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Prosperity 2 - Part 1

The Manifestation of
Prosperity Consciousness
on Planet Earth




This article is a direct exposition of the 4th dimensional energies that currently rule the consciousness of the majority of humanity and the financial world. Nothing written here is intended as a judgment, but merely as classification and revelation of truth. The trap here is to get caught in the matrix, thinking that any of this is real. It is our job to adopt an eagle’s eye view of this planetary predicament and soar above it, above this 4th dimensional enemy/separation consciousness, to a higher perception of Unity/Christ Consciousness. A 5th dimensional awareness and knowing that all is in divine order, victimhood is an illusion and everyone is taken care of by our God Presences.

The key to this Christ Consciousness perception is the heart. If you can see with your heart, you will see the divine perfection in everything, without falling into any traps of victimhood or judgment. Through the heart you are empowered within and you discover that nothing outside manifests without beginning within first. So the key to your prosperity is not what you accomplish in the outside world, but what you accomplish within.

I offer this article in Divine Prosperity, Cooperation and Unity.

Blessings of the Christ!


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Free Trade & Prosperity Generation

There is within the consciousness of all of humanity, deep within their hearts, the knowing and the realization that what currently functions as finances upon earth is not true prosperity, or even close to it. And also within the hearts of every being on earth, is the inner strength and divine power to actually create true prosperity for the entire earth. And within our DNA, is the blueprint of the “divine human” that lives and breathes true prosperity. But there are barriers to this realization and the main hindrance to this knowing is the “Lie of Unworthiness”. Most beings suffer from this illusion, which manifests as feeling “powerless”, “helpless”, “not good enough”, etc.

But radical change is occurring as the “Light Players” wake up to their mastery and truly begin to empower themselves by choosing to live a life they deserve by divine right. The financial system on earth that is also based upon lack/unworthiness, is dying, and will eventually be reborn as generous holistic cooperative system based in love, rather than fear. To facilitate this, humanity has been introduced to new systems of systems of trade and commerce that function outside of the normal system of greed, taxation and profit at all costs. A major example is direct trade using barter currency, such as the LETS system (Local Energy Transfer System). Other examples are in the form of Gifting Programs and Network Marketing aka Multi Level Marketing. Network Marketing is probably the nearest thing to prosperity consciousness that we currently have on planet earth.

Also along with this new orientation towards free trade and prosperity, is the re-introduction of Free energy systems and technology, which have been suppressed by the power junkies. Also gaining world wide support is Ethical and Interest Free Banking and Ethical Investing which will prove to be much more stable and profitable then unethical greed oriented investing. (Barter systems, ethical banking and finance website links are at end of this article)

I have always been interested in alternative prosperity oriented systems of finance and business, because I know that they are designed for the direct purpose of altering perceptual reality in relation to lack consciousness on personal and planetary levels. The success of these systems and the manifestation of general prosperity on planet earth, is directly reliant on everyone's acceptance of abundance and prosperity as their divine right as holy beings, the release of lack and unworthy consciousness from their perceptual reality, and the realization that all of humanity deserves, and has the right, to total abundance.

It is now an opportune time, due to the accelerated planetary vibration we have created, cosmic influences, and spiritual support, to create true prosperity and abundance in our lives, for planet earth and humanity in general. This will become easier and easier as humanity wakes up further and further to their Divinity and truly begin to see each other as brothers and sisters.

Through the years I have explored prosperity within my self and released countless programs and perceptions within my consciousness and unconscious, and helped my soul extensions, aspects and genetic lineage to release and heal the unworthy, lack, poverty, and spiritually related programs associated with these illusions, which manifest as greed, shame, ignorance and competition. I have been involved with gifting programs, and am actively plorking (playing/working) with network marketing, gifting/charity/tithing and divine service, to create change within my awareness and consciousness and create more abundance in my life and on the planet. (Similar to Network Marketing, and how everyone supports everyone else, if everyone on planet earth donated even a little bit towards the health and well-being of the collective, then all beings with less than us, could be assisted in large ways).

