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Sonic Alchemy

Toning and Light Language



Perhaps the biggest Ascension tip I could give anyone to quantumly accelerate their awakening process, is the adoption of Toning and Light Language into their spiritual practice and everyday life. This “Sonic Alchemy” is definitely the most accelerated technology available for reality altering; illusion, structure, pattern, limitation and distortion shattering. Also for manifestation: for bringing in your God Presence and higher dimensional, cosmic, angelic, extraterrestrial…, “ascension” energies. And for general balance and fun. It is magical and cosmic and extraterrestrial and faery and dolphin and bizarre and normal and everything and nothing.

Toning and Light-Language, are channeled super-high-encoded-sound-light-color-frequencies that we all communicate with on the 5th dimension and above. It is our natural way of communication on these higher dimensional levels. It is direct and extremely efficient. It is telepathic, psychic, dimensionally visual…; able to be seen, felt, heard and directly known by our higher dimensional senses.

Toning carries super accelerated dimensional frequencies, encodements, teachings and colors that are typically unable to be heard, seen and understood by our normal human perception. The more your higher abilities are opened and honed, the easier you will be able to feel, hear, see and know their affects. Immediately, these affects can be felt by everyone. Those beings who are open to awakening, will feel extremely comfortable with these sounds, and will recognize them as “home”. Other people will be repulsed by these sounds because they are too accelerated of a frequency for them. Their realities/illusions, patterns of denial…, that they guard with extreme vigilance, are instantly affected by these alchemical frequencies, and they must hold tight to them to keep the walls from crashing down around them.

If it is irritating in any way to you, then there is something in your fields that is resistant to these divine energies. Possibly a disembodied spirit or aspect. It is channeling light, so it totally illuminates whatever is trying to stay hidden in the darkness. It’s like shining an extremely bright torch in the face of some one who has been in the dark, and we all know how annoying that is.

If you are accosted by a dense human that suffers from a lot of unworthiness and powerlessness; and/or possessed by a disembodied spirit, dark lord or dimensionally bound ET; or you encounter an ET, (such as a reptilian), who is masquerading as a human with the use of holographic technologies, or is an actual human, but has a very negative ET spirit, and they are trying to get you some how - I highly recommend you tone up a storm. They will not be able to maintain their illusory integrity and will have to leave your presence immediately. Channeling Divine energies is the best defense imaginable against dark forces. And for succubus’s, try singing the song, “there’s got to be a morning after”, backwards. (South Park junkies will get this one).


Toning is a tool of transformation which carries and functions with the Divine force of Grace; which provides a fresh start in the now moment, without any reference to the past. Toning is a technology designed for quantum transmutation into a completely new species, the Christ/ Light-Body. It is designed to transform HuMan into HumAngel.

Toning, through Grace, instantly heals the karma that you are currently dealing with. It bypasses the normal manifestation process, whereby you must live within and continually manifest old karmic patterns in your life. It can also interrupt this same karmic manifestation process that typically automatically takes place when something occurs in life and relationship which evokes “your stuff”, that is actually stemming from past karma and emotional traumas.

You no longer need to manifest and live out your karma in your current life to finally experience it, heal it, balance it… Due to these accelerated times, the pathways that have already been cut by the First Force Recon Teams, and due to Karmic Absolution and Dispensations available, all karma can be taken care of instantly, effortlessly and gracefully. You do not need to “go into your stuff”! You can bypass this instantly through toning and other “grounding/centering” activities. You can shatter karmic crystals, (perceptions/pictures of reality, traumas…, that are related to aspects of your beingness that are stuck in these old movies. So it is an excellent thing to use if emental (emotional/mental) “shit” starts to come up or already has come up.

Toning bypasses time. It instantly completes your karma, so you no longer have to try to balance out this karma through lifetimes. With the help of toning and other Light/Love technologies, you are clearing all of your karma in this lifetime. More than likely, this is your final lifetime in a typical 3rd dimensional human body. You have mastered limitation, it is now time to master divine expression. This planet is moving to Light-Body, it is becoming a Star. There is no more time available to be dicking around and reincarnating to learn lessons. It is time to get it all now!

