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Marriage and the Goddess

(The Jesus and Mary Saga)

(Number 13 in the Continuing Series about Relationship)



Typically, with marriage in normal society, the groom is always dressed in black, and the bride is always dressed in white. It is my perception that the male is typically dressed in black because black is associated with power and control, and in an ancient traditional sense represented wisdom, where as, white is viewed as being subordinate, to represent newness, virginity, infancy, purity. In the west, black represents death, so in this case, perhaps implying the death of the child, as he becomes a "man", as he becomes responsible and gives up his young wild ways, and "freedom". Where as, in the east, white is the color of death. You make your own conclusions.

At marriages, the bride is dressed in white to convince everyone that she is a virgin, (whether it is true or not) and the possession of the male. That she is subordinate to him and is now being sold to the highest bidder, or given away to the most worthy suitor that proved himself to the father, the previous owner. The idea of marrying a virgin is solely based on conquer and possession, the paradigm of the male dominant perspective rule on planet earth. Women have been seen as commodities to be bought and sold like cattle, and if she is a virgin, then she can get a higher price, (her vagina then being your sole property). Similarly, if women are actually given a choice, men as marriage prospects are also seen as commodities: who is wiser, stronger, more in control of his life, the best provider…

From a spiritual perspective, both people should be wearing the same color, noting their equality and union of two as one. In regards to black and white, they should both be dressed in white, connoting a fresh new virginal beginning to their Grace filled union, a fresh new start in each moment as Divine Lovers. Or both black, connoting their wisdom, and mastery of Self and of Divine Relationship. Or the death of the old and giving up childish ways.

The color black in marriage for men was stolen from the ancient pagan days when typically the goddess was represented by black. This is obvious by the many black Madonna sculptures that reside at many ancient cathedrals in Europe. They are black because prior to the catholic invasion, the Goddess was prevalent in traditional spiritual knowledge; thusly, this was applied to sculptures of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.

Also black was worn by the high priestess’s, and anyone that had the name of Mary (or Miriam) was in fact a high priestess. This is common knowledge in ancient Jewish tradition. The women of the order of Dan, were lay Nazarites. Mary Magdalene, as a ‘Miriam’, was a head sister of this order (the equivalent of a senior Bishop) and was entitled to wear black, like the Nazarites, and the priests and priestesses of the Goddess Isis.

Black was representative of wisdom, the wise ones, which typically were women. Black represented the strength and equality of womanhood, also representative of the womb, the void from whence the creation of life comes. Black, the void, represents the Holy (Mother) Spirit; the Divine Mother; Universal Mother Spirit; the womb where all life is created, the mystery from whence all creation manifests.

The Divine Mother is the feminine aspect of the Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are the Son/Daughter aspect, created by the Father and the Mother. (God the Father), (God the Mother Spirit), (God the Sons/Daughters). All creation, all life, is God the Sons/Daughters - the children of light, the Christ children.

This also explains why wiccans, (the weavers, the wise ones, the "witches'), were depicted as black and possibly actually wore black, especially during ceremonies. This is obviously why nuns typically dressed in black, to express and impress their wiseness, a left over from the pagan days. Nuns of today still use the Mary synonym, to relate high spiritual status: Sister Mary Theresa, Sister Mary Louise, etc., and dress in black.

When the catholic church was in its infancy and was trying to get a good strong foothold to convert the world to Christianity, it had to compete with paganism, the primary spiritual belief and practice of the time, and in the competition for converts, it had to rival or surpass the allure, naturalness and tradition of paganism. So the catholic church oppressed, abolished, infiltrated and homogenised pagan ways as a part of Catholicism. So many pagan holidays, rituals, deities… were altered to make them Christian. For instance: the Celtic churches were all destroyed and catholic churches were built on top of the sacred sights that the Celtic churches were placed upon. Goddesses were replaced by the one and only Goddess - the "virgin" Mary, mother of our "savior" and new "God".

