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The Return of the Goddess

(Balancing The Polarities - Illuminating The True Male)





Cosmic Gender

The male and female polarities of All-That-Is are a fantastic creation to experience separation within the wholeness of All-That-Is. This apparent dualistic creation exists and ascends all the way through the higher realms of the cosmos until there is no separation of any kind, the realm of All-That-Is.

Many people think that male and female only exists in this physical reality in relation to our physical bodies, and that we are all androgynous spirits. This is not quite accurate. Yes we are androgynous spiritual essences from the perception of how we generally as humans view male and female, but as I will describe there is more to this than meets the eye.

We are not our bodies, or necessarily the gender of our bodies, but we as spirits, as consciousness, are all either one of the two choices of male or female. And to answer your question: no, there are no other choices. Now as you can imagine this consciousness has very little relation to male and female as we perceive it in these physical bodies. The majority of humanities perceptions of what male and female really are and how male and female really operate in synergy together on a human level and on a cosmic level, is not known or is mis-perceived because of our genetic programming and our social consciousness conditioning in a survival oriented world.

Scientifically and spiritually it would probably be more accurate to refer to male and female polarities as positive and negative electrum. But for this exploration I will stick to the layman's terminology of male and female because it has direct relation to our physicalness and our spiritual nature.

Now everyone, every single being in the entire scope of All-That-Is, ascending all levels of awareness is either male or female. It does not matter what kind or gender of body you are inhabiting or if you are inhabiting no body at all you will still be either male or female. Human body, reptilian body, light body, androgynous body, hermaphroditic body, it does not matter, you will be male or female consciousness always, that is how you were created.

Now, naturally when you exist at higher realms of consciousness you are essentially androgynous. You do not operate from any perception that there is any such thing as separation or a polarity, you just exist how you are, how you were created, with your specific essence and bias of being as that part of All-That-Is.

Recognizing your particular cosmic gender is of extreme benefit to your awakening and to the planets awakening, especially since the male and female of beingness has been totally misinterpreted, abused, controlled and manipulated. The fact that most beings do not recognize that they are a spiritual essence, that they are not their body, is one thing, then recognizing that you are a male or female spiritual essence is another big part of the puzzle.

Oneness / Separation

I know that there will be many idealistic oneness junkies out there that will not believe that what I am telling you is the truth and that we are all androgynous spiritual entities. Plain and simply, they just do not understand, and do not know whether or not they are male or female, or even their ideal of an androgynous spiritual essence, because they have not really looked to see for themselves and because they do not know themselves. It is wise to admit to yourself and to others when you really do not know something about yourself and reality if in fact you do not, this is humility. It is vanity when we live idealistically because we want some part of the cosmos to be a certain way so that we will not feel the pain of separation. Just because you are repelled by things that look like separation, does not mean you are then experiencing oneness.

At their core oneness junkies are just operating from their natural essential bias and attraction towards oneness, and desire to feel it, experience it, live it and manifest it in their daily lives. This is a trap of the new age, attempting to live idealistically before the forms of oneness have a chance to manifest. We are oneness, it is a fact of existence, just because we live in a world of separation does not mean that we are that separation. There is an experience of pain and suffering within that world of separation that we can all feel and experience because we feel separate from our essence, our origin, our divine family, and from source, but these are illusions, we are always one with All-That-Is whether we know it or not, whether we feel it or not, and whether we are acting as if we are or not. Remember, we have adopted veils of forgetfulness so that we could experience this illusion called separation within the lower heavens of the world of form. We cracked ourselves over the head so to speak so that we would purposely have amnesia. This way we could actually have growth and experience, or at least the illusion of it anyway.

Oneness is a given, all is one because all of creation is a creation of All-That-Is to experience itself through. Contrary to what anyone will tell you, separation does exist, but it is a paradox because it exists within the oneness of All-That-Is, just as the male linear geometric principle of creation is contained within the female spherical geometrical principle of creation. We are all unique, individual expressions of All-That-Is for All-That-Is to express through and experience itself through.