Because Toning and Light Language are completely 5th dimensional, (Unity/Christ/Unconditional Love), it completely undermines and shatters the illusions of the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Nothing that is survival/lack/unworthy… oriented can maintain its cohesion around these energies. So, needless to say, toning can bring up a lot of shit that is hidden in the deep recesses of our light bodies, energy fields, memories…, and of “reality as we know it”, but luckily clears them just as quickly (at light speeds). They are also MerKaBa activators; your time, space, dimension vehicle.

Toning is not necessarily a psychological or emotional release, even though it can accomplish these tasks. If you’re not channeling, then you are more than likely emotionally catharting, (sometimes similar to mentally farting), which is energetically more like a yell than a tone. Toning is not something done from your emotions, in fact it completely bypasses these 4th dimensional energies. This type of release can still be beneficial and feel quite releasing, but this is not toning, it is not utilizing the fifth-dimensional energies of Grace.

Your 3rd-dimensional mind will not be able to tone. This form of expression is way beyond comprehension for even the most advanced 3rd dimensional mind. True toning can only be done through and as your 5th dimensional self, through your 3rd dimensional body. There is “no right way” to do this aside from allowance. There is your Spirit toning through you and there is your personality trying to tone the right way. The former is you as Higher Self/God-Presence…, sounding/emanating/channeling/expressing through you. It is easy to know and feel the difference. One you are filled with the fire of your spirit, feeling, enthusiastic, joyful…, just being played like a harp. And the other, you are more than likely thinking, have an agenda, or you are working at sounding good. You will naturally sound good the better you are able to surrender and play. The trick is to get to a place in your consciousness, where your 3rd dimensional self and body surrenders to the divine will of your Spirit. It makes itself available to be used as an instrument of transformation, as a channel of Love/Light. You must become friends with your ego, otherwise it will work against you.

Toning and doing Light Language, is not singing. I repeat, it is not singing! If you have a desire to be admired for being a good singer and especially if you have singing training, you will have to let this all go. Typically, if you are doing a tune, then you are not channeling. It is also not chanting. So you will have to let go of all those lifetimes where you have chanted sutras over and over again. You may in the future create a tune that matches the specific light language you have channeled. Or you may re-channel an ancient chant or song, but these are the exceptions and will come later with experience.

It is not something you can control at all. In fact when you truly allow it, it controls you, although the word control doesn’t accurately describe this action. You are the harp strings being played ever so gently and gracefully by the Angels. Or you are the Fender Stratocaster being played by Jimi Hendrix… Some tones are gentle, and some are strong; some are high, and some are low; some are like waves; others like tsunamis; some are more like song; others are like chants; some are like the rays of the sun, while others are like lightning bolts; some are like dolphin tones or clicks while others are like wolves howling at the moon. Regardless, every possibility is transformational in it’s own way and naturally feels ecstatic to your body - yum yum. You will definitely feel electric as these divine energies surge through your body, through your hands and voice and energy fields into this reality. It is truly magical, and you will be the embodier, channel and emanator of this magical alchemy


Light Language is an actual language channeled from a specific dimension or physical "extraterrestrial/Angelic" place, that you have more than likely spent lifetimes within; or you exist in now, as Soul, within another embodiment. It is a language you speak on/in these places and in these energies.

From a basic perspective, Light Language is just gibberish, something we did naturally as children. The more adept you become at channeling Light Language, the less it is “gibberish” and the more it becomes actual language, and the better you will be able to track its origin. You will not typically know what you are saying, as most of it is relatively untranslatable and irrelevant to typical third dimensional reality and consciousness. As your higher perception opens up, you will be able to translate this language, or at least know the intentions, function and meanings for these sounds.

You may know that what you are saying is a specific invocation to bring in a specific energy, or to accomplish something. You may become aware that what you are channeling is from specific extraterrestrial star systems or specific individuals… Regardless, the point is not to try to figure it out and try to translate what you are doing into English or whatever earth language you typically use. You are channeling a whole new language that is not necessarily “words”, certainly not as we typically determine words to be. Light Language is completely cryptic, encoded, and multidimensional, so it has multitudinous meanings, intentions and interpretations.