In my exploration of this paradigm of the release of lack/unworthy consciousness and acceptance of prosperity, and the interaction with others in relation to this, I have heard many responses, including one of my “spiritual” favorites, “In the new world there isn’t any money, so I’m not interested in doing these things.” I can certainly appreciate this point, understand it, and would even believe it if the people that say this are living in the bush somewhere totally away from normal society, whereby they do not have anything to do with money, and do not exchange money with anyone for anything. But if they are not, and are still working jobs, collecting pensions, providing services in exchange for money, and buying goods that they need for their well-being and survival, then this idealistic “spiritual” statement is just a reaction of resistance to their lack consciousness that has been revealed and evoked.

They are trying to somehow disconnect from the entire system to somehow make changes, which in theory and principle is sound, but impractical. We are still transitioning to this new world that obviously has not fully manifested in the physical sense yet. We still exchange money for goods that we need, and receive money for services we provide. And we need money to accomplish our missions and take care of ourselves. And the real fact of the matter is we need lots of money to accomplish this mission to get humanity on the true path of prosperity!

People who have said this to me have totally missed the point of these systems, and are really just reacting out of fear. Fear that they will be acting outside of the norm, in a reality “that is not safe”, and approved of by society. But it is obvious that society, and even the “experts” of finance, do not understand what prosperity really is. Free trade, profit sharing, LETS/barter systems and network marketing, are all designed to alter consciousness, to get us to open up to alternatives to the lack oriented system that rules money, so that we will function within our hearts and minds in prosperity consciousness. Then through many years of growth and awakening, we will no longer need to exchange money any more, because we do not play the games of worth any more and everyone and everything is honored as part of the wholeness of All That Is, and everyone just does what brings them joy. And everything we need just flows to us naturally, to support our missions. They are designed for continual flow, which is what true prosperity is, not the up and down glut and recession pattern of today’s economy, which counts on this pattern of lack and “prosperity” to create riches for the few. When we are operating at this level of allowance, everyone will just have what they need all the time because they have accepted abundance as their natural right and way of being, and because everyone naturally supports everyone else to have total abundance, prosperity and success. Then there will be little or no need for the exchange of money.

And even though prosperity and lack consciousness are both illusions, to some people, prosperity is a much more preferred one. And we are still dealing with a societally agreed upon reality where lack is the primary orientation, not prosperity, a reality that exchanges money because of this orientation, but also for functionality. And before we have a mass consciousness agreed upon reality where there is no lack any more, certain things must be done to manifest this preferred illusion with our personal and collective consciousness.

Gifting Programs and Network Marketing

One fascinating alternative of finance creation is “Gifting Programs” or money games (as I like to call them), which are played between friends to generate abundance, by adding new people below you, in an ascending cascade of abundance. I’m sure you have received emails or have been asked by friends to play these games. The traditional chain letter was the forerunner of these games, and many people have made large amounts of money from them. (One friend of mine made over $10,000 from one). The new versions are web-based. Many games have surfaced through the years with varying success. But interestingly enough, regardless of opposition, and claims of their “illegality”, they continue. Why do you think that is? It’s because some people are not interested in letting outside authorities tell them what they can and cannot do with their money, and because these people are no longer interested in the lack and control oriented financial system that rules today.

These Gifting Programs succeed as long as there is a continuous stream of new people joining up. But alas, often the games die, not because there’s any lack of people on the planet, not due to any fault in the system, or because they are “illegal” or “unethical”, but because of the lack of people willing to accept abundance as their God given right, to accept prosperity as their preferred reality. People who are no longer interested in giving their power away to the corporate slave factory. It is due to people following their fears and the propaganda spewed out from the corporate controlled media and “fair” trading organizations, that should be policing the real unfair business practices that steadily occur daily at the hands of the corporations, governments & banks.

