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Personal / Divine Relationships

(Number 6 in the series about Divine Relationship)



As you have progressed in your awareness, you may have noticed that you have less and less "personal" relationships, certainly you have your friendships and acquaintances and relationships that are very personal, but your bias is towards them having a much more divine nature.

As you have awoken further to your eternal beingness through the years, you may have left behind a decent amount of friends and relatives, beings who were not moving at the pace that you have been moving. You have become very discerning about who you will relate to based on synergy, (synchronistic energy), whereby you encourage each other to be who you are. You will not relate to people on a typical social level, where we agree to an illusion called reality, and relate to each other with a tribal survival orientation. If you cannot relate to them on some form of divine level, you probably will not relate to them at all, unless you are absolutely required to.

Essentially, the personal life of social consciousness is no longer of any interest to you, because you know that it is an illusion, your only interest is in the divine, everything else is boring. The only thing that excites you is the realm of spirit because you know that this is the only 'real' reality, it is the only truth. If there is something that has growth potential for you on a spiritual level, then you will be enthusiastic about it, because it is the next step in your awakening, anything else is a waste of time, if it does not evoke your magnificence, or does not hold your interest in your desire for knowledge and awareness, you will pass it by as the illusion that it is.

So these old personal relationships no longer have any meat to them, you are only interested in living true reality, not reality as we have known it. You are not interested in spending time with people to be social, you are on a mission and you know it, and you live your life from this perspective. Sure you will have friends that you have fun with and goof off with, this is part of the fun of life, but even these friends will be people that you relate to on a deeply spiritual nature and that evoke your magnificence. We naturally are attracted to people who evoke and encourage our mastery, and take a stand for true relationship. People that do not evoke your magnificence, that do not allow you to be you, you will drop from your life like hot potatoes. We will throughout our entire lives leave these types of relationships, and this is a constant process as we manifest the new civilization, dismantle the old, and co-create the new relationship - Heaven on Earth.

The Old Relationship - Lets Make a Deal

Inherent within the old relationship was some form of deal. We all made a deal with each other that reality was going to be a certain way, this is the essence of tribal consciousness, we agree to act in a certain way within group perameters, for the security of the group. Each tribe makes their own rules to abide by, if you break these rules you are cast out of the group. This same tribal consciousness that exists on planet earth on racial, religious and national levels, also exists on a planetary level. As one big human race, we have agreed on a consciousness level that reality is how it is; what you can see, hear, feel and touch is real, the rest is up to smaller group agreement to decide upon.

Individuals are not allowed to say that this entire reality is an illusion, if you do so you will be ostracized and cast out of whatever group you were born into, rejected by family and friends and possibly even killed. The reality that you formerly agreed upon, you now reject, and therefore you are an outcast, an upstart, a rebel. How dare you rock the boat, because this entire reality is at stake, everything that we believe in could be upset.

On a more individual level, we made deals with each other to operate in various ways for similar reality security reasons, and physical and emotional security reasons, to maintain the status quo of illusionary reality. We all created and maintained deals, where we give and receive love to maintain the illusions of separation. We maintain the illusions of separation so that we will not feel separate from each other, (I know this is weird, but that's what we came up with). We maintain relationships on an energetically horizontal, co-dependent basis, so that we will not feel alone and feel separate from God.

Every single relationship in the old civilization was co-dependently survival oriented. Survival was the agreed upon reality, a reality where we supported each others illusions that we were a certain identity, usually some form of tribal human. If love was included in this reality it was strictly conditional, based on our individual deals and agreed upon tribal reality. We swapped love as if it was a commodity on the stock exchange; I will love you if you love me and love me in a certain way. If you do not love me in the way that I want, then I will not love you. These relationships were based on compromise and agreement, like business transactions; lets make a deal that we can agree upon, then if the deal is not agreeable, then we will sever the partnership. This is the deal with the old worlds illusionary fantasy called marriage.


Marriages originally were financial business transactions, designed for individual financial security, family financial security, and finally, tribal financial security. They were the epitome of the lets make a deal relationship. They were also designed for emotional security reasons, but these were secondary, love was not as important as financial security. To some degree this design was helpful in a very dangerous world where survival was important, but as the planet has awoken and become more peaceful, and as a new spiritual paradigm has come upon us, this illusion is being shattered, survival is complete on planet earth.

As this awakening has progressed, the women have empowered themselves and rejected the male implication that they are possessions, are weak and need to be protected. And as relationship is put into true perspective, marriage is now seen for the illusion that it is. Physical bonds of relationship happen because of divine intervention, anything else is an illusion, a deal. The only real marriage is the marriage of the divine relationship, the only marriage vow is unconditional love.