They also placed Christian holidays at pagan times, for instance: the spring equinox of Oestre, the Goddess of spring, was transmuted to Easter, and made into the resurrection (of Jesus), similar to spring being the resurrection of fertility, growth, plants... The Fall Equinox became Christmas, (the alleged birthday of Jesus). According to many sources of information, including "Bloodline of the Holy Grail…", he was not born in December at all, but March 1, 7 BC.-1 It took some pretty serious arrogance by the catholic church to change Jesus' birthday to suit their political interests.

Another adaptation by the Catholic papacy is the red robe apportioned solely to male cardinals, the “high priests”, of the Catholic church. In ancient times the color red was an honor given solely to the high priestesses. High priestesses of the Order of Ephesus holding the title of ‘Sarah’, were entitled to wear a red robe.

The Catholic Church was started from the lineage of Peter and Paul, who were both women haters, they especially disliked specific women, including Mary Magdalene and Helena-Salome, both High Priestesses of different orders. Peter and Paul, also did not like, or agree with the religious ideals of the Gnostic, Essene and other orders of which these women were involved. These outspoken, powerful women, their political and religious views, and high status in the older traditions, threatened Peter's position at the time, and the future credibility of the church he was building. He therefore labelled them both as whores, (the typical male manipulation tactic to discredit a woman, and as this was a serious offence at the time, this was an extreme slander).

The Vatican wanted all attention off of women and the goddess, in order to create a patriarchal rule. And to oppress and repress women, the Goddess and the Goddess religion, the Catholic Church, (the greatest whore of all time, see the movie "Stigmata"), removed all texts, scrolls and books from the mainstream that mentioned Mary Magdalene’s marriage to Jesus, (including the pivotal manuscript in this saga, "the Book of Thomas"-2), as well as to her religious status, even to the extreme of labelling her a prostitute. This was accomplished by purposely misinterpreting the Hebrew description that she was ‘unclean’, to mean she was a sinner and a prostitute, rather than the true meaning that she was a "celibate, undergoing assessment in betrothal".-2 And betrothal to Jesus, no less. A heinous act of slander and disrespect to their own Lord and savior, and to Mary Magdalene, his wife, love, and a master in her own right.

In portraits and sculptures by the artists of the time, (who desired to portray the hidden truth in their art, and support the goddess without being burned for it), Mary Magdalene has also been portrayed wearing a red cloak, often over a green dress (the green representing fertility). This of course infuriated the Vatican. Mary Magdalene was in fact ‘The women who knew the all’, she was the apostle ‘endowed with knowledge, vision and insight far exceeding Peter’s, she was the one whom ‘Christ loved more than all the disciples’.-2 (Note: apostle, there were 10 to 12 female apostles as well, that they don't want us to know about)

The once venerated red robe of the high priestess was then stolen by the catholic patriarchy, and the color red for women, was transformed into being the representative of harlotry, ‘the scarlet woman,’ which is still used by society to represent this behavior. For example: the red light districts, red lingerie... Red is the color of the base (muladhara) chakra, it is a color of power and manifestation. It is the color of blood, life blood, menstrual blood.

Jesus was a Messiah, an “anointed one”, all anointed senior priests and Davidic kings were Messiahs. The Catholic church glamorized this to mean a status only held by Jesus. It was not extraordinary, (extraordinary to the masses, but not to spiritual adepts). And in order to gain this spiritual status as a Messiah, he had to be anointed by someone of higher spiritual status. In his case, he was anointed by Mary Magdalene, in her capacity as a high priestess, shortly before his next initiation, the crucifixion. Which according to many sources, did not actually happen, at least not for Jesus. One story goes, that Simon Zelotes, (aka the Magus, the "magician'), reputed to be quite a sorcerer and healer, conspiring with Jesus' brother, Joseph of Arimathea, arranged someone else to take Jesus' place. Another possibility, is that Jesus was drugged (sponge with poison in it) to knock him out, so that the guards would think he was dead and they could pull him down quickly, (because it was nearing Passover) and heal him immediately.-3

Regardless, it is plain by reading real unedited manuscripts, that there was definitely a conspiracy a foot, and as all the apostles were spiritually and politically active, they would naturally have devised a few schemes. (The apostles, including the women, were not little sheep being led around by their noses. Many were even trained to fight, had swords, and were actively involved directly with roman political leaders.)