Those people who have been brainwashed by the finance matrix, and those spiritually idealistic people who are denying their lack consciousness, will say that money games, or even multi level marketing, are illegal, immoral or unfair. Many are locked in spiritual vows of poverty and renunciation, and ruled by their beliefs and patterns that there is something inherently wrong or “evil” about money. Beliefs like: “being wealthy is not spiritual”; “power corrupts”; “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven”; “it is better to give then to receive…” - beliefs, patterns and illusions that must be released in order for them to realize the truth of prosperity consciousness.

But there is nothing dishonest or unfair about them, as long as all the details of what can and cannot happen are clear. There certainly is nothing dishonest about gifting money to people, which is what we are doing. This is our right to do as we please with our “hard earned” money, (hopefully no longer hard earned). And many people have resistance to giving money, in a similar way to having an inability to receive. We must be just as willing to receive as give, this is balance, and without it we have what currently exists on earth. It is a lovely feeling giving money to people, knowing that you are contributing to their financial freedom. And it is just as divine to receive as give.

It is puzzling, but not surprising to me that people will emphatically express their anger and disgust towards me or other people that are introducing them to gifting programs or even network marketing, especially since I know we are trying to offer them abundance. But unfortunately many people have been stolen from in countless ways and the cons continue, especially on the internet, but with our inner guidance, we can use our discernment and involve ourselves in projects that are in fact, beneficial to not only ourselves, but everyone. But many people do not have this discernment yet and so, in order to protect themselves, they will not risk spending any money or time on anything that is outside of the status quo. In their minds perhaps, where they live within their survival bubbles, they believe that if they follow the rules of the monopoly game, that have been laid out by “big brother”, they will be safe and secure and taken care of. Or at the very least, left alone and not taken to jail for not following the rules. Or be seen as being good because, “they did the right thing”, another pattern of proving your worth.

But seen as being good by who, God? God doesn’t care what you do with your money. No one in the entire universe cares. It is all a game, and everyone on the higher dimensions knows it. It doesn’t matter what you do, all that matters is what you do out of unconditional love and what you do out of separation and denial, for your own growth, or lack there of, which really only affects you - “instant karma”. Your intentions create a reality of love, inclusiveness, cooperation and prosperity, or a reality of exclusiveness, lack, competition and separation – simple as that. The fantasy propagated by the money matrix, is a promise of riches – the “golden dream”, and if I play my cards right, making the right deals and agreements, I will be determined to be worthy to receive riches. Or if I do not, and act justly, I will somehow be taken care of for this by receiving God’s grace. Both of these perceptions of reality stem from lack and are based in an illusion - a strategy to prove my worth to humanity or God. Then I will be taken care of because I’m good. But both are illusions, both are lies. God is not interested in playing this game, but HU-mans (god-mans) are very happy to play, and as long as you have something to offer the other club members, you have a good chance of receiving riches. That is, as long as you can continue selling your soul and scratching everyone’s backs. But as soon as you tire of this tedious game and begin slacking off, then you’re out of the club and your continued success and even survival is threatened. You are then thrown out of the cave to be eaten by the dinosaurs.

Obviously the current system of finance and business (busy-ness) is not in alignment with true prosperity. This system is not designed for prosperity, but for lack. It is designed for the select few to have most of the wealth, while others starve and fight for survival.

Sceptics may express how gifting programs and Network Marketing are “pyramid schemes” and “eventually people at the bottom lose out”… Well we already know why that happens. But they have no problem at all supporting the biggest pyramid scheme on the planet – the corporate business structure – whereby only the CEO’s, upper management and stock holders get any of the money and everyone else either gets barely enough to survive or nothing at all. Those at the bottom are doing all the work for the success of their masters, (and you thought slavery had been abolished centuries ago).

Does this sound familiar? It kind of sounds like the very reason people have refused to play money games or even get involved with network marketing in the first place - hmmmm, highly suspicious. But unlike the corporate slavery structure, gifting programs and Network Marketing are not designed this way. Gifting programs have a structure whereby when you arrive at the top and are paid by the new recruits, you are now out of the game, (or you are automatically recycled through again). Then everyone moves up as time progresses. So everyone has a chance to succeed. And you have the option now to take the money you have received and play again, supporting those people you sponsored, or they sponsored...