There are infinite expressions of separation within the oneness of All-That-Is: infinite spiritual essences, all separate; infinite awareness levels of beingness (purposeful amnesia and the cosmic hierarchy); and different types of consciousness. The vast levels of creation that govern, manage, create and ascend the physicality and consciousness of the cosmos is full of "separation". But I'm sure that the word separation has no meaning in these levels because everyone knows that they are all part of the oneness of All-That-Is and work in perfect synergy together, with everyone knowing their divine place in the scope of things and knowing their worth within the vastness of creation.

Even the trinity of All-That-Is of the Father principle, the Son principle and the Mother principle of Spirit, that are in perfect synergy together within the creation of All-That-Is, has its inherent male and femaleness. So everyone must realize the truth of these aspects of beingness.

Separation is only a problem for anyone who has a problem with feeling unworthy. If you know yourself, know your position and worth within the realm of creation, than separation does not really exist for you and you are not worried about it.

Everyone must know their level of awareness and be honest about it. Everyone must know their position within the cosmic hierarchy, which is nothing more than knowing yourself. Because when you know yourself, when you know what your spiritual essence and function is, when you know your gifts that All-That-Is has given you to operate within creation and to function as, when you know who your bosses are and who you are in charge of then you can really start being an active participant in the co-creation of heaven on earth, and you can really actively participate as a co-creator of heaven in the all of creation; ascending humanity, planets and universes, through yourself and your knowledge of who you really are within that entire creation, within the entire creation of All-That-Is.

Balance - Synergy

The entire cosmos with its infinite separations is in total complete balance. The male and female aspects of All-That-Is are apparent and in perfect synergy everywhere. Our essence is either consciousness or existence, these are female and male respectively, and we are either male or female consciousness or existence. We are usually residing in some form of body, as humans male and female bodies. Even extraterrestrial bodies usually have male and femaleness to them depending on their level of awareness of love and the expression of love. Many may be totally androgynous, or hermaphroditic. But regardless of the body we are either male or female consciousness or existence.

On higher realms of awareness, the upper heavens and mansion worlds, where physicality is optional, we know what we are exactly and will usually represent ourselves as some form of male or female. If we are in a light body, these bodies will take on a "masculine or feminine form", but when you are at this level you know who you are and can represent yourself as how ever you please.

Many beings may be seen as being male or female depending on who created them. For instance, the angels are generally thought of as being female, but there are male and female angels. Angels are thought of as generally being female because they were created by the universal mother spirit, and are considered the daughters of God, so you see that on one level they are all feminine in nature but are also male and female, what balance.

We as physical beings are generally referred to as the Sons of God, this is one of the reasons why Jesus was referred to as the Son of God, to show us our place in the scope of creation. We are the Sons of God because we were created by this Son aspect of All-That-Is, the Son aspect of the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, (Holy Spirit being the feminine, or mother aspect).

This balance descends down into our physical world. Within our male and female bodies we are balanced equally between the polarities. Our brains have male and female front quarters, with opposing rear quarters. So both sides of our brains are male and female, separated, yet balanced. So there is a balance between male and female within us all. This balance manifests physically with the extremely feminine physique and the extremely masculine physique, and all the various permutations in between, including androgynous physiques, hermaphroditic physiques, and all the different sexual orientations based on these many permutations.

Additionally we are surrounded by a geometric light body field, in the shape of a double star tetrahedron, that is perfectly balanced between male and female. It is actually composed of three whole star tetrahedrons super-imposed over each other. Each whole star tetrahedron is composed of one male tetrahedron interlocked with one female tetrahedron. These two, the male and female tetrahedrons together, form the whole star tetrahedron. (The three dimensional Star of David). Each whole star tetrahedron is exactly the same size, and each whole star tetrahedron has a polarity of its own, male, female and neutral.

The first whole star tetrahedron is neutral in nature, is literally the body itself, and is locked in place at the base of the spine and never changes its orientation, except under certain conditions. It is placed around the body according to maleness or femaleness. The second whole star tetrahedron is male in nature, electrical, is literally the human mind, and rotates counter-clockwise relative to your body looking out. The third whole star tetrahedron is female in nature, is magnetic, is literally the human emotional body, and rotates clockwise relative to your body looking out.