It is highly debatable that Jesus' mother Mary was a virgin. This was more than likely a catholic creation to glamorize and elevate Jesus' mother, a woman, (to the highest status of any woman possible, being the mother of the 'the savior'), to be able to compete with the pagan goddesses, and the goddess traditions of people of the time. In all actuality, she got pregnant prior to being officially married; but this did not mean she was a virgin. In Hebrew, virgin means unmarried, not unsexed. Closer to the truth is that she and Joseph were having nooky nooky prior to being married, which was frowned upon, especially since her son would be a Davidic King, (in the lineage of David), and had to be born in wedlock. Another story is that she was involved with or raped by Emperor Tiberius Julius, and had twin sons; one being Judas Thomas (the twin) and Jeshua.-4

(Aside: Immaculate conceptions are rare, but have happened to other women, especially, interestingly enough, nuns, who have dedicated their life to Jesus and spirituality. (see the movie "Agnes of God"). Nuns apparently even marry Jesus - what a romance! Scientists have documented and apparently mechanically instigated immaculate conceptions without sperm, and interestingly enough, they always create females. This apparently happens because of X and Y Chromosomes and the fact that females have all the chromosomes needed to create a female, but not a male, in this case sperm is needed).-5

Having a virgin bride stems from the Catholic church and old male dominant world perception of basic female ownership, that if you married a virgin, then her sexuality was yours, never shared by another. Everyone’s sexuality is their own, and isn’t even rented by another, let alone owned. The idea of Mary being a virgin was a glamorized mistranslation by the catholic papacy. This was purposely mistranslated to suit the papal agenda. To control religion and the masses perception of spirituality, by way of sexual guilt, because if Jesus’ mother had sex with Joseph to produce Jesus, especially prior to marriage, then Jesus would be a man, instead of a glamorized God. Additionally, the papacy had to remove any mention of Jesus being married because how could a God, a savior, redeemer…, lead any semblance of a normal human life like having sex, marrying, having children, etc., things that are obviously viewed by old Catholicism and society as not being divine.

So to stop myself from gossiping on and on about, Mother Mary, the catholic church and the true story of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, (ooh la la, romance, I'm in love with Mary M, and oh, by the way, they actually broke up after the "crucifixion" and Jesus got a new flame, her probably too, but that's another story, you'll have to read Sir Lawrence's book, and Barbara Thiering's book "Jesus the Man", for that gossip), I will say this to everyone: give up marriage, or at least find out what marriage is really about and what is behind it, and what you are really doing by supporting this "establishment", consciousness and lineage of vows, agreements and compromise. The current form of marriage is an illusion propagated by the male dominant perspective civilization, (patriarchy), the papacy and religion. It is based on possession and survival, on agreements and compromises, that are not truly honoring of your individual divine essence and sovereignty.

Women, do not don yourself in white as if you are a possession and subordinate, and especially portraying some stupid farce that you are a virgin, as if you are supposed to be a virgin and that that is some admirable quality. What you do with your vagina is your own business. Virginity is a patriarchal fantasy, designed to make you more marketable as a possession to prospective suitors, and make you feel guilty for having sex, "because Mother Mary never did". Give up the fantasy and the illusion. Sex and virginity in marriage and relationship is supported and based in exclusivity and ownership; designed to help us feel loved and secure. "If our mates only have sex with us, then we can feel secure and not feel separate from them, or not feel our suffering about separation".

