carry out and live by.

You are a powerful creative master of reality! You are creating your reality right now, and utilizing the Power of Decree, is an extremely powerful tool of reality creation. In the scope of creation and reality, the universe watches what you are focused upon strongly and gives you more of this reality, or rearranges itself to honor your focus. Positive, negative or anything in between, regardless, the universe will give you more of what you are most fascinated with.

When making a decree, you are making a very strong statement to the universe, that “this is so”! And so it is! If you say something with enough authority (and without doubt), then the universe has no choice but to rearrange itself to accommodate this decree (this reality).

Use of Decrees

Decree can be used for the release and healing of something, or for something new and powerful to manifest in your life. They can be used for the release of energies, programs, beliefs, vows, agreements, etc., that are limiting you or some aspect of your soul in some way, and for the manifestation of new energies, divine perceptions, or for the creation of supporting elements in your life, that will help you live a more prosperous, joyful, or masterful life. And you should use all the elements of creation at your disposal, including: the family of light (ascended masters, angels, archangels, Elohim, emissaries of light, etc.), elementals, mother earth, the ancestors, fairies, dolphins, whales, etc., to help you to create this in your life and energy bodies. (see my article entitled: “Creation Alchemy”.

But remember, a decree an absolute, something that is already manifesting, has manifested, etc.,. It is not an affirmation of something that you would like to create or that will “hopefully” manifest in the future. A decree is an absolute! It is being done now! It is being created now! It is manifesting now!!!!! It is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ascension Decrees…

…It is entirely more affective and sovereignly empowering to view "affirmations" and other invocations as formal divine decrees, commands, and powerful statements of intent, rather than some form of ego manipulation or pleading with God to grant you your desire. Don't just say affirmations from the old perception for God to “please have pity on this poor soul and grant me this wish to get me out of my rut”. You are Divine Manifestation! You are God-Goddess! You are Divine Creation! It is your command to your God Presence. It is your Divine request to the Higher Powers, to your guides, the Whole Light Beings, your Divine family of light to assist you in your divine mission, and the manifestation of everything you need within and without that will assist your mission.

Command them from the full power of your Divine God Presence, with the power of God-Force, Divine Manifestation… State your commands/requests as a fact, as a certainty, in full faith that it will manifest in its Divine timing and is manifesting now - it is an absolute certainty. With clarity and the absence of any limiting programs. Faith and trust in the divine is the key here. If it is your Divine Spirit's will for you to have this thing, it will certainly manifest in perfect timing in a quantity beyond your expectations (assuming there are no limiting programs, agreements, vows… limiting it's manifestation)

Your intent with these and other affirmations is the most important aspect to the power of their manifestation. You (with the help of your Spirit), are the most qualified and empowered to manifest these things in your life. All perceptions that anything comes from the world of form, rather than spirit, must be released. You (as Spirit) are in control of your life. So every aspect of it is in the hands of your Spirit.

…With this in mind, from my perception, it is beneficial to your awakening to say affirmations with powerful intent, with Divine Gusto, with "chutzpah", with the power of your Kundalini/Vrillan energy, with the fire of your spirit…, as a statement of your divine oneness with All-That-Is-God-Goddess-Creation, as a statement of Divine Intent and Divine Direction of your life and connection and basis of functioning in unison with the Divine Plan, and knowing that abundance and prosperity are your natural states and natural birthright. So anything can easily be made manifest, if it is in the Divine Plan for your mission and Earth Mission.

Affirmations, decrees…, are not intended as a new strategy of using divine forces to get you out of the struggle and lack in your life. Your intent is to basically go straight to Source and bypass all the muck and mire of the matrix of the ego. Your focus is on bringing (inscending) in the new world, the new civilization (heaven), the new you, Christ-Self, HumAngel - into this dimension and reality. So your focus is on manifesting the New - not on changing the old….

This Section: Ascension Decrees, is an excerpt from my book, “The Ascension Master’s Toolkit” available at: www.ZaKaiRan.com

Stress Relief Decree

For the release and healing of all aspects of your soul that experience stress from life on planet earth, and karma that is causing stress from past life experiences

By ZaKaiRan


By Divine Decree! With the full power of my God Presence, God-Goddess-All-That-Is, and the Universal Laws of Love, Grace, Divinity, Oneness, Compassion, Integrity, Forgiveness, Truth, Karma, Reflection, Liberty & Creation, I now release all stress from my body, and from all of my cells and from my genetic memory, that I have adopted, believe or allowed in my life, mind, emotions and body.

