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Prosperity Symbols

hi, I would like to ask you how is best to use your prosperity symbols to manifest money?

thank you ___________

Hi ___________

I really need to write/channel this and put it on my website, thanks for asking. I am also supposed to channel some encodements/light language for it, but that hasn't happened yet.

anyway, here goes: what I am seeing now is to envision what you want to create in your life, and see the prosperity symbol running through it, filling it with this encodement.

you could also put a picture of the encodement on a table and put pictures of what you want on top of it.

You can also bring the symbol into your heart, and into your energy fields, filling you with this code of prosperity, activating you to the divine blueprint of divine prosperity on earth!

infinite blessings of divine prosperity!!!!!!


Jesus - Second Coming/ ETs...

Hi ZaKaiRan,
We have a man from Australia, who travels around the world, who calls himself Jesus. I have been to one of his 'workshops' and I must say on many levels he does sound very convincing. …I do know there will be a second coming...I myself feeling it was a cosmic shift in consciousness . I also felt the Goddesses will rise again and maybe this time with will be a more feminine energy. A.J. (Jesus) is getting quite a following, all believing him to be the 'ONE'. I don't want to bury my head in the sand pretend this may not be true, when if fact he may be who he is.

Would you have time to share your views with me?
In Harmony, Peace and Love, ___________


A: without going within and fully connecting to presence to get a big super duper answer, from my soul, I do not believe there will be a "second coming", any more than I believe that the ETS will land any second now.

Both of course would be nice, but they would also interfere with everyone's personal will and evolution. If Jesus came down here and started preaching again, people would of course, start worshiping him again, just like they do already. people would give their power away, etc. and I know that Sananda would not be interested in this.

The same goes for the ETs, so when I hear about the mother ship appearing, and the ships landing, I don't believe it, and that is very surprising from an ET, who would love for them to land right bloody now! but of course, this would cause huge turmoil on earth, and even though I have read many channels that this is planned, I have also read some more accurate channels, or so I believe them to be, that there will not be any landings any time soon, because it is not safe for them to land. Humanity is still way to unstable.

whether he is JC or not? well, I wouldn't presume to know or judge. I don't really know what the divine plan is, or if it is really in the plan to have the big kahuna come back down here. I do not believe that is really helpful for beings to say they are Jesus Christ. First of all, that wasn't his name, as Jesus is a greek interpretation of Jeshua, and that was only his earth name. the spirit that embodied Jeshua was Lord Sananda, so if someone was really JC, they would really be calling themselves Sananda, not JC. So needless to say, I am quite dubious.

I hope this has answered your question beloved!

infinite blessings!


Hello Beloved Z One! Divine Love, Hugs and Kisses!
I signed up for your class because I really like the instructor : )

Questions that may be relevant to others:

Most spiritual leaders now say that because of the collective work of Light beings we have averted formerly predicted disasters and ascension will not involve an end of the physical world dire scenario. Still, a few warn about a survival mode semi apocalyptic time period to prepare for. While others speak of a seamless and beautiful transition according to your consciousness base of fear -for a not so good time, or love-for heaven on earth at last. Will there be a survival mode period, regardless of your thought process/programs, beliefs, consciousness? Or will the transition we are already in the process of making to the higher dimensions just continue gradually until we reach a Utopian type paradise paradigm?

My guidance is that it will be both, because on this planet, you can choose your own reality, and there are many souls still learning from suffering and separation. But others, who have awoken, can now start learning from cooperation and unity consciousness, and bliss, rather than separation, competition and suffering. There will be suffering where people still want to experience this, and at the same time, those who are ready willing and available to step forward into their power, will become empowered on so many levels, that we will eventually be able to really help those beings still struggling, who are stuck in old patterns, and seemingly unable to break out of their illusionary world.

So everyone’s choice now, is love or fear. Thrive or survive. And of course, the best way to do both, to survive and thrive, is to make sure that everyone is taken care of. That everyone has enough, and everyone has ample opportunities, to educate themselves, empower themselves, feed themselves… And create prosperity for themselves!

Those few who have already overcome Duality consciousness for extended periods of Oneness are generally unable to physically function normally during that period of Oneness bliss. As our collective vibration raises and we shift dimensions/paradigms as a whole, would not the state of Oneness simply become the fully functional norm?

The further along an individual gets in their awakening process, the closer they are to Oneness being their norm. Even if they have a few difficulties still in their lives, they still stay centered in oneness, and just realize that there are still aspects of self needing extra assistance.

It will also eventually become the norm for everyone else, but this may still take a while, because there are souls still needing to experience suffering, or wanting to still struggle, because they do not believe they are worthy of anything different. As oneness grows and grows, and more and more people realize that this is their natural state, and their preferred reality, and their sole/soul focus is on oneness/cooperation/unconditional love, then there will be fewer and fewer conflicts and people still struggling.

As we continue the ascension process, will those who make the choice at the soul level to remain in the old human programming consciousness, make a transition through a physical death to a similar parallel Earth; and there complete lessons until ready to also ascend in vibrational consciousness?

That is one possibility. There are many predictions, and my guidance has always been that many souls would have to go to another planet that is still densifying. Other predictions are that there will still be a third dimensional earth to play with density and conflict on. I do not believe this is accurate. I do not believe that earth is interested in this scenario at all. I believe that planet earth is done with density and conflict…

In addition, are not some who make a physical death transition actually those who choose to assist the ascension process for all mankind from the Other Side?

Some for sure. There are many ways to ascend, and one of those is to die, and then ascend. Most ascended masters have done it this way. They reach a certain level of higher consciousness and then realize they are done with being in a body on planet earth, and they die, then ascend through the dimensions to higher planes, to then receive training on how to assist humanity and the other realms of creation from this higher plane of existence.

Will the current and forcasted widespread economic hardships, be avoided by all beings of abundance consciousness who free themselves of poverty consciousness as well as put their faith in action?

Absolutely! Of course, many will struggle initially, especially as they heal those aspects of consciousness/soul that do not feel that they deserve prosperity/abundance… and are worthy of riches, abundance, divinity etc. And it is a big process of grounding! Grounding our personal missions, embodying our mastery/divinity… And acting on this, in life, through the systems that are available on earth, and creating new systems that work more wholistically with the divine plan and true prosperity!

The journey of abundance and prosperity, is the same journey as awakening to our mastery! Awakening to our divinity, etc! it is all the same journey, and the way to do it, is with trust and faith! Trust and faith in the divine plan, trust and faith in our divine presence, trust and faith in God-Goddess, the angels, ascended masters, mother earth etc… And trust and faith in our own magnificence and divinity and mastery, that we will do the right things, with the right people, for mother earth!!!…

In the new, higher dimension/paradigm will we not release the human aging process and death programming matrix and then act as co-creators with Source with the ability to select the time and place of personal transition?

Absolutely! As we ascend our consciousness, body and the planet to higher dimensions, and embody more of our light, and realize that we are all light/love, and the fact/truth that we are all absolute creators of our realities, and bodies, then we will be able to alter our bodies as we see fit, including not only stopping the aging process, (which is a program and an illusion), and reversing the aging process completely, so that we can grow younger, and also change our appearance as well, if we desire. And of course, disease will be non-existent. So eventually, all doctors will be out of business. We will still have “healers”, and psychic surgeons although.

Divine Thanks for Divinely Wonderful You Sweet ZaKaiRan!
Angel Heart Beth

You’re so welcome beloved Angel Heart Beth, my Divine friend and siStar!

Gracias ZaKaiRan, I call you,and God and Masters and Angels,but sometimes I am....!!!so little and alone!!! and would like with all my heart being a realy family with all that is created.Yes I have your meditations CD,and I open my heart and call the Angels whom I think are the geometric figures that I see,but they come when they want not when I call them,or those are not Angels and means another thing?I know you are too busy,I know you are helping every whear.God bless you for that,the world need you. ___________

Greetings beloved ___________

the more you connect to your divine presence and the family of light, the less you will feel alone. also, it helps to connect with your divine family in physical bodies as well. Are there any light centers near you? any new age shops? meditation centers? if so, go check them out, and connect with like-minded people!

All of your heart wishes and desires are always granted, but they arrive in divine timing. the same goes for the angels and ascended masters, who are always with us, and as we call them in, they are especially present to us, and they always come, not just occasionally, always!!!! it is only that sometimes we cannot feel them. those are the times when we are closed off to them; closed off to higher dimensions; when we have closed our hearts to something. there is nothing to do then, but open our hearts, and expand our frequencies, open our chakras...

Angel Love!


Prosperity from Kulwant

Hello Zakairan,
One of the things I discovered is that for true prosperity to begin, I had to first forgive myself of all the silly things I had felt ashamed of, and forgive others of the hurts they had done to me, and something that really helped out was the realization that we all do the things we do and say the things we say, and think the things we think because, (drum roll, please) it's a good idea at the time! (Cymbal clash)

Once I truly understood this, I then realized that there is really not all that much to really worry about forgiving myself for, and additionally, anyone else! So instead of the heavy-duty emphasis on forgiveness, the emphasis became one of compassionate understanding! Once that shift was made, things really lightened up quite a bit, and everything has become much easier- problems are solved, hurts are healed, and lots of heavinesses are removed from the heart and mind. Also, when compassion starts, fear recedes, and when that happens, wonderful things, big and small, begin! If you wish to share this, feel free to! Thanks for everything- shall be in touch again soon!

Cheers,Blessings and Love, Kulwant

Hi Sweetie

Thank you for responding dearest soul. ...It's clear we know what is going on but what has always been enormously frustrating for me is figuring out what collective human agenda (map) will be. I always thought that when we downloaded the new codes, all we would then do is pass the info onto humans. NOT!!!!!!...

...To date, all I have managed to do is dispell my own notions of where I had perceived obstacles, which leaves me today with absolutely crystal clear conclusions. The first being that humans will not access direct information because they don't know how to value nor trust their own information. Second, and most important is the notion that is deeply bio-seeded in humans that qualities they covert can be acquired through parasitic consumption of the container which they perceive as housing the qualities. This one addictive habit keeps us all bounded to past reflected, non-self created, AI time imprints which are diminishing at break neck speed.

I had no clue how deeply ingrained in the DNA the AI codes were and how totally entranced humans are in the non-time void. ...Humans are bio-addicted to the notion of an outside saviour and infantile dependency. I had always that we were here to pass that information to humanity when the time was right. The irony, the more new info that is uncovered, the more humans are shutting down.

SOOOOO I am right now at a complete loss as to how to proceed. This is what I wanted to get your feedback on. I know you have been trying to set up teaching paradigms, - me too, however none has met with my satisfaction on how the process should go. Maybe we should just do stand-up comedy to seed the info LOL.

Huge transforming enchantment to you

Hi ___________

I agree with your own recommendation, time to do stand-up comedy to seed the info! also, this may help you not take this whole journey/play/movie too seriously, it's all a big cosmic joke! don't forget this fact!

And patience beloved! connect to divine timing! everything is in divine timing. you're naturally connected to quantum 5th dimensional time, but down here in density 101, time crawls by, but if you connect to 5th dimensional time, and ground this into 3rd dimensional time, then you'll have the eagle eye perspective and will enjoy this journey better. And just have fun with it all!

Fun Love!


Prosperity Article By ZaKaiRan

Hi you

The human mind is like a denatured egg that is seeded by electric shock to repeat the same shock feeling over and over again. I have tried every imaginable way to bypass the brain noise and get directly through to heart comprehension and turn off the sympathetic alarm system to absolutely no avail. I am beginning to think that it is not to be. There is another purpose for human mental numbness and now I am looking for that. The complete truth of a thing manifested contains its dissolution codes and it is more than obvious that nouned words are not the way into the human mind as they are no inner anchors for active thought. Thus it is just a collective echo chamber. When I regard this whole mess as a totality, it looks like a flat record/disc that is stuck in eternal repetition of one repeating sound. It appears to solve this we need to figure out how to dissolve the whole disc to release humans from their collective Holly Gate trance.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this "pain in the you know where" situation. For me, humor, novelty and play are the only way to negotiate through it without getting attached.

Biggest, hugest blessings


Hi ___________

you came up with your own answers: For me, humor, novelty and play are the only way to negotiate through it without getting attached.

this is obviously your key, and for me, it is my key too. people take life way too seriously, which is a reaction to life as if we are victims to life, rather than the creators of life.

This necessary shift for anyone is a shift to taking full responsibility for one's life, reality and creations, then choosing very clearly to create a divine life, and helping all aspects of self that feel that they do not deserve this, to come back to love.

also, connecting with your God Presence, inviting in and allowing this divine presence to fill you, and opening your heart to recieving this presence and the divine help available through this, is another huge key, for you and for everyone.

And there are a few elements to deal with this often, to create this, allow this etc., such as opening the chakras... and once again, having fun with the process, because as you can imagine and as you know, when we are in joy, our energies and frequencies open up, and we are in a high dimensional space, a space of love and divinity!

infinite blesssings to you beloved ___________!


I can see my Merkaba!

Hey star brother, I'm back to doing my meditation in the mirror and I notice if I do it for at least 20 minutes, I start getting into a trance-like state and seeing and feeling energy surrounding me. I start to feel really warm, enveloped by light. The light is blueish in color. I think I can hear it too. It goes around me in a circle. It's kind of a freaky feeling too, I need to get used to it. I almost feel like I could float away like in those dreams. I think I'm feeling and seeing my Merkaba. I know it's your light body vehicle and as you ascend it trasports you to higher dimensions. I just reread your article about merkaba too and you mention how the second and third tetrahedrons rotate around your body, just in opposite directions. I think that's what I was seeing in the mirror. That explains my dreams I think they were showing me how I need to develop and activate my merkaba and eventually it'll take me to higher dimensions. Eventually I'll be able to do what I do in my dreams just float to the top of the room with ease. I guess all us starseeds have our own way of ascending.

