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Real Success is JOY!

By ZaKaiRan


So, what is success really?  Are the people that have the most money and the most goodies the most successful?  If they are happy then yes!  If they are not, then no!  Happiness is the key, because the only reason anyone wants anything is because they believe it will make them happy.

So, how can you achieve success?  And what’s the quickest and easiest route to the top?

The quickest route to success is to be happy now!  Why wait until you have the money and the goodies and the relationships, etc., before you can be happy!?  If you must have stuff to be happy, then stuff becomes your addiction and you will always need more stuff to make you happy. 

But what about just being happy now?!  That’s what you want anyway!  Well, you can be happy, right now!  Regardless of your circumstances!  It doesn’t matter how bad things have gotten, you can decide to be happy now, and you can be happy now, as long as you know how to focus your thoughts upon things you like, love and want, rather than focusing your thoughts upon things that you dislike and don’t want!

So, young Skywalkers, let go of your fast-food/fast-money/fast-success mentalities!  Even if you could make a quantum leap to the top of the mountain, without the properly prepared vibration, you would tumble down like Jack & Jill and lose everything like most lottery winners, who do not have the mindset of success, which is a mindset of joy!

‘True’ success is not measured by how much money, and how many toys you have.  Although having financial freedom can show you how much abundance you are allowing or resisting in your life.  True success, is instead, measured more accurately, by how much happiness you experience on a moment to moment basis, because the PURPOSE OF LIFE IS JOY! 

In other words, your success, or your joy quotient, is completely dependent upon how masterful you are at focusing your thoughts in positive directions, upon what you like, love, appreciate and want more of, which naturally creates more joy and happiness in your life. 

And ‘true’ success is more accurately measured by how much freedom you experience, to do what you want, when you want, with ease and grace, because THE BASIS OF LIFE IS FREEDOM!  And you have the freedom and the power, through the Law of Attraction, to create anything your heart desires!

Success is also more accurately measured by how much of your powerful creative nature that you are allowing, because you believe you can, or, how much of your creative nature you are resisting, because you believe you can’t. 

Because, you will only ever feel happy and fulfilled when you are allowing yourself to dream and desire, without judgement, and you are moving towards those dreams and desires.  And you will only ever be happy when you are allowing those dreams and desires to manifest into your physical reality, without resisting them!  Such as trying to prove you are worthy to receive them.

Because, you are a creator!  And you are here for the delicious joy of creating your desires into physical reality!  And you are here to delight in the exciting wonderful feelings of your priceless worth and your unlimited power – because, “I created that!  I did this!  I accomplished that!  I’m a legend!  I am amazing!  I am a powerful creator!” 

You are here to delight in the magnificence of your awesome creative power and to enjoy the fruits of this creative power in action!  That is the true meaning of success, because the money, and the cars, and the houses, and the clothes and all of the goodies that we love to have in our lives, are temporary and fleeting.  But what is real and timeless are those joyful amazing feelings of delighting in your awesome magnificence and the fact that you were able to create those things into physical reality! 

The money and the goodies are certainly fun, but the only reason you want those things are because of the joy they bring, so it’s not really the goodies that you want in the first place!  What you really want is joy!  What you want is fun!  What you want is feeling proud of yourself because you created something into the physical world!  What you want are joyful amazing memories!  What you want is to experience your awesomeness!

What you want is happiness, because you came here for the joy of it, for the joy of creation!  And when you are happy, then you are successful, no matter how much money and how many goodies you have.  So, be happy now!  Regardless if you have what you want or not yet!  And that is how you can powerfully create anything you desire, by getting happy first!

ZaKaiRan SheeHan




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