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Pranic Breathing

and the Ka/Pranic Body




Prana is life force energy. It is consciousness itself (also known as chi, tachyon, orgone, ether). It is life. It is light. It is the electron. Prana is everywhere in the universe, emanating through all the particles and energetic streams. On this planet it is everywhere, especially in everything natural. It is in the atmosphere, large areas of vegetation, rivers and large bodies of water.

Pranic breathing and prana in general sustains life itself, without it you could not exist. Pranic breathing is integral to activating your Light body. Prana actually creates your MerKaBah, (Lightbody) and in a sense is your MerKaBah, because it is light/life force energy.

Drunvalo Melchizedek says that prana comes from the sun, and I believe that he is not just talking about our sun but the great central sun of Alcyone. (The Photon Belt, our solar system and many other solar and star systems, all revolve around this great central sun located in the Pleiades). The photon belt would also contain this energy. But the sun gets it from Metatron.

Prana is the wave of Metatron. He is the creator of this energy, this “outer light”. Metatron is the garment of the Father. Metatron is the light of redemption. Prana is the breath of God. The electron is the key ingredient that creates life. The wave force and wavelength of Metatron is the key to our dimensional translation to higher levels of awareness. Metatron is one of the creator presences of YHWH for our universe. He is the creator of the electron. You must use the wavelength of Metatron, “which allows the Metatronic Physics of Light to operate within you.”–1

During other Golden Ages we naturally breathed prana. This is why we have a soft spot in the top of our heads as babies. This is where we would naturally breathe it in from, but pranic breathing is not a part of standard reality, so our bodies forget and our skulls harden and close up. But even though we no longer breathe it in through our heads and perineum, we still need prana to survive. We have primarily been taking prana in through normal breathing and the food we eat. As we have been eating less and less natural foods, and polluting our atmosphere, we have been ingesting even lesser quantities of this life force energy. This is apparent by the physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual disease that is rampant on planet earth.

The Yogis know about prana. If you have studied yoga, you would have done pranayamic breathing. But usually these breathing techniques are still done through the lungs. Most yogis do not know that proper pranic breathing is not done with your lungs, it is done through your pranic tube. Your prana tube is roughly the size of a fluorescent tube, it extends directly through the center of your body, through your pineal gland and your perineum. It does not bend with your spine. It normally extends one hand length above your head connecting you to your crown (cosmic) chakra, and the apex of your male tetrahedron of your MerKaBah. And it extends one hand length below your feet, connecting you to the earth, (your mother), and the apex of your female tetrahedron of your MerKaBah.

Depending on your level of consciousness, this prana tube can extend greater or lesser than this distance to just above the surface of the earth, a few inches or feet below, or it can connect to the very core of the Earth. It can also extend inches, several feet or several thousand miles above your head. This prana tube is also the pathway by which the kundalini energy or life-force rises from the base of the spine, up through the various energy centers of the body (chakras) into the crown, opening the being up to “cosmic consciousness”.

You breathe this life force energy up from the earth to your heart chakra, and down from the cosmic above into your heart chakra. It is a continuous flow. You reintroduce your body to this type of breathing that you and it has forgotten, so that your body will automatically breathe this way all of the time.

Breathing prana through your pineal gland activates this 4th eye, which looks up to the cosmic, which in turn alters your consciousness. This pranic/pineal center is the center of your consciousness. Breathing consciously in this manner centers you in a profound way. It also activates and balances all of your chakras thus creating balance. And integral to this is breathing to the heart center, shifting your focus from your solar plexus (the psychic and power center) to the love center. This is a shift from 3rd dimensional perception to 4th/5th dimensional unity consciousness perception, which enables compassion and understanding.

The heart center is your physical bridge of love between the physical and spiritual. It is your cosmic/earth grounding center, your love center, (but not your consciousness center, your pineal is your consciousness center). Center and emanate your love, feeling and expression here.