There's another question on my mind. Okay, I know we are transitioners and we lead the way for positioners to wake up. First we wake each other up then the positioners. But because light can't enter your body too fast, does that mean positioners will just be beginning their ascension process when we're in full light body form? So they'll have to go through all the years of transitioning like us, right?

A: Because of the work that we are doing, we are making it easier for others. it is possible, because of the previous pathways we have cut, for people to wake up very quickly. this is very apparent to me, as I am meeting many young people that are as awake now as I was 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago. they may not have the experience, but they are already vibrating at a very high level. it all depends on the individuals Spirit as to how soon they will wake up. But one thing is for sure, many beings will wake up with much greater ease than many of us have experienced, because they pathway was not clear yet.
Here's where my question comes in. I was under the impression that there's gonna come a time when if people aren't in light body form they won't be able to stay alive on Earth anymore. Like their bodies won't be able to withstand the new energies of Earth.

A: This is correct at some time in the future, when the planet is vibrating at a very high rate, then no one will be able to be here who is vibrating at a dense rate. first of all, they won't be able to stand it, all of their darkness will be in their faces. this is already happening, people are starting to freak out, and the house of cards that they have built around them is starting to crumble. the illusions that they have built their lives upon, are being dismantled by the light. But once again, it all depends on each individual person's journey of awakening. So many people are hankering for some magical occurance to just shift everything right bloody now!, like the ETS landing, or the "big 2012 shift", but there is no specific time for any big shift, every single moment is a "big shift", or more accurately, every single moment is a little shift, and some times these little shifts add up and we have big shifts, as individuals, and on a planetary level. so even if a big shift happens, it will be due to all of the little ones, all the times when beings have opened their hearts and loved unconditionally!

I was also under the impression from info I've read that that time will come by December of 2012. But that's only a a little over 4 years away now. I'm not sure that even I will be in full light body form by then, or maybe that's when all starseeds will become full light bodies. I don't know.

I don't know either, and the real fact is, no one knows! it is not necessary for anyone to be in full light body. partial light body is quite sufficient. if you were in full light body, you would be completely invisible, and would be in the complete ascension state, and no longer physical. this state is way off in the future. I do not believe anyone will be at "full light body" around 2012. maybe some people may ascend to that state, but that's up to their spirits.

But is that true? Then how could positioners have enough time to go through the transition? If they're not far enough along in the ascension process, will people start dying?

Perhaps, some people may die. they are already dying in catastrophes and the like, and taking dense consciousness for the whole planet with them. it doesn't matter what people do, die, ascend..., it's all up to their spirits, and what that soul needs to experience.

I know you mentioned that we'll be just starting to rock and roll by 2012, but a lot of starseeds think that 2012 is pretty much the end of the old world. Like it's got some huge cosmic significance. It's the end of the Mayan calender and all that.

it is the end of the world, but as it says in the song: "it's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine". it's not the end of the world, as if all 3rd dimensional life on earth somehow disintegrates or blows up, or something like that, that's just stupid. that is coming from people's guilt, and from people's desparation and suffering. they want it all to end and put them out of their misery. sorry everybody, you're not getting off the hook that easy! You're going to have to do what everyone is going to have to do, and is doing right now, and that is finally, taking responsibility for our karma, and start forgiving, and start letting go of fear, and survival, and victim consciousness, and start accepting our divine power, and remember that we are love!! and that we have the power to create a new world, a world of cooperation and unity and unconditional love!

So what do you think, or do you know for sure if December of 2012 is the deadline for ascension(or you at least have to be at a certain stage of the process by then?) Or is that all a bunch of bull?

yeah, a whole bunch of bull!!!!!!!!! major crapola, bookoo doody!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are no deadlines, only life-lines!!!!!!!!!!!! This time, everyone gets a chance to ascend!!!!!!!!! this time, everyone gets all the chances possible, and all the grace available, to finally forgive themselves and let go of the past, and finally accomplish everything they have wanted to accomplish for millenia, and that is the co-creation of Heaven on Earth!

I mean, I used to hope 2012 was the year we'd all wake up, but if some of us aren't fully ready by then I'm starting to hope we have as much time as we need. I'm not talking about myself either. I got a feeling I will be in full light body form by that time. But I'm thinking more about all the positioners out there, and families of starseeds that haven't woke up by that time. Will they have a chance to start their process or will the vibrations of the Earth be too strong for their dense bodies

There is all the time in the world, and there is no time at all!!!!!!!!! the time is now!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!

There are so many theories about what is going to happen: will everyone awaken? will some die? will some people be transported to other planets still densifying? will planet earth ascend, and create a 5th dimensional planet, and then 3D planet earth will be for those souls still needing to experience density? who the fuck knows!? the truth is, no body knows!!!!!!!!! Even the ascended Master's don't know every frickin detail. they know the plans, and the intensions, but how it all turns out is every body's guess. this is one big giant experiment. many planets have ascended across the universes, but never at this unprecedented scale and speed, and with such a mixture of genetics. this is not only a planetary ascension but a galactic one. I could go on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........................

Thanks for your questions beloved ___________ Caterpillar, (soon to be butterfly)

Take care Zaki Caterpillar

H ZaKai Ran,
This was a cool letter you wrote, very informative & activating,
20 years ago I used to manage & work in many Health food shops around the bay, I did this for 15 years, it was my trade, so to speak! I remember when the Organic thingy started up, I think it was founded by either Natures Way or Blackmores," then not long after that every one jumped on the band-wagon and away it rode. my motto became...If it dosn't grow , don't eat it"....but then everything was starting to become affected by sprays etc. & become modified & interFEARed with.....that all the customers where becoming paranoid & unsure, that I didn't have all or any answers, as it updated & changed almost daily...the new products, & apparent results , I mean... so this product was the trend & was the best and that product was the most nutritionalist, yet this one had the least chemicals etc. it all became a competitive health market to me , so I left & stepped onto my "Spiritual path " & wanted to help heal the people as I saw that they were losing touch with nature & the food from the original mother earth, as all manufacturers & some farmers where playing with it all. Although I do believe its all part of evolution and we will eventually lead through it, meanwhile, not every one will remain the same? The only answer now I can think of is to connect with your God-self, to advise your devic-self with what you should eat and throw away what all the media say...

so my question to you beautiful Z...is am I thinking the wrong way, am I being narrow minded or too fixed because of my background in this field & should I evolve & watch what I eat, as I now eat anything and just bless it beforehand? Is this still applicable in todays world, when I cook for the fam, I do throw in heaps of herbs {all stuff that God grows] but we eat anything, no rules, we never seem to get ill or anything , don't have any allergies etc, all of that is rubbish to me, but my concern is , am I doing the right thing or operating out of an old fashion 3d mentality.....we all LOVE food...yum yum....
Loving You
___________ xxx0xxx


Hi Gorgeous beloved divine goddess of divine health and divine food!

Excellent, yes, we should be connecting to our God Self and asking what we should eat. Some people would be very surprised by what they would be directed to eat. the difficulty of course, is that most people do not know how, and cannot connect to their god self to recieve guidance on what to eat. My guess is, that every single god self on this planet, would recommend eating certified organic, naturally. And most would direct people to not eat animals, although some people would still need to for various reasons.

it is certainly lovely that you are blessing your food, and I'm sure the food you are making is divine because you are making it and you are so divine, but.....

it all depends on each persons consciousness about food.

unfortunately, if a person is not awake, and does not honor the food they eat, or where it came from, and they are eating animals that were treated in horendous ways and killed horendously and not honored or blessed, but only seen as something to profit from, then that is what that person is eating - mistreatment, disrespect and death!

of course, blessing the food helps immensely, and honoring the plant or animal etc. but we must also explore planetary support. how would you like to be treated if you were planet earth. would you like your animals to be treated like commodities? would you like your plants to be sprayed with chemicals and bugs killed indiscriminately? would you like your trees cut down etc. ?

the other question is: how can we best support planet earth? one answer is buying only organice things, so that we are not supporting the poisoning of our planet, our family and ourselves.

And I could go on and on.

I choose to buy only organic things, and non genetically modified stuff, and to not eat animals, because we are literally destroying this planet, and if I eat non organic things, then I am directly responsible for spraying poisons on mother earth. And if I eat animals, then I am directly responsible for the mistreatment and death, and dishonoring of our beloved friends the animals, and the further destruction of the planet, because trees are still be cut down and burned so that cows can have grass to eat. this is nothing short of pure insanity.

So, where do we go from here? A: on the one hand, from a spiritual perspective, I can potentially eat anything, and bless it and honor it, and then it will be healthy for my body and I will not generate any karma, because of my perception of reality and my honoring etc.

But personally, it is my choice to pick choice B: support the earth and myself by purchasing only certified organic products and foods, and not eat animals, because then I know with absolute surity, that the food I am eating has been treated lovingly, and therefore, I am treating myself lovingly! And I am not generating any karma, by being unconscious and mistreating mother earth...

Organic love!!!


Hi ZaKaiRan,
I printed out your money symbols with the Figure 8 and the lines of Light going through it. But, don't these contradict what you say in your article? Aren't they designed to manipulate the mind and make you believe that you need something outside of yourself (these symbols) to draw money? Can you please explain further. Thanks. ___________

Hi ZakaiRan,
Thank you for this article on Prosperity. It is the best one I've ever read and the truest one. I'm so tired of being told to visualize and feel what I want...and very tired of being told to watch The Secret...which does nothing but take you into a lower mental vibration. Thank you so much. ___________


You're very welcome!

Because of your question, I have updated the article, with many changes, which might explain things better: http://www.zakairan.com/ZaKaiRansArticlesBooks/Prosperity1.htm that article was actually an old article, and I hadn't read it in a while, and as I shift, articles often need to be updated/upgraded, but unless I actually read it again, I don't know it.

In answer to your question:

life in this reality is a contradiction, and the changes I have made to the article explain things better. the symbol isn't really a contradiction, although it may seem that way. It is not designed to manipulate anything, including you mind. Our minds do not need manipulation, but they do need re-training, or rather reprogramming. This is the purpose of "the Secret", positive affirmation, and reality creation teachings, which are quite valid. And it is the point of the triple 8 Code. it is an encodement, and encodements are programmed to restructure energies. and in this case, restructure, transmute our thoughts about prosperity/creation/ money, etc, and align us to our true essence of prosperity. I need to explain this code more and you are helping me to do this.

the point of the article was to get to the core of things, for us to realize the true essence of creation, and the fact that it is not just about positive thinking and affirmations etc. the point is to utilize inner alchemy, or connect to our true essence of prosperity, which is the most important thing. But other elements must also be addressed, such as re-programming the mind, our souls programs, ancestral programs, etc. And the point is to not get bogged down by all of this, as if this is the only thing to do. If this was really the case, that all we had to do was watch the Secret and get busy with the re-programming, then we would all be rich in a week. But that is only the doing part, and the other main ingredient and probably an even stronger and more important ingredient in the manifestatioin soup, is the being part. masculine and feminine!! they must be in balance. Inner Alchemy beloved!!!!!

Your question is helping create my next newsletter, which will include this and some of the changes I made to the article. See how powerfully awesome you are!

thank you for your question and your divine essence!

infinite blessings!


Nutrition, Food, Alcohol, DNA...

Thanks for all the info about nutrition. Just how important is all that stuff to help your body ascend? I mean, what if you can't get Spirulina or Naclo 2? Will you still be able to ascend, or will it just be harder? I usually eat fish or chicken for dinner. Sometimes pasta. I love spicy food. I eat fruits and vegetables every day. I drink skim milk, beer, or wine. Lately I've been cutting back on the alcohol however. Are there any foods to avoid in this ascension process?

Generally I would not recommend alcohol. Be conscious, how does it affect your body. There is of course the “what the fuck” factor, where by you occassionally indulge in certain “intoxicants”, but in general, as sensitivity increases, these vices will be impossible to consume without feeling like shit afterwards. I included in the list of “intoxicants”: sugar, alcohol, tobacco, milk products, meat products, eggs, wheat, corn, soy, (any angry mistreated grain and vegetable), (especially anything genetically modified, anything hybridized by humans).

All of these “intoxicants” are addictive, in other words, they are vampiric in essence. In more words, we eat and ingest them to obtain energy. Ingesting anything to get enhergyy is old, vampiric, disempowering and death/survival oriented.

Once again, none of these are necessarily bad, we have the ability to transmute anyting and not let anything affect us negatively, but this also takes a lot of work to get to this point and a lot of experimentation. The path of least resistance is the path with the most grace and ease. Food and health is not the way to enlightenment, but the right kinds can support you along the path.

Nothing is really needed, ultimately. Food, supplements, health…, all illusions, just like all the rest, but sometimes they are positive illusions that can be supportive for our physical bodies and energy bodiez. Be conscious about everything, including what you eat. I love spicy food too. For light body and optimum alignment, you want to gear yourself towards needlessness, which means eventually you won’t eat any thing any more. But there are transitions to that point, including vegetarianism, health concerns… You want to get to a point where you are followoing divine guidance all the time, including what to eat. And discovering what your body really needs. Initially it doesn’t matter what you eat, and ultimately it doesn’t matter, but if you want to support yourself getting to a point of needlessness and also supporting your energies to become and remain charged, then eating organic fruits and veggies are optimum. Eating death creates death, unless you are way beyond such concerns in your consciousness, but if these cases, you really don’t need to eat at all.

Eating blood, animals etc. is eating dna, which is foreign to our dna. Plus they were all killed traumaticaly and mistreated in general. If you eat death, you are trying to survive from death, this is vampirism. We are in the process of transmuting our disfunctional and limited DNA to its original blueprint. All the intoxicating, unhealthy, toxic things of life, are not DNA or immune system friendly.