There are myriad's of different tones specific to our bodies, energy systems, light bodies, the earth… As you play, you will discover these, but do not be concerned with specifics, just have fun. Some of the possibilities are: your Star Tone, which is related to the star system you are very much aligned with due to extensive past lives there, or where you originated from as a Spirit. Other tones can be related to chakras, the earth (Earth Tone); your heart (Heart Tone); your soul (Soul Tone - Soul Presence); Higher Self – (IAM Presence Tone); God Presence Tone…, all specifically resonating with these aspects of ourselves. You will find the frequencies you most resonate with and make sounds you never imagined. Many of these will be related to different animals, devas, faerys…


Toning and Light Language can be used for cleansing and clearing your house or for the clearing or activation of higher dimensional energies in a room for meditation, workshops, higher connection, group connection, MerKaBa activation…; to anchor Love/Light Columns, portal anchoring… You can also use them for the healing and clearing of the land from over exploitation; massacres; releasing land attached spirits; imbalanced or obsolete (4th dimensional) energy portals; clearing/aligning Sacred Sites, (whose energies have been tapped into or abused)…

Doing Toning and Light Language is the perfect thing to do to set the energies (the Tone) for workshops (or playshops, as I prefer to call them), and especially for the invocation, anchoring and embodiment of your Divine Presence, the Ascended Master; Angels... And because it is channeling, if you desire to channel or already do channel, it is a great way to open up these energies, this direct column to higher dimensions, for the channeling of these energies and earth words. Also, since Light Language and Toning are not typically human, and can be typically referenced in normal reality, it bypasses the mind and ego. It bypasses all “normal” human perceptual reality and ways that we typically perceive reality.

Toning and Light Language can clear dense energies in your physical body, thus healing affected areas and your overall being. It can dismantle implants; clear the energy in your aura; disconnect psychic cords; balance your chakras; balance psychological imbalances; shatter dark karmic crystals; bust patterns...; release disembodied spirits, elementals, negative ETs, dark lords… Just "tone out" these energies, attachments and patterns that you are complete with.

They are highly affective if used with other healing modalities to clear stagnant energies and patterns in clients. Just tone the affected area. You may also use visualization if you know what you would like to accomplish with the specific ailment. Use Toning or channel specific language to affect the specific change required. Calling upon the Angels, your Divine Councils and other buddies on higher dimensions is highly recommended in these cases to affect maximum shift and healing, especially the Archturian Light Body Teams, and the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light.

When doing “healing” work/play, your hands will move in all kinds of different ways. This is also an integral part of channeling these sounds. Toning and Light language doesn’t just come through your voice but through your hands and your entire body. The movement of your hands also accomplishes similar things to the sound. In the case of clearing, the movements facilitate this. In the case of manifestation, your hand movements facilitate this. Just let your hands do what they want to do. Also when doing “healing” work, especially as you open to working with the Etheric Light Teams, you may be given etheric instruments to do certain things on people. You may need one of these instruments to remove implants, or to remove a tumor, or to activate DNA… I’m sure that miraculous healings of extreme cases such as cancer, are quite possible with toning, but I have not had the opportunity to test this assumption. Please let me know if you do.


Use Toning and Light Language to “sing” things into manifestation. They can be used in unison with other techniques of manifestation, such as pranic manifestation (contained in this book and on my website). You "tone in" the higher frequencies of manifestation, for the embodiment of your desired ability, or mastery…, or for the specific thing you need to help your mission and life.

Re-Teaching Yourself Toning and Your "Native" Tongue

First, clear anything that may be impeding your ability to channel and tone.

Heal all your past wounds where you may have misused sound in any way, intentionally or unintentionally, (especially Atlantis, Egypt, Orion…). Forgive yourself and others associated with these lifetimes and ask for karmic absolution for you all. Heal all of your past wounds also associated with the positive use of sound where you were ostracized, rejected, killed…, for toning, chanting, singing, light-languaging, (speaking in tongues), channeling, prophesizing..., and speaking the truth.

Just plain speaking the truth and speaking up for yourself for what you desire and deserve, is very much related to doing any type of sound work/play. Related to fears and traumas when we have been abused, tortured, killed…, for revealing the lies and illuminating the truth, must be healed and forgiven. Sonic Alchemy is indeed speaking the truth; nothing you can say will be more truthful or powerful. Release all of your vows and agreements to not speak, tone or sing the truth.