And in network marketing, everyone also has a similar chance to build their own “corporation” (cooperation), and for the income to continue infinitely supporting those who sponsored you, and your experience helps those you sponsor to create abundance for them. And similarly, when you have obtained your minimum required amount of sponsorees to create a solid team, the additional people that you get into the system, you put under your teammates to help them. This is the most supportive form of business that exists today.

My other favorite excuse is, “these games are all scams.” The truth is that the corporate controlled system of “commerce”, labor and consumerism that exists today is the ‘real’ scam. (Thank you Kuthumi). They are reacting as if you are trying to steal from them. Don’t worry about these people, they are just suffering from their past experiences and lives where people have stolen from them and they have given their power away, that have not cleared or forgiven yet. And they are falling for the old pattern of the illusion of victimhood. As if they did not manifest those experiences. As if they are not responsible for their manifestations, including the unwanted ones.

The real fact of the matter is that you are trying to help them, but some people do not recognize this because unconsciously they do not want to be helped. Some people prefer their suffering and victim consciousness, work ethic programs and spiritual superiority, especially when they get energy from it. This is one of the main control dramas that people use to get energy. But when people begin taking full responsibility for their lives and creations, and know their “worth”, which is beyond description, and their true essence of love, then they release their hold upon this illusion of victimhood.

The beauty of network marketing is everyone gets their own “pyramid”. Now I hesitate using that word, only because of the negative connotation that has arisen around it. There is nothing wrong with pyramids. The pyramid is probably the most powerful structure that exists on earth. It facilitates Ascension. But like any powerful object, it can be used for good or evil. In typical business, we know what it is being used for. In network marketing it is being used for prosperity.

(A pyramid is really an octahedron, (2 pyramids base to base). All the pyramids that exist all over this planet (Egypt, South America, Australia/South Pacific, China…), actually have another one just like it below the ground, either physically or etherically. This geometry is the next geometry to be activated in our light bodies after the star tetrahedron. (Actually it is contained within a star tetrahedron, or octahedrons make up star tets)… so you will notice that the top half of this double pyramid has the point at the top, and the bottom one has the point at the bottom. So the bottom is at the top. And you can see that this structure is infinite, and unlimited, just like all divine structures. It is ascending up and down. Or even those few at the point are supporting the majority that are in the middle. And those at the top are supported by everyone else - this is true prosperity).

But unlike typical business, which only has one extremely limited pyramid per company, with network marketing, there are infinite numbers of pyramids within the infinite giant pyramid that encompasses everyone involved with the company, and this pyramid can grow infinitely. And every individual is the CEO of his or her own pyramid; their own business; their own empire; enterprise, or family, within the big family. This is group soul work manifesting on the planet, through the medium of money - how cosmically sneaky is that? So just by joining, you have instantly ascended. You are instantly crowned King or Queen of your empire. How’s that for instant ascension? And every single person above and below you is also a king/queen of their empire. Does anything like this remotely exist anywhere in business today? No frickin way!

This is a beautifully designed system that facilitates the opportunity for those beings who are the building blocks of your pyramid of abundance, who are in your “downline”, to actually manifest more money than you, because they are a CEO of their own ascension pyramid of abundance, supported by their own building blocks, (depending on how large of a “pyramid” they and those below them create). (This is how the pyramids were built in Egypt, from the top down). And you are the building blocks for those who came before you and who can now support you from above. This possibility doesn’t exist and is not possible in the competition/lack/greed orientation of typical business. This is why there was so much resistance to network marketing in the early days of it’s inception, because it went against the status quo, it empowered anyone who wanted to be empowered, not just the aristocracy.

Through Network Marketing, even the lowliest peasant can grow rich. And the compensation plans of today’s Network Marketing companies are extremely generous. (I am especially impressed with OneGroup’s compensation plan. And their products are the most leading edge on the planet).