Your DNA and immune system and your entire healthy functionality is dependent on bliss, divinity, joy, love, (interiorly), and even externally from our environments, friends, family, lovers, co-workers… Limitation, lack, hate, stress, hurry, survfival, competitioin…are all death generating, they are not supportive to a healthy immune system or enlightened activated healthy functrioning DNA structure.

In a sense, vegetarianism is also killing plants as well, but plant DNA, chlorophyll is not damaging to our own DNA. Eating organically respected fruits and vegetables is optimum and more recommended than angry mistreated abused plants that are being used as our slaves, similar to the animals, is not optimum energetically. These plants are not respected, not treated respectfully. We take and take and take and consume and consume and consume, never once thanking the earth, the plants or the animals we consume for a what they are giving to us unconditionally. They are not allowed to be free, they are our slaves. Even though we technically have outlawed slavery, it still goes on planetary wide, including the people who are actually paid for their work, they are still slaves to a system that they really do not support and who tries to get every ounce of blood and sweat it can get from them. And of course, we still enslave all the resources of the entire plan3et for our synthetic creations.

In general you want charged things coming in to you to energize you and keep yourself charged, and not deplete your charge. So this means being in charged non-depleting environments, including electromagnetic radiation, and geopathic stress areas, (GS is the natural energy that emanates from the planets interior, but get distorted by water ways, minerals, or by our man-made structures, roads...)

Being in natural areas is enriching and charging. Keeps your batteries up. Depleting environments are obviously energetically depleting on all levels, including: emotionally, energetically, mentally, spiritually, aurically… Also, charged, wholistic water, that is structured correctly, in alignment geometrically so that your body can actually use the water. In other words, live water, rather than dead water, similar to the plants and animals. You want live water coming in to your water for life. Informatioin about correctly aligned “structured” water, is available on my links page of my website.

Similarly, you want live air coming in. So this means living in healthy air environments, and at least providing yourself good air in your work and home environmehnt through ozone generators, ionizers… Obviously cities spell death for your energy fields on all levels, especially if you spend lots of time in death environments such as offices lit by flourescent death lights, with air death conditioners, with dead and dying (zombie) people who’s lives are completely about comsumption and survivial. All of these synthetic externally generated consumptive environements and people are vampiric to your system. They are energy thieving and if you submit to these environements and to being around un-aligned energy stealing people, then you are leaking your energy to them, or volunteering for your energy fields to be debilitated.

When you say I should login as a member to find out about the compensation plan, is that on your site?

yes, that's ONEgroup, certified Organic Body Care Products - made in australia, and the company has recently opened up in the US, so it is really a good time to get going in the US. It is basically the only certified organic body care product in the world.

I looked up Merkaba yesterday and found out about flower of life facilitators and what they do. On one site it said that people shouldn't try to do the meditation themselves. They need someone with experience to train them. Also it said that some people use shortcuts and don't teach it right. So you can train people to do this at your workshops? I would love to learn how to do this.

Yes, but it will be a while before I will be in the US. I highly recommend taking a flower of life course if possible. You can do the meditaitoin on your own if you follow all the details to the letter, which means getting the complet meditation and notes from the workshop. I believe the meditatioin is in Drunvalo’s second book. You may also do the Unified chakra meditaitoin which is a merkaba meditation. Highly recommended. Attached.

I really just wanna find out once and for all who I am on a spiritual level. I guess I sort of know the main reason why I'm here now, but what I'm supposed to do still remains a mystery to me(at least the human ego part of me). That's why I need to communicate with my higher self, or fully embody myself. I long to know what kind of world I came from before I came here to earth. What was it like there. Maybe I came from a world that even you never heard of before. You like The Matrix movies too, right. Maybe I'm like Neo, an anomaly. I realize how different I am from everyone. I'm not ashamed of it though, even though there are people who want me to feel ashamed. Right now I'm just trying to follow what my spirit wants me to do. I'm not exactly sure what that is.

Just do the best you know how, and ask your spirit to let you know if it is spirit or not. Contact your higher self all the time. Attaching my book, I think I might have already sent it, but can’t remember. Get to work on it.

I know you say that you are your higher self, and being separate from higher self is an illusion, but that's still not real for me yet. How exactly do I make this a reality?

It’s a process of awakening. I’m still not completely my higher self, much much more to be embodied, but at least it is a reality in my consciousness. tHis realization was a life long processs, and is still becoming more real as time goes by and the initiations continue. Much more to come.

It sounds like the Merkaba meditation would help. I appreciate any help you can give me. Hopefully you'll be doing a workshop in my area someday. One website said that anyone could request to have a facilitator come to their area. You know how that works?

You’ll have to contact the flower of life people, I’m sure they would come if you could get a group together, but they’re not going to come just for you.

I gotta get going. Take care.

Thanks again for getting back to me. The thing is, I have no interests that money could be channeled to me. I'm very introverted....

...I need to stay up to be alone. I need that time to myself. I enjoy being alone. I never feel lonely.

Good good, very enriching being alone, enjoying your own energy

I'm not going to be happy with a normal job in the "old world." To me, it's just day after day getting up and doing the same thing over and over again. It feels like a waste of time to me.

Do the internal spiritual work, superconscioius technique, decrees… for your spirit to manifest for you an easy job and show you your spiritual job and provide spiritual job possibilities.

Another thing is, I have no idea what kind of jobs there are out there in the spiritual community. I would be happy helping this world ascend. How do I do this and make money doing it?

Good question. You’ll have to figure that one out on your own and as you manifest/remember/activate your divine function.

The last few days I have been thinking about getting together with people like me. People who have also read your articles and feel like they are transitioners. I don't know how to find these people, however.

I’ll check, but start looking regardless, there must be heaps of spiritually oriented people in chicago, new age centers…

Does anyone else write to you from Chicago. Also, you mentioned you do workshops in the USA. Have you ever been to Chicago?

...Hey, I just thought of something. If my twin flame is truely out there maybe she also found your articles and has written to you. Maybe you've heard from a young woman who sounds a lot like me.

You wish, I’ll have to start my own twin flame dating service.

Anyway, maybe I'm grasping for straws here.

Grasping big time dood. But if she contacts me, you’ll be the first to know.

What do you mean by meeting your twin flame too soon could be disastrous. What could go wrong? You wouldn't end up liking each other, or would the love be so intense that you'd go nuts? What kind of repressed stuff would be evoked? Past life memories?

Complete mirror of self, so all your stuff is directly in your face 24/7, imagine that. Not disastrous, just difficult. Both people must be ready, or they won’t be able to be together.

...Mcknight said that things would start happening in the early part of the 21st century. She also wrote that there would be an interplanetary war with bad aliens around 2500, but that we would be evolved enough by that time to fight them off. What do you think about that?

Anything’s possible.

I'm not sure exactly when Monroe or Mcknight suggested that the ascension would be complete.

It’s never complete, it continues all the way to source.

That's what I really meant to ask you before. I know the ascension is happening now, but when will it be complete? How long does it take? Will this world be completely ascended by 2012?

No way, just begiining to rock and roll by then.

I think I read that on another website. I know you mentioned in one article that it was 2012 in 1999 because time is accelerating. By the way, Far Journeys is Robert Monroe's second book. There's one part where he's out of body and remembering incarnating on Earth for the first time. When he was in the planning stages he ran into another spirit who told him that Earth was a dangerous world where people lie and decieve each other and that he was planning on entering the world to change it all and he asked Monroe's spirit to help him, but Monroe just wanted to experience being physical. The other spirit sound like me. He told Monroe how people are digging deeper and deeper thought patterns and living illusion upon illusion. It's horrible. That's how I feel about the world. That spirit might or might not be me. Who knows. Maybe it's another starseed. Maybe some of us just can't deal with this world. What do you think?

Yep, that’s why we came here, to enlighten this world that is un-understandable and ridiculous, buut also totally cool at the same time. Big growth happens through the dimensions by acting from limitation.
...I hope to someday see you in Chicago.
Later, Robert

See you in chicago one day.

Till then, hopefully we’ll talk soon,

Blessings on your journey of remembering your awesome magnificence.



not doing very well, very depressed cant do anything - ___________

go into your heart beloved, and help those aspects of your consciousness release their depression with the love cocooning technique. and keep going into your heart!!!!!!!!

Why I still when I walk I feel bad? I always go out with the shoping car, I have to stop walking because I can`t go on today I feel like a monoboon bird, and my view (vista) is different in each ayes.

do more inner work beloved. keep going into your heart!!! and do the love cocooning technique in the mini ascension master's toolkit, to heal those aspects of your soul that feel bad.

you don't feel bad, your aspects feel bad. if you help them feel good, you will feel good.

also keep grounding your energy, deeply into the earth core. breathe into and from your first three chakras: base, sacral and hara (at your belly). and breathe the rainbow serpent energy up from the earth. and call to mother earth to help you ground and do the rainbow bridge/antakarana meditation. and breathe prana into your heart...

this is a constant job beloved, and the more inner work you do, the better you will feel and be. and eventually, you won't have to do much "work", meditations etc., only when you need a tune up.

infinite blessings!


Amethyst stones & Communicating with relatives who have passed


Hey buddy, thanks again for your advice and I definately need to get to work on those daily meditations. Sorry to hear about your mother. I have a question for you and I hope it's not too personal or sensitive. But can you still see her, or communicate with her spirit? I assume that as we ascend we'll also be able to communicate with deceased relatives. I mean, if my parents don't ascend, I hope I'm able to communicate with their spirits. Anyway, I wish her luck on her future journeys.

...Thanks for the Telsa Products link but I just remembered I have an amethyst stone that my Aunt Viv gave me a couple years ago but I haven't really put it to good use. I guess I didn't have much faith in it until now. What do you know about these crystals? I looked it up and found some good info. There's a site that says amethyst can help you balance chakras, remember past lives, heal insomnia(which is a problem I face from time to time) and protect you against negative energy. I think I'm gonna put it in my pocket from now on when I go to work. I might also try putting it on top of my head or holding it in my hand when I do my mirror meditation. The stone also suppose to help keep your mind clear.

Take care star-brother

yes, to some degree, I can see her, when she pops into my consciousness I can see her, know she's around, so to speak, because she's not really around here, she's on much higher dimensions. my communication with her is more subtle, mostly me saying something to her, or just saying hi.

communication with spirits is really up to them. but it all depends on your higher dimensioinal connectioin, open chakras, open mind, open crown, etc.

you may or may not be able to communicate with dead relatives. who knows what they are up to, or where they might be. it's a big universe, and multidimensional.

yes, accepting where you are opens up new possibilities.

crystals are great of course, but if you're using crystals, remember to take good care of them, clearing them often etc. they are beings! just like we are beings, and we need clearing often.

crystalic Love!


The Relationship Break Up

my girlfriend of 13 years dumped me, she gave a silly reason. but i just think she needed to move on because she was bored. anyways i feel abondoned and traumatized and rejected what do i do? how do i move through the fire but not be consumed by it? Also theres the sex thing, i need sex, it makes me happy, but i dont want to pick up any diseases, nor do i want to be lonely again. where can i find sex chick thats clean of diseases. your master of the spiritual healing arts -- what sayest thou oh great wise one? Mostly i want to know how not to be upset by this being dumped experience.

Well beloved, I hope you enjoy your dumping!

I have found that regardless of who dumped who, the relationship was complete regardless, you just probably didn't know it.

We must go where are hearts are leading us.

anyways i feel abondoned and traumatized and rejected what do i do? how do i move through the fire but not be consumed by it?

jump right into the fire and you'll find that you are much stronger and more divine then whatever illusion is burning your ass. Go deep into your heart and find the truth of the situation, and discover that you are love and loved no matter if you have a girl friend or not.

yes, sex is good, but you won't die or melt without it. another opportunity to realize that you are love and that you don't need sex to recieve love, or believe that you are recieving love.

enjoy you ALL-ONEness, that's the only way to get through the illusion of loneliness!

there are of course many clean sexy chicks, you must broaden your perspective and manifest them, these are the best ones. also you must let go your beliefs that disease is real, and that you can catch disease from some one else. all disease is created within! how about ease, not disease. disease, illness, death.... these are illusions. you must live the truth, not the illusion. Open your heart and you will find open hearted hottys that will want to screw your dick off.

Impossible to not be upset! enjoy being upset. go ahead and get upset, big time!!!! let your emotions out, and get on all 4s, and stick your tongue out and go aaaaaaahhh, over and over again, until it's released. and go go deep, and release, and then do some work to help your soul extensions heal their past relationships, because this is what is up, not just this relationship, but all others you have had in this lifetime and others.

this is an opportunity to heal the past, to heal these relationships. so you should thank your ex for abandoning you and rejecting you and dumping you, so that you could illuminate and heal and release the relationship illusions in your consciousness and unconsciousness!

Infinite blessings on your journey beloved!




Man, did you go through this crazy phase of the ascension process too? Where one day you had all this self doubt, and the next total bliss? I hope I'm not driving you nuts but I think I solved my own problem. If you have time though you can still answer a couple of the questions I had for you. I'm still curious about past life ascensions.

Good on ya ___________!!!!!

yes, I did go through that crazy phase of ascension, everyone does I'm sure at one time or another. it is just the process of healing and enlightenment, helping those parts of us that are full of doubt and fear and confusion and anger etc., get back to love!!!!

Infinite blissings!


So I realized today what I'd been doing wrong. When I first started doing this, I didn't bring myself to the fully conscious state by just listening to sounds around me. I realized this because last Friday I got out late from work and I knew if I let myself go I would be all upset and start driving crazy. When I need to be totally present fast, I focus all my attention INSIDE my body. It's hard to explain in words what I do, but I kind of tense up my ears, or my whole face. Plain and simple, I focus my attention inside my body. If I do this for a couple hours the peaceful state comes back. But it does require vigilance. It's hard to explain in words, but it works. I don't want you to think I'm straining myself or anything. After a while I can ease up the tensing and just listen to sounds around me. Now I remember that's how I initially "got there." I find trying to "get there" just by listening isn't strong enough, especially when I'm at work. The mind always eventually sneaks it's way back in. Body awareness is more effective, at least at first. Then when I feel the zen-like state, I can change to just listening.

