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De-Greeding Byron Bay

A paradoxical dissertation on community prosperity consciousness




It is obvious to anyone who lives in Byron Bay, (Australia), especially if you are looking for a decent place to live, that there is an extreme lack of housing in this area. Real-estate prices are completely out of control. Suburbs are unnecessarily jam packed with tiny rabbit hutches, while thousands of acres of cleared prime real-estate is solely resided by cows and the offspring of “terra nullis” re-settlers.

It seems that in today’s society, housing is seen as a luxury, rather than a natural common right. Similar to all of our other “public” services such as electricity and water, which should be provided freely as a genuine public service, rather than as luxuries that cost us all dearly so that stock holders can make millions from the peasants. And of course ownership of land, or anything for that matter, is a complete illusion, but that’s another kettle of fish that the average person isn’t ready to explore just yet.

Everyone who lives here (including the council), must realize where they are. This is Byron Bay, the spiritual heart and capital of Australia. Wholism is the blueprint of this area as a light center and the paradigm of this new civilization that is manifesting on earth. It is your duty (and ultimately your natural inner heart’s desire) as representatives of this new paradigm and this community to completely support and encourage, (financially and otherwise), all wholistic and environmentally sustainable endeavors. (A good example is composting toilets and gray water systems, to gracefully solve the sewage and water problems of this area and for this arid continent, and to actually give something back to the land, rather than just taking from it all the time.).

We have the sovereign right as individuals and as a community, (even constitutionally), to live in a safe environment, with no pesticides or herbicides, hormones, and other toxins of any kind (including water chlorination) being imposed upon us and our animal and plant friends. (Note: water can be cleaned with ozone and even energized with natural means that actually improve the quality of the water rather than detract from it). Also, regardless of established judicially imposed unjust laws, we have the common and divine law right and ability (through citizens referendum) to declare nudity and other societally declared “shameful” behavior (such as gay marriage, illicit substances…), to be recognized as God-given rights and naturally “legal”, (just to name a few). But of course, those who enjoy their shame and judgements will not agree.

We live in an extremely auspicious and accelerated time, and we live in an extremely awesome place. Australia is a timeless land, and is truly the land of the dreamtime. This is why we are here – to dream into reality the new civilization of Light and Love. Byron Bay (and surrounds), created by our brother Wollumbin, is a huge power spot, a sacred site, and many people want to live here. They are attracted to the light for generally unconscious reasons. People who are waking up and realizing they are literally killing themselves by living in cities and dedicating their lives to survival and consumerism, are escaping their self made prisons and seeking a more wholistic alternative. We are the way-showers of this alternative. So it is natural for the greed structure, left over from city survival, to come here for release, individually and collectively. Everyone is now doing their best to figure out how to survive outside of the co-dependent lack oriented consumerist structure.

The non-dualistic civilization we are creating is not about survival. It is our job to guide ourselves and others out of this illusion of lack, competition, shame, and unworthiness. It is time to thrive, not just survive from the sweat and blood of things outside of ourselves. It is now time for the cultivation of inner technology and the release of our reliance upon external technology. It is a time of needlessness and divine cooperation which manifests as true community prosperity as well as individual prosperity, (one is not exclusive of the other). Working together for the good of all, including the mother we live on and all her inhabitants, is creating this.

The conscious community spirit, based on respect for all life, that created our community and forms the essential back bone of Byron Bay and surrounding communities, is being stressed to the limit by people who do not understand what prosperity consciousness is, who believe that prosperity is having lots of stuff, including a house and land, and having more than the next guy, (a dualistically competitive/comparative reality). The “matrix” would have you believe that owning things is the way to nirvana. This fuels the consumerist society, and keeps the power junkies happy. (But of course, just because you have money, even lots of it, doesn’t mean you are not suffering from lack/separation consciousness and are happy and fulfilled).

Most people also believe, at least unconsciously, that in order to get what they want, they must take it or receive it from outside of themselves, from other people, systems or the land. They are disempowered by this synthetic uncreative external orientation, and by their religiously and societally supported shame and unworthiness. They live by greed and other patterns of denial, to repress the suffering they experience from these beliefs and similar feelings of disconnection from their divine essence, from God-Goddess, the land, the elements, the plant kingdom, animals and their fellow humans.

