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The Simplicity of Relationship

Conditional and Unconditional Love

(Number 7 in the Series about Divine Relationship)



“Successful,” co-creative, joyful, healthy, wholistic, beneficial, loving, giving, compassionate, generous, balanced relationship is easy. It all boils down to one thing: your ability or inability to love and be loved.

I have said this before in many other ways in my other articles and I say it again because it is the culmination of every detail of relationship. Your relationship with anything, including God Goddess All That Is, nature, animals, friends, money, food, your body, lovers, parents, siblings, the planet, the universe, the angels, the Ascended Masters, the Elohim, the Melchizedeks, the ET's…. is determined by how much you allow yourself to love and be loved unconditionally.

As humans we have generally been programmed that we are not worthy of love; that we are, (if we act correctly), worthy of only conditional love. Most people do not even aspire to it or even talk about it because unconditional love “is not possible and is unattainable,” unless you are God. To some degree this is true. On higher “dimensional” realms of consciousness, unconditional love is the norm. Here in the land of conditions, it is generally reserved for our gurus, prophets, avatars and messiahs, because they do not live in or operate from this conditional reality.

If unconditional love is possible within a human body, within this world of limitation, we are not taught how to do it. There are many religions and spiritual teachings that teach it theoretically, but not how to actually accomplish living and being unconditionally loving. Most spiritual traditions would more than likely say that it isn’t even possible except by attaining perfection. In my opinion, attaining perfection is a waste of time. Enjoying your imperfection would be much more beneficial to your spiritual growth. And most religions would say that it is not possible unless you die, are “saved,” and go to heaven, thus getting rid of your human suit and “sinful self, that is keeping you from being unconditionally loving.”

Unconditional love is possible now, with our limited human perceptions and physical limitations. You do not have to attain enlightenment to unconditionally love. You have the ability to unconditionally love now! You, as a divine spiritual essence, now, are naturally unconditionally loving, so it is merely a matter of being and acting as you truly are. You as a higher dimensional spiritual essence, naturally operate and exist unconditionally.

In truth, we as spirits are conditional lovers just like humans, just a whole lot less conditional. In other words, we place a lot less conditions on how and when we will love. Paradoxically, we always love unconditionally, even us as humans love unconditionally, we are just not aware of it because we act out dramas that look like conditional love. We reject each other, and play games of withdrawal of love and affection.

As humans we act conditionally, think conditionally, feel conditionally, etc. because we are in a world of form, a plane of demonstration, a world of limitation. As spirits we are always unconditionally loving, within the conditions of the Divine plan. This is where we are conditional, we will act conditional because it serves the limitation experience, the awakening process, and the manifestation of heaven on earth. It serves the direction of God, and ultimately we will follow this direction. If you are an unaware being, you will genuinely be conditionally loving, you will only love if it serves your limitation structures. You love if you can get love in return, or some other commodity that helps you maintain survival and personal security. You love because you can get something in return rather than loving because it is your natural state to do so. But of course if you are reading this than this does not apply to you, for someone operating at such lower levels of consciousness would never read one of my articles. You are awake, you are aware, you may already realize that you love unconditionally, that this is your natural state; if not, know it now!

It appears as if you do not love unconditionally because you are in a human body, and the perception of humanness can be very deceiving. You are living in a world of limitation where the norm is conditional love and you are influenced by this; do not be dismayed, this is all temporary, and you are getting better at balancing your naturally unconditionally loving self with your unnaturally conditionally loving humanness.

Your humanness does not even know what love is; it is learning, you are teaching it. Humanity in general, does not know what love is, it is learning, you are teaching it. Humanity needs you, and will look to you for the answers, for the truth of unconditional love. They will look at you as an example to follow. And many times they will not understand because you may act conditionally loving towards them, and they may call you a hypocrite, but they do not understand the essence of things, and you must forgive them and send them on their way to figure it out on their own.