There is also much trauma in our memory banks about singing. Release all traumas and past experiences from this life and all others, where you have been judged and abused for singing. These are often child hood memories, where you were told to, "shut up and stop singing", or that your were a rotten singer and to "keep your day job". Heal those memories and forgive those beings who did not know any better than to abuse you and your "angelic" voice; who were jealous of your ability to express yourself, and were ashamed of their voice and inability to express themselves, and wanted to deny this suffering by projecting their insecurities on to you. Release all of your vows and agreements to not sing, and go karaokeing (without getting drunk first), and sing like you’ve never sung before.

To Unify your Sound Work, say this invocation: "I ask the Sound Angels and Masters of Sonic Alchemy to support me, and place me in a Divine Chamber of Sound. I ask for the complete healing of all wounds from past spiritual practices of the positive or negative use of sound, to be healed and forgiven. And I ask for complete Karmic Absolution for myself and everyone associated with these lifetimes. I ask for all sound, singing, toning, languaging and channeling abilities within me to be unified, healed, forgiven, opened and brought back to their original intent and divine empowerment. I allow and invoke the full and complete embodiment of the blueprint of Sonic Alchemy!

Also release any vows that may be impeding you.

Sound Vows

“By Divine Decree!, with the Essence of God-Goddess and the Power of Grace, and my own God-Goddess-Presence, I completely rescind any and all Vows, and break any and all Agreements, (Contracts, Promises…), that I, or anyone else in this body has ever made, (or that any of my Soul Extensions, aspects of my beingness, or anyone in my genetic lineage - has ever made), in this or any other lifetime, across space time and dimension. And I Release to the Light, any and all energies, entities, attachments, mechanisms, structures, implants, programs, codes, beliefs, thought-forms, curses, judgments, perceptions or pictures of reality…, such as:

“I will never speak the truth again; I will never sing, tone or do light language again; it is dangerous to speak, sound, sing…, the truth; I am not a good singer; I don’t know anything; I’m not good enough; no one wants to hear me speak, sing, tone…; I might do evil with sound; sound is evil; sound can kill; I could hurt/kill others with sound”…

Now open a doorway, (tunnel, Light column, Rainbow Bridge), above your head to the Light. See these things moving off to the light, give them all up to God. See the Angels taking them away.

“And I ask for complete Karmic Absolution for anything and with anyone related to these vows, agreements, beliefs, patterns... I also ask for my soul extensions and aspects related to them to be placed in Healing Chambers and Love Cocoons, to be healed and released from their own patterns of denial, and I ask for an Angelic Activation for the all”.

“I now ask my Spirit (I-AM-God-Goddess-Presence) for New Pictures of Reality, Insights, Awarenesses and Divine Structures, to replace these Vows, Agreements… And I ask for massive Grace and Ease in the release and integration of all of this. I now close any and all 3rd and 4th dimensional doorways associated with these vows. And So It Is!”

Now get into a nice meditative space. Sit up straight and breathe deeply. You can do the Daily Exercises (meditations) at the end of this book or whatever is your favorite thing to do to get you into the “Zone”.

Now Tone. Just do it without thinking about it. Just let it come out. Let your Spirit flow through you. Let the entire creation channel through you. Let the Angels tone through you from the 6th dimension.

You are toning, not singing, so don’t worry about sounding pretty, (although you can turn light language into song later). The more you let go of your fears and embarrassment, the better you will get. And the better it will naturally sound as you become more in tune with these divine sounds and are more able to channel directly without altering the frequencies for any reason.

Play with different frequencies; higher ones, lower ones… Try to go as high as you can and as low as you can. The more you practice the more your throat chakra will open up and your voice box will open up to channeling higher frequencies. Move your mouth in different ways: more open, tighter lips… Make bizarre “ET” sounds; dolphin sounds; squeaks and squawks; humming, whirring sounds… But don’t get too exotic at first. Find the Source.

Just tone, don’t try to analyze what you are doing, just sound. Tone out all of your embarrassment and self judgement, so that it becomes natural and you can perform this sonic alchemy any time and anywhere that it is needed. The shower is a great place to practice, and the divine sounds will cleanse you auricly as you are similarly doing so with the divine nectar.

