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Freeing yourself from the Matrix of Relationship!

By ZaKaiRan


What is the Matrix of Relationship?

The Matrix of Relationship is a tapestry of dysfunctional beliefs and patterns of co-dependence that are held by society as the proper way to live and act, which typically forms the reality of relationship for most people on earth. These programs and beliefs are held in the conscious and unconscious mind and are supported by genetic programs passed on from generation to generation.

This matrix of relationship, typically undermines the development of divine relationship for humans and undermines their empowerment as sovereign masters, because the majority of these programs are unconscious and are creating people’s realities without their conscious intent or desire.

The matrix of co-dependent relationship is built upon the illusions of unworthiness and separation and the beliefs that “we are separate from each other and separate from God; that “we are not worthy of being loved, we are separate from love and we are not love itself”; that “there is a limited supply of love and energy, and we must obtain love and energy from others, and we must earn the love of God and others by acting in certain ways.”

These illusions cause people to pursue and engage in sexuality, marriage and other partner type relationship, friends, family and even children because of the sexual, territorial, political and survival oriented imperatives, that are designed to ensure our physical, mental, emotional and genetic survival. But we are no longer cavemen and women, we no longer need to ensure our survival for fear that we will die alone without leaving anything behind.

By freeing ourselves from this matrix of illusion, we can finally create for ourselves: genuine, peaceful, holistic, gentle, caring, compassionate, ecstatic and beautiful relationships with lovers, friends and family.

Through this Teleclass we will receive guidance of the intricacies of the relationship matrix, to see the truth behind our actions of the past, and be aligned to the divine blueprint of relationship. And we will receive guidance and meditations to help us heal and release the beliefs, patterns and illusions that are holding us in the matrix of illusion and keep us from manifesting and creating divine relationship in our lives.

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