Oh, by the way, I also don't want you to think that I'm trying to fight off my thoughts. I realize doing that only enhances them. It's more about becoming conscious of everything around me, including my thoughts. Then of course stray thoughts come and go, but I don't get stuck on the old patterns of thought that I used to get stuck in.

Also, maybe when I tried your white light technique I was too mind-identified. And I probably didn't tone long enough either. I also gotta get back to my mirror technique again. I got so wrapped up in the DVD project I didn't get around to it for a while.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'm getting back on track. You can't keep a good starseed down. I'm in it to win it baby *LOL*

You have found the key, going within. This is a journey within, mostly. Yes, it is an external experiential journey as well, but even this journey is experienced within. So the awakening process happens really, within. Keep up the good plork.

Zakairan has taught me well, but I'm not a jedi yet.

___________ the Butterfly


Hey thanks for the encouragement. We'll see what happens. Now I'm writing to tell you about a new concern I have.

So I said lately I was slipping back into old mind patterns. So after I discovered this new mind-clearing secret, the first week or so I was so in-the-moment I almost felt like I could ascend at any moment. Then after a while it seemed to wear off. Like I would get my mind clear but only be able to stay there for a couple hours. ...So now that I'm done with that I'm back to putting all my focus again on being in the moment. But the problem is, I can't seem to stay there for too long.

Here's the thing. I start listening to the sounds around me. If I stay vigilant with this after about a couple hours I start to feel that zen-like peaceful state again. My confidence comes back, but then after a couple hours my mind starts to go back again to old patterns, and I try to go back to the mind-free state again but it gets harder to stay there. Eventually I get frustrated and give up, but then I realize I have to do this and so I end up starting over again the next day. The thing is, I really want to do this but it seems like I can't stay grounded anymore like when I first discovered this secret. When I first discovered this I was fully grounded for a few days, maybe even a week. Now it seems like I can only get there for a couple hours a day, and it requires intense concentration. I feel like I work so hard at it, and then have to start over again the next day.

So what I'm wondering is, is this a normal part of ascension? I understand that this is a process, but it gets frustrating when every time you take a big step forward, you seem to take a step back again. I thought I finally had this all figured out, and everytime I get back in the mind-free state I think I was right, but it seems like I can't stay there anymore no matter how hard I try, but I have to keep trying because if I stop and let my mind go again I completely fall back into old mind patterns. Then I notice my outer reality starts to get challenging again. That's one thing I didn't write about in my book. How hard it is to actually live moment to moment. Eventually won't this become our natural state of being?

yes, this is a normal part of ascension. well, you're experiencing it, so it must be. everyone is different of course, but everyone has troubles grounding, to more or less degrees. grounding is what it's all about. it's the big process, getting our aweome magnificence to be fully here, fully realized, fully embodied. it's already here, but our bodies dont' necessarily have it all embodied.

I recommend my daily meditations for grounding. Especially the antakarana portions. also opening your chakras is grounding. you may also call upon the rainbow serpent to come up into you and ground you. also call upon mother earth to help you ground, and your god presence of course. you may also see yourself as a tree with your roots deeply into the ground and foliage into higher dimensions.

Daily Meditations by ZaKaiRan
- Ascension Meditations and Exercises - to keep you in Tip Top Spiritual & Energetic Shape, to remain centered in your Divine Beingnessfor the Continuous Acceleration of your Vibratory Rate Gently and Powerfully read/invoked by ZaKaiRan - with Divine Music from Terry Oldfield

Living in the moment: yes, living in the moment will eventually be our natural state, but until then, we are in the transition of balancing masculine and feminine, being and doing, with guidance from spirit and what spirit wants to accomplish and what our souls want to experience in this lifetime. big journey! the biggest, and it is so powerful doing it in this dense dimension, as what we experience here and what we realize here, amanates through all the higher dimensions, to our souls, soul extensions and all life.

I'm wondering though, if this is the way it's supposed to be because maybe too much light can't enter my body too fast. I think even you mentioned that once, didn't you?

Correct. if we embodied too much light, we would literally blow up, or at least our circuits would fry. we are electromagnetic beings, if too much light (electromagnetic energy), come in too fast, it can be damaging, to the body circuits and brain. also it can blow out auric fields/energy bodies and damage the merkaba field.

I've also read it on other sites about ascension. You can't ascend too fast because your dense body can only recieve so much light at a time. I tell myself that but then my mind starts to slip back into old patterns and I also start noticing my life becoming "uncomfortable" again. So that motivates me to start listening to sounds around me again and try to get back into the mind-free state, but once again it only lasts a couple hours. This seems to be my new pattern as of late.

So I'm wondering if this is a normal phase I'm going through or if I'm doing something wrong or not doing something or what? I feel like I should be moving forward, not backward again. I should be practicing what I preached in my book, but it's not as easy as I made it sound. I've tried the white light thing you told me about too but it doesn't work for me. Toning feels good for a while too but it only seems to be a temporary fix. I guess what I'm asking is how do I stay grounded permanently?

that's the million dollar question! the big journey, and it is a journey, of awakening, activation, clearing, healing..... let go of your fast food mentality. weren't you asking about living in the moment? live in the moment beloved, and what you have is what you have, and what you have is what you need, and what you need is what best helps you awaken to your awesome magnificence and remember and activate your mastery.

You mentioned before that it's not my thoughts but the energies in my energy fields. I know you say do the white light thing 12 feet around me but I tried it and nothing happens.

It is much more than that, it is thought forms, beliefs, vows, agreements... etc, of your soul aspects. you've got to keep at it until you get good at it. you're dealing with aspects of the soul and consciousness, who may not necesarily be interested in becoming recentered in the light/love again. this is the point of doing this meditation, to harmonize aspects that are disharmonic.

Maybe I'm not doing it right. Do you do it just once and everything from all unconscious programs are permanently transmuted? I wish! Or do you have to keep doing it every day?

yep, every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another thing I'm starting to wonder about is that in past lives I've ascended before, like you mentioned. But I've also read on other websites that some people who are reluctant to move forward might have failed ascending in past lives.

maybe, that's why were doing this lifetime, to finally get it!!!!!!!!!!! and do it.

I also read on another site that some people are held back by past lives where as soon as they reached full consciousness they were murdered by an invading army.

yep, or some other something happens that stops them. Life is tricky that way.

But I'm skeptical about that because I thought when you reach full consciousness you won't manifest those kinds of negative people anymore, so how can dense people still get to you?

no matter how enlightened we may get, we may still have aspects of consciousness, of the soul, that are not quite in tune yet, and this will manifest bad situations. but it's all for our growth and awakening, it's just soul experience.

But I do wonder about the possibility of failed ascensions. Maybe that could be holding some of us back. Maybe me. But I don't know. I don't remember any past lives, but I want to. I want to remember everything. And I want to move forward and not go backward again. I mean, do you ever slip back into old patterns? My guess is by now you've transmuted all your negative aspects. Am I wrong?

Nothing and no one can hold you back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not generally slip into old patterns any more. sometimes old patterns may nip at my heals a bit, but then I have a choice to engage in those patterns or stay in love instead. this is always the choice. but these are opportunities to help those aspects of self heal, then that pattern does not reemerge.

So the big question I'm asking is how do I get to were I'm totally in-the-moment all the time? And it's my natural state and not a constant struggle to keep my mind clear?

Once again, the million dollar question, the journey etc. Patience beloved!!!!!!!!!! A few sessions with me wouldn't be a bad idea. Go where your heart is leading you! let your spirit guide you, there is no other way.

Also, it's hard at my job when I always have to be around the public and so much "frenzy" energy.

A practitioner plate might help - Tesla Products

I wonder how much longer we'll be obligated to our 3D jobs. I try not to think about it because I know frustration will only make it worse, but I'll admit there's a part of me that's getting really worried about this. Like what if I can't stay in the moment long enough and I never ascend. Maybe that fear is a program from a past life. I don't know. But I feel like I need to do something to get past this stage. Sometimes I call upon spirits to help me along with this process but when I do nothing seems to happen. Maybe everything is as it should be then and I'm getting worked up over nothing.

Yes, everything is as it should be and you are getting worked up over nothing, because it is all an illusion, so it really is nothing, but it feels real, tastes real... but to bend the spoon, you don't bend it, you remember that the spoon is not real. (the matrix)

you must keep at it beloved, and capitalize on the tools available to you, such as my books, meditations. this is why I created them. you must do these or similar ascension meditations and activations and invocations, every day, to get you in tune, and keep you in tune, no matter what, no matter where you have to go, or interact with. Open your heart beloved!!!! this is most important meditation you can do, it is the only thing to do!!!!!

eventually, you will transition to other endeavors that are more what you truly came here to do on planet earth, that is not a "job". you will be working for yourself, or rather Plorking (playing/working), doing God's work, your divine keepership, divine function... this is the journey of awakening and mastery beloved, and self worth, prosperity.... keep letting go of your fears, and be courageous!!!!!! be afraid but do it anyway!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I hope all is well with you. I hope your mom is getting better. Take care now.

___________ your star brother

Thank you beloved, I am totally dandy. I just spent a week sailing and swimming with my beloved whale friends. my mother has gone off to the other dimensions. Thanks for asking and for your support.

infinite blessings on your journey beloved ___________!


God/Goddes alchemy

How are you? And what are you up to? I bet mission is going great:-) anyway, again I have a question. Lately I've concentrated on my femininity/goddess and it's better now so I started wondering about the menstrual cycle and how to use it, cuz I know how powerful it actually is (now I do) so I wos wondering on how to use these days for something creative/spiritual/developement and how it's affected by moon cycle. If you know some good articles on internet I'd be very happy. ( I read something in your article god/goddes alchemy but I was hoping to find something more specificly on the menstruation and moon phaze)

PS. your web page really rocks, I can't help to laught when I hear the stanza at the begining and all the word games and jokes and at the same time it makes perfect sense and is really interesting and helpful.

wisshing you all the fun in the cosmic joke ___________

yes, very powerful time and to work with your blood, with the moon, with the earth, with the fairies, devas...

going within is the go, and releasing all that does not serve you, that you have recieved all of the wisdom from. moon carries the feminine energy, the feminine codes, the feminine blueprint. connecting to it during this time, and any time, connects us to the divine feminine, to the divine mother... and our own feminine energy.

And collect your blood, (you will need reusable feminine pads, that you can wash out), and then give the blood and water to the earth, to the plants... Put it around your house... very powerful.

the premier info on this subject is: "the galvanization of the Goddess" by Barbara Marciniak. a transcript from a channeling, which might be available on her website. if you can't find it, I can make a copy of it for you and send it to you.

Infinite Menses blessings!


Difference between Ascension and Enlightenment

I have one question for u. I currently read through Joshua David Stone's ascension encyclopedia. I was wondering what the difference between ascension and enlightenment is. In which way are they related? JDS says that ascension basically means building the light quotient in your four body system. Can ascension happen without enlightenment? Or the other way round. I'm a little confused. :)
sayonara, ___________

they are totally synonymous with each other and basically the same thing. when you become enlightened, when you have illuminated your consciousness with the divinity that we all are, with Christ/Buddha Consciousness, then you are ONE with everything, and your Light Quotient naturally builds. perhaps the only real difference is what practices one might engage in. there are Ascension practices or meditations that are specifically designed to build your light quotient, or activate your light body. But enlightening your consciousness through meditation, mantra, chanting..., might not be activating the light body as much as specifically deisigned meditations, but I certainly imagine that in the indepth practices of Buddhist Meditation, taught to the monks, the meditations would certainly build the light quotient, and activate the light body, higher consciousness...

I hope this had "en-light-ened" you more to the processes of enlightenment and asension

infinite blessings!


Body Aches and Pains - Light Body Mutation/Ascension

Hello thank you,
I'll try, recently I pretty much surrendered everything to my Spirit/God Presence so I do ask for this and that all the time:-) Yeah I also hope she can train me (that friend of mine), she's great and from Sirius :-P
also for last 3-4 days I've been having this insane headaches+fever+back hurts I was wondering whether or not it's just side effect of embodying more of my true self or did I just get heat-stroke or meningitis:-D is there any way to find out? also I have one more question (God I'm annoying, I know and I'm sorry and I than you) lately I started to question to which extend "doing nothing" is faith in your spirit and to which it's just lazy/self confident/arogant/my spirit will do it all behaviour???e.g. this friend of mine, she needs to go to mexico for this seminar but it cost a lot of money, so she's a little afraid she won't be able to get the money (and seems almost impossible to earn that money in this circumstances) so I was telling her that she doesn't need to worry, that spirit will send her the money, but she still thinks she has to do something for it , like find as many extra -one time- jobs and is thinking about as many ways possible -how to earn the money, etc. .....I mean am I wrong and stupid or does she just lack faith a little bit or what?

thank you from God in my heart to God in yours
love and blessings ___________


Drink more water! And you need a detox, and Epsom salt baths. Other than that, it’s just “mutational symptoms” to your conscious awakening and light body awakening.
It's always both, we must have an immense amount of faith, that everything will work perfectly, and God will provide, I will recieve what I need…, and at the same time, there are things that must be done so that the money or whatever the situation will manifest. There are always actions and inner work that satisfy the soul and there are actions and inner work that satisfies the spirit.

And we are in a physical world, and some perameters in the physical reality must be met in order for things to manifest, that is until we are at such an immensely accelerated place in our consciousness where we are so in tune with creation, that everything manifests instantly. This will be the case for everyone in the future, until then, this is only the case for the Avatars.
But the major point is, that your friend shouldn’t have to kill herself to get money to do something, especially something that her spirit wants her to do, unless she has aspects of her unconsciousness that don’t want her to manifest it, which can often be the case, because aspects of ourselves are afraid of many thing from their past experiences.