Many different tones and languages will come from your mouth if you just play. After you have done many types of languaging and toning, you will know their origins, or have some inclinations as to their origins being from different star systems. These will give you some idea of where you originate from and the lifetimes you’ve had in many types of bodies around the planets and universes. They could be dolphin, faery, Sirian, Pleiadian, Native American, Egyptian, Mayan, Orion, Hathor…

Toning and Light Language is channeling - plain and simply. Feel the frequencies coming through your head area chakras, especially your crown chakra and the occipital chakra, at the connection of your neck to your skull. Allow your child essence to have fun and play, allowing your toning to naturally turn into light language, (cosmic gibberish). It is a reconnection with your extraterrestrial origins and natural divine function. Allow your voice (throat chakra) to connect to these chakras and channel these tones and languages.

To Unify Group Sound Work, say this invocation: "I ask the Sound Angels and Masters of Sonic Alchemy to support us, and place us in a Divine Chamber of Sound. We ask for the complete healing of all of our group wounds from past spiritual practices of use or misuse of sound, to be healed and forgiven. And we ask for complete Karmic Absolution for ourselves and everyone associated with these lifetimes. We ask for all sound, singing, toning, languaging and channeling abilities within us to be unified, healed, forgiven, opened and brought back to their original intent and divine empowerment. We allow and invoke the full and complete embodiment of the blueprint of Sonic Alchemy!

If you have never heard any toning and are clueless of what I am going on about, I recommend you order some toning tapes from me.

The Quick and Easy Chakra Balancing Technique with Toning

This chakra balancing technique is best accomplished with a member of the opposite sex. The balance of male and female invokes change and alters reality. They are the forces of creation. If there is no one available of the opposite sex for this exercise, a person of the same sex can accomplish the same task by calling upon the opposite sex energy. For instance, if you are a woman, doing a woman, you must call upon your divine masculine to accomplish the task. And vice versa for a male, he must call upon his divine feminine. It is very powerful to do it with a partner, but if you are alone, you can do a similar technique by calling upon your opposite gender energy. To do yourself, follow the instructions similarly below.

Stand with the other person facing you a little to your left. Place your left hand (not touching) in front of their base chakra right in front of their genital region. Raise your right hand comfortably in the air and begin toning.

This is an extraterrestrial Light language, so you may feel like toning high or low, or any number of ways. You may make all kinds of bizarre ET sounds and “words” depending on where you are from and what is needed in the moment.

What this does is channel higher dimensional energies through you and the toning, and activates their base chakra. If you get this chakra spinning, all of the other chakras follow suit and spin as well; it activates your kundalini, and gets it traveling up the spine, activating your chakras. Continue until you feel it is complete. Now the other person does you.

You will have an experience of “losing your head” as your upper chakras open up and all of your chakras spin in synchrony. You will feel very spacey initially but you will energetically be perfectly balanced in your pineal center and grounded in true reality. You are now ready for anything. This is a good technique for general balancing and centering, and a really good thing to do if you have to go into dense situations or public places. With synchronized chakras (unified field), and grounded energies, you cannot be knocked off balance or have your energies sucked dry.

You may also be drawn to do specific tones directly on your friend’s chakras or any other place on their body. This is a Light-Body technique that may have many purposes: releasing stagnant energies, shattering dark crystals, DNA or Light-Body healing and activation, or just general upliftment.

It is also a fun thing to play with someone you are intimate with on sensual/sexual levels. I highly recommend toning each other’s genitals to clear all the sexual guilt, shame and trauma from this lifetime and all others, so that you are not passing this on to each other. Also doing Toning and Light Language while making love is also fun. (Please see my article “Heartgasms” on my website).

More Toning and Light Language

High vibrational sound is in tune with the frequency of Love, this is why it is so powerful. It is completely 5th/6th… dimensional. This very sound enlightens by entraining the energy fields to match these accelerated vibrations.

The amplitude or wavelength of frequencies that are in tune with higher dimensions, with Unity/Christ Consciousness, have a long wavelength. 7.23 cm is the wavelength of the sound of our 3rd dimensional universe. The higher the dimension, the shorter the wavelength. Essentially the only difference between dimensions and the consciousness levels associated with each different dimension is the wavelength of the vibration of that reality, or the sound of that dimension. So depending on the frequency of the sound you are channeling, speaking, toning, languaging, singing…, will determine how high of a vibration you are transmitting, and what dimensional level it emanates or originates from.