The beauty of the success of Network Marketing is the fact that those people buying the products are also marketing the products. This is the most efficient way to market something, the old fashioned way – word of mouth. Gone are the days of manipulative advertising. We know when something is good; we’re not stupid for Christ’s sake! And so we naturally tell our friends, and want them to be similarly blessed by these products. This is the nature of network marketing and is facilitating the easy creation and distribution of the best products on the planet, because of the low cost involved in getting the business started and running, and distributing the products directly. And the money that would have traditionally been paid out for advertising, distribution and retailing, is now distributed to those beings involved with the networking and promotion of the company who are doing this job naturally. This is also energy efficient, lessening the carbon footprint of typical retail and transport costs.

Another benefit of network marketing is getting your products at wholesale prices because the middle ‘men’, (distributors, retailers, advertisers…), are cut out of the picture. (“Never buy retail honey”. - Fran Fine). The other is you own your own business instantly with little financial and time outlay, and without the headaches and stress associated with a typical business.

Also, the typical hierarchy associated with business, is now non-existent. In Network Marketing, every single person is important. The success of the company depends on people’s involvement and promotion, and belief in the products. So there is impetus to make good quality products, unlike typical companies, who use advertising and manipulation to sell whatever crap they make. In Network Marketing, any one person can become “high ranking” in terms of how much money they are generating for the company (and themselves), due to their down line. So the day laborers, management and the CEO become one and the same. The design is brilliant! So brilliant that you can actually get a degree in Network Marketing in business schools today and the Network Marketing industry is growing exponentially every year. (And the organic industry even faster. Current world wide organic sales exceed US $50 billion per year).

I say again, does anything remotely resembling this exist anywhere else in the business or finance world? Not blood likely!

It is also the most responsible and ethical business practice on the planet, because every single person knows what his or her company is doing. And they know all the products they are producing and what’s in them. Can typical financial investors make this claim? Every single person is responsible for what is occurring within the company, and you actually have input into its practices, unlike typical business. Network marketing is the most ethical business structure that exists, because my success is dependent upon the success/prosperity of those people I have sponsored. And my support insures my sponsorees success, but at the same time, our businesses are independent of each other.

In typical business, the majority of people are in a powerless position. (Even the CEO’s and upper management are slaves to the system and to their greed). Your daily wages are dependent on daily participation, doing what management says you have to do, regardless of whether you want to or not, and regardless of whether it is beneficial to you or anyone else. Your creative input is minimal or nil. Your chances of promotion are also minimal due to the limited amount of high positions and the amount of competition involved, and your benefits and job security are also minimal or non-existent.

With network marketing, each person has his or her own business. Each person is the worker, the management and the CEO of their own company. As a “worker”, everyone above you supports you in your success, because your success means his or her success. And as the CEO of your empire, you support everyone below you, because his or her success is your success. Overall it is a win win situation. Brilliant!

In the typical business/job/worker structure, the return on your investment is typically microscopic compared to the huge amount of time and effort you expend. Your daily input is maximum and mandatory, with a maximum amount of time spent, but a minimum return. While in comparison, with Network Marketing, your return can be much greater, certainly in the long term, in comparison to the small amount of time and effort spent.

Money comes in without you having to directly do anything to “earn” it. The only place where something like this exists is the stock market. But of course, to play this money game, you have to gamble your money for possible rewards depending on the success of the company you are investing in. If the company dies, you lose your money, too bad, so sad… Sound familiar? Does this sound like those people who say that playing money games is illegal or unfair, and you could lose your money. If this is the case, then how come the stock market is “legal” and considered “ethical”. And how come interest on loans, and credit cards, is considered ethical. Yet those same people either have stock in unethical companies, or if they had the money to do so, would. And they happily buy products from these companies who use third world sweatshop labor to produce their goods, which pollute, and basically exploit everyone to bolster profits. And everyone has credit cards. (Note: Interest on loans is called “usury”, and is traditionally forbidden by many religions including Islam and Judaism).

