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Prosperity 2 -
Part 2

The Manifestation of
Prosperity Consciousness
on Planet Earth




This article is a direct exposition of the 4th dimensional energies that currently rule the consciousness of the majority of humanity and the financial world. Nothing written here is intended as a judgment, but merely as classification and revelation of truth. The trap here is to get caught in the matrix, thinking that any of this is real. It is our job to adopt an eagle’s eye view of this planetary predicament and soar above it, above this 4th dimensional enemy/separation consciousness, to a higher perception of Unity/Christ Consciousness. A 5th dimensional awareness and knowing that all is in divine order, victimhood is an illusion and everyone is taken care of by our God Presences.

The key to this Christ Consciousness perception is the heart. If you can see with your heart, you will see the divine perfection in everything, without falling into any traps of victimhood or judgment. Through the heart you are empowered within and you discover that nothing outside manifests without beginning within first. So the key to your prosperity is not what you accomplish in the outside world, but what you accomplish within.

I offer this article in Divine Prosperity, Cooperation and Unity.

Blessings of the Christ!


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The Next Step for Planet Earth’s Evolution - The Redistribution of Wealth

Very few individuals control the majority of wealth on planet earth, while the majority of the world lives in enslavement and poverty. It is now time for the transmutation of the monetary system on planet earth, and the redistribution of wealth to do this, we are now creating our own channels of receivership that do not rely on the old world’s manipulative channels. Eventually all greed systems will fail due to lack of support and the realization that hoarding of wealth is not only unnecessary but also detrimental to everyone.

The current mass consciousness reality on planet earth is solely based on the lie of unworthiness, and its inherent illusionary symptoms of competition, survival, power and control. Society, and especially the organizations that control this society, do not want general prosperity on planet earth, because then they could no longer play their games of power, control, greed, exploitation and profit. They do not want you to be prosperous, they want to be richer than you, (and the majority of humanity), so that they can feel better than you, and experience more worth then you. From typical humanity’s perception, if you become rich or succeed in any way, then you’re getting more of the carcass than them, their self adopted illusion of unworthiness is evoked and they feel lesser then you. So for general prosperity to manifest on planet earth, everyone must give up his or her illusions of unworthiness.

The corporate governmental systems are solely supported by consumerism and taxation from the lower and middle classes. The financiers and their corporations pay little or no taxes because their buddies, the “exploiticians”, have designed a taxation system that protects the rich and taxes the poor, just like the old days of the aristocracy. Humanity is locked into this system of greed that steels every ounce of energy you have and gives nothing in return.

From the corporate governmental perspective, if you become wealthy, knowledgeable, and empowered, if you realize that working "for a living", (killing yourself in order to survive) and especially paying “income” tax, whereby one third of your labor is given to the government as involuntary servitude, (slavery), you will no longer support this greedy system of power and control. And if you and everyone ceases to pay income taxes to a corrupt governmental system, and refuses to support the greed structure of corporations and world banks, in favor of self-sustainable technologies, business and finance - then their empire crumbles.

(Income tax: I was taught that slavery was abolished on planet earth, but that is a lie because it goes on every day. The true definition of “income” is: “profit received from business venture”. Money received for labor performed is not income; you have received no profit, only wages for your labor or service. Taxing someone’s labor, whereby you receive no direct compensation for this labor is involuntary servitude, also known as slavery, which of course is immoral, illegal, unconstitutional and unconscionable. In the United States and Australia, income tax was illegally and sneakily passed by legislature. And of course is forced upon the laborers, not corporations, the only one’s who should be paying ‘income’ tax.

This civilization that functions based on these illusions is dying. The force of evolution is upon us. We are evolving spiritually as a species to realize that we are all part of the wholeness of All That Is, and if we all work together we can all live in a world of prosperity instead of poverty and greed.

We who are ready for this change, are making that shift now directly in our personal lives. This is how this new civilization of love and light is manifesting - by our choice for it now! Our desire is to live in a reality and civilization that cooperates, instead of one that fights to have more than the next guy. A reality where we recognize the divinity and sacredness in everyone and every thing, and we realize that there is more than enough resources for everyone to go around if handled wisely. A reality where we realize that everyone is our brother and sister, and they all deserve total prosperity.

Everyone is a divine being. Everyone is part of the wholeness of All-That-Is. It is everyone's divine right to have as much prosperity and abundance as they desire. All it takes is to release everything that says, “I do not deserve it”, then a steadfast desire to have it, not to feel better about yourself by having it, but to accomplish what you came here to accomplish as a soul. Then realize your creative power and surrender to the will of your Spirit, and accept prosperity as your Divine Right and natural way of being.