So do not aspire to unconditional love, for you are unconditional love, and you are already unconditionally loving. Being unconditionally loving is easy, acting unconditionally loving, combining unconditional love, (true reality), with this “reality” of limitation, is the difficult part. So give yourself a break, for the divine human has not manifested yet; the new civilisation of light is not here yet; we are still in the transition zone; you are still awakening and remembering your magnificence.

So I recommend just aspiring to being a whole lot less conditional, or being strategically conditional. Discernment is the key to your mastery, and this will grow with experience. Know always, within the core of your being, that you are always unconditionally loving, and act unconditionally loving within the constraints of the human world. In other words balancing the world of limitation with the unlimited world of unconditional love, where all is allowed.

You see, in this world of creation, we are allowed to do whatever we want, this is the gift of free will. We are allowed to be completely loving, and we are allowed to be complete assholes. It is all experience for our souls, soul groups, our creators, and for All That Is, the experience of separation within the oneness and wholeness of All That Is.

You are allowed to do what ever you want until it is time to come home. It is now time to come home, the children are being called back to the source by mom. We are balancing the world of physical humanness with the cosmic. We are becoming cosmic humans. But we are not cosmic humans yet, we cannot act unconditionally loving now, all the time, and function daily. I will explain further.

The more you awaken to true reality and your own divinity, and live within your own consciousness in this divine existence, the more you separate yourself from normal society and its conditional structures, the more you will be able to experience being in a state of unconditional love. The more experience you have being in this state while living within normal society, the more you will be able to act unconditionally loving.

If you act unconditionally loving all the time, 24/7, you would have very little to do with day to day life, because life as we know it is set up conditionally. Day to day functionality is based on survival: earn your keep; prove your worth; earn my love, etc. Unconditional love cannot function within these constraints, it does not recognise them as being real. Unconditional love does not even see them, because they do not really exist.

If you live completely unconditionally within this conditional society, you will be abused and ridiculed. This is not loving to self as you will not be taking care of yourself, and does not accomplish anything on a planetary level. To function within this conditional society and actually make some impact on spiritual levels, you must be unconditionally conditional. This is the paradox of being a spiritual master that is unconditionally loving and living within a society that does not recognise unconditional love as being the only true reality.

In other words you must act unconditionally loving within the limitation structures of humanity. You will naturally want to push beyond the boundaries of this world of limitation, this is your natural predisposition; you are a pathway cutter; a limitation structure buster. Your awareness of your natural state of unconditional love, no matter what you are doing within the world of limitation, naturally undermines these structures. Unconditional love is a powerful force of destruction and creation. Your existence within true reality and emanation of divinity, subverts the illusional “reality” of the old world. You must function with complete masterful discernment of how to best serve humanity’s awakening to their magnificence, with complete connection always to divine direction, the divine plan, and all the elements in the forces at play.

Act as unconditionally as you are able, be a masterfully impeccable divine fool. If you are in a position to act more unconditionally loving in day to day life, have the courage to do so, do not let fear from the old world limit your expression. The more you act unconditionally within this world, the more mortar is chipped from its walls.

Be realistic about reality; all is one and perfect within the imperfection of separation, and all is imperfect and separate within the wholeness of All That Is. You must be a master of limitation, you already are a master of divinity, it is now time to combine divinity with limitation and be a master of divine expression.

Practical Application

Now back to 1, as they say in the movie biz. How do you apply this to self and to day to day life? You know that your natural state is unconditional love. You know that from a higher dimensional perception, everything you do is unconditionally loving, even if it appears otherwise. In the human realm, as you manifest you as divinity, within this realm of limitation, you are similarly always unconditionally loving, even if it appears otherwise. You may not even believe it, but as time progresses you will know this to be truth with less and less doubt until no doubt remains, this is true awakening.

You are love, plain and simply. Your actions with relationship are the expression of that which you are, love. Even if you are the most hideous person on planet earth, a serial killer, dictator, rapist – you are still love.

No matter whose feelings you hurt along the pathway of expression of love, (what we call relationship), you are still love and you are still loving. The more you realize this, the more of a master you will become, a master of humanness and human expression.