In the Beginning - Male / Female - The illumination of Truth

So what is male and female, really. With the personal explorations that you have been doing for years now, you will have discovered and at least began to dismantle what male and female is not, but as to exactly what it really is, this may have alluded you. You know that how society has been operating, and the roles that they have been portraying for millennia isn't what male and female really is, this portrayal of male and female roles is a pale representation of male and female consciousness.

And our search to understand male and female consciousness has motivated us to explore and experience separation and the many permutations of all the possibilities of male and female and all the growth that comes with it, but it is now time for the truth to be told, it is time for everyone to realize what male and female really is.

In the beginning there was the void, to create something within nothing, All-That-Is first criss crossed three lines creating direction, position, and "dimension". Before these lines, there was no direction, no beginning and no end, no where to travel to or from. These lines are the male aspect. This is a more detailed description of the extremely simplified version of genesis and creating Adam first. It wasn't Adam that God created first but the male aspect of beingness, the spiritual essence of Adam.

Now we have direction with a perception of such a thing as here and there, but we have no form. To obtain this we must spin the male crossed lines and create a sphere, the female aspect of creation. The male aspect (existence) is contained within the female aspect (consciousness). This is the flower of life. Within each sphere are the geometric lines. Put many spheres together and you have the geometries of creation.
Knowledge is generally thought of to be a male quality, and intuition, the creative spontaneous aspects, to be female. I would agree that that is true, but of course all aspects of the male and female work together, one cannot do anything without the other as in the case of the original concept in the void. Knowledge is worthless without the creative intuitive aspect of wisdom keeping the form and spirit worlds in balance, and wisdom is not of any use if you do not know how to apply this knowing.

It is generally thought that male is the form and female is the formless, this is not true, it is the opposite. The male is formless without the female, and the female does not exist without the male. They are both incomplete without the other. If female is the formless, then why do they have the bodies that make the babies. It is also thought that the female egg is the feminine aspect and the "linear" sperm is the male aspect. This is not accurate. The egg and sperm are both male and female, and both spherical. The sperm has a male directional tale but when you drop the tail it is spherical as well. The male aspect is contained within both of those female spheres as the DNA, the geometry. When the two come together they form the vessica pisces, which divides and creates more spheres, the flower of life.

The Patriarchy - The False Male

For some time on planet earth we have been experiencing a male dominant perspective civilization (mdpc), with its illusions of power and control. This civilization primarily operated based energetically from the lower chakras and the survival oriented biological sexual territorial imperatives (bsti) of these chakras. Now these chakras do not actually operate solely from this perspective, but it is the imbalance of not being connected to the middle and upper chakras that causes them to only operate from this perspective.

Males and females have been living based on the same survival oriented biological, sexual territorial imperatives with manipulation control and power, they just have been acting it out differently. Even when many women have been operating from a more feminine perspective, it at many times was based in similar delusions of control. Much of this behavior was adopted to protect themselves from the (mdpc), so many women became like the men and the system they despised, acting out this aggression in dastardly ways; this is the tendency where women had to be smart to protect themselves, smarter then the men. This scenario is apparent in argument situations between males and females. Females can usually verbally, emotionally and psychically manipulate the shit out of typical males, they have learned through the centuries how to insure their survival. This female protection mechanism is a left over from the male dominant society. It is time for that to go.

On a planetary level, males have been more prone to act out the illusions of power and control, but this does not mean that these illusions have anything to do with being male. They are false male, a distortion of the male aspect of beingness. Typically the male of today has no clue what it really is to be a male. Subsequently females do not know what it is really like to be a male either. All the old versions of masculinity have been scrapped with the new age. Males must be all things now, they are being required by All-That-Is, themselves and by females, (who have been waiting forever), to be balanced in their own male and femaleness. They must embody and act from this balance of male and female qualities, they must be: responsible as well as spontaneous, firm yet kind, knowledgeable yet intuitive, determined yet surrendered...... They are being required to be how women have been for centuries.