Some businesses are restructuring their financial structure whereby employees gain rewards from the success of the company, essentially functioning in a similar position as the typical corporate structure – whereby the investors obtain profit dividends. This is creeping its way into the financial world, also manifesting more general prosperity on planet Earth. This obviously provides more incentive for people to work, and help the business succeed. But the multilevel and multilateral structure of network marketing is even more prosperity oriented. Similar to general prosperity consciousness, you wholeheartedly support the complete success of everyone below you, not only because you reap the financial rewards of this (their efforts), but because your hearts desire is for everyone to succeed, for everyone to embody their greatness and create abundance through the recognition of their magnificence and embodiment of their divine power.

The business finance structure of today is completely inequitable – it creates haves and have-nots. It creates classes, hierarchy, poverty and environmental devastation. It breeds competition and destruction because financial gain is only possible through the exploitation of people and resources. In typical business, you are plain and simply a slave, the company you work for owns you. Your time is not your own. Your survival is dependent on them favoring you. And you have no power. Unions sought to reclaim this power for the workers, but the greed mongers have chipped this power away. With network marketing you own your own time, you are your own boss and you have the power.

Typical business/financial success is accomplished through the maximization of the benefits of all those at the top, by minimizing the benefits of everyone at the bottom. This is called “leverage” in the world of business, or “the ability to receive income and assets from the efforts of others”. Thus, the “necessity” of the creation of sweatshop and minimum wage labor, which of course is completely unethical, unjust and unfair, and by rights, should be illegal.

True prosperity consciousness only exists in a financial structure whereby everyone has the same benefits and possibilities of financial gain. This is the true definition of a democracy. But we do not live in a democracy; we live in a mobocracy, where we are bullied by the ruling mob in power, to do what they say. (Please see the article: “The Difference Between A Republic and A Democracy”
By Michael Ruiz - http://www.glock20.com/Difference_Between_A_Republic_and_A_Democracy.htm)

In network marketing, anyone has the same opportunity to become as rich or richer than anyone else. This is real leverage, and still means “the ability to receive income and assets from the efforts of others”, but in this case, not through exploiting them, but through supporting them. And this is the ultimate leverage because it was accomplished with a minimal amount of personal effort that supports everyone.

In typical business, your leverage, or success-ability is dependent on you having power, and outselling the competition. This used to be accomplished through creating a better product, but not any more. This is why advertising is used to convince people that they need it and it is better than something else, whether it actually is or not. And they rely upon our lack consciousness and unworthiness to buy whatever product is the cheapest or the most glamorous. Thus, our lack orientation and lack of self esteem, serves to support the exploitation of our fellow humans.

Self Worth and Comparison

Advertising is a big con (confidence) game. Advertising works because we compare ourselves to others that appear to be more fortunate than ourselves, it works because humanity believes in the lie of their own unworthiness. You are manipulated through glitz and glamour, through the lure of success, beauty and sex. Pandering to your fears and beliefs in your own powerlessness, poverty, ugliness, undesirability, and lovability. All lies capitalized on and propagated by the power junkies for millennia. All designed to steal your energy and power, to manipulate you to spend all of your time accumulating wealth and toys and people and lovers…, in a futile attempt to deny, repress or resolve your suffering from these feelings. But of course it does not work, because these feelings of unworthiness, powerlessness…, are total illusions. So you are trying to resolve something that is not real. And by trying to resolve these feelings, you are implying to the universe that they are real, so the universe keeps giving you more of it. No wonder it is impossible for most people to succeed and manifest abundance.

All of societies woes are linked to these illusions of unworthiness… All of the competition, lack, territorial, greed and sex orientation, all stems from these lies and a strategy to deny, repress and resolve this suffering. Advertising capitalizes upon this, to convince us to work and strive and fight to be “greater”; to not feel less than; to not feel our ‘unworthiness’. And wars are fought for the same reasons, to prove we are better than others.