Your ability to love and allow yourself to be loved, is dependent on your realization that you are an unconditionally loving spiritual master, here to co-create heaven on earth, and that this is your natural state, no matter what anyone has told you, no matter what you believe. How you act reflects your awareness level of this love that you are. The less you doubt that you are love and totally deserving of unconditional love, the more loving you will be in the physical human world, and the more love you will allow and receive into your life.

But give yourself a break, there are no magic words, teachings, processes, or initiations that will help you love yourself more. There is nothing that will help you love others more. There is nothing that will help you allow yourself to be loved more, only your gradual awakening, your natural realization of the unfoldment of you and civilisation within the divine plan.

You cannot push the force of evolution. You cannot push the manifestation of Heaven on Earth, it is solely in the hands of God and the Divine Plan. You cannot push the timing of your awakening, it is solely in the hands of your spirit. None of this is personal anyway, you are a servant to this co-creation, this is not for you but for All That Is, we are all in this together. Your awakening process, plain and simply, is the gradual realization that you are pure love. This unfoldment process is the chipping away of the structures that say otherwise, it is an awakening whereby you doubt less and less.

Doubt is not your natural state, know this! When you doubt your love and divinity, it is not you that is doubting, but the world as we have known it, and your adopted illusionary identity that is connected to this world of illusion. You will doubt less and less that you are love, until there is no doubt left and all that is left is you. You will doubt less and less that you are loved, until there is no doubt left and all that is left is you. You will doubt less and less that you are naturally unconditionally loving, until there is no doubt left and all that is left is you. You will doubt less and less that you are naturally deserving to be unconditionally loved, and that you are unconditionally loved by everyone (All That Is), until there is no doubt left and all that is left is love.

Allowing Your Experience

No matter what, you must look for the gifts from every situation, every experience of life. What can you learn about self; what can you learn about humanity; what can you learn about love; what can you learn about relationship; what can you learn about limitation; what can you learn about divine expression; what can you learn about compassion; what can you learn about fear; what can you learn about anger; how does this serve me and my growth?

Allowing your experience, (rather than judging it), especially including all the feelings about the experience, empowers you, it acknowledges this experience as something that is helping you rather than hurting you.

Judgement is denial, when you look at a situation as being invalid and unnecessary for growth. The definition of judgement is not when you acknowledge something as being painful or limited, this is classification. If something honestly no longer serves you and your growth, (because you have experienced it so many times, and you are quite possibly through with this experience), then this is not judgement, this is acknowledging the truth. It is only when you are in denial, that that thing no longer serves you, (but obviously it does), are you in judgement.

“Judge not any moment, whether it be an upward spiral or downward, as you shall cause a stagnation of my Divine Movement. For this I say unto you, all motions have their moment of truth no matter the depth of denial you place upon it. So just move with each moment in a state of ecstatic joy and know that you are now living in Divine Truth, the Ever Present Now”. Felicity Skye

Part of allowing your experience is the art of being unconditionally loving within your consciousness, and acting unconditionally loving by continuing to love no matter what. This is not easy within a human body because we feel, and because we experience pain, abandonment and rejection. We are extremely sensitive creatures, much more sensitive then people generally allow or acknowledge.

Here is an example of practical application of this: Your intimate relationship partner hurts you in some way. They may reject you because some drama has arisen within them and they withdraw their love. They do the typical human rejection pattern because they feel like they have been wronged. You now feel hurt as well, you want to do similar patterns of rejection and withdraw love in retaliation, but you are better than that, you know that regardless of what this person does, you still love them. We always love people, no matter what they do, this is why it hurts so much when someone does something so shitty. You must do your best to realize this fact, that you always love this person no matter if they withdraw their love or not. You must also realize that they always love you, even if they say or act otherwise, they just do not have the awareness to realize it and act accordingly.

So you must realize the truth that it really isn’t personal, you did not cause their pain; what they are hurting about really has nothing to do with you, it has to do with their relationship with All That Is their own divinity, and their own separation issues. You were the evoker of their misery, not the cause. You are not responsible for their experience, how they react to it, or how much they allow it, you are only responsible for yourself and the allowance of your own experience.