Heaven on Earth is Manifesting NOW! It is time to WAKE UP to Who You Truly Are!

It is now time to release all of your perceptions of reality that are based in lack and competition. The illusions that say you are not worthy of wealth; that money is evil; that you have to work for a living; that you cannot receive money for doing nothing; that you have to provide for yourself; that you have to pay taxes, etc.

You must realize that all reality is perceptual and is as you decide it to be. It is time to shift your reality to realize that everyone deserves to have all the love, joy and prosperity that they can handle. You must cease perceiving reality as humanity does and see it how it truly is. You must see the world from your own divinity; from love; from your truth; from your vision of Heaven on Earth. Your steadfast loving vision of the world changes that world, it forms it into the beauty that it can be and truly is, for you are a powerful divine force of creation.

If you are introduced to any true prosperity generating systems, such as gifting programs, network marketing or affirmations, techniques, karmic healing, etc., whether you participate or not, you have manifested for yourself an opportunity to engage with or deny your own perception of reality, and planetary consciousness, in relation to self worth, money, resources, poverty, lack, prosperity, abundance and your allowance to receive love in your life.

You may react in many ways, coming up with all kinds of excuses not to participate. But no matter what excuse you give, (especially if you react harshly), most assuredly it will be a reaction based on resistance to the lack that has manifested in your life, and your inability or un-desirability to change this situation. It will be based on the knowing that a great deal will be required of you to release your lack consciousness and accept prosperity in your life.

You will have to reject this old world of "security," where everyone co-dependently manipulates each other to get their share of the carcass, in favor of a new and unknown vision of prosperity. Deep down you know that you will have to accept your divinity and realize that you are a sovereign entity that does not need to rely on the society of competition to provide for your survival, prove your worth and lovability, or to determine for you what is real.

The Healing of our Prosperity Consciousness & the Creation of Light Centers

Prosperity generating systems were ultimately designed by the I Am Presence with the express purpose of shifting humanity away from a competitive orientation, which manifests as scarcity consciousness, to an expansion of awareness, which manifests as prosperity consciousness. This is accomplished by circulating energy in cooperative community via the free circulation of gifts in the form of monetary resources and love.

For the pathway cutters who are participating in these systems and giving divine service, it is providing them with an effective means of empowering themselves. Self-empowerment is essentially a process of expanding your consciousness from a relatively limited individual state of being to a more unlimited universal state of being; whereby you naturally cooperate with everyone and generously help your brothers and sisters of the light have what is theirs by divine right. The ultimate purpose of this transition process is to transform the informal network of dedicated Light Workers into a fully mobilised global community of empowered Harmonizers.

The I Am Presence and the multi-dimensional Councils of Light (including the, Ascended Masters, Angels, Melchizedeks etc.), are facilitating the self-empowerment of all dedicated Harmonizers who are ready willing and able to align with the Divine Plan for the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth. And part of this plan is the funding of Light Centers throughout the world in miraculous ways.

We can now manifest the prosperity for which we have been yearning, so that we can actively co-create the Global Community Network of Light Centers, which we have long been envisioning. It will also create the resources necessary to produce wholistic, spiritually oriented, self-sustaining technologies that will assist all of humanity.

The ignorant, scared, powerless corporate controllers, have been enslaving us with their power games for long enough. It is time for us to take our power back and start playing our own games with the resources that God has given us. It is time to start using the resources on planet earth for the good of all, rather than to just satisfy the ravenous appetites of the money hungry few, that are hell-bent on denying their suffering of separation through greed.

This energy of prosperity that we emanate and live our lives by, will entrain humanity to this higher reality. Eventually everyone will realize their union with God and accept this love into their lives. Prosperity and cooperation will become our common reality, instead of lack and competition.

By healing your consciousness around prosperity and participating in these prosperity oriented systems of finance, we are telling the Universe, “I am ready to receive the Love and Abundance that I deserve and is mine by divine right - and I want it now! As our good friend Jeshua once reminded us, "Ask and Ye shall receive, give and it shall be given unto you”… It is obvious by our participation up to this point that we've made that choice, because we have asked and have already received the answer by the manifestation of these channels of love and energy. It is now a choice to continue saying yes and participating with our full creative power and enthusiasm. When you are in enthusiasm, you are in God-Consciousness.

(Enthusiasm, n. intensity of feeling or interest, great eagerness. [French or Latin from Greek (entheos - inspired by god). Similar to en-theo-ism, [Latin; in god consciousness].