It is the job of the males to stop acting from the false male, the illusions of what we are taught by an out dated survival oriented society. To discover true maleness and act from this perspective. And to stop supporting the false female propagated by the old society. It is the job of the females to do the same, to not act from the false female, what the mdpc has programmed you into thinking female is, and not supporting the false male. You must discover the true feminine, "the Goddess", and balance it with your own true masculine qualities "the God".

Both males and females must recognize their own male or female consciousness. Just because you are in a male body does not mean you are male consciousness, similarly for a female. This is why many beings who are in male bodies feel like a female, and vice versa, and even go so far as to even get a sex change to accommodate this feeling. More than likely this inner feeling is a knowing that their consciousness is not the same gender as their body, they just have not been enlightened to this possibility yet. Many beings who have a homosexual orientation are living out this experience. It will help everyone if they realize the "sex" of their consciousness, then they will be happy with whatever sexual orientation they have, and what ever type of body that they have lined up for themselves to experience through.

The male populace is aching for more feminine, you can see this as our lovely gay men act this out for humanity and males of planet earth. Frequently acting this planetary need in a very flamboyant feminine manner, which compensates for all the males who are not willing to accept their feminine qualities and the subsequent excess testosterone production.

The problems of society are largely due to societies imbalanced perception of themselves, and more to the point, that people do not know that they are spirit, that they are consciousness having a human physical experience. They are deluded by physicality and their perception that they are that physicality.

As male or female consciousness or existence, we operate with perfect balance within All-That-Is. As beings residing in physical bodies we have adopted many male and female balances and imbalances, all for experience and growth. So it is obvious that a huge part of this experience is knowing first of all what male and female really is, and balancing our perception of the male and female within ourselves. You must know who you really are, not that you are male or female physically but spiritually. When everyone knows who and what they are then we can relate to each other equally because we are operating from a balanced position.

Now the patriarchal system has been perfect on a planetary level to take reality to its furthest point of density and for us all to experience separation to the fullest. If we were in balance and in more contact with the Goddess energies we could not do this, because the feminine aspect completes the wholeness. You can't experience separation to its fullest if you are balanced. So I recommend becoming at peace with the patriarchal system that has been controlling this planet, thanking it for its service for your experience of separation and all the illusions that came with it, and then put it to rest.

Love, Sexuality & the BSTI

Part of this furthest separation experiment has been the denial of love, the Goddess returns this to us all, it heralds the return of Christ Consciousness, where there is nothing but love, where everyone takes responsibility for what they truly are, and honors all aspects of beingness. It welcomes the nurturing, receiving, creative aspects of acting from love instead of fear. Without the feminine aspect encouraging love, you are left with fear. The patriarchal system operated solely on fear. It is time to thank fear for the gifts of separation that it has given you and your experience and lay that one to rest.

In the old world your worth in society was based on how valuable you were to others. In regards to getting your bsti survival needs met, you chose mates accordingly based on physical desirability, sexual desirability, financial desirability etc. All illusions of worth are being shattered as the goddess returns and propels us into the new age of balance and awakens us to the truth of equal worth of all beings regardless of their physical desirability factors.

Society has persuaded itself, due to its inability to feel and express love, that sexuality is for personal emotional gratification. Although this is accomplished to some degree, this is not its sole intent and reason for existence. Sexuality is a creative act of love, this is obvious as the creation of new life is conceived from it. But sexuality is not just for pro-creation but for co-creation. It is a reminder of creation itself, because placing two bodies together creates one body, this should not be taken lightly. It is not two people using each other to get off, but two people creating balance, completing the original first two steps of all of creation, the combination of the two polarities of male and female in perfect divine physical synergy.

Sexuality is a reminder that we are birthing the new world with our love and our expression of that love. It is the ultimate expression of love created for us to remember who we are. This is why the love making experience can be so mystical and so sought after. Because even if beings are not very connected to their hearts, there is still some heart connection that most people experience when they make love, and this is why everyone is so obsessed with sex, because it is as close to an expression of divinity that most people can get.