So how will you react in this situation? Will you still love this person unconditionally no matter what they do to you? I am not promoting staying in an abusive situation and unconditionally loving while you’re being beaten, this is obviously not loving to self. I am saying, do whatever is necessary, within the structures of physicality, to be unconditionally loving to them and self. This may include leaving them, or telling them they are deluded and not allowing their experience; or saying you are sorry for hurting them; or having them arrested; or giving them flowers; or doing nothing. Being truly unconditionally loving is doing whatever is necessary and optimally beneficial for their growth and for your own, even if it does not look very unconditionally loving.

Never withdraw your love unless it will serve growth to do so, otherwise as a “rule” I do not recommend it, it is such an old boring and limited pattern from our feelings of separation and abandonment. Know that you love that person the same as you did when you first realized you loved them, that the love you have for that person will never change even if they steal from, “cheat on you”, betray you, ”abandon” you, lie to you, or try to kill you. You will always love them. You may not like them, you may not want to have anything to do with them physically in any way, but you will always love them.

The only reason people break up and continue hating each other, is because it masks the love they have for each other that they do not want to acknowledge and feel. For us transition team members, (truth seekers, light workers, spiritual masters), we cannot afford to deny any part of our experience as not being beneficial to our growth and awakening to truth, divine self and the embodiment of unconditional love.

If we get screwed over, we have brought this experience to ourselves for the experience of it; to unconditionally love through all the suffering and heartache; to know that we are loved even if no one acts like it around us; for us to learn to choose our preferred reality and not settle for anything less; to acknowledge the fact that I brought that person into my life to conditionally love me, to learn to unconditionally love within a conditionally loving system; to know who I Am, that I am always pure divinity even in Hell; that I have brought limited terrible experiences to myself to transmute them to higher potential’s for myself, my experience and for all of humanity.

You must realize that you work for the whole. You work for all of humanity. You work for this whole universe. You work for the wholeness of All That Is. Love always, Love All Ways, no matter what. This is Christ Consciousness.

Emotional Expression – Taking Full Responsibility For Your Life

Hate is not the opposite of love. It is possible to love and hate at the same time. I know that I love everyone, even the bastards who have stolen from me and betrayed my trust. I think that these people are terrible humans, in total denial of self. Even worse, they are even aware of self to a certain degree, aware of truth and love, but deny it anyway; this is the path to the dark side Luke. For this they are lower than scum, they are subhuman mongrels.

They have hurt me hugely, this is obvious. I hate them with a deep and dark passion, but I acknowledge the truth that the reason I hate them so much is because I love them so much, I thought that they were my friends, I thought that I could trust them. If a stranger steels from you, you get over it and forget about them. When your friend steals from you, you never forget, ever, and you may never forgive them either.

This experience teaches you what a true friend really is, and teaches you discernment about who is and who is not your true friend. And of course a true friend operates solely from unconditional love.

I forgive them for what they have done, because I know that on a higher level, I lined it all up for myself, for my experience of life and spiritual/human mastery. I am not a victim to my own manifestations. I unconditionally forgive them and thank them because I know that they have helped me to be discerning and compassionate even in the direst of circumstances. And I forgive them because I know that it was not an easy job to be such scum, and the only way they could do it was to be in denial of self. I thank them for what they have provided for me, for my growth and experience, but I wouldn’t have anything to do with them again, (“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” Thanks Scotty).

As a spirit it’s all fun, being stolen from, betrayed, lied to…. it’s all just part of the fun of the human experience. But I do not kid myself, as a human there is nothing about the experience that I liked for a second, and I do not wish to experience it again, but of course I won’t because I have learned my lesson, I am much smarter now and much more discerning of consciousness, human dramas, human character and human deceit.

As a human I long for resolution, and even retribution. As a spiritual master it was just part of my experience, part of my growth and awakening. It has taught me how and when to take action and when to surrender to my manifestations.