And I release all vows, agreements, beliefs, thought-forms and patterns, across space time and dimension, for myself, all of my souls and soul extensions, and my ancestral line that are supporting stress, or stressful energies. And I release all vows, agreements, beliefs, thought-forms and patterns that stress is real, or anything that is causing me stress is something that is real and so important that I should stress or worry about it, or that I need it, don’t need it, or it is lacking from my life.

And by Divine Decree, with the full power of my God Presence, God-Goddess-All-That-Is, and all of the Universal Laws, I now release all vows, agreements, beliefs, thought-forms and patterns that are causing me to be stressed by finance, or the apparent lack of finance, or apparent inability to manifest wealth or resources, or apparent inability to manifest anything else that I need for my mission, my health, well being, joy, happiness and fulfillment. And I release all suffering, physical, mental & emotional stress that has been caused from striving to manifest money or create anything else in my life that I need or believe I need for my health, wealth, joy, happiness and fulfillment.

And I release all self judgment, guilt or shame about having money, not having money, being “poor”, wanting money or things, needing money, manifesting money, working for money, having more money than other people, or that there is anything wrong with having money or being rich, or not having money or goods, or cars, or houses... And I am worth-less if I don’t have these thing, or because I am not “rich”, or rich enough, or have less than others… And I release all judgment about others having more money than me, or being rich and not using their money for good.

And I call to the Karmic Board, the Emissaries of Light, the Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels for your support, and I ask for divine dispensations, healings and karmic absolution for all aspects of my soul, souls, soul extensions and ancestors related to stress about money, relationship, sex, sexual orientation, jobs, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health, or anything else that has caused me or any one of us stress.

I call to Archangel Michael to disconnect all cords that are attaching me, or any of my chakras, or any part of me, any soul, soul extension or ancestor, across space, time and dimension, to past experiences where any of us have experienced any form of stress, pain, suffering or anything else that has caused physical, emotional, mental or spiritual stress.

And I release all stress caused by trying to be a good spiritual person, ‘moral’ person, nice person, gentle person, powerful person, confident person, athletic person, talented person or any other type of person. And I release all stress, guilt and shame caused by trying to do the right thing, or trying to not do the wrong thing, or say the right thing, or not say the wrong things… And I release all stress caused by trying to be a good mother, father, son, daughter, wife, husband, girl friend, boy friend, partner, lover, friend, employee, employer, student, citizen, man, woman, or any other identity or way of being in life on planet earth. And I release all stress that I have experienced, adopted or believed from the social consciousness of humanity, or any programs adopted or believed, from my blood family and ancestral lineage, and their projections of how I, or others, “should” live, act, think and feel, for the “family”, for our tribe, gender, community, country, religion, race, nationality or nation!

And I release all stress, guilt and shame, and anything else that has caused me or any aspect of my soul, across space time and dimension, mental, emotional or spiritual anguish, regret, pain or suffering, from any past life experience from any type of relationship, including sexuality, and being hurt by someone, or hurting others in anyway; being rejected, abandoned, betrayed, abused, killed or anything else related to individuals, friends, lovers, partners, wives, husbands, children, bosses…

And I now call to my beloved God Presence to create for me, in my life, the full and complete release of all stress in my life, and the healing and release of all energies causing me or any aspect of myself stress, and help me and all aspects of my soul release all vows, agreements, beliefs, thought-forms, patterns, contracts, programs, implants, energies, debts, people, places and anything else that may be causing me stress.

And God Presence, please help me and all aspects of myself, across, space, time and dimension, to release and heal all programs, beliefs, pressures and stresses of time, age, disease and other illusions, and help me and all aspects of myself, across, space, time and dimension, to connect to the divine flow of divinity, creation and the unified field of love, light and nature, and to divine timing, the divine plan for mother earth, and my personal divine plan, so that I may easily and gracefully activate my divine mission, embody my divine gifts, keepership, divine function, divine essence and move fully into my awesome magnificence and divine mastery! Here and Now!!!

And so it is! And so it is! And so it is!

Infinite blessings, blissings, serenity & divine flow!!!!!!!!!!



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