Mother earth is ascending up the chakras, from navel to heart on up. We as the species on her are doing the same thing. The MerKaBah meditation shifts you from navel (current human perception) to heart, where we are going. We will continue on up swiftly but first we must take care of the heart. This is in alignment with the earth. You can go higher if you are able now, but that is escaping if you are not directed by your Spirit (higher self) to go up higher. You are here now, be here now, be in time with the earth. If your higher self says to go higher, then go right ahead, otherwise be here.

Pranic breathing is especially useful during the magnetic shifts that are happening on this planet. Your body is essentially a bi-polar magnet. Around your body is a donut shaped magnetic field referred to as a “tube torus”. Down the center of this field is your prana tube, it is the central column of the magnetic field that is emitted by the physical body. The magnetic field of this planet is shifting to zero point. If you are not centered fully within your own magnetic field, not relying on the earth to stabilize you, you will stay centered no matter what happens.

Memory and awareness is directly tied to magnetics. Typically during major magnetic shifts, (pole shifts), everyone loses their memory and they forget everything, a devolution occurs. They forget absolutely everything because their consciousness, memory and magnetic field is connected to the magnetic field / memory of the planet. They essentially become cavemen.

There have been many pole shifts on planet earth. This has been documented by our scientists, it can be seen geographically and archaeologically. They have also been documented in many indigenous historical traditions and religious documents. Atlantis, Lemuria, the flood, etc. are a few examples. These pole shifts have been quite destructive because they were the result of a shift on the planet from consciousness to unconsciousness, from an age of light to an age of darkness. But the shift we are now undertaking is the reverse, it is a shift from unconsciousness to consciousness, (dark to light) and ultimately full consciousness within physical form. This shift is an evolutionary jump, not a devolutionary jump. It is an Ascension, not a descension. This is a consciousness shift and a conscious shift. You cannot ascend unconsciously, you must do it consciously.

This is a conscious evolution that is taking place on planet earth, a conscious ascension. All information that you need for your divine awakening is available to you. This information is paramount to this shift that is taking place. Pranic breathing, empowering your Ka body, and the activation of your MerKaBah maintains your conscious awareness no matter what magnetic shifts take place, there is no disruption to memory/consciousness.

If you are centered fully within your own magnetic field, not relying on the earth to stabilize you, you will stay centered no matter what happens. Your MerKaBah with its own stable magnetic field, replaces the magnetic field of the earth that is collapsing and that you rely upon for your time frame reference.

The majority of humanity on planet earth will experience this great shift in consciousness, they will officially ‘wake up’ as it were, even most of those that appear to be far from this mark. The current estimate is around 90%, and of course this figure will probably change. When we have shifted completely, there will be no room on planet earth for those who still wish to remain unconscious.

The Pranic Body

You have many bodies that are part of your auric field. The important one in this instance that is related to prana is your Ka body or pranic body. Prana interpenetrates both the physical body and this pranic body. This Ka is actually the source of the life-force moving through the first level of the physical field, the physical body. The Ka is sometimes called the spiritual or etheric twin since it is a duplicate of the physical body and its energetic fields, but at a subtler state of energy.

Without the prana moving through your physical body and amplifying the Ka, you would not be able to live. It is the very force of life itself. Development of this body will give you a tremendous movement to higher consciousness.

The Ka is crucial to raising your vibration to higher levels of consciousness. This awakening process requires life-force energy, and that life-force is generated through your Ka. Since this life force emanates from All That Is, you are breathing God. Breathing in this manner is conscious breathing, this is the goal of pranic breathing, where every breath you consciously take you feel your connection with All Life. You are consciously breathing this energy, this love, this life. Conscious breathing is breathing with God. Dolphins and whales are conscious breathers, their blow holes are the same as their prana tubes. Every breath they take is a conscious in breath and out-breath with the flow of life.