Soul Mates

thank you, I'll try.
sure do, I tought it's nothing special here but Prague is really wonderful plus my friends put 12 crystal balls in 12 power places in Prague so it's better here now.

Good on them!!!!!! they're legends!!!!!!

also we found incredible magical forest with light creatures and it somehow restores natural connection to all that is or reather it dismantles illusion of separation:-)


also I have a question about how it works with connection between people- like...does soul mates exist and what is it?

wow babe, big question! yes, soul mates exist, if they didn't, we wouldn't be communicating! each one of us, is a soul extension, and a soul and a higher self/OverSoul/GodPresence... Our God Presence is the OverSoul of 12 souls. these are master souls. these master souls are the oversoul of 144 soul extensions. those 144 soul extensions are the most intimate of your soul mates that exist in the universe of universes. Half are feminine consciousness, half are masculine consciousness. And each soul extension has a twin flame because everything and everyone that steps itself down from higher dimensions, splits itself into pairs, male and female. That’s why everyone is so addicted to relationship and marriage etc., because everyone is trying to find their twin flame that they unconsciously believe to be separate from and have lost, and want to find and reconnect with. This is a more conscious realization for people in the new age spiritual realms. But we are not separate from our soul extensions, our souls or our God Presence/ Higherself/Oversoul, nor are we separate from our Twin flame, even if it feels like it.

There’s much more I can say on this. It is a whole article/ book. I have written about the subject in my articles and books. I can’t remember where. I must write an article specifically dedicated to this subject.

and also I have this friend of mine she's kind of good at working for light so she travels to God knows where and lately I can feel it, even when I'm not in the same place, my vision becomes blur and I feel strange, I'd like to go with her or something but I just somehow can't get any further past blurry vision and feeling "strange"....any tips???

happy plorking
and infinite blessings 2 u 2


astral traveling, soul traveling, merkaba traveling

Another Big question and too much to write about really because then I have to delve into the psychic and astral realms, astral traveling, soul traveling, merkaba traveling. The best thing is ask your friend to take you on journeys, and ask for assistance from your God Presence and the Astral Travel Angels, and fairies, and open your heart, open your mind, and release/heal any part of your consciousness or unconsciousness that is resistant to traveling in consciousness, or traveling physically, astrally…

All of these “special miraculous” abilities are learnable, but they take a bit of training. Your friend is obviously a master at it, so needs no training. Perhaps she can train you. You may also be able to download the information/training from your god presence, the ascended masters, the merkaba masters, perhaps on the higher planes, perhaps on Sirius, in the divine universities. Ask your god presence to take you to the divine universities, and ascended master ashrams for training while you sleep and in meditation.

Blessings and blessings!


Subject: Hey about advaita vedanta..

Hey zakairan, what do you think about that philosophy?? peace n' love ___________

I don't know what that is? if it is related to the Vedas, I have not read them. I tried to read the bagavad gita once, but couldn’t hang with it, too fundamental for me I think.
If it is related to indian philosophy/religion aka hinduism, I am very much into non-traditional/non-fundamental "hinduism", or rather the true principals and teachings, non of the crap of course. fundamental hinduism is as distorted as any other religion, but like most religions, the essence of love is the key and is there somewhere, at least in many teachers teachings. there are many divine teachings coming from many great masters from India. And the essence of sexual tantra and other tantric teachings and yoga are still extremely valid and profound.

and I adore the indian deities. I know them to be real entities, regardless of how they are portrayed physically.

Vedantic Love!


help!!!!! (from the Ascended Masters...)

Zakairan:Everything is being too hard,I ask for help to the Masters,angels and for karmic pardon,but recive any help.All this is too much for me alone.What can I do? ___________

you are asking for help beloved, but are you recieving it? are you allowing yourself to recieve it? there are more than likely, parts of you, (aspects of your unconsciousness - soul extensions etc., from past lives...), that are disallowing you from recieving. who feel unworthy of recieving!

you must help those aspects heal, forgive... then you will be able to recieve. use the love cocooning technique in my mini ascension master's toolkit!

and do daily positive affirmations: I am prosperous, and abundant, and my life flows easy, with great assistance from my friends on higher dimensions and from my friends on earth!!!

I am now recieving immense assistance from my friends on higher dimensions and from my friends on earth!!!

I am now recieving immense assistance from my God Presence!!!

And keep centering in your heart, to know and feel the assistance you are recieving, and to feel and know your God Presence!!!!

Feel it!!! let yourself feel the support you have!!!!

and then seek out and find, and attract, supportive caring, unconditionally loving people!

find a meditation group, or healing group, or channeling group! and surround yourself with like minded, and like hearted people!!!!

hang in there baby!!!!!

infinite blessings!


Have you ascended totally?

Have been reading your articles and they are impressive.
I need some help and perhaps you can help me.

My primary focus in life is to spiritually evolve like you, to ascend. , to drop my illusion of separation and limitation drama. To get out of the 3D matrix The problem is, I haven't evolved fast enough. I started in the 80s, and until now, am still a poor human schmuck. Am sometimes, thoroughly disgusted. Is there something you can do to get me on track?

hello, are you still in a physical body? or, have you ascended totally ? Please answer.

thanks, Much love, ___________


Greetings beloved ___________ (aka poor human schmuck)

I am very happy to help you if I can. First off, I would like to assure you that you have indeed evolved, in fact, a lot, otherwise you wouldn’t be writing to me, you would be hopelessly lost in the illusion, trying to find your way to the light with extremely dark sunglasses on, like the majority of humanity.

The problem isn’t that you have not evolved fast enough, the problem is that you believe that you have not evolved fast enough! Time is an illusion beloved, and one of the keys to ascension is to become in tune with divine timing, therefore, entering no-time! This is your get of jail free card releasing you from the prison of “the Matrix”.

And of course, there are different tricks to get you out of this matrix, but the first “trick” is for you to somehow adopt faith and trust. Faith and trust in your own journey, and divine timing, and the faith and trust in your own God Presence, that this divine presence has your evolution/enlightenment/ascension all under control.

The key is for you to make contact, re-introduce yourself to your God Presence. My daily meditation (available for free on my website) are available just for this purpose. My book, “the Ascension Master’s toolkit” will also help in this regard, especially releasing/healing… those parts of you that feel like a schmuck!. And meditating with your God Presence.

I can also of course offer you a phone session, which is good timing for you right now, because I am in the US until the 8th of July.

Here’s something I wrote for another lady. I recommend doing the same thing

Center yourself in your heart. focusing upon the light at the center of your heart. then openining this light up, sending it out larger and larger, encompassing your auric field (2 meters around you), then further (4 meters around you) into your unconscious (outer fields). sending the love of your heart and your God Presence to these parts of you. Also calling upon your God Presence and EASE, for the ease energies from the EASE emissaries for you and all parts of you. and call to the karmic board for karmic absolution for all parts of you. and bless them and send waves of love and forgiveness. and call for the law of forgiveness to send them waves of forgiveness.

and keep focusing on your heart, and ask your god presence to merge with you. keep focusing on your heart and expanding your heart light out in all directions. and delight in your awesome magnificence!!!! then nothing else matters but this!!!!

You may also do some automatic writing at this point, asking your God presence questions, and just opening your mind and heat and listening and writing.

Happy Connecting with God Presence!

Infinite blessings!


P.S. and yes, I am “still” in a human body. If I wasn’t then I would be working solely on higher dimensions and would not interact with humans in any typical way, such as email communication. I have chosen to live in a human body to assist humanity in a more “personal” way. To interact with them as human, to enlighten humanness (physically, and the social consciousness).

Teleportation, Ascension, DNA...


Just a quick question. I saw a really cool movie last night called Jumper about a guy who can teleport himself anywhere. That made me think about how we will be doing that someday. But do you know how it'll work? Like could I teleport myself halfway across the world? Or what if you want to teleport yourself to someplace you've never been, just to see the pyramids in Egypt, something the character did in the movie. I know it won't be like in a movie, but even you say we will be doing it when we are in full light body form.

Hi ___________ (the great enquisitor! – quick question my arse! Or should I say, yes, quick question, but quick answer, that is another question.

Well, very good questions. I haven’t channeled that information yet. I know that I am a teleportation/flight/dimensional transportations/space & time flight Master, but this is currently only in my higher consciousness/God Presence, it has not been embodied yet into my conscious human state. I know I will be training people in the future to fly, physically, dimensionally etc. when I start teaching MerKaBa activation and MerKaBa flight, this will lead to this. But alas I haven’t embodied this yet, otherwise I could save a shit load of dough (and time) on airplane flights.

There is physical flying, like superman, and there is teleportation. It may be a tad trickier teleporting to some place we haven’t been before, but every single place on the planet and universe for that matter, is written in human consciousness, or the human psychic memory space. So all we have to do is tap into that, like a computer memory bank. Pat of the process is doing it in consciousness, or traveling in our minds: conscious dreaming. First we dream it, then we do it physically. But we must let go of all doubt, which means getting into a higher dimensional space within our consciousness and the enlightenment of the human mind/body structure… and DNA activations as well.

The Christed ETs/Ashtar Command and Ascended masters will help us with all of this. Obviously activating the Light body and DNA will facilitate this and all other manner of “miraculous” things that we will all naturally be able to do in the future.

By the way, you told me that you are currently in an ascended state. Are you saying that you're in full light body form? So could you teleport yet? Take care, Robert

The ascended state isn’t just one state. People have a perception that when a person “ascends”, they just disappear and go into a higher dimension. Yes, this is something that does happen, but really, ascension is a process, not a result. Every time someone has an AH Ha!, when they get through an initiation with flying colors and become that more enlightened, they are ascending. The more ah ha’s you have, the more of an ascended state you are naturally in. when you enter Christ consciousness, and have the ability to love unconditionally, which I do, then you/or me, is in an ascended state of consciousness. I am still human, but I am also light. So in answer to your question, yes, I am in an ascended state, and at the same time in a fully ascended state, but as a human I am not fully ascended, not in the same sense as the ascended masters, who have had so many “ah ha” moments that they no longer are physical. But then you also have the ability to also be physical. It’s all such a dimensional miasm, because who is in a fully ascended state is me as God Presence. You follow?

Ascension Love!


... My sister always tells me that I'm a good writer and should someday write a children's book. ...I could write about my whole ascension experience and use analogies. The perfect little creature that kids could relate to and goes through a transformation. Caterpillers. They become butterflies. It's perfect. I already thought of all the characters and everything, and how I could relate my desire to ascend and embody my higher self with the main characters desire to become a butterfly, and how all the caterpillers don't believe it's possible to become one, and how I discovered the only way to become a butterfly is to fully become the caterpiller first. Also, if it's cool with you would you mind if I made reference to you as the wise caterpiller who helped me learn how to become a butterfly?

A: Totally cool!!!!!! I’m very happy to be in your book as the wise caterpillar. I look forward to reading your “kids” book.

Now keep in mind that if I write this book it won't be anytime soon. This is just an idea that popped into my head the other day. I won't write it until I'm fully in light body form (fully become the butterfly). Why wait? When you’re in your fully ascended state you won’t be interested in writing books, that’s too slow of a medium. No time like the present. Maybe writing the story will help you get more fully into your “ascended state”.

This is my story and the story is not complete yet. Well, I know my story will never end but if I write a book for kids relating my ascension experience I need the full experience. I'm not there yet so I wouldn't know yet how to end the book.

You have ascended before on other planets, so it’s in your karmic memory. Plus, as per my other communiqué, ascension is a process, not necessarily a result.

The only thing I could think of now is that I become the butterfly with help from wise old Zaki Caterpiller(that will be your name) who became a butterfly first to help the other caterpillers learn how to become the butterflies they were destined to become. But I still need to fully become light body first so I can relate my full experience to the children of the world. But the more I think about it I really think this will be a great idea. This could be the first children's book for the new world. I could give them a fun story with a strong message.

Do it!!!! Now!!!!!!!!

Do you ever do numerology? I read a book by Karen Bishop and she tells you how to calculate your Soul Urge number(mine is 6), destiny number(mine is 5), expression number(mine is 7), and Life Purpose number(mine is 3). Life purpose is subtle and usually comes later when you're ready to give back. 3's are supposed to give the world some kind of creative self expression and I think I might've just discovered that with this new idea. Up until now I never knew what I could offer the world creatively. All I do is sit around and watch tv all day, and try to learn how to "ascend." I figured I would just ascend and be an example to everyone around me. Maybe that's true too, but now I could offer the children of the world something.

So I think my spirit is preparing me for my future here. I do have one quick question for you. In your last e-mail you said that when we no longer use technology we will be creating all the time and having adventures and won't care about entertainment.

That’s because we will be and are the entertainment!

I guess that makes sense. I mean, even now I'm starting to get tired of some of my old movies. It's just something to do, you know. Maybe to an extent I even live vicariously through the TV shows I watch.

We all do! Because we are all one!! This is why we are fascinated with other people in movies, and other people’s lives and adventures, because every single adventurer, every hero, is us!

In the future I'll be living it and no longer dreaming it or watching it. But that brings me to my question. What kinds of things will we be creating in the new world(besides writing books)? What kinds of adventures?

Everything imaginable! People will first off do everything that they repressed doing, or had no money to do, or time, or confidence… to do. Everything creative: painting, music, art, acting, movies, travel…

I guess I always pictured the new world to be everyone just chillin, ya know. Living in peace and not having to work your butt off to make a living anymore. Being free of all obligations, especially to other people. Also, we'll be happy just being, and not having to worry about "doing" anymore. Is that accurate?


Or maybe also we will be discovering the true history of this world, and communicating with beings from other worlds.