Tourists and concrete jungle escapees are attracted to this area because of that community spirit, because of the light, regardless of how they behave and how conscious they are of this fact. We must have patience and tolerance for our brothers and sisters, but we must also require respect. To tolerate without energetically requiring respect for our preferred way of life and divine perception of reality, is self abuse. This stems from our desire for peace at all costs, past life vows of poverty, resistance to corruptive power, (including our own), and leftover lack/unworthy beliefs of our own undeservability of abundance. But we must not be daunted by this huge influx of greed, immigrants and tourists with their often limited perceptions of reality, we are their guides and must accept this responsibility.

And similarly we must be un-daunted by the political-corporate-media push to shove darkness, war, competition, lack and separation down our throats, to try one last ditch effort to convince us that it is all real and “the way that life is”. We must realize that this ugly head has only reared up in response to the massive acceleration of light that we have all generated because it feels it is losing its strangle-hold on humanities consciousness. “Reality ain’t so real any more”, and the “dark side”, is feeling it’s illusionary reality drifting away quickly. This is the last chance for these illusions of separation to be played out, so give these poor souls a break, after all it is just a game, so let them play it, but I recommend that you get on with your life regardless of what anyone else is doing.

“Greed” has brought affluence to our “impoverished” spiritual community, and the gift is that it is requiring us to stand even clearer and stronger in our power and accept true prosperity consciousness in our lives, regardless of how others act or would like us to act. It is requiring us to give up our limited perceptions of money and spirituality and manifest the necessary resources that we all need personally and collectively to co-create heaven on earth, in our communities, in our lives and for the whole planet. And I include all the surrounding communities of “wayshowers” as part of this heart caldera of Wollumbin and all way-showers of the dream-time and world, who are all assisting this creation, by standing up for divine truth and living their lives as they sovereignly see fit.

The exorbitant real estate and rental prices are part of the old lack based financial system of rise and fall, designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. This has driven many of the “love/light players” out of Byron Bay, and some from the entire area all together. For these ones it is completely appropriate to leave this area to help other communities set up their light centers. Our choice is to bail out and leave the vultures to pick at the carcass until there is nothing left of this divine vibration, or han-g in there standing even stronger in our divine sovereignty and shining our light to a better way.

Synchronistically, this has created a situation where Byron Bay is now surrounded by the Love/Light players - by a column of light. It has in tune also forced us to get off of our “spiritual” asses and actually create something that serves humanity, the earth, the animals..., which has created a veritable compendium of wholistic businesses, health/spiritual centers, environmental/health products and systems…, all originating from this area and our divine vision. So the tendrils of light are extending country and world wide.

This whole region is becoming a huge light center, even if it appears otherwise at times. I know that this is the seed vision of everyone who is attracted to this place, regardless of how awake or asleep they are. It is everyone’s vision to manifest and live in charged areas with people who are wholistically committed to their own awakening, the awakening of humanity, and being consciously connected to the earth, the Divine and all life.

Everyone who visits here reaps the rewards of our work. It is our service to humanity. We are the pathway cutters through the illusion of unworthiness and lack (un)consciousness. We must not fall prey to the old greed system. Our job is to create, encourage and manifest a new system of complete cooperation and prosperity consciousness. No one is going to do it for us. No government or council is going to do it for us. No community is going to do it for us. We must accept nothing but prosperity consciousness in our lives and surround ourselves with individuals who have a similar co-creative perception. We must accept our divine sovereignty as co-creators of reality, then there will be nothing but prosperity and abundance in our lives and everyone around us.

What reality do you prefer? One where only the strong survive, and everyone else must fight for the scraps that fall from the table? Or one where everyone is supported on all levels, (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually). A community, country and world where everyone is encouraged to accept their birthright as sovereign creator Hu-mans/God-Beings. It is time for everyone to release all their shame, guilt and unworthiness and remember their true natural divine nature – their “original innocence!”*

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!




*(Thanks Juliette and Jiva for these two lovely words describing our true divine nature.)


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