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Yes I know I spelled it wrong, or did I? What is respons-ability? The ability to respond. I'm sure everyone who has been exploring the possibility that we create our own reality has entertained the idea of taking responsibility for their lives, their thoughts, their emotions, their reactions, their suffering and there karmic patterns. So how do we actually take responsibility for our lives? How do we gain the ability to respond to the stimuli generated by this civilization and this reality?

Many beings out there in new age land will tell you to own everything, (in order to be responsible), because you created it. Based on what I know about how the Universe & reality works - I do not agree. You do not own your "limitations"- they are not you and they are not real. Thought does not create reality. And controlling your thoughts, as if they are you and control you and your reality, is not being responsible. That is one of the cosmic jokes - because thought is illusion. Identifying with thought is actually being irresponsible.

You do not own your thoughts - they are not you and they are not real! You do not own your feelings - they are not you and they are not real! You Are Real! Yes you are to be responsible for your reality, but not to own it. Be aware of your thoughts, but do not own them - they are not you. Everything is co-created by All That Is.

Responsibility is not owning everything. Responsibility, is having the ability to respond to everything. You did not create everything in your reality, you are not responsible for everything. This Universe is Co-Created by all of us - and I mean all of us, including all of our multidimensional selves, everyone on the planet, and everyone on the other dimensions. Responsibility is truly being able to respond to what has been lined up for you from your Spirit (Who You Truly Are). Owning everything implies that these things are what makes you, that you are these things. You are not your thoughts; you are not your emotions; you are not your karmic patterns; you are not your reactions; you are not your suffering. You are none of these things as these things are structures of the world of illusion. You are a spiritual essence, a point of pure divine consciousness. You may experience these things, but you are not these things.

Whose stuff is it then? - It is the world of illusions stuff. You are in this world but not of it. You experience and play in this world of thought and feeling, but you are not this world. You are a unique expression of All That Is, a divine essence of pure eternal consciousness. If you are reading this article chances are you are a StarSeed, a Light Worker, someone who is interested in taking full and complete responsibility for your reality, or having the ability to respond to stimuli with the utmost efficiency. You are probably interested in having multidimensional models and expanded perspectives of higher truth for transmuting the illusions, energies and realities that you are contextually experiencing and living within to their highest potential. If you own something within your fields that is affecting your life in a profound way in the form of emotion, reactions or manifestation, than you are identifying with these structures. I do not recommend identifying with these structures - these structures are not you. You are a Divine Being on a Holy Mission, here to Co-Create Heaven on Earth, and anything that you are experiencing is merely something that you work with not something you own, and it certainly is not you.

70 to 80 % of your thoughts and feelings are not yours! You did not create the dysfunctional patterns, suffering & emotional baggage in your fields - it was very much a co-creative effort. These patterns have been on the planet for millions of years and are an integral part of the cohesiveness of 3rd dimensional mass consciousness reality. These patterns are illusions in the fields of the body that you are utilizing. You adopted these illusions in order to feel them and experience them for the divine plan of the ascension of this planet. It is your job to dismantle 3rd dimensional reality, this reality of limitation, therefor you adopted these patterns to transmute them to higher potentials.

Did you create these patterns? If you created this Universe, this dimension, this planet & this human race then you did - otherwise I would say not. You probably aren't even from this reality or this planet, so how could you have created it. More than likely you are a planetary transition team specialist, a person who comes to planets like this when they are transitioning to the next dimension. You have done it thousands of times across time & space and now it is time for this one to move on the 4th & 5th dimensions and you're here to see that it happens with as much grace & ease as possible.

You are in this world but you are not of it! More than likely this world is totally alien to you and the only reason it feels at all like home is because you have been here for so many incarnations that you have forgotten that you come from some place completely different that is far far away. And more than likely you have forgotten that you are a Spirit having a Human experience and were duped into thinking that you were a Human having a Spiritual experience. You have been deep under cover masquerading as a human and you've played the part so well that you have even convinced yourself that you are human. - Well it is time to wake up! - Time to accept respons-ability for Who You Truly Are. The jig is up, the play is over, it is time to be Who You Truly Are and do what you really came here to do - Co-Create Heaven on Earth.

You are a multidimensional master, a pure conscious beam of light. A light worker; a spirit having a human experience, not a human having a spiritual experience.

From this expanded identity, you have the ability to truly respond. You act from a reality of love not fear. Your identity is not limited by any description - even the term light worker limits you. Any identity, any description, does not accurately describe you because you are indescribable. Any description does not accurately describe your magnificence. You have no identity - you are just part of All That Is.

True response-ability is acting (being) in your true reality of love and acting from a place of love - unconditional compassionate love. Old world responsibility was based on reacting from a survival oriented base of power and control. As power and control are an illusion, this reality has no validity in the new world and cannot even exist because the new world is based on love. The old world's version of responsibility was based on how well you played this game of survival, power and control. Responsibility was how well you held to your commitments, promises and goals. Responsibility was based on how good you were at obtaining or maintaining your position in the pecking order.

In the new civilization there is no pecking order and no more unworthy / worthy scenarios. You are divine perfection, a spiritual essence playing the game of physicality. You carry with you a blueprint of your vision/version of Heaven on Earth based on the reality that you prefer the most, a reality of total oneness and unconditional love. Manifest your vision of Heaven on Earth!

"Responsibility is the ability to respond. And truly, the ability to respond must be free, spontaneous, and totally intuitive, or it is burdened by this weight of past concepts: what it should look like; what it should feel like; how it should be received; what it should sound like. It's all from the past. It's not responsibility you're talking about - but some imitation of responsibility and it is a burden. True responsibility is not a burden at all, it's joy, it's the willingness to surrender - the willingness to surrender! To be who you are, without having any concept of what that is. Yes, some fear may arise in that, but that fear arises from past concepts - you just meet that fear and it's nothing. You believe that fear and then once again, you're shouldering some duty, some idea of responsibility. It's not responsibility, that's somebody’s version of responsibility."

Be Still, Know Who You Truly Are!
Own Who You Truly Are!

You Are Pure Divine Consciousness!
You Are a Flame of All That Is!

Blessings On Your Responsable Divine Journey,


1 - Quotation from Gangaji - "The spin into hell", video.



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