I know that the activities of humanity that are negative in nature, are merely the actions of children who do not know how to live as divine masters within a divine society; that do not know how to love and be loved, and do not know how to love self. I know that they are just playing a game of denial, and that one day they will grow up and learn about truth and love. I know that children often do wrong, and I must guide them in the best way possible to discover who they are and why they are here. I know that I must be their friend as well as their parent, for they are indeed under my keeping; we are our brothers keepers.

Express your anger, but especially express your sadness that you experience when your brothers and sisters are disrespectful and act like spoiled brats. Compassionately let them know they are being idiots, and point them in the right direction. Love people especially when they don't love themselves, because this is what they really want; everyone just wants to be loved, even though they act contrarily due to their dismal perception of self and their feelings of unworthiness.

You may have many relationships where people allow you to only love them conditionally. You may work very hard to love them unconditionally but they will not allow it because of their own self love dramas. It may be very frustrating for you in your relationships because, more than likely, you are the most unconditionally loving person you know. You are probably desperately seeking others that at least come close to your unconditional love quotient. My guess is these people are hard to find. When you do find them you want to hang on to them like gold because you have found some true family.

It may be difficult staying in an intimate relationship with someone who will not allow you to love them completely and who will not completely love you. You will, if you are not operating this way already, only settle for people that are able to love you and themselves unconditionally. Your love does not diminish regardless of what they do, but you feel like your expression is being limited, your love is not able to be received, and you deserve more than they are giving, as they limit the love they give, they just do not know how else to be.

You probably struggle within deciding whether to stay with that person or leave them for something better. This is terribly heartbreaking because you love them so much, and you know how loving they really are. You may stick around because you see glimpses of unconditional love, where they give it to you just enough of the time to keep you hanging on. You become like a gambler playing the odds, hoping your number will come up.

I have no advice in this situation other than follow your knowing, you will know what is best to do. You will know what is best to do in all situations if you admit it to yourself and be honest with yourself. It may be hard and confusing at times, you may vacillate between many decisions. Give yourself permission to be confused, (it is a temporary condition), when many possibilities are available and subject to your actions, actions of others and direction from divinity. Just experience; all will be revealed in due time.


Inherent in a situation where someone has the inability to allow love in their lives, is control. They are struggling for control of their lives and control of others, to keep love away because of feelings of unworthiness. Additionally, they are controlling you by not allowing your love. What can you do?

You can continue to allow them to dictate what transpires in the relationship, (which is what is already happening), or you can take “control” of the relationship using divine direction. If possible you must do so, otherwise neither partner is served, and you are being controlled by the world. Since you know that this control is an illusion, it may appear, based on your desire to now play the game, that you are being controlled, but this is not the case. Get what you want, if you can get it. Get what is divinely guided for truth and growth. Take the bull by the horns and see if you can manipulate with love for the good of the relationship, if your partner surrenders and awakens, then you both get what you wanted in the first place. If not, well you gave it your best shot.

It may be hard to know what you want, because you are confused by the actions of your lover. This is the unconscious plan of denial of love, confuse you so you won’t go for it. But don’t be controlled by the world, be controlled by love, for you know what you truly want, and that is unconditional love, only that, nothing else will do, so do not settle for anything less - go for it baby! You have nothing to lose and the entire creation of All That Is to gain.

Live an impeccably divinely foolish life where nothing exists but unconditional love, everything else is an illusion. Develop discernment about how to live this true reality within the world of conditions. Have the courage to smartly break all the rules. Do not under any circumstances give in to the pressures of the old world and settle for anything less than unconditional love.

Get rid of all unnecessary baggage in your life. If there are people in your life that do not recognise your magnificence, do not recognise theirs, and do not love unconditionally; that refuse to awaken to true reality, and refuse your assistance and example, then release them from your life. Do not worry, you are not abandoning them, you are just leaving them to their own experience; you will always be with them in consciousness. Have compassion for their suffering and realize it is not their time yet. Develop discernment of who is really a true friend, and surround yourself with these people who recognise your magnificence, who support and encourage your mastery of divine expression, and are completely passionately committed to the full and complete manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

Live and Breathe Unconditional Love

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

Yours in Christ Consciousness



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