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Surrender to Self

(Creative Control of Reality)



Everyone wants control over their lives Either they want control the old fashioned way of manipulating self, others and the environment to get want they want; or the new version of having creative spiritual control by mastering reality and manifestation.

Every spiritually oriented person, if they have admitted it to themselves, wants some degree of control over their process of awakening. Even people who are surrendered to allowing their experience to happen, even this surrender is a form of control; they are controlling by not trying to control. They want to be able to have an efficient awakening by getting out of their own way.

Some people want to rediscover self, to be empowered by true self, so that they can have control from true self, so that they can have control over what manifests and what does not manifest in their reality and lead a happy life.

There is nothing wrong with control, it is a divine force just like other divine forces that can be judged. So since control is a divine force, we must learn to use it correctly in the right contexts. Control is only "bad" when it is used for unjust circumstances. If control is used divinely than it is "good", so to speak.

Control is part of life, and as a divine actor in the cosmic drama, I recommend finding out what control really is. We know that what the old world has been doing with control is distorted, so we adopted surrender as our preferred way of controlling. And we added one more commandment to the list, thou shalt not control.

As divine instruments of awakening for All That Is, we light workers, are required to control in certain circumstances. We must discern when this is appropriate and act with zeal because we are divinely guided to do so. So we must find out how to actually control reality. We must find out who actually is in control of reality.

So, who has control? Who is the manifestor? To answer this question, you must discover who you really are, you must have an experience of your eternal beingness, because that real you, is in control. You as consciousness has control, not the illusionary you that you may think you are.

The Transition Zone

You are waking up and remembering who you are; you are releasing your false perceptions of self. You are in the transition zone of being yourself and not being yourself; and as you are experiencing your magnificence, you are seeing how and where you have creative control in regards to the manifestation of your reality, and change of the circumstances that have manifested. So, since you know that you as consciousness, are in direct control and are descending into the body, where does that leave the perceptual you who is in this transition phase, and is ascending into (becoming) the real you?

First off, you must know that you are you, there is no separation between higher self and you, your perception is just veiled. You created this apparent separation from your true self so that you could experience this reality. I am asking you to be realistic as well as idealistic, because you must know that you are in charge, you are higher self, but you also feel, experience and perceive yourself as "lower self", so be realistic with yourself and admit this.

The more you awaken, the less separation you will experience between "yourself" and "higher self". Higher self does not actually exist, it is merely your perception of separation that makes you think that higher self exists, and that you are not that higher self. You will have the perception of "higher self", "I Am presence", (whatever you want to call it), until you realize that you are higher self. You are, I Am Presence. And this will become more real for you as you awaken further.

So where do you, whoever you know yourself to be, have creative control? By knowing who you are. Everyone wants to know who they really are, this is natural because this is the only real control that you have. Your only true control is from consciousness.

Where is consciousness? Consciousness resides within the center of your physical structure, specifically your head. It exists through the center. This is your reference point of consciousness. This is the center of knowing. Knowing is the only control you have, anything else is speculation based on phenomena that we experience as humans. So your true control is, knowing and acting, knowing and acting.

Your true creative control lies in how you react to your circumstances, - are you the master of your circumstances or a victim to them? Do your experiences offer growth and empowerment, or do you allow them to dis-empower you? Either way it is your choice in how you react to them. This comes from knowing, it comes from knowing who you are. If you know who you are, you will act from knowing, you will do what is required of you, no matter what.

Now since you are in the transition zone of knowing who you are, and not knowing who you are, I recommend discernment from consciousness of when you should surrender to your circumstances, and when you should act with fire of purpose, based on knowing, to change the circumstances to suit a more wholistic nature.


A large part of life seems to be the experience of synchronicity, when coincidences occur in your life. James Redfield discussed these in the Celestine Prophecy. Where do these synchronicities come from? Who lines them up? Who lines up the situation where you run into a certain person at a certain time, or something comes into your life just when you need it.

This is a situation where we must surrender to what we as consciousness line up for us. We have the free will choice of following our intuition and surrendering to what we have lined up for us. or resisting our own manifestation. Your control is based on surrender, and getting out of your own way. Your control is dependent on your ability to listen to guidance, following the signs, and acting on situations that present themselves. Your creative control is dependent on your ability to be spontaneous, and not hesitate when a synchronis adventurous experience in awakening manifests.

Do you know how to surrender to the reality you have manifested for your experience and growth? Do you know how to be adventurous and act within the confines of your manifestation, that you are not a victim to your own reality and manifestation?

How much do you accept your reality, or do you fight it because it is unacceptable? We manifest circumstances for our growth and experience, then when it gets here, we say no, not good enough, not nice enough. It has way too much pain in it to be 'my' manifestation, it must be someone else's.

Can you get out of your own way and experience your manifestation fully, allowing for all the nuances? Will you try to control, and project, and blame, to not feel everything within the experience? Will you say no to growth, that you have designed and manifested for yourself, or will you surrender to it, allow it, experience it fully, to grow from it, to be done with it, to make room for the new. Because if you do not surrender to your manifestations, you as consciousness, will keep manifesting the same thing over and over again, until you as your experience, fully experience it.


Not every situation that manifests in your life is there so that you will surrender to it. Some things are there as a test. They are there so you will decide whether you want it or not. This situation is usually done for planetary transformation purposes. You are essentially being asked whether this manifestation is part of your vision of heaven on earth or not. If it is, then it is your choice to say yes to it, if it is not, then it is your choice to say no to it.

This is a test of preferred reality, your bias of living creatively and lovingly. In other words you may require yourself to dismantle an old reality to make way for the new one. So you will manifest a dysfunctional situation so that you will say no to it, because it is an illusion and there is something better that is available.

When you have become adept at dismantling disfunctional realities; when you have excelled at passionately saying no to certain illusionary manifestations of the old world, then you may be asked to do this over and over again. Unless you are in denial about something, this is usually the case when you see the same patterns in your life happening over and over again, and you think: what the hell am I doing wrong, how come this is here again? I thought I was through with it? This is a situation where All That Is sees that you are an expert at transmuting certain illusions, and will ask you to continue transmuting those illusions for the planet and humanity. So give yourself a break, you just might be doing something right in your life.

Allow yourself to control. Give yourself complete authority and power to do what is necessary in the moment, to divinely control from knowing, from truth, from love. When you know what to do, be strong and do not doubt your knowing. Do not hesitate or wait for better circumstances. Act now! Now is the moment! If doubt creeps in from the world of ego, send it back to where it came from. If someone comes to you and questions your authority, shoo them away as well, for they are acting from the world of illusion, and do not know what they are doing.

Admit it to yourself when you do not know what to do; do not arrogantly act as if you have control over your life all the time. When you do not know what to do, surrender to the circumstances of the moment, do not try to control in any way. Surrender to "coincidence" and synchronicity. Surrender to the highest possibilities of manifestation for your growth. Admit it when you feel powerless, and helpless. There is strength in this admission, because you are telling yourself the truth. If you want guidance, go to the highest source you can find.

Surrender to the moment. Do what ever is required of you in the moment. Follow your knowing. Give yourself authority to be who you are and manifest your highest good. Be the actor when you have the spot light, and surrender to your synchronis manifestations. This is discernment, this is mastery, this is ascension, this is creative control.

"God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference". - Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

Surrender to Self - Resistance is Futile.


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