Gifts of the Goddess

Previous to now, the patriarchal society has been overly earthed, with little or no connection to love and to the cosmic. The mdpc based reality on what could be seen or felt. Mysteries were not allowed, if you did not know something, you were a stupid peasant. If you knew a lot you were the elite. The more you knew, the more you could control the ignorant. Anything outside the realm of discovery, that could not be seen, felt or touched was labeled superstition, unexistent and worthless.

The Goddess allows and encourages the cosmic. The mystical realm of faith, is valued more than the known, because you realize that the known is a very small percentage of All-That-Is in the whole realm of creation, and is the realm of illusion, our play ground to experience life through, a reality created for experience, but it is not necessarily "real". With the balance of the feminine, in the new world, if you do not know something then you don't need to know it. If you need to know it, it will be revealed in divine timing.

With the return of the Goddess is the return of spontaneity, of intuition, knowing, psychic energies and connection to the cosmic. You use these things to determine what is real and how you will live your life. Rules and regulations will be thrown out, because these were created by the old world of fear. You no longer operate from a position of fear but from love, and love determines what you will and will not do, not moralistic rules based in fear. At some point everyone will be so psychic that we won't have to talk. Along with that is the inability to lie, because if any one lies to you, you know it immediately, many of you may already experience that. The Goddess also encourages real experience and expression of feeling, so everyone will be feeling deeper and more passionately than ever before.

The time of logic is now over, or more accurately, logic is being tempered by the Goddess, balancing the mental with the emotion and spirit. As you ruthlessly throw out the old logical ways and adopt the new feminine energies, as you start living based on feeling, knowing, and divine guidance, (totally illogical ways of living), you will more than likely experience some chaos in your life.

So after you have had a good clean out, re-establish balance between the male and female energies, otherwise your life will be completely chaotic. You will enjoy this mystical experience at first but you are in a physical body that exists in physical reality, and to function in a physical way you must balance the feminine energies with the grounded male energies. In this case you must discover what the male energies really are, because you may have resistance to using male energies, but release this prejudice based on illusion and discover what male really is.

Part of male is the earth aspect, so do not throw the baby out with the bath water, find and use the divine aspects of everything. Ground your true mystical nature into your body and into the earth, be your cosmicness here in the physical, be a cosmic fool by connecting with the earthiness of the male. Get naked, rub mud all over your body and run through the bush.

Balancing your cosmicness with your earthiness, will connect you to the earth, it will make you one with your environment, because you no longer are afraid of nature. The patriarchy was a weak society, afraid of its environment, afraid to die or be hurt at any moment by other humans or animals. So the patriarchy sought to destroy what it feared, "kill all the ferocious animals that want to kill me", and "kill any race, group, tribe, village or country that might want to hurt me". We can now start loving our environment instead of fearing it. Perhaps if we stop destroying their environment and their food sources, stop fearing and start loving the lions tigers and bears, they won't want to eat us.

With the return of the Goddess we can now really manifest heaven on earth as we combine divinity with physicality. We can now embody and ground the vision of heaven on earth in true reality. The cosmic can be balanced with the mundane. So with the combination of the mystical we can direct it with the male determination. Without the male vibration nothing would manifest, it would just be a dream, a vision. With the return of the Goddess energies and the balance of the male and female, the dream can be made flesh; the synergy is complete; the two aspects of beingness are whole again. With this divine union of male and female, the passionate expression and experiential feeling of love can be birthed into form as the new civilization of pure love and light - heaven on earth is here - now that's real love making!


The goddess illuminates the paradox of time. Time is not solely linear, it is also circular and curvy, like waves, it is male and female. There are beginning and ends (linear) and there is no beginning and no end (circular). Time is unchangeable from a linear patriarchal point of view, but allowing the balance of the female, we find that it is not absolute but mutable; the future and past are changeable, (linear), and in the now moment, within the mystic circle of time, there is no beginning or end, only the moment. Ultimately, time is what you want it to be, it is your servant, you are not under it's control as the patriarchy tried to convince us from its position of fear. Thank you Albert Einstein for showing us the truth of time.