Living your life in an impeccably masterful way, utilizing Pranic breathing and other consciousness altering techniques, reinforces your life-force/Ka body. What you eat, what you drink, who you interact with, thoughts, emotions, perceptions (where you are in your consciousness), builds or diminishes your Ka. Deliberately accelerating this pranic body, ascends your physical body, and in turn ascends your consciousness.

How you draw in or do not draw in life-force (prana) determines how much energy is available to your organs and bodily systems. The Ka, determines the clarity, the power and the impact of your thought, and it also determines the quality of your emotion.

Pranic breathing keeps you emotionally and mentally balanced, as well as centered in your heart and pineal (consciousness) centers. It is especially helpful during these increased levels of light that create turbulent times and physical, mental and emotional reactions to this light. It is also helpful in dense negative situations. Situations with people that try to knock you off balance and trap you in the world of survival. In these cases, just stop and re-initialize pranic breathing, breathe in the prana to your heart center. You will be instantly spaced in, grounded in the cosmic and the earth, and not affected by dense energies or people.

Pranic Breathing

Initially stand, preferably on the ground with bare feet, then later you may do this siting comfortably. Regardless, you should be as close to the ground as possible so that your prana tube is in the ground. If you are sitting, your prana tube is even lower into the ground because it does not bend with your body, it stays straight.

Visualize and feel your prana tube that extends right through the center of your body, through the center of your brain, through your pineal gland, through your perineum, (just above your anus). It extends one hand length above your head and one hand length below your feet. Put your hand above your head briefly to see how far the prana tube extends. Look down to see how far this prana tube extends below your feet. (To visualize the width of your prana tube: place your index finger and thumb together to form a circle, this is the size of your prana tube).

Begin by breathing prana up from the earth through your prana tube to your heart chakra center. (You may draw in this prana coinciding it with the inhale of your physical breath. But be aware that prana is a constant in-flow, it does not go in and out). Feel this earth prana, the life force of Mother Gaia flowing through you and expanding your heart.

Now breathe in prana from the cosmic above your head, from the crown center. (You may once again breathe in prana coincidally with your physical breath). Draw this cosmic prana in through your pineal gland and feel it activate. Draw in this prana to your heart center. Feel the multidimensional, intergalactic, universal nature of this energy. Feel this cosmic life force energy expand you in a profound way, remembering your spiritual essence.

Now do them both at the same time. Draw in prana from below and above at the same time, up through your perineum to your heart and down through your pineal to your heart. Feel your heart expanding. Feel the complete balance that is created. Feel yourself centered in your crown, connected to the realm of Spirit, connected to the earth and balanced within your heart.

You now have a heart filled with prana. A prana sphere has been created. Now expand this sphere to encompass your entire body. (This is the sphere of Leonardo da Vinci). This prana sphere will penetrate and enliven your entire body and will activate your MerKaBah.


This is a constant flow. Do it always. Do it while your driving your car. Do it while you are watching TV. Do it anywhere, any time, any place, especially in situations of imbalance like public places where there are lots of mass consciousness control dramas and survival energies. Consciously breathe prana until you are naturally doing it always. Be a conscious breather of Divinity.

Now that you have practiced Pranic breathing with very specific instructions, the memory is now there of what to do naturally. Now do it in a more feminine way. Just relax and allow the prana to come in naturally without effort. Relax so much that your head droops down. Don’t swallow or anything, just relax and drool. Allow the prana to flow into your heart without thinking about it. Just relax, don’t think. If your mind won’t shut up, just watch it think. Allow the thoughts to just come and go. The key here is maximum relaxation. Allow for this experience. Just relax, let go of everything, and allow your body to remember to breathe.

Yours in Pranic Consciousness,

Prana Brother ZaKaiRan

References: #1 - “Keys of Enoch” by J.J. Hurtak. Other general references: “The Hathor Material” by Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene. And teachings from Drunvalo Melchizedek. For additional information about MerKaBah, please refer to my Light body books and articles. Also refer to Drunvalo material, the Flower of Life Workshop, and The Keys of Enoch.

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