Correct, we will be more fully connected to the Akashic records and will know history fully. We will have devices that will enable us to watch history. This will be one of the new entertainment devices/movies… and also we will be able to take trips in time to see how history really happened.

But are there any other adventures or things to create in the new world?

The universes and dimension are the limit. Well not really, there are no limits, but it’s a good figure of speech.

I mean, if we'll be living in our light bodies for thousands of years we gotta do something, right. Maybe we can throw a big intergalactic party, everyone's invited. Especially the butterflies.

We’re always in our light bodies beloved! This is the grand illusion that we are “just” physical. Now, we are becoming both, physical and light.

Yes, big parties. In fact, the new civilization is one giant party, and everyone’s invited, especially the butterflies!

Take care my starseed brother. ______________

ZAkairan,...what is happening? I think I am bad of my head, I do my unifed field, I recibe your email about Arcangel Miguel, but, can I will go on with this problematic life? Things in this village are economic realy bad, shop closing and I still have my shop and flat without rent. ...Why if I want to be spiritual is so hard, why if I am always with the unifed field?

Beloved ______________, everything that you are experiencing, doesn’t have anything to do with you being spiritual or not, or connecting to the unified field or not. You are just going through the initiatioins of life and awakening and empowerment. Because your focus now is on your empowerment, everything that is disempowering in your life, or everything that is in your consciousness that is disempowering or feels disempowered, is up and in your face, so that you will finally love it and heal it and let it go.

One thing is for sure, there are many things in your life that you probably need to let go of. This includes family. If people, including family, are a pain in the ass, and troublesome, and causing you grief, because they won’t take responsibility for their reality, for their pain, for their own emotions, feelings etc., then it is time to let them go. And if things in your life are also causing your grief, such as properties, perhaps it is time to let them go.

The best thing to do is call upon your Divine spirit, your god presence and ask for guidance as to what to do. In every situation, ask your spirit, “what should I do”. Then make a decision and find out if it was a good one or not, and if it was spirit that guided you or not. Guidance from spirit will be full of energy. It may not seem like the best decision, but it will be, for everyone!

Let go of what is causing you grief beloved!!!! And you will have more peace in life. Keep connecting to your heart, expanding your heart out, open, open, open, and love everyone completely and unconditionally. But loving people doesn’t mean you have to spend time with them.

blessings ZaKaiRan

Hola Zakairan, I am sad because your mother has gone.why now?

Everyone has their time and everything has it’s timing

And I am sad and tyre because something very bad has happen to me...

....Can you help he and us ?.... ______________

Just love all of this, and love everyone. Just because everyone else is freaking out around you, doesn’t mean you should too. Stop taking everything personally. People are acting the way they act because of their stuff, not yours. Yes, some aspect of you is manifesting all of these situations and people, but all you need to do is love those parts of you that are manifesting this, and then do what is necessary to create a more wholistic situation. You do this by centering yourself in your heart and loving everything around you. Everything! Then when you honor everything and everyone around you, then there is an open space for everyone and everything to change around you.

But you take charge of your life! You find people that will help you!!! You deserve it!!!! There are good people out there, so go find them, manifest them!!!!!!

Here’s something I wrote for another lady. I recommend doing the same thing

Center yourself in your heart. focusing upon the light at the center of your heart. then openining this light up, sending it out larger and larger, encompassing your auric field (2 meters around you), then further (4 meters around you) into your unconscious (outer fields). sending the love of your heart and your God Presence to these parts of you. Also calling upon your God Presence and EASE, for the ease energies from the EASE emissaries for you and all parts of you. and call to the karmic board for karmic absolution for all parts of you. and bless them and send waves of love and forgiveness. and call for the law of forgiveness to send them waves of forgiveness.

and keep focusing on your heart, and ask your god presence to merge with you. keep focusing on your heart and expanding your heart light out in all directions. and delight in your awesome magnificence!!!! then nothing else matters but this!!!!

Bendiciones Infinitas



Thank you for following up with me. I've been "up and down and back and forth" as to whether or not to do a session with you. I've learned some things since I originally contacted you and I keep hearing that I don't need to keep seeking help outside of myself (a pattern I've been slowing breaking).

If you have any great intuitive insight on this, feel free to let me know - LOL!! Thank you again for your follow up. I hope you are doing well these days...

Love & light, ___________


Greetings beloved ___________,

I am doing well, thank you!

well, this is the journey we are all on, connecting to and recieving our own guidance from spirit, our intuition..., which takes a lot of practice and a lot of inner plork (play/work) with lots of opening and clearing... and sometimes we need help with this. this is where I come in. I am less prone to give "guidance" and more prone to do whatever is necessary in the clearing and activation departments to help my fellow team members get better connected so that they don't need me.

I shy completely away from giving predictions and the like, as i work 5th dimensionally, not 4th dimensionally, which means, I work with what is needed to activate your divine mission, rather than what is needed to satisfy your soul, or your ego.

I provide tools of transformation and guidance that helps beings take the ball and run with it, so that i become obsolete, and only needed when there is something that they can't quite get through on their own. "with a little help from my friends" we all need help sometimes.

so the key is not become reliant on others, but to capitalize on the gifts of others when it is needed. and this of course, should and does, come from our own guidance. sometimes our divine guidance is to find a certain healer or activator, or guide, to recieve their assistance. We're all in this together baby!

so the next step is: is my spirit guiding me to have a session with ZaKaiRan. if the answer is yes, then give me a call. if the answer is no, then you and your spirit have it all under control
Infinite blessings on your journey!



Will all humans ascend 2012 if they are still living?

Hi there!

Hi there to you!

I have 3 questions for you concerning the spiritual Ascension.

1. I would like to know whether ALL humans will ascend during the 2012-2017 year period, if they are still living. Or will some humans be left behind in the 3rd dimension?

Who knows? It is all speculation! The “plan” is for everyone to ascend, but not everyone wants to, or needs to ascend. It all depends on what the soul wants to experience. It is not necessary for everyone to ascend, not from a personal perspective. It is necessary to have everyone on the planet in an ascension state of consciousness, or unconditional love or Christ consciousness. But it is not necessary that everyone adopt Christ consciousness. Some souls will elect to go elsewhere to other planes of consciousness or other planets. I don’t know if some people will stay in the “3rd dimension” while we ascend up. I don’t really think it works that way. I know there are predictions of this, but this is really a parallel reality scenario. But I don’t really think that that is going to be the case. But I could be wrong.

I read in one of your articles on the 4th dimension that you said that we are all invited to the party of Ascension. You also said that if someone is still on the planet then they are coming to the party.

2. Now does that mean we will all be able to cleanse our selves of all negative energy before the year 2012?

Let’s hope so!!!!!!!!!!!

3. I mean what does each individual need to do in order to ascend?

That’s way too big of a question to answer here, in fact that’s the million dollar question! Ultimately, simply put, everyone must accept love as the only way, unconditional love, and love everyone equally, knowing that we are all one. Christ/Buddha Consciousness! Very easy!

Will this require activity on our parts or can we just sit passively and wait for the party to start?

Some people may just wait for the party to start and show up. (see my article the “transition team members and position team members”) These are the simple souls, perhaps souls that don’t have much karma, because they have not had many lifetimes. They are not the ascension experts. Or they just finally surrender! Or they’re just here to go along for the ride. Regardless, it can happen to anyone in an instant! Anyone can “get it” in an instant! Enlightenment can come for anyone anytime!

But Most people will be and are being required by their souls and spirits to actually get off of their asses and do something. This is why many souls are here and incarnating during this time. First to clear their own stuff, heal/balance/resolve… their karma and then to enter group consciousness and begin creating heaven on earth together, something that many souls/spirits have spent many lifetimes in many civilizations creating.

Please, this is very important to me. Please help me.

Kind regards ___________

Hi ___________,

Many websites have said that if people can't ascend 2012 to the 4th or 5th dimension, they will have to reincarnate. My question to you is will this be immediately after they die or will they still be allowed to spend a reasonable amount of time in the afterlife before they have to reincarnate?

No one really knows what’s going to happen at 2012, maybe nothing will happen. Timing is all relative and only God knows what’s going to happen. But those beings who cannot ascend to higher consciousness will at the very least, have a really hard time on the planet while everyone else is ascending and having fun. And we will do our best to help them. It pretty much already is a situation on the planet where those souls who are recalcitrant and still want to play the games of competition and control, will live in places separate from others, such as the middle east.

Anyone who dies can spend as much time in the afterlife as they want to before reincarnating.

I would like to know something about what will happen to the humans that don't choose to raise their vibration before 2012?

Who knows? I don’t think the timing of 2012 is so written in stone. Everyone will be given as many chances as possible to “get it”.

What will happen to these 3rd density humans AFTER they have died of disease due to their unresolved Karma?

People are already dying of disease because of un-resolved karma. The other disease is war, stupidity, ignorance… they will go to the higher planes, (higher overtones of the 4th dimension, and review their past life, and lives and karma, and they decide what they will do. Not everyone has to reincarnate. Some choose to stay on higher planes and receive ascension teachings from there, rather than receiving them in a physical incarnation.

I mean during the Ascension period their low vibrational bodies won't then be compatible with the higher vibration of earth..

True, but this may or may not necessarily coincide with a specific date, such as 2012.

I am referring to the following: If those humans should die, will they have to reincarnate onto another 3rd dimensional existence IMMEDIATELY after their deaths or will they still be allowed to stay for a period of let's say 6oo years in the ASTRAL realms before they have to reincarnate?

I’ve already answered that question above.

Kind regards ___________

Infinite blessings to you ______________!



You know, I probably shouldn't have said that I was all out of questions for you. There's a couple more little things I'm curious about.

You'll never be out of questions

First of all, I noticed before that your last name is SheeHan. That is so freaky. My uncle passed away this January and his name is Tom SheeHan. We got to spend one last Christmas with him though. He was fine too and none of us knew he would die a couple weeks later. It was sudden. He was my Godfather too and I always saw him as the "Godfather" of our entire family. He just had that presence about him. So you say that the SheeHan name is related to the Ashtar Command. Does that mean my Uncle could've been an Ashtar Commander? What exactly does that mean? I've heard of the Ashtar Command but what exactly is it? It makes me wonder if he'll reincarnate in the new world.

SheeHan seems to be a "human" name as well. he's not a member of the ashtar command. the ashtar command is like the space command fleet of the Galactic Federation, similar to the united federation of planets on star trek. they monitor ET involvement on planets that are evolving, and help with galactic and dimensional stuff with our awakening process and integration processes of our galactic natures and our galactic "ET" family.

...how much longer will we be using electronic devices? we'll be using them for awhile still. technology will get way more advanced and efficient before we start using our "inner technology" exclusively. Although the article I read said it'll be years before we get to that point so I probably will still get it.

But yeah, I do wonder if I'll still be able to enjoy my favorite movies in the future but if you can't with external technology maybe there's a movie screen in the astral plane. Sometimes I do dream that I'm watching movies and wrestling, and playing video games.

when we no longer use technology, you won't care about watching movies, because you will be creating all the time and having adventures all the time. there will be no time for movies. until then, enjoy lazy entertainment!

Dreams.....that brings me to another thing I wonder about. I wanna switch gears and talk again about disembodied entities. You also mentioned in different articles about Dark Lords. Well, a few months ago I had a very bizarre dream. I was on a beach and there was this sorceress and she had some kind of control over me. She was shooting this energy at me that was paralyzing me and I was like panicking. I couldn't move or breath. Also, there was something about "time" that I can't explain. This sorceress existed 100 years ago but was also here now. Something like that. Then a couple weeks ago I had a dream about a warlock and he was chasing me into an elevator and earlier I think he handed me 2 runes. The runes looked something like from the movie "The Stand." Did you see that movie based on the Stephen King book? I can't remember

I had that dream right after I discovered the power of clearing my mind and I was about to write to my starseed friends about it. I figured it could be symbolic but I couldn't find any dream symbols for warlocks in any online dream dictionary. So my question is this: Were these dark lords that I was fighting against in the lower astral planes as I slept?

You could have been, in other words, it's certainly possible, but in your case, no

You mentioned in an article that you fight off dark entities in your dreams. Like you said you have lots of dreams about war scenes and gangsters and stuff. So are we fighting off dark lords attached to us or could it also be other people's attached entities, or are we fighting off dark lords trying to influence people in a negative way?

sometimes, if that's our job, but really, fighting doesn't work, it just creates more karma. the only way to "fight" the dark lords is to love them!

One more thing. You just told me about different energies. I didn't realize there were so many different types of energies. You did tell me about prana and Christ light before. But how do we use plasma, source, or voidal frequency and what exactly do we use them for? enlightenment, ascension, awakening, light body activation...

Like how would each of those energies serve our ascension process? they are the ascension process! they are the essential energies that create everything and enlighten denser energies.

Which one is the most important? all important

Also, how do I tell which type of energy I'm using? Is it just intention?

yes, just call upon the energies. call to the EASE emissaries for waves of these energies in their perfect ratio. you can also call upon the individual energies as you feel to, to experience the difference. there is a lot to this. you may find out a whole lot more about EASE from: http://theeaseprogram.com

Okay, that's about it for now.

Take care now. you to my friend! ___________

Hi Zakairan

Toby Alexander (dnaperfection.com) recently helped me in our session with using the dna activation code ahu and taking it to various chakras and using the aham brahamasmi activation mantra.

sounds interesting!!!!

Are there any websites of tantra that teach you how to activate various dna/yantra codes with specific mantras?

sorry, I don't know of any websites like this off hand. do a websearch

Also, would the grace program from gaia.com involve activating the chakras/dna strands and removing karma?

there is all kinds of goodies available in the Grace program to activate chakras, including mantras and other activations. all kinds of processses and journeys of activation, including the love and light bodies, masculine and feminine bodies... As far as specific DNA activations, I don't recall much in that regard, but my knowing is that doing all of the other activations activates the DNA, or helps the DNA to remember to awaken.