This 7.23cm wavelength is everywhere in our bodies, including the space between our eyes, finger joint ratios…. And each chakra is 7.23 centimeters apart (based on the 13 chakra system). This wavelength, is in the Phi ratio of 1.6180339… Everything creates itself in the proportion of the Phi ratio, the Fibonacci sequence and the binary sequence (which is what our computers use. (More details of this is available in Drunvalo’s books, “The Secrets of the Flower of Life” and Dan Winter’s book “Implosion”).

We are transitioning to light body levels where our wavelength is shorter and faster. When we attain these levels, we will cease to exist (or function) within the wavelength of the 3rd dimension. When you are in tune with Love, the fields around your heart resonate at a frequency of .618 hertz, which is the waveform of unconditional love. At this point, it is functioning as a coherent self embedded form where the waves generating, emanating and being absorbed…, are infinite and infinitely imbedding. In other words, when in the love frequency, an infinite number of similar love waves can all make love in one giant love orgy. The waves of love, (Golden Mean spirals), infinitely embed. This is what happens when two people come together in love, their hearts resonate together in infinite unison. I have experienced this within my own heart, with other individuals and in group where we all functioned completely 5th dimensionally. I have also experienced this personally and scientifically through Dan Winter’s Heart Tuner (www.heartcoherence.com), where by myself and another person, in this case, someone I was fond of, when in synch, especially if we looked into each other’s eyes, our hearts synchronized at the frequency of .618 hertz.

This heart coherence, is the Golden Mean Ratio. And if you understand the Golden Mean ratio, and the Golden Mean Spiral, you know that it is the only spiral/ratio that can infinitely embed. In other words, unity consciousness, whereby an infinite number of similar spirals can exist and function at the very same time without interfering with each other in any way. Golden Mean Spiral is completely fractal. In other words, it is infinitely outward as well as infinitely inwards (infinitesimal). It has no beginning and no end. It is the frequency of Love, which is how scientifically, geometrically and spiritually, and on basic levels of all sort, that 2 or more people become in tune with each other, harmonically, energetically…, as one unified field.

This is the function of toning – to create a unified field of love/light, where out of synch, inharmonic, discordant energies are unable to exist. No frequencies outside of the love range try to embed with us, or jump in bed with us. And when done properly, the sound will often be exactly or very close to the .618 Hz frequency range – the Love Frequency. So I reckon that the 5th dimension and the 6th dimensions must vibrate at .618 – an infinitely recursive number and infinitely embeddable spiral. Essentially, these dimensions contain only unified beings, who are all vibrating at this frequency. The energies they emanate, and the wave frequency that are vibrating at, are all .618. So these dimensions consist of and contain an infinite amount of beings all vibrating at, spiraling and embedding as Love.618.

(Hertz: 1 hertz is one cycle per second, so the vibration of love is .62 cycles per second. As an example comparison: the frequency that a metal fence is vibrating at is 70hz, or 70 cycles per second, considerably less “calm”.)

1-“The Secrets of the Flower of Life - Vol. I” by Drunvalo Melchizedek.


A Few Experiences

Here are a few examples of using Toning to alleviate extreme circumstances.

1. During my years of toning, I have been drawn by my Spirit to do it in all kinds of places to clear energies there, for instance: a parking lot, movie theater… and of course the land. Any dogs in the area that hear you will certainly howl. If kids are in the vicinity, they will usually tone back - they remember. Kids absolutely love it and think it’s funny. My friend’s boys saw me on a television show I did doing Faery and dolphin light language and just thought it was hilarious. They were then asking me to do the light language of all kinds of animals, so I channeled all kinds of different one’s for them. It was good fun.

2. One time I was giving a talk at a Mind Body Spirit festival, in fact, the talk was on Toning and Light language. I talked all about toning and light language and gave the people in attendance lots of practical uses for toning…, and just before the talk was to complete, a man enters, completely interrupting the talk, asking about the next talk scheduled. He sat down and we completed, then as usual many people have extra questions and want to talk… Then that man started telling us all how wonderful of a healer he was and how gifted his clairvoyance was…, including being able to see diseases in the body. This guy was immediately suspect for having to brag so much about himself to prove to us his worth, and he was completely energetically annoying.

He then asked me if he could look inside of me to see if I had any problems going on. I curiously but cautiously complied. He then proceeded to tell me that I had tuberculosis. At this point all the alarm bells went off and I knew instantly that this guy was possessed by some dark forced entity, hell bent on some dastardly mission, and I immediately began toning up a storm right in his face.

