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Surrender of Control

The Ultimate Key to Enlightenment



To the degree that you desire to control and act on that desire, will be to the degree that you will be enlightened and centered in your divine beingness, or lost in the "Matrix" and living a life of illusions and suffering. Letting go of control and allowing Divinity to guide your life, is the key to your realization. To the degree that you do this, will be the degree that you have a divinely inspired, magical life.

To the degree that you and others are energetically "annoying", will be to the degree that you or they try to control you, others and reality, and your/their entire life will be about engaging in various "Control Dramas" of:

"Poor-Me" (victim), "Perpetrator", "Aloof" or "Interrogator"

These 4 "Control Dramas", are the primary ways we as humans act, to manipulate people and energies, to steal and obtain energy and love from each other, to deny and avoid our suffering, to have a sense of worth, to try to have power and control and some degree of happiness in our lives. All of these dramas, are of course, done out of fear. Fear for emotional and physical survival. In relationship, stealing and exchanging energy and love, by having energy/love agreements, is the primary method of denial of suffering and divinity, a way to "ensure" emotional survival - to feel loved. But these "solutions" are a poor way to try to have some control of your life, and heartache and more suffering (karma) is always around the corner.

If you are centered in your Divine Beingness, taking complete responsibility for your entire reality and manifestations, then you are not operating from any of these dramas of energy control. To the degree that you are able to embody your I AM Presence, surrender your personal will to Divine Will, and accept the awesome responsibility of being a divine creator/co-creator of reality, will be the degree that you will be naturally fulfilled and whole.

"Perpetrator" and "interrogator", are active ways to control. "Poor-me" and "aloof", are passive ways to control. "Poor-me" and "perpetrators" go hand in hand, they are the opposite ends of that polarity of control. You can't have one without the other. Interrogator and aloof also go hand in hand, they are the opposite ends of that polarity of control. "Interrogators" create "Aloofs", and "Aloofs" create "Interrogators". People generally operate from one of the 4 dramas, and one of the two polarities, (for instance: perp and poor-me), switching between the two, (based on their early experiences as children, genetic programming, education…, life experience, and past life karmic memory), but will use all 4 control dramas throughout their lives at one time or another.

"Perpetrators" are aggressively oppressing and manipulating to control and obtain energy, thusly creating victims. They act this way, as do all the dramas, because they feel like helpless-powerless-victims themselves, and have determined that this is the best way to get energy, and not be victimized themselves. (Better to be the ass kicker than the kickee). Because their energy is being depleted by being "victimized" by "perps", people typically use the opposite polarity to try to obtain energy, by acting "poor-me" and making perpetrators the bad guys. They then become energetic perpetrators because they are trying to turn the energy and public opinion against the oppressors (perps) through judgement (rescuer/attention energy).

People who primarily use the control pattern of "poor-me", do so because they are trying to protect themselves from real or imagined threat or attack. It is "imagined" if their fears and actions are stemming from left over trauma from their past experience, and does not necessarily have any real direct correlation to this current occurrence. They are living from a time loop, as if life is always like that, no matter what; and not allowing for grace, for the possibility for things to be completely different.

"Poor-me's" feel like victims to other people, reality, fate, God, etc., and try to control energy and love to come their way by playing victim. Often "poor-me's" will switch to "perpetrators" when they feel overly victimized, and "have had enough!" - lashing out violently at their oppressor. And "perpetrators" will switch to "poor me" when they feel overly victimized by the tables being turned against them, and being accused of being "oppressive" and "bad".

"Working class" society tends to approve of being a victim, but frowns upon aggressors, while in upper class capitalistic society, the opposite is true. Being a victim is no better than being a perpetrator. Crying "poor me" is just as dastardly a way to manipulate and control energies as being an aggressor. Both are illusions. Both stem from the illusion of separation and unworthiness. There are no victims in any universe! We are all indeed Divine Sovereign Beings, the Christ Children of God-Goddess. We are indeed the creators and co-creators of our own realities.

One of the ways that "poor-me's" get energy is by attracting rescuers. Rescuers are really "goody-goody-perpetrators". They want to feel good about themselves, and have some self worth, by rescuing victims. This elevates them above the victims. And interestingly enough, "poor-me's" don't really want to be rescued, they just want energy, to feel loved, and feel empowered, just like everyone else that is not operating from Unconditional-Love/Unity-Christ-Consciousness.

Rescuing people does not empower them, it dis-empowers them by supporting their beliefs and programs that their feelings of powerlessness and helplessness are real and true, and the illusion that victimhood is real. So they will usually first try to get energy from you, then they will reject you when they feel disempowered by being rescued. Or they will reluctantly accept your help, flat out reject you from the start, and even aloofly act as if they do not need help.

"Interrogators" try to control energies by suspiciously and judgementally interrogating people, (verbally and psychically), to elevate the interrogator, and devalue the receiver by causing them to introvert, question and doubt their behavior. "Interrogators" create aloof people, because they are trying to avoid being interrogated. Because their energy is being depleted by being interrogated, people then use the opposite polarity to try to obtain energy by being aloof. They use this pattern of control to try to protect themselves from real or imagined threat or attack.
They try to avoid any direct confrontation by acting aloofly, to imply to people that: "I'm no threat to you", and "don't worry about me".

Being aloof is another way to passively obtain energy. People using this control drama, act aloofly to create mystery and intrigue, so that people will wonder about them, thusly giving them "attention energy". Aloof people breed "interrogators" because people "naturally" are trying to discover "what they are up to" and "who they are". They interrogate them internally and psychically. "Interrogators" often flip to the aloof pattern when they feel overly victimized by "non-direct", "non-communicative", "deceitful" (aloof) people. Aloof people often flip to become "interrogators" when they feel overly victimized by being questioned and judged so aggressively, and aggressively interrogate them, to introvert them, to get them to question and doubt their behavior, and turn the table against them.