Would you recommend the SMS school teachings over the grace program?

the Grace program is the most complete program that Qala has created (these are her words). It is a program that is self guided for the most part, although you do recieve assistance from a Mumara when you need help.

the mystery School, which is being renamed as self mastery uses the same manual, but does not include the additional manuals that are in the grace program, but the mystery school/self mastery is more guided by Qala and to be guided by Illumina, and Amaya, I believe, and there are regular emails and activations associated with that, teleconferences... also it is more personally related to a specific stream of activation of self mastery, which are Seership (psychic), Rainbow Bridge (channeling), or (karmic) Record Keeper. You work through one of these three specific streams of activation of your mastery, and you also activate your "Keepership", which is the specific energy stream of teaching and guidance that you are a specialist in, (but are unaware of this fact at this point). there is also a keepership retreat that helps activate your keepership.

Follow your spirit as to which is best for you. you may wish to do both at some point. but don't try to do them at the same time.

As far as karmic record healing goes, there is all kinds of karmic healing in them all. there are many processes of release in this category. it is a necessary thing for every awakening soul to heal their karma. you will also recieve, if you need this, karmic healing from your mumara. I am a mumara for the Grace program. I was a mumara for the "mystery school"/self mastery program for the alcyone pod. I don't know if I will do this again in the future or not.

I would be obliged if you could answer my queries :)

warm regards

lovenlight ___________


... Also, the symptoms of kundalini awakening sound the same as the ascension process, and the kundalini awakening goes on for years I read too. It also compared kundalini with prana, and said it's almost the same but kundalini is far more potent.

So I went to your website and reread a few of your articles, especially the one about pranic breathing and the toning and light language one. I notice you made a brief mention about kundalini in those articles. You said the prana tube is the pathway for kundalini enrgy to rise up the base of the spine through all the energy centers of the body. So is there really any difference between pranic energy and kundalini energy? Are they just different words for the same thing? Or does breathing prana regularly lead to kundalini awakening?

yep, there are many different specific energies that are available to us and a part of us. prana is one of the essential energies that comprise the whole universe of creation and which facilitates life. It is life-force energy. the other essential energies are the Christ Light (unconditional love, buddha, enlightenment, golden light...), Source Frequency (source/resource, divine father...), Voidal Frequency pure divine love, divine mother energy), and Plasma energy (pure divine power).

Kundalini is the awakening force that sits at the base of our spines, the serpent energy, the goddess awakening force that rises up, or slithers up with a wave up through our column of light and our spines, which awakens us to our true nature. some would say it is a sexual energy, but it is really the creative energy, which is the same force that is awoken in beings when they make love, which is why love is present and passion, to create!!!!

Anyway, I have been doing the pranic breathing technique especially when I'm at work where I deal with the public and sometimes big crowds especially on weekends before a holiday. I also liked that grounding technique where I picture myself as a tree and imagine the roots deep in the ground and the branches extending as high as I can imagine. I like the Sequoia Tree because they're huge and old and carry a lot of history. Me too, I love those trees!!!!!

... But I just read that toning article and tried it and I had my mind clear and just started humming and noticed I was making sounds almost involuntarily. You mention in the article that the sounds you make could actually be the sounds from your alien race that you belong to. ...I did notice that after I did it for a few minutes I felt very peaceful and calm and my mind was even clearer. You also mention how it'll clear negative attachments or old programs. Is it more effective than visualizing white light?

Similar in a way because when you channel tones, you channel white light, and many other frequencies of light - all colors, including violet and clear light! the big difference is when you do something physical, such as toning, it brings through even more light then just visualizing it, because you are acting like an antenna to ground the frequencies/energies/light/love here in this dimension, in the physical.

I gotta try it with my nephew. He's turning 2 years old Monday. I wonder how he'll react to the sounds I make. By the way, whatever happened to the neighbors down the hill who were always fighting loud?

He doesn't really go off his nut any more. we hear him/them occasionally, but not much any more.

There is one more thing I just thought of that I'm a little curious about. This might sound kinda silly and off topic too so bear with me. But in the coming years after humanity has evolved and the new world is in full swing, will there still be sports? Like baseball, football, wrestling, etc.... Although if there is I would assume that it'll just be for fun and not to make money anymore.

correct, we'll probably do sports just for the fun of it, but we will all have less of an interest in winning and seeing anyone win. the game is really about playing, not winning! A good movie to see in this regard is "Michael". A movie about archangel michael, and he loves the sensuality of life, and revels in it, including "battling".

so, the point is, we come down to this dimension to enjoy the sensuality of life, all the senses, good, bad..., it's all the same, just experience.

And I think you're just the cutest thing that you like wrestling! you're a lot like me, I like wierd stuff like that, it's one of the joys of planet earth! where else in the universe do they have staged professional wrestling. and you like the characters, and the act, because we're all characters in the big play, and acting our parts, and it just depends on how dramatic and expressive we each want to get. and you can see that the most dramatic actors are the most celebrated, in all walks of life, not just "actors" who act in films, but artists, musicians, politicians...

I went to a live wrestling match in Denver years ago, when Hulk Hogan was just getting a name for himself, and he body slammed some big fat guy, that said he'd pay 10,000 to anyone that could body slam him. the fat guy was beating this american olympic wrestler senseless and hulk hogan came in and rescued him. It was a great show and great fun, especially the little old ladies who were obviously huge wrestling fans, and who also obviously had season tickets right by the ring, and how they would flip off the bad guys. Good fun!!

I also especially love horomedies (horror/comedy movies). I highly recommend "black sheep", "fido", "Planet Terror"...

I've been a huge wrestling fan ever since I was a kid and even as I ascend higher my interest doesn't wane. You would think the violence would turn me off by now but it's just a show anyway. I've lost interest in a lot of horror movies I used to like but not wrestling. I think the thing that attracts me most is the gimmicks, not so much the violence. I love the different personas each wrestler develops. My favorite now is the Undertaker. His entrance is still the coolest thing ever. I realize in real life a lot of wrestlers have troubled lives(I read their autobiographies) and maybe a lot won't make the transition. Who knows. But I'm just curious if there will be a place for sports in the new world as long as it's for fun and people don't get emotionally involved in them or over competitive. Like wrestling "mocks" competition but you know it's really not. Although they do really hurt themselves sometimes. Maybe they could just tone it down a little. I don't know. This is just something I wonder about. And no, don't think that if there's no wrestling then I'll decide to stay in the old world. Ascension Mania will run wild brother *LOL* I'm not attached to it like I used to be, but it still fascinates me. Oh, and one more quick thing. When we're fully in light body, how long will we live in our current bodies? I've read that in the "before times" people used to live thousands of years.

We will live as long as we want to, because when you reach enlightenment, when you are in the process and experience of ascension, when ascension is just a way of life, when awakening is life, and mastery is the day to day norm, you realize that death is a complete illusion and that nothing dies, only bodies and forms die, or rather, they just change form, but our spirits never die, and our light bodies never die, they only change in frequency, or accelerate and expand even greater through the initiations of life and experience. So forms are just something you honor and use, they are like friends that help us to have different experiences. And we love our friends, and want to treat our friends well. and our friends are part of us, just as our bodies are a part of us, but they are not the wholeness of our being. We work/play together.

So anyway, that's it for now. I'm finally all out of questions for you Zakairan. Next time I write it'll be about some amazing experience I just had. No more questions. Are you happy *LOL* Take care now, ___________


Cosmic Joke/Fun

How are you enjoying the game?? I must say it is damn well created. I'm astonished over and over. Although I'm probably almost done playing, it gets borring after some time:-D it's just..........all that is:-D I was feeling shitty past two days and the two days before absolutely fantastic and both for pretty much no reason and today I almost wanted to "kill myself" becase everything seemed absolutely pointles and so was the suicide :-D lol....anyways I was thinking how this is just silly, why the hell is it even here - I mean yeah I get it for some experience, to learn something maybe whatever but why? is it just an expression of consiousness-God out of ...dunno boredom??? and then I was like, what the hell its stupid to even think something since it's actually not me who is thinking this and I was just programed to think this or that, just to "come back to who I really am" and for some sort of fun.....lol sometimes I really wish to quit, cuz it's a little annoying not being my true self.....(btw I just read your the article "free will" and it's just.....yeah it was"sent" to be read...) and it's all just ......aaaaaaaaa........everything is the way it should be and will be.....I just wonder what do I have to do to fully realize my true self without limitations of 3rd dimension or whatever it is and until I'm able to what should I do??? I "don't like" to do anything except joga since it somehow lacks sense....and what is it that Im supposed to do? I mean if I was just to ascend with Earth then it would be in those cca 5 years or when with everyone (almost) else so if I'm wakeing up earlier, what is it that I'm supposed to do??? spread love?? wake others up? I just dont know....I guess it's for me to figure out, but it's annoying not to be able to figure it out for a long time i know...I hope you can give me a "hint"

infinite fun in this cosmic game ___________

 Greetings beloved ___________!

Well beloved, here's your hint of the day!

1) it is now time to become a master of your thoughts and feelings. the reason to do this, is because all of this stuff rolling around in your brain is doubt and confusion etc, emanating from your outer energy fields, in your unconscious, from past lives... Experiences from these past lives and from soul extensions..., where these parts of you have experienced many traumas and experiences that have caused fears and doubts...

so, you must spend time in your heart. open up and expanding out the light from the point of light in the center of your heart. emanating this light/love out 4 meters out from your body, into your outer energy fields. also calling upon the EASE energies to fill you and your outer energy fields! and love all of these lifetimes, parts of yourself...

and utilize positive affirmation as soon as you experience any negative thoughts, countering these with a positive thought. And amanate light to your outerfields to whatever part of you has this fear etc. Also work with the love cocooning technique and release any vows agreements... (from the ascension master's toolkit, or mini toolkit).

and be, and remain centered in your heart and your column of light, centered amongst all of the thoughts and feelings. you do not need to do anything about any of these thoughts and feelings, just do what your heart/spirit guides you!

And call upon the violet flame to clear you regularly and do other clearing techniques such as the antakarana in my toolkit. do you have a copy?

Infinite blessings to you beloved!


P.S. be the divine actor, the divine fool!!!! then you will get the cosmic joke, which you are already getting!

Daily Meditations


Hey, thanks once again for getting back to me and your advice. I'll definately try those meditations although I find when I try to visualize white light energy it always feels like I'm just imagining it. I never see or feel the energy. Also, how important is getting the distance of 12 feet around you? imperative! to get into the unconscious beyond the auric field where the old programs, beliefs, lives are held

Does that include below you too? all around you in an egg

This might sound silly, but do I need to measure the distance with tape to get it right? just intend it and it is so

What if I go too far or not far enough? you can't go do far, 12 feet is the minimum

Anyway, I'll just try it and do the best I can. But there are a couple other things I've been curious about lately.

First, you mentioned about clearing genetic programs. You talked about that before and I remember reading that in a couple of your articles but I never thought to ask you about it before.

Because I know that bad thoughts or emotions or karma affects you, but how can you be affected by your genetic lineage?

all patterns beliefs..., good or bad, from your entire genetic lineage of 7 generations has been passed onto you in your DNA. these partly create your reality, if you have not done the necesssary work to balance and reprogram them and get yourself in a high dimensional energy state to not be affected by them.

I mean, I know that you can be affected in a physical way like say if cancer runs in the family, or maybe mental illness. But can some of your thoughts actually have an origin in your genetic program and not really be from your soul history? yes

You say all thoughts have an origin. I understand that I don't need to know all the details, but I can't help being curious. Because I think some of my thoughts might be genetic.

70-80% of our thoughts and feelings are genetic or old soul programs, in the unconcious from past lives etc.

Maybe that's another reason I had to meet my birth mother. She told me that invisible demons once attacked her. I remember when I was little being terrified alone in the dark. I couldn't even sleep by myself at night without a nightlight and even then I always had the covers over my head. I thought it was just a childhood fear of the "boogeyman" but I would get images in my head of hideous creatures. I never actually saw them but I had an irrational fear that they could become real. Years later I think I outgrew some of it, but even now every once in a while I get an "uneasy" feeling when I shut off all the lights to head upstairs for bed. Maybe it's just a commom fear everyone has of the unknown. But sometimes I can still picture a hideous creature jumping out at me and I feel uneasy, even though my rational mind knows they're not real.

Sometimes monsters are real! but everything is light and love, it's just that some beings have forgotten this, and make themselves appear ugly and nasty and act this way too.

Now remember, I'm not actually seeing anything, but thinking it and feeling uneasy makes me wonder. Could it be genetic, could it even be a part of Sharalyn's past lives, or am I just being really silly. But this fear and uneasiness is real for me. Maybe I just need to love those hideous creatures, huh? yes

They never actually hurt me in any way. But it's a paranoid feeling that I get sometimes.

just because your paranoid, doesn't mean their not out to get you! (just a joke, no one is really out to get you, we just attract things and people based upon our stuff)

There's one other question I have for you that's unrelated to the last. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'm wondering about something after I am fully conscious and in light body form. What happens to the people around me? Like my family or people I work with? I guess what I'm wondering is do I disappear to them? Because I read somewhere that as you get higher and higher in vibration, people who vibrate lower won't see you anymore. But I also read that as you go higher, you will only see the good side of those around you. So after last week and I really felt like something amazing could happen anytime, I started to wonder about my family.

you answered most of your own questions, especially with this sentence: But I also read that as you go higher, you will only see the good side of those around you. This is living in an ascended state, but you don't necessarily "leave" here and disappear. in fact, more often than not, when you reach this state, that's when the divine work on this planet really begins, because then you can work with humanity in a very powerful way.

if you are complete in this dimension/reality and completely resolve all of your issues, and learn everything you needed to learn and accomplished every spiritual wish that your divine spirit wishes to create upon this plane, then you may ascend completely and live completely in the 5th dimension, and no one will be able to see you, only those beings who have the vision to see higher dimensions, and of course the family of light will see you.

