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"Control" of Reality - Action or Reaction





Do we actually have any control over reality? The old civilization acts as if and implies that we actually do have control over reality, and that there is a physical way of doing it, there is physical evidence that this is so - but is it?

We spiritually oriented light workers are here to transmute all old world patterns to higher potentials. We embody them, dismantle them, and then embody and manifest the higher potential of these patterns or the new vision of the new civilization.

Typical reality on planet earth is a 3rd dimensional form based world of external stimulation based on the lie of unworthy and separation. It is a reality of the illusions of manipulation, control and power. This is the only reality where you can play this game of separation so extremely. We are playing with reality like children play with blocks. We have been manipulating (creating) reality since the beginning of this experiment in separation. We are all master manipulators.

In truth it is our job to manipulate and control, that is why we are here. I know that everyone is reacting to this because you are not supposed to manipulate and control in the new age, you are supposed to surrender and allow, and be, but when I say that we are manipulating and controlling reality I am not speaking of the manner in which the old civilization controlled. This old way was from lack, competition and fear. The new way to alter reality is with love. The old world changed things from without, we are changing things from within. This is why we transition team members are so deep undercover, with barely an inkling of who we really are. Our own true identities are veiled from us so that we can change things within a system of separation and denial. We all carry with us a picture of reality of oneness, love and truth. We may fall into the old traps and patterns of the old civilization, doing things as the humans do, but this is necessary to change things. It is our job to take this reality of illusion on and dismantle it by slowly remembering the truth of how things are and the truth of who we are.

We are changing things by being allowing and surrendered to our spirits and the divine plan, and by being compassionate and loving to ourselves and our fellow humans. We are also changing things by being passionate and active, by living impeccable truthful lives with a fire of purpose, that I have a job to do and I will do it no matter what reaction I get from the old world, regardless of their fears or my own. So we are manipulating and controlling, but from a higher perspective, a less physical perspective. We are altering things by shifting our perspectives. We are altering things for the divine plan, for our spirits because they know better than our competitive ego self. We will still do a lot of the same things that humans do but with a different perspective, with divine awareness.

The Universe Rearranges Itself To Accommodate Your Pictures Of Reality

Since this is a universal principal, the way reality works in this Universe - we must act from love and abundance, not from fear and lack. The old world pattern of living life is to react, not to act but react. In other words a life that is not directed by inner knowing or divine guidance, but a life solely based on reacting to exterior or interior dysfunctional stimuli - the pleasure pain syndrome.

The old world lives life based on seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. Pleasure and pain are illusion, one is ultimately not better than another, one only feels better than another, but feeling is illusion. So instead of being reactors, we are now directed to be actors, to be creators of reality rather than victims or perpetrators of it. We are to flow with reality, being an integral part of it rather than the ruler of it, or more accurately we are to become aware that we already do flow with it and we have been deluded to think otherwise. We are all masters, individual unique expressions of the source God-Goddess-All That Is, playing different roles in the drama.

When you react to situations instead of acting on them, what you are implying to the Universe is that that thing you hate is what is important to you, and the universe in its unconditional love for you will give you what you "really" want, that which you are calling real. Because what you truly make important in your life, what you truly imply and believe is real by your reactions is what the Universe will provide more of for you. This is how we truly manipulate reality, co-creatively.

Reacting to the false male dominant perspective civilization and its dysfunctional patterns engrained within humanity, by being just as manipulative and controlling, only serves to reinforce these old patterns. We must see the mastery in all beings and in all situations. Everything is set up by our spirits and by the Divine plan, there are no victims in any universe, only the illusion of victims.

Now I am not proposing in idealistically acting as if all the dense limited aspects of humanity do not exist and nothing needs to be done with them, this is sheer folly and a trap of the new age. What I am proposing is that we do something radically different with them - loving them to death, literally. Taking a position of one side or the other of the duality reality is a typical pattern of 3D reaction. One is to place all of your attention on the dysfunctional aspects of humanity, and the other is to place all of your attention on the higher dimensional mastery aspects of reality. They both exist in equal or unequal proportions as we transition from mastery of limitation to mastery of divine expression. Both must be looked at truthfully and compassionately, and no matter how distorted things can look and get, we must maintain our divine discernment of multidimensional awareness.

The new civilization is manifested by us placing our attention on the truth that we are all masters playing different games, acting different parts in the divine drama, the comedy of life. The new civilization is manifested by channeling who we truly are, by slowly waking up from the dream, and knowing and remembering our true identities - Spirits having a human experience.

Wake Up ! The Time Is Now !

Wake Up to your Divine Beingness that is Already Awake!


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