Exclusivity and ownership is an illusion. In true reality, we do not love anyone any more than anyone else. Certainly you are more attracted to some people more than others for a whole list of human and spiritual reasons, but ultimately exclusivity is an illusion. Certainly the possess-ability aspect of marriage is sheer fantasy and is based on peoples insecurities and undesirability to be alone. It is based on worthiness, "if someone will marry me than I must be worth something", a massive illusion, we all have equal worth, and no worth at all - for worthiness/unworthiness are illusions.

(For additional information on this subject, please see my article "Exclusive and Unconditional Relationship", on my website: ZaKaiRan.com)

If you must have a ceremony to mark your fondness for each other try being original for Christ’s sake. Men, stop being so boring and wear something other than black, wear some color for heaven's sake. Stop propagating the patriarchal rule by pridefully portraying yourself as being more wise and experienced than females, to being their superior, you are only expressing your secret fear that you are inferior. Stop supporting the male dominant perspective civilization and perception of reality and heal your divine feminine within. And women stop giving your power away to men to take care of you and heal your divine masculine within. Give up this romantic image of marriage which gives your power away completely to a fantasy that you are the most special person in the universe, and loved, and perfect, and you'll live happily ever after.

You do not need to prove to yourself, your partner, the church, the state, friends or family that you are committed to each other, either you are or you're not; doing a ceremony isn't going to make you any more committed to each other, or make the relationship last any longer. Rescind all of the vows you have ever taken in marriage, in all of your lives, across space, time and dimension, and for your genetic lineage. The only vow you need to take is the commitment to your own divinity, when you have mastered your own self, then you can wholistically share this with another in a "marriage", a relationship of co-creation rather than co-dependence. Disconnect yourself energetically from the old "consciousness" of marriage to create something completely new. To create real Divine Union, not co-dependence.

Everyone, please stop following your biological territorial survival programming to continue your genetic lineage. Have children because you really want them, because you have a cosmic contract to do so, not because you want to carry on your genes to eternity, to obtain some bizarre form of immortality, and not so that you can live out all of your repressed and denied experiences of your life through your children. Encourage your children to surpass you on all levels, you are their teacher initially, then they are your teachers. The children you conceive, and give birth to are not your possessions, they are sovereign masters, probably more advanced than you.

Women do not take his patriarchal genetic name! You are not his possession, or the possession of his genetic lineage. Genetic names are unnecessary, and are used to categorize you. Your genetic lineage does not matter and does not need to be passed on, certainly not the name of it. It is time for this old patriarchal immortality family fantasy to die. Immortality does not come from having children. Give your children names chosen by them, from their spirits, channeled through you. Or when they are old enough, ask them what they would like to be called.

You don‘t need another person to make you whole, you are complete in your wholeness. Allow partners and friends to complement you, not complete you. Traditional marriage solely and completely, implies possession, exclusive love. No one is your possession – you do not own any part of another person, especially their sexuality and love. You do not need to possess someone to keep them from leaving you, so you won't feel your abandonment issues, it won't work, eventually this secret fear will manifest in order for you to learn from it. If two people are to be together, they will be together. If they are supposed to be apart, they will be apart, or they will hang on to each other out of insecurity, never allowing true love within to manifest and true love without, with one person, and then all of humanity.

If you would like to express your love for someone by creating a ceremony, then please do so, but create your own, it is your ceremony, not the church’s or some religions', or your parents’, or your friends’, but yours. Allow no one to interfere with it, as if it is their ceremony. Do not allow others to try to live their dreams out through you, your marriage, or your relationships.

We are all individuals but we are not alone. Possession is an impossibility and an illusion. Dispel the myth that relationships can or do last forever. On planet earth, they change with the sands of time. In true reality you are always in relationship with everyone you have ever met, your love never changes regardless if you are together physically or not. Growth does not happen by chaining your self to one person forever, only denial. There are a lot of beautiful people out there in the universe of All That Is, go and experience them, experience Self.

Go in Peace and be Sovereign Entities.


I AM ZaKaiRan

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