I am currently in an ascended state, as are many beings upon this planet. But you can see me. But sometimes, especially if we are really in "the zone" and functioning in a very high state of consciousness, vibrating very quickly, people might not be able to see us, especiallly if they are vibrating very low, or slowly, in a dense state of consciousness



Subject: Releasing Disembodied Entities?


Hey buddy, thanks for the encouragement....

Q: So how do I know if this anger had something or someone attached to it? I'll admit I haven't had that intense anger return in the last week. If a thought form starts coming on that would invoke that anger I immediately block my thoughts. Sometimes that anger would even come on by seeing someone get bullied in a TV show. I think that part of me is gone but if there was an entity living off of it, do I need to know about it and make sure it's gone for good, or is it enough to just keep clearing my mind.

A: clearing your mind is not enough. you must clear your energy fields. this is of utmost importantance! we will be doing some of this in the meditation I will be leading on sat/sun. open your heart big and wide and fill it with prana and christ light and send this light out to 12 feet around you in a big light/love egg. then love those beings/entities/aspects of self/astral parts...

Q: also do some soul extension clearing with the love cocooning technique in my mini toolkit. also clearn ancestral programs.

A: you don't necessarily need to know all the details of everything, the important part is to love everything, honor every part of you and embrace every part of you, that includes your mind and thoughts. love your thoughts! embrace them!!! don't not try to block them, this is enemy consciousness. your mind is not the enemy! it is only doing what it is programmed to do based on the energies in your energy bodies. heal those bodies, and the beings attached you, parts of self, aspects of self, past lives.... and everything will be right as rain.

Q: So how do I tell if it's just a thoughtform or if there's an entity attached to it?

A: doesn't really matter. love it all! and take care of all possibilities. but the real fact of the matter is that thought forms come from some aspect of self or an entity attached to us, or a past life experience/astral energy, or genetic program.... everything has an origin! you don't necessarily need to know the origin. sometimes you will know, other times not. but go to work on all the possibilities, including releasing vows agreements...

I had a dream a couple years ago where a voice was speaking to me saying that when I ascend I won't feel anything, I won't have any attachments. I had been asking myself what it'll feel like. At that time I thought the voice was just refering to attachments to the physical world, but now I wonder if it also meant these disembodied entitiess

yes, both. when you take care of your karmic stuff, you are free from all attachments. you become completely independent, but divinely interdependent. co-dependence goes away. that means no more co-dependence with humans, or beings on other dimensions. but your relationships with all beings, physical or etheric, grows stronger as you open your heart more fully!

blessings to all the T-shirt makers!!!! check out these Tshirts from my friend Shekanah

If you're really serious about going to town on yourself and creating some Sirius activation, I recommend getting my book. If you don't have the money, I'll give you a scholarship.

Infinite blessings!



HI ZaKai Ran

I came to your site and start reading it .the material is awesome! Thank you!

the main reason I AM contacting you is can you give me a higher insight into transsexuality?

...now I ask you what about transsexuality in the higher realism how is it seen? What does it mean and all that .



A: Hello beloved _________

well, you're my first transexual!! yee haaa! I of course have had experience with this issue, and with people, but I'm very happy to try to assist you.

in the higher realms, everyone is androgynous, ultimately, higher dimensionally, and going lower in the dimensions to lesser degrees. in other words, we are split fem and male in lower Ds. we are all feminine or masculine in our essence, and it doesn't matter what sex the body is, the essence is either feminie or masculine, or the various possibilities in between, which is dependent on where people are in their consciousness and how balanced they are masculine and fminine.

but at the same time, we are also both fem and masc. we are all andrygynous. read my article on light body.

it's a big issue, the biggest perhaps when it comes to life and creation, enlightenment, relationship...., the whole mascline and feminine thing.

the beings on the higher dimensions don't care what we do with our bodies or sexuality. it's all our choice. there is no judgment. only the humans are judgmental. it's all just a big experiment!

it's a big journey the decisions you are making with your body, one that I could'nt possibly comment on via email, but regardless you are awesomely courageous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this has helped you, please let me know If I can be of any other assistance!

infinite blessings!



Q: ZaKaiRan I have a question for you.. what does masturbation do? is it wrong? I don't know what to do, I have these urges and I really don't know if it's the right thing to do or not?

A: Hi ___________

there is certainly nothing wrong with masterbation. I have "self pleasured" myself since way before I even knew what it was. it is a standard practice of tantra to learn about your own sexuality.

there is an energy problem with cumming too regularly. it tends to drain your chi. even sex can drain your chi, especialy for us boys if we cum. the best thing to do is generate the energy up and up and up... and do one's best to cum as infrequently as possible.

there are various techniques on how to work with this. squeezing your pc muscle and pushing on your pc muscle to know your perineum/prana energy portal is highly recommended.

get yourself a book on tantra.

I have sexual urges all the time. we are all naturally sexual beings. the big question is "why you're feeling sexual? it might be because you are desireing more love in your life, or someone to be with to feel love. the more you center yourself in your divine beingness, and realize more fully every day that you are love, then there is less of an urge to merge sexually with other, at least in a disfunctional way. there is still an urge to merge in a very evolutionary higher love and energy way. but this takes two conscious individuals making love together.

as an individual, it is very beneficial to become aware of your own sexuality and orgasmic state through self pleasuring, boys and girls. One problem that most men are unaware of, is the fact that most of them are really not having orgasms. yes, they are certainly cumming and having a pleasurable "release", but unless they are cultivating their energy, and raising the kundalini, and centering themselves in their hearts, then they are just having sex, or masterbating to "get off", or have a release of penned up energy.

optimumly, you don't want to release energy, you want to build up energy. yes, it is good to release energies when it is time to do so, but sexual energy is creative energy, and is something we need to cultivate to become empowered creators of divine reality!

Happy Mastering bating and divine sexing!!!

infinite blessings!

ZaKaiRan (aka Master Bates)

Oh wow thank you so much for the help, still I have another question. What would be the reasonable amount.. in other words, how often should I do it? What is your recommendation? I'm very curious. I don't want to drain myself too much.

Another question, do you know any other Arcturians or Pleiadians on earth right now? I'd really like to talk to one or any other people who can channel them.

the best advice, is pleasure yourself to bless yourself, not to get off, or relief, some sort of pressure. cultivate your energy, rather than release or drain it. even sex can be draining, which is why it is recommended to cum as infrequently as possible, including during sex. you can also cum internally, by squeezing yoru PC muscle when orgasming, so that the energy and ejaculate goes up. some will come out, but the energy goes up. this takes some practice.

there are many books channeled by different beings from the pleiadians and a few from the archturians. I have links for them on my links page.

Most of the ETs I know, are in human bodies. I'm rubbing elbows with them all the time!

ET love!



Hey I love your site! Is there any such place as hell?

A: Hi ___________ thanks heaps!

My perception/knowing is that there is no real place that anyone outside of us created called hell. God did not create any such place! there is no judging force in the universe!

But people do create their own hells, and they can actually create, and do create, a hell, or place of purgatory, where they punish themselves, so to speak. and they are lost in their own hell, lost in time, lost in an illusion...

watch the movie "what dreams may come", fabulously depicts what hell "really" is.

the word hell, I believe was invented by the christians. the jews do not believe in hell. the word "hell" comes from when someone died in ancient times, and if they were poor, they would be buried in a mass grave. this mass grave was called hell. so if you were poor, and I suppose had no friends or family, you would be “cast into hell", in other words, you were worthless.

Hell Love!




Q: Hey Zakairan, What do you think about reincarnation?? Does it really exist or not??

Of course my bright little star!! What does your knowing tell you? Have you lived before? doesn't it seem logical and beneficial for our soul growth to do so?

Q: God loves us unconditionally right and never judges us??

A: Absolutely, no matter what!!!!!!!!

Q: Or does God love us unconditionally, as long as, we do what God wants us to do??

A: God doesn't want us to do anything, god gives us complete freedom to do whatever we want, or need to for our soul evolution or de-evolution. it is our choice. it is our choice, because WE ARE GOD!!!!!

Q: Also, is there a devil and demons??

A: In a sense, but not really. there are beings who through their choices and experience from their lifetimes, become dark, or disconnected from love and divinity. it is there choice, and they may act like "demons", but all beings are divine. All beings are God! It is like the Darth Vader story and Luke Skywalker. Everyone can choose the truth or the lies. every single person has this choice every day in their lives.

The "devil", is lived backwards. If you are not living, then you are "deviling", or being like a devil. if you are in denial of your divinity, disconnected from love and the knowing that you are love, then you are acting darkly or living darkly, or living in a dense reality, a lower frame of consciousness. Lucifer and Satan, were/are both beings of great light, and their stories have been manipulated and mistold by religious leaders to suit their own agendas and to placate and control the masses, by convincing them that evil exists and that people are inherintly evil, which could not be further from the truth.

There is no such place as hell, or a ruler of Hell, or punisher, or demons that have been cast out of heaven. No one has been cast out. Everyone, that includes everyone in the world of form, decided to "leave heaven", for the exprience of it. To experience separation and the illusions of unworthiness. There is no judging force in the universe. There are only forces that guide and teach and make recommendations for our soul growth. no being of light will ever interfere in any way with your life, or your soul growth, or ever judge you. Only beings in the lower dimensions judge others or themselves.

I hope I have answered your questions, and once again, I guide you to call upon your own knowing in response to your own questions. What do you know?

Peace ZaKaiRan


Mark of the beast
Question: What happens to the people that receive the mark of the beast..?? I have read they basically, sale their souls and go to hades... peace and love

Answer from ZaKaiRan:

You're so funny. You're so fascinated by this hell idea. I know that the "mark of the beast" is supposed to be 666, but actualy, 666 is a divine number. it is an ascension number. that story was probably made up by the catholic church to keep people afraid and keep them from seeking the truth. to keep them in a co-dependent relationship with the church, as if the church is the only way to god.

this whole story is a long cosmic story, connected to the "Lucifer Rebellion". When the greatest light of the Universe: Lucifer, decided that he wanted to experience the illusion of separation and individuality. This is the experiment that we have all volunteered to do. We are all part of the "lucifer rebellion". We are the "fallen angels". But this was a choice we made. A choice that God made, through us. As there is nothing that is separate from God. It is all an experiment. Read the Urantia book, for more info on the Lucifer rebellion.

Q: How can we be God, if we were never there to create life, the universe, and the Earth.. It makes no sense that we all are God..

A: you're trying to figure this all out with your head. it is now time to figure things out with our hearts. We are all immortal. Never has there been a time when we did not exist, and never will there be a time when we will not exist. All is God, all is love... time is an illusion.... read my article on time.

infinite blessings!



Q: Heya, I hear Bill Clinton, George Bush's family is reptoids and then Queen Elizabeth and her family too.. I'm sure there is a lot more of them in the political groups..

A: boy you're full of "hellish" questions. people can be reptoid bodies, disguised as humans using technology to fool us, or reptoid souls in human bodies

Q: Well, what's the deal with atheists having hellish near deaths, when they don't believe in the afterlife..

A: Most people that are atheists, more than likely, have unconscious programs or vows, to not believe in God, because of various experiences they have had in past lives. Perhaps they feel rejected by god, or are being punished by god, or deserve to be punished by god. perhaps they feel that by not believing in god, then there can be no retribution, or punishment..., when they have been bad..., or maybe they have had past lifetimes as spiritual or religious people, who were taught they were unworthy sinners, and to rectify this illusion, they decided to not believe in a punishing god, or in god at all.

the other aspect of this is that the concept of "God", is a very primitive concept. As if there is one single entity, some old man with a white beard directing his will upon us. with this concept in mind, i can understand why some one would not want to believe in god, especially a wrathful punishing god.

Q: Also, how come people have visions of hell while alive??

Similar reasons as above. whatever we are trying to repress in our consciousness, our consciousness will try to get to the service for us to deal with and become at peace with it. visions are things in our unconsciousness, or things our spirits want us to deal with. whatever we fear, we create. whatever we love, we create. whatever our conscious or unconsciousness has it's attention upon, is created in our reality

hell/heaven Love!


Q: Hey, I agree, with you on everything.. What do you think about the illuminati and reptoids?? I can't remember if, you talked about them on your site.. I lost the link to your site! Can I have the link? peace and love

A: that's a big question. I haven't really talked about those two subjects, but if you read my article on the 4th dimension, it may explain a few things.

they both exist, both are interested in power and control, but some illuminati are waking up. some politicians are reptoids... there are reptoids in human bodies, and there are reptoids that disquise themselves as humans by projecting a human image around their bodies. long story. we probably have some reptoid in us. much ET history for this planet. No matter where any being is, who they are..., everyone is here to learn about love.

Reptoid love!



Q: Hey, I did read your 4th dimension and I enjoyed it! So, can you give me the scoop on which politicians, are reptoids?? So, I know not to vote for them unless they are benevolent reptoids..

So, how positive are you about hellish near deaths of people seeing fire and demons and damnation are just figments of people's imaginations.. Like how sure are you that we create our own afterlife for a brief time?

peace and love

A: I couldnt' tell you off hand. I'm sure other people have written about this. You can pretty much figure, that all the scum bags are either reptoids, or just really low level consciousness.

All realities are created by us. All realities are a figment of our imagination, and we can create whatever reality we want, heaven, hell or anything in between. If someone believes in hell, and believes they will go to hell, well, then they probably will, because the universe unconditionally grants us the free will to create whatever we desire, or believe.

we create every single one of our realities, including our after lives. but we have help to reasses lifetimes for future lifetimes, for soul growth.

heaven love!



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