The Sun Earth Alignment

There are many exterior influences that affect imbalance in relation to form and divinity, and there are also forces that affect imbalance between the male and female vibrations. One such influence is a mal-alignment that exists energetically, magnetically and physically between the sun and planet earth. They are out of alignment due to outside influences (I believe ETs are to blame), by (correct me if I'm wrong) 9.5 degrees. This mal-alignment creates a subsequent mal-alignment between males and females and the male and female polarities, because the sun and earth represent the male and female polarities, (father sun, mother earth).

Subsequently this mal-alignment then supports the already existing imbalance of the male vibration, in resistance and denial of the feminine aspect. It especially causes trouble with communication. It creates a situation where if you tell your partner something, they do not hear what you said exactly or even close to how you said it, the meaning and intention is misconstrued. And even how they are and operate within their beingness is not understood. This is the typical complaint about men and women not understanding each other.

Another reason we do not understand each other is because we are either male or female consciousness. If you are male consciousness, you will not be able to understand female consciousness fully, and vice versa, because you are not that opposite polarity.

This mal-alignment of the sun and earth and the subsequent out of balance situation between the male and female is obviously part of the divine plan's manifestation of heaven on earth and its naturally balanced wholistic state of oneness. And our continual work to balance these polarities enables this manifestation. It evokes the truth behind the physical manifestation, that of the need for awareness of the male and female aspects of consciousness, of true self. This is an experience of All-That-Is to manifest diversity within the wholeness of creation and then to create harmony and cooperation amongst it's apparent chaos.

Until the planet, sun, solar system and universe align, we are inhabiting our light bodies, and we all take responsibility for our reality and true sense of self, we will have relationship problems, communication difficulties, and unbalanced states between the male and female within the majority of beings. But this allows us to make huge changes to help manifest that alignment and prepare for that natural balance.

As awakening beings here to create harmony and cooperation, we must be very aware of this breakdown in communication due to this mal-alignment; its detriment and benefit. We must be gentle and compassionate with each other in regards to this breakdown and difficulty of relating because of this influence. The detriment is obvious, making peace and harmony somewhat difficult. But please be aware that peace and harmony is our natural state and this influence is of exterior origin, so to have peace and harmony, this situation requires that you know who you are and act from this natural consciousness state of peace and harmony.

The personal benefit is it requires impeccability and assists with awakening. Planetarily it creates a situation where if you want balance and aligned communication, you will make a concerted effort to try to create this alignment, you will try to resolve issues of conflict and old karmic patterns that need to be transmuted for the planet. And it requires that you give up control and surrender to times when there is no apparent alignment and you feel helpless to not being able to create harmony.

Perhaps with our dedicated work we will correct this alignment or it will correct itself as balance is created within our own consciousness. Or it will not matter because we will go beyond planetary magnetic influences, relying on divine magnetic influences. If you are in a light body, and you know that you are immortal consciousness, then physical influences have no affect upon you.

Other Forces

You must also still be aware that there are forces that are determined to create conflict in anyone, especially the light workers and in couples, to break down loving relationships so that love cannot flow through this medium.

The greatest challenge for a negative entity is to try to limit the greatest force of All-That-Is - love. These influences can be of extraterrestrial origin, disembodied spirit origin, and negative entities, (all who do not know love). If you are being adversely affected by outside forces, then you must be aware of and if possible, take care of these influences. If you need assistance in cases of this nature please consult someone who works in this field, and ask for assistance from the Ascended Masters, Angels, and positive ETs that you are familiar with and work with.

So in all situations of apparent conflict be aware of all factors involved. Give credit where credit is do and surrender to the times when you have very little control over a situation and may feel quite helpless. Feeling helpless is a temporary condition that you experience when you encounter a situation that you do not know how to handle, as you grow and your abilities are manifested, you learn how to deal with these seemingly impossible situations, or at least you learn to surrender them to God.

Expand your awareness beyond what you can possibly imagine, expand yourself beyond "yourself". This is the experiment that All-That-Is is engaged in. Be the consciousness that you are, be the balance that you are.

Oodles of Love,




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