He immediately started freaking out. His arms started flailing about and he was yelling something like no, no, I hate it, you’re evil or something. I just continued toning while he continued to freak out, until he couldn’t take it anymore and left.

Needless to say, it was the perfect set up. I then thanked our spirits for setting the whole thing up and I thanked that man and the spirits that possessed him for offering us all an example of what I was just speaking about. “The Lord works in mysterious ways”.

3. Another prime example was at a Wesak Festival in 2001 that my friends and I had produced. One of the speakers had just completed and we were on a break. Next up was me, and I was surging with the fire of my spirit because it was the 3rd day and I was itching to speak.

A man which I was already suspect of his energies from the previous days, came up to me and had to speak to me urgently. We went over to a table and I listened to him speak. He proceeded to inform me at extreme length, of all of his major cosmic connections and councils, (another bragger), and how they were desperately urging him to reveal the extremely urgent information of coming major earth changes, ET invasions and all kinds of other stuff. He went on and on and on, trying to keep me in his energy web and just sucking my energy dry.

I had had enough and told him, in a very nice way, that everything he was telling me was not what I knew to be true. I then started to leave and he stopped me pleaded with me to give him my speaking spot, so that he could tell everyone all of the crap that he had just told me.

Well, in no uncertain terms, I basically said, “no fucking way”. He then told me that there was no need to get angry and he once again tried to urge me to see the truth of what he had to say. At this point I got really pissed off and left.

A few people asked me what that was all about and I told them. Then came my time to speak. It was an audience of probably 200 people, all seated in chairs. Cue intro music. MC introduces me…, and I proceeded to speak about/channel whatever was there to speak about. Basically, as I recall, I was providing guidance of how to deal with the consciousness of those beings who might come to us for help, and how to deal with the many impediments in the way of providing that help. I was guiding people on where to put their attention and how to find and get in the doors that are cracked open, where they want us to enter.

After about 10 or 15 minutes of my dissertation, my pal from the break, dressed to the tee in a very samurai like fashion, parades into the room with the energy of a warrior and heads straight down the middle isle all the way down into the front, and sits on the floor right in front of the first row, directly in front of me.

I continued speaking to the best of my ability despite his entrance and his controlling warrior energy that was completely knocking me off balance. I was losing my train of thought…, so I decided to see what I could do about this guy and shift the energies. So I just stopped. Everybody was completely silent, waiting to see what I’m going to do. I got myself a drink of water and I sat down on the chair. I then collected my energies, centered myself in my column of light and began to tone. At the same time, a woman in front started doing some light language.

Well my buddy in front immediately stood up and began shouting that I was evil and they should all not follow me or believe me or something like that. He then stormed out. Everyone was in complete shock. Everything was in chaos.

I then said something like “well there’s a prime example of what I was talking about”, and began exploring the probabilities of what were directing his energies, i.e. Disembodied spirits, controlling ETs… He then stormed back in yelling something again, like I was evil or don’t listen to me because I was working for the dark forces or they were controlling me or something like that. And then he left finally.

I then thanked him for providing us that extreme example of what light-workers can experience dealing with others. Naturally, everyone had their own interpretations and feelings about the whole thing and how I dealt with it. That was a huge experience for me and for everyone in dealing with very dark energies. It truly capped off the whole event in a very powerful way.

4. I have a neighbor down the hill, and the two of them fight fairly regularly, to the degree that they sound like a satanic heavy metal band practicing their lyrics, (his favorite music), saying the same crap over and over, as loud as they can scream. The game between them is of course power. Energetically they are sucking the energy from the surrounding people and the area. And especially sucking attention energy. Their unconscious intention is to get everyone wrapped up in their drama.

One day when I was doing a personal session on my balcony, I was doing some toning and he yelled something like, “shut the fuck up you lunatic”, or something like that. Needless to say, his boogies didn’t like my toning at all.

When they’re going off their heads at each other, we just do some toning, which energetically clears the energies around the area and reinforces the column of light we have set up here. It also keeps us in alignment so that we’re not giving them our attention. It is not our intention to affect them in any way, but it inevitably does dissipate their drama and they soon quiet down. We shall see the long term affects.

Divine Sonic Blessings,



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