As we have become less survival oriented by allowing ourselves to experience our upper chakras, we have allowed ourselves to consider emotional issues more diligently. Marriage became more about love and less about finances. Emotional security became the number one desire and reason for marriage. The new deal became: we promise to be together so that we will not ever feel lacking in love, affection, friendship and sex. We promise to be a certain way so we can always experience emotional security and feel loved. This deal was destined to be shattered because change is the only absolute within all relationships as we grow and discover self, so any deals made on a horizontal social level must be broken if you are going to embody your divinity and be who you really are.

We (males and females) freed ourselves from the slavery of tribal financial security and gained enough independence to consider emotional issues. Then we became enslaved by our own emotional deals, this is obvious by the huge divorce rate and the anti co-dependency movement throughout psychology in the 70s and 80s - everyone was looking for the next level. The next level is here, this is obvious with the huge success of the new age movement, everyone is looking for real security, divine security, something that you do not get from the world of illusion, from typical relationship.

The New Marriage - The Divine Relationship

The new marriage is a synchronistic energetic connection based on divine guidance and divine attraction. Each individual takes responsibility for their own growth, reality and security; and part of this independence is the realization that we are all co-dependent upon each other, but in a divine way. We are all one, all parts of All That Is; we all work together; we are all co-creating reality together, it is one big giant constant creation. No part of the wholeness of All That Is is left out, or is less worthy than another part. The new marriage operates naturally from personal knowing of ones own divinity, therefor it is naturally divinely guided by self. Each relationship has the same through line within it, natural spontaneous unconditional love.

Here is your marriage vow: I promise to be myself and to allow you to be yourself, no matter what, while we are in relationship and always. I promise to recognize your divinity, encourage your growth and mastery, and encourage your awakening to who you truly are. I promise to the best of my ability to unconditionally love, honor and cherish you, even when I can't stand you, (because you have evoked something in me), for as long as is divinely perfect for our growth and awakening.


Typically, primary monogamous relationships and friendships, have an implied agreement, a deal that says we will maintain this relationship on certain limited levels; we will not cross certain barriers and get too deep spiritually; we will not get too intimate because of what it will bring up for us emotionally and spiritually. So depending on how diligent and passionate you are about your spirituality and your process of awakening, you will have or not have these implied, limited agreements within your relationship and friendships.

We have these agreements because we do not want to lose our friends and lovers, we keep things calm and peaceful, and do not go too deep, so that dramas won't arise and cause conflict within the relationship. But all conflict between people arises from each individual, love brings up conflict because some aspect of your beingness is not loved by you. Some part of your makeup you do not like. In actuality these things that we do not like about ourselves are not ourselves, they are adopted character traits that we have been programmed to dislike. We believe that these things are unlovable.

Conflict within relationships is always about these things that some one does not want to look at and love. If you are projecting your dramas on to someone else it is something about you that you do not want to look at and deal with, so you project it onto your partner and see if they will buy it.

The new relationship has no deals. We do not agree to operate within any perameters what so ever, except within the divine perameters set by our own eternal beingness, for our continuous growth and awakening to divinity. We do not love conditionally, so that some one will love us back, we love unconditionally, always, regardless if anyone loves us, because we know that they really do, they are just unable to express it, because they are unable to love themself.

The new relationship of the new civilization is based in true love, unconditional love which allows any illusion, any truth, yet encourages and supports only the truth. True love is unchangeable, it is a pure essence, it is your essence, the essence of All That Is. Love is a being not a doing, but as co-creative beings we express love, emote love, channel love, act loving, and be love in order to love.

Love has no form but is within all forms, therefor love has the appearance of many forms. Love is not just soft and gentle, sometimes love is hard. You may be required as a servant of divinity, to do fierce things with love to accomplish specific tasks. You may have to act "mean" to help someone's awakening. But this is only an act, a scene in the play. You as the actor are not mean, and love certainly is not mean, this is merely what needed to be done in the moment for optimum acceleration.

And since love is not dependent upon anything within the world of form, when you live your life based on true unconditional love, you can have the appearance of being cold because you will not settle for anything less then perfection, you reject anything that is illusionary love for true love, you reject social consciousness for divine truth. You leave relationships because friends and lovers are operating at lower levels, and you will interrelate at high levels or not at all. You will refuse relationship, sex, affection, and "friendship", when they are disguised as loving, when you know that they are full of implied agreements and limitation, when they do not encourage your growth and divinity. You can be acting in a way that does not appear to be very spiritual, yet you know that how you are acting is perfect for everyone's growth, you see this and know it from consciousness.

The New Relationship of the New Civilization exists on divine levels only. There are no illusions of control or unworthy. Spiritual essence is encouraged wholeheartedly. Appearance is immaterial. In this world there can be nothing but divinity, because nothing else exists, nothing else is real.


Yours in Divine Relationship,


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