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Reality, What A Concept

(Reality Creation)



Perceptual Reality

If you have been traveling this path of truth for awhile, in your search to figure things out and to know what to do to manifest your vision of Heaven on Earth, you will have experimented with a few universal principles of how reality is created, altered, controlled, manipulated, surrendered to or flowed with.

The "new age" has primarily adopted the universal principle of "you create your own reality". Now, we do create our own reality ultimately from a perceptual sense, but if it's true then how exactly do we do it? Do you know how you do it, how you actually create your own reality or is it just a new age principle that sounds good and rings true so you just accept it. Have you actually gone to your consciousness to see if it is really true or have you just accepted what the new age teachers and channelled entities say as gospel. Maybe these teachers have just been following new age doctrine just like you; maybe they have done the same thing that you have done and just accepted it as the truth and have gone no further to find the truth of it. Just because someone teaches enlightened principles doesn't mean they actually know what they are talking about. The best teachers teach from experience, from knowing of truth from their beingness.

In the early stages of awakening, as you are getting closer to discovering self, before you know who you are, you will be living somewhat idealistically, you will be doing your best to live a spiritual life based on the spiritual teachings and principles that you are now studying and opening to. At this point you do not create your own reality, because the you that actually creates reality is not apparent, it is not quite you yet, at least in your current awareness. The conscious "human" you is not aware of the consciousness you, that you are that consciousness. "You" are not aware that consciousness you is really in charge, no matter what the conscious "human" you is up to.

Now everything in this world of form is perceptual; reality is determined by your perception of it because nothing in this existence is real, it is a creation for our experience and our expression through. So until you know who you are, you do not “create your own reality” because you do not even know what “your own reality” is. Your perception of what is reality is distorted because you base what is real upon what you have learned, instead of what you really know within your beingness. This is why you can't seem to get what you want. You do everything in the spiritual guide books but you still have shitty relationships and little prosperity. Your strategies to get what you want are not working.

So, before you know who you are, what really happens is - "the Universe Rearranges Itself to Accommodate Your Picture of Reality". Wherever your attention is, this is what you are implying is real for you. And wherever your attention is, what you are actively participating with, this is what is obviously important to you. So based on your perception of what is real for you, what your attention is on, the universe will give you more of it.

So if your strategy is to make your life pleasant, by getting rid of all the shitty things in your life and all the faulty things of yourself, then the universe sees that your attention is really on all these negative things and graciously gives you more of them, because the negative things are what you are implying is real, not the good stuff.

"Higher Self"

So before you know who you are, you will also operate under universal principles of following your higher self or following your Spirit. These are valuable principles to live by until you realize that you are higher self, you are spirit. Perceptually they seemed separate from you but this was only because you did not know who you were, you perceived yourself to be other then what and who you really are. But do not fake it and live idealistically as if your higher self is you, when you don't really know it to be true yet. If you have not had an experience of your eternal beingness and it is not real for you, then you are not your higher self; so in this case it is accurate for you to refer to your higher self as higher self, because you're not quite there yet.

Higher Self is generally seen as something greater then yourself, but because Higher Self is not separate from you, this is not accurate. If it is not real for you that you are your higher self, then higher self is greater then you. You see higher self as being separate from you because you see through human perception and the social world of limitation; from lesser than; from duality of higher and lower; from inferior/superior; you just have not awoken enough to your true beingness yet. Your Higher Self, or Spirit, are not somewhere other than here now. They are not even something to aspire to be like, because you will not be able to attain something that you already are.

Now, the universe only rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality while you are embodying your Higher Self, until you realize that you are that Spirit; that you are Higher Self; that you are consciousness; that you are the universe; that you are a powerful creative aspect of God; that you do the rearranging in complete conjunction with All That Is and the Divine Plan. You then realize that you do not rearrange all the things in the universe to manifest your vision of Heaven on Earth, or that the universe rearranges itself for you, but that you manifest whatever your vision is based on who and what you are as consciousness within consciousness. You do not need anything that has already been created to change or bend to your will, that is not creation, that is not manifestation. You get a glimpse of who you really are, that you can create anything like Sai Baba, he is your mentor. You see that he shows us what we can do if we allow ourselves to.

Now, one important part of this exploration is the fact that nothing is created, everything just is already. Everything you need or could possibly want already exists within the creation of All That Is, it is just a matter of knowing it, seeing it, knowing that it is yours by divine right, and grabbing it.

Nothing exists outside of you, you are not separate from All That Is. You as consciousness exists within the wholeness of All That Is; you are in the cosmos, and the cosmos are in you, that is - all that exists and all that does not, all that has been created and all that is yet to be created. You are much greater than you could ever be aware of in this embodiment and its current perceptual level.

So in truth, neither principles ("you create your own reality" and "the universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality") are really accurate. They are accurate within the perceptual reality that you may be existing in that coincides with these principles, but please know that universal principles are designed to show you where you are, not who you are.

No spiritual teaching, ideal, possibility, law or principle is designed to show you "the truth", or "the way that it is", they are only guidelines for you to discover the truth for your self. They are designed to give you direction, to show you where you are, so that you will know where to go, and how to go beyond your limited perceptions of self. They are designed to show you that your experience is under your direction, not the reverse: of being at the mercy of your experience and what occurs around you in the world of "chance". This is being in the world but not of the world.

I Live Within My Own Perception of Reality

Nothing is an absolute, there are only absolutes within your perception. This is not a universe of limitation, but a universe of infinite possibilities, within the direction of the divine plan of All That Is. You are You no matter what is happening in your life, happiness or sadness, pain or pleasure, excitement or boredom - You are You; You are always You.

The spiritual principle of "I create my own reality" should say "I Live Within My Own Perception of Reality". This is why "the universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality", is more accurate than “I create my own reality”, because nothing is created or manifested for you, your reality already exists within your perception, and you live within your perception of reality; these things and circumstances of your reality already exist, they are what you are calling real. And because of the details of your perception, your eyes are open to that dimension of reality, you just naturally live in that reality. No matter what anyone else around you does, you see things that perceptual way and you will see everything based on that perception. In your version of the way that it is, people look a certain way, you probably do not see the essence of them, and the world will be the way that you see it, no matter if it is really that way or not.

The entire universe does not change, everyone sees it based on their perception, so that's how many versions of reality there are. But there is really only one reality that is beyond all perception and that is that All is Love and All is God, everything else is experience.

This is how dimensions work, they are merely perceptual. Higher dimensions are merely higher levels of awareness; greater awareness is possible within that greater perceptual realm. When you are operating at a higher level of conscious awareness, your eyes are open to those possibilities within that awareness, that dimension of possibilities. Dimensions do not really exist, they are merely a way of describing perceptual reality to our linear thinking referential minds, to give us an idea of where we are and where we need to go.

Reality is whatever you perceive it to be based on where you are in your level of awareness. The higher you ascend, the more your perception will include higher truth. When higher truth is real for you, when you realize that all reality is just energetic consensus illusion that we agree to agree upon, that it is all just experience, that no "reality" is you - you then become a master of reality. You become a master of reality, because you know, honestly and truthfully, what reality is in all its guises - that reality is not really real. When this is true for you, that is when you really have creative control, because you live completely dedicated to the service of All That Is and the divine plans direction, and this direction is what you know naturally, in the moment, as a servant of All That Is.


Blessings on your Co-Creative Journey of Awakening.


All My Love,


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