We are now in a time of choice which the Bible refers to as "the dividing of the ways," which is the choice between love and fear. Those who choose love will experience this transitional period as a time of celebration, a magnificent unfoldment of beauty, joy and love. Whereas those who choose fear, who hang on to their illusionary identities and “reality” of competition, power and control, will experience it as a time of tribulation as their "secure" world crumbles before them.

All reality is perceptual; this is a universe of free will, our gift from God. We are solely responsible for our own experience of life. Your reality is how you perceive it to be, and the manifestations that exist in your life, are formed by your attention, fascination, intention, choices and actions, based on this perception.

Our world functions exactly as the mass consciousness perceives reality to be. Our choices are very simple, we can choose love in our lives or we can choose fear. We are given the complete freedom, and co-creative control, to live in hell or to live in heaven. Which is your preferred reality?

The truth is that you have everything to gain and nothing to lose except your 3rd dimensional poverty consciousness of separation, competition and scarcity, which you have been using to limit yourself. The time of limitation is over; it is now time to live a life of Divine Expression.

Greed/Lack and Prosperity

Certain government and business organizations have attacked money games and other free enterprise systems, claiming that they are illegal, but of course legality is dependent on your perception of reality. These organizations are the ones who make the laws, so they can determine that spitting on the street, or anything for that matter, is illegal if they choose to. And we all know how many ludicrous laws have been passed. (75% of people in prisons are there for drug offences).

They count on fear and dis-information to keep control of their empire. They act like good Samaritans, but in reality are wolves in sheep’s clothing. These organizations are not concerned about unfair business practices, if they were, they would be investigating the very system that they operate within. They would be investigating their own departments; the government that employs them; taxation departments; every huge corporation; the stock gambling system; the oil industry; the car industry; the timber industry; the agriculture industry; the fishing industry etc., and the entire business and economic system of every country in the world, who take all the resources from our mother, from our own countries and communities, reaping trillions of dollars in profits every day, and giving little or nothing in return.

They would have to question the unfairness of taxing the average persons labor, while huge corporations and individuals running these conglomerates pay next to nothing in taxes, when they should be the only one’s paying taxes. The entire economic and political system is unfair, poisons our planet, and us and steals from us every day, yet no one really confronts that fact. I’m certainly not receiving my monthly check for the kazillions of dollars reaped, or should I say raped, from the huge coal fields and gold mines in Australia, or from the beautiful virgin trees that are cut down from my forests and sold to foreign countries. And I’m certainly not getting any money for allowing the oil companies to drill into my mother and take her oil. And I’m sure not getting any money from the killing of my whale and dolphin friends…

Playing money games (gifting programs) is a new form of wealth creation. It is a cooperative circulation of resources. It is completely outside of the system of lack and worth. This is why not exchanging anything for money is perfect, it is outside of this standard operating procedure of trade for worth, an old world perception. But integrity is the key, like all mutual exchanges, they must be done from a reality of prosperity consciousness, rather than lack consciousness. Free enterprise, network marketing, cooperative business, and community oriented barter/exchange systems, promote independence and free will. Governments do not generally promote free will, freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Taxation and “Fair” trading organizations have a bias towards corporate/governmental support and control. Their job is to keep everyone supporting this system of greed, a system that counts on everyone’s support to keep it running. By operating outside normal channels we no longer support this system of greed and corruption. Corporate/governmental/political/commercial organizations are not typically interested in fairness or ethics, only in making sure that the greed oriented system of money exchange happens within their rules, to support their system of power and control.

If fairness was really a concern, they would be cracking down on gambling which plays upon peoples weaknesses and desire to get out of their dismal lives, where your odds of winning are next to impossible, and are totally biased towards providing huge profits for the corporations and government structures, but provide very little if any benefit for the common human, (which the government is supposedly representing). Your chances of “winning” in money games is a million times greater than your chances of ever remotely winning at gambling in any form, including trading stocks or playing the lottery.

The economic system on planet earth today is not based in prosperity but lack. It is based on a hierarchical system whereby the powerful control the wealth and the masses struggle for the scraps that fall from the table. They allow just enough to trickle down their hierarchically controlled pyramid, to keep everyone in debt, so that everyone’s attention will be on paying their bills and feeding their family, and have no time to be creative, spiritual and philosophical and think about the oppressively corrupt system they are supporting.