In true prosperity oriented business, there is no need for manipulation through advertising. All that is needed is to make the products available, and if the product is good, word of mouth advertising will take care of it’s promotion naturally. Word of mouth advertising is accomplished by people speaking from their hearts, (hopefully); because they truly feel that the product is worthwhile and beneficial. If you discover a good product that benefits everyone, you naturally desire for others to discover this product for their benefit. This is why the best health products on the market today are not typically sold in stores, but through network marketing.

With today’s “real” companies, that are typically network marketing companies, their products are selling themselves, not because people have been brainwashed to believe they are good but because they are that good. Network marketing is not run on fear but hope. You also have real security because you know how good the products are, you know the success of the company, and your success is assured. With network marketing you have your own business, which is supportive of others and supported by others. And hopefully the product itself is also supportive to everyone, including the environment. And network marketing companies do not need to sacrifice quality to compete in the price war that all corporations are engaged in.

In prosperity consciousness you do not compare yourself to others because you know you create your own reality. You know that your perceptions of self and reality is what creates your abundance, or lack there of, and strategizing and manipulating yourself or others, to get what you want, does not create abundance, only more lack.

In regards to other beings who you seem to have less than you and you desire to help them, I respond with this, “the best thing you can do for the poor is not be one of them”. (Thank you Reverend Ike). So you can let go of your limited perceptions that having money or being rich is some how evil or corrupt. Think how much good you can accomplish if you are rich. How many people, you can not only donate money to, but how many people you can help to help themselves, through your energetic and financial support, and by helping them create their own financial support structure.

Like life on earth, and ultimately the Universe, my success and your success are forever intertwined. If you do not prosper, then I do not prosper. This is why many money games have often failed, not because of any fault in the system or because they are some how unethical, if that was the case, then corporate business should be failing. The reason they have failed is solely because people generally do not believe they deserve abundance and they give their power away to those who say what they can and cannot do with their money. And those people who are involving themselves in Multi Level Marketing and playing money games, believe, or have a desire to believe, that they deserve and can create prosperity and abundance in their lives. They are making the effort to create change for themselves and for planet earth. They have made a choice. Most people have made no choice, and making no choice is choosing lack.

Of course some people are capitalizing on the financial structure of Network Marketing mainly out of their own lack orientation, a strategy to try to get themselves out of their rut, and are potentially less interested in the products than money. Their motivation is similar to those who work jobs. Regardless, the result is the same and a shift in consciousness is inevitable. If you believe in something, then the money takes care of itself. I am not interested in supporting any company that is not prosperity oriented and produces any product that is not completely beneficial and certified organic, regardless of my possible financial gain. My life is about regaining my soul, not selling it.

Typical business is competition and territorial oriented; its success depends upon killing the next guy. It is caveman mentality. The whole nature of competition is unsupportive to the collective and is thankfully becoming redundant. Everyone is fighting to climb to the top, to get his or her share of the carcass. In this old paradigm, you unconsciously or sometimes even consciously do not want others to succeed, so that you can. In Network Marketing you have no desire to ascend to be bigger or greater than someone above you, your only desire is for the success of everyone above you and below you - you want everyone to win. This is prosperity consciousness!

In Network Marketing, competition is futile and unnecessary. Territories do not exist, because it is a global market, and you don’t have to sell products directly. If your orientation is anything other than a desire to empower others, then you are operating in competition/enemy/cave-man consciousness. In the world of prosperity consciousness, the new civilization of light, love, cooperation and abundance, that we are creating, true wealth is only possible for those who empower others. Therefore you only involve yourself in collectively supportive and cooperative endeavors. The new prosperity business structure is a ‘cooperation’, what corporations should be: a single entity created by individuals, all supporting the collective benefit of the entire group. The new corporation/cooperation is humanity plorking (playing/working) as one - not everyone killing themselves for the financial success of the company owners, CEO’s and stockholders to receive the crumbs from the table.

Prosperity is your Divine Right and Natural Way of Being!

Accept and Honor this Fact!

You are Divine Abundance!

I AM Divine Abundance!

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

Blessings on your Journey of Divine Prosperity,


P.S. let go of your work ethic – adopt the new paradigm – the Play Ethic!

Continued on Part 2

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