People generally believe that their country is democratic, but they are deluded by propaganda of the oligarchicly controlled system supported by greed and corporate special interest. A democracy is a government, as was intended by our forefathers in the United States, whereby the power is held “for the people and by the people”. But clearly the power and control of our governments are not held in our hands but in the hands of the greedy corporations, politicians and financiers. The people’s interests are not any real concern for these ‘powers that be’, their only desire is to keep us enslaved and supporting their system of corruption and lack.

This system of control counts on the ignorance and complacency of humanity. It counts on everyone not questioning the status quo reality, or making waves. It counts on you following their rules of their dishonest game. It counts on your timidity and your non resistance to authority.

A Question of Freedom and Empowerment

Plain and simply this is an issue of freedom and empowerment: freedom of speech; freedom of action; freedom of thought, and the empowerment of humanity to make their own choices and create with their own divine power without interference from outside sources of control. The corporate/governmental powers want to dictate what we can and cannot do with our money, with our bodies, and ultimately with our lives. They want to limit our freedom to act as responsible free citizens, because their lack oriented system is based on subjugating the masses, on keeping them supporting their system of corruption. They do not want us peasants to empower ourselves by playing with money the way the aristocracy does, because they’re the only ones allowed to play with money, we’re just supposed to work our jobs, pay our taxes and shut up.

As soon as humanity empowers themselves by accepting prosperity consciousness as their preferred reality and deciding that they will do what they want with their money, regardless of what anyone dictates, cooperative financial systems will succeed beyond our wildest dreams and be one of many sources that will foster general prosperity for all of humanity and for planet earth.

We must not see outside forces such as the government, tax departments, banks and corporations as being the enemy, because deep down everyone is good, pure and divine, and everyone wants to do the right thing. Eventually everyone will come around to the truth and remember they are love and prosperity that we are all one, and “big brother” is just a manifestation of societies doubts and fears. These beings are merely unaware that they are light and love, that there are no enemies, we are all brothers and sisters, and we’re all in this together. We must have compassion for them because even though they have the appearance of being rich, this is an illusion, for their reality is one of lack and fear and they are poor because of this. They are poor because they do not know the truth of love, and true prosperity, and live lives that are wrought with suffering, repressed by opulence and greed.

There is nothing to fear, all of this is merely an example of the old system freaking out because it is losing its control over us and over reality. This is plain and simply a redistribution of wealth on planet earth, and either you are a part of the solution or you are a part of the problem. Make your community, your country and your planet free by standing up for your sovereign rights, your divine liberties, civil liberties, and your freedom of choice. And express this empowerment and divine sovereignty, not by fighting, but by creating what you truly desire.

Ultimately this is a test of free will, to see how you will react to adversity. What will be your personal choice for you and your life: will you choose lack or prosperity, love or fear? Will you stand up for your rights, for freedom and justice, or will you succumb to oppression and cower under the threat of the taskmasters whip.

Once again consciousness is the key. Where you are positioned within your consciousness determines your reality. What you are fascinated with is what the universe gives you more of. Most people say they want prosperity in their lives, but what they really want is a bigger share of the pie. Real prosperity is unconditional; everyone gets exactly what is his or hers by divine right. But in order to manifest this unconditional prosperity, they must do the necessary “work” within in order to allow this manifestation. Unconditional Prosperity (Love) must be embodied.

Typically, humanity does not have abundance and does not live in a reality of prosperity because unconsciously they feel unworthy of love and prosperity. They do not recognize their own magnificence, and are not willing to release these lack consciousness and negative ego programs that say, “I am not deserving of prosperity and riches”; “I am not worthy of love”; “I am not good enough”; “I am powerless”; “I don’t know the right way that it is”... These programs are directly linked to unworthiness, to each individual’s perception of self worth, their perception of the world, their fellow brothers and sisters, and their allowance of love and prosperity into their lives.

Give up your adversarial relationship with money, stop working for money and let money work for you. Money is not the enemy! Money is your friend! Money is not the root of all evil, lack and unworthy consciousness is. Let go of the work ethic and adopt the new paradigm – the Play Ethic!

You are a child of God and prosperity is yours by divine right - Unconditionally. Freedom is yours if you accept it as your preferred and only reality. When we are through being fascinated with the illusions of power, control, and scarcity consciousness - then we will have prosperity in our lives, we will be living Heaven on Earth.

Recognize and Honor your Magnificence!

Prosperity is your Divine Right and Natural Way of Being!

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

Blessings on your Prosperous Journey of Awakening to the Magnificence of your Divine Beingness.

Yours in Prosperity Consciousness,


Special thanks to the Phoenix Program, St. Germain and channels (I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten your names), for references for this article from the St. Germain Phoenix Program


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