The example of the "interrogator", is the over protective controling father/mother or wife/husband, always interrogating you where you've been and what you've been doing…, (implying that you can't be trusted). And the oppressive boss, who is always scrutinizing every move you make, making you prove your worth, that you deserve to receive your meager pittance, with the threat that you could be fired and on the street any day now (perp).

In society, the governmental, judicial, corporate, military, spying, and policing organizations, are prime examples of "interrogators" and "perpetrators", who elevate themselves above the "peasants", (stemming, of course, from their feelings of unworthiness), who act as "rescuers", ("rescuing" the down trodden, usually, as a front for their own greed), providing us planetary services and resources, that we "can't live without", and doing so out of "poor-me" - to "protect us" from ourselves, from famine, terror, invasion…, all lack oriented.

These oppressive organizations, breed "aloof" and "poor-me" people, who are trying to avoid being scrutinized, controlled, and oppressed, who, if they feel victimized and disempowered enough, will rise up against their oppressors, to obtain some degree of freedom, and often become oppressors themselves. These "average" citizens, who primarily live their lives from "poor-me", (stemming, of course, from their feelings of unworthiness), who refuse to accept responsibility for their own sovereignty, their own lives and their own governing, manifests the controling, lack-oriented, governmental and financial systems we have today. This is why the forefathers of the United States, who were wise enough to realize this, created the United States Constitution to read, "for the people, and by the people" - making no class distinctions and honoring the sovereignty of all beings.

To the degree that people empower themselves by accepting their divine sovereign power as the true creators of their entire reality, will be the degree that the control dramas of "poor-me", "perpetrator", "interrogator" and "aloof" fade from reality, and we experience cooperation, peace, unity - (heaven on earth), or we continue to have war, famine, injustice… - (hell on earth).

Why Do We Control?

We try to control because we suffer from the pain of separation - from each other, from God-Goddess, the Universe…, and our own Divine Spirits. And because we are typically disconnected from our true essence of Unconditional Love. Because of this, we do not experience a life and reality of wholeness, but one of powerlessness, helplessness and unworthiness. This is the essence of lack and enemy consciousness.

From this "reality" of lack consciousness, from our perceived separation, we believe that all energy, power, wholeness, completeness, love…, comes from outside of us. We have been duped by society, family, friends, lovers, our negative egos, our genetic and religious programming, and other adopted veils of denial, to believe that the way to prosperity, to peace, to happiness (to get what we want that will make us happy), is to control and manipulate ourselves, other people, the elements, energy, reality, (to bend them to our will). And creating agreements and deals is the way to get our money, energy and "love" "reward", the things that will hopefully help us avoid and deny our suffering, and experience some degree of self-love, wholeness, security and empowerment.

But of course this does not work, because this strategy of stealing, begging, manipulating, organizing, arranging, dealing… energies and love, is a quick fix, a temporary bandaid over the wound that will not heal. And to satisfy this ravenous addiction, you must continuously be controling and manipulating energies and reality, and making new deals and agreements, to get your next fix. You must be continuously getting more and more energy and "power", to feel "fulfilled", and something or someone new to make you feel loved and worthy.

All of this of course, has created the agreed upon reality that humanity creates upon planet earth, with its inherent competition/lack/enemy/survival orientation, and subsequent starvation, wars, environmental degradation…, because most everything and everyone in this world, is not seen as part of us, but separate - as an enemy, a possible threat to my survival, and impediment to me getting what I want.

All forms of control stem from some form of separation/victim/enemy consciousness (or unconsciousness). Every time you judge, lie, steal, (including energy), envy…, consciously or unconsciously, it is because some aspect of you feels the need to control that thing or person by condemning /envying their behavior, or stealing something you perceive they have and you do not, even love. All theft of any kind (including energy), all lies and condemnations of any kind, are acts of terrorism, designed to manipulate, control and de-value others, to elevate you above them - all stemming from your own suffering, from feelings of unworthiness and powerlessness.

All projections of any kind, (including prayer), to alter the behavior or others, is a form of judgement and control. They are forms of conditional love - "I will love you if you act this way!" Unconditional love does not project conditions and change, even to create "peace", especially against war. Unconditional love, loves regardless of behavior, regardless of spiritual awareness. This is not an easy thing to do in this reality of "good and evil". But as the fairies told my friend, "there is no bad, there is only good, and not so good". There is only goodness, and goodness in denial. There is only divinity, and divinity in denial. So I would define control as resistance. Resistance to what is already there. Resistance to Love, Truth, Divinity, Emotion…

Inherent with control is always some form of resistance to some opposing force. There is always an enemy. This enemy may be very unconscious, but nevertheless, it will be existent, at least in our minds. "The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality". If you are fighting against war, the universe sees that war is important to you and will give you more war to fight against. If you desire peace, you must live peace within your consciousness, and act from this base of peace, then the universe will see that peace is important to you, and give you more of that which is important to you.

This is how reality is created, how free-will functions. This is how we are truly unconditionally loved by All-That-Is, to be given the free-will to do whatever we want, no matter how lovely or dastardly. Fighting against war or fighting for peace, either one is still a fight. Either is trying to manipulate someone into being a certain way, or acting a certain way. Perhaps sometimes fighting is necessary and empowering, (especially if you are acting from divine direction, and learn that you are not a victim, and empower yourself by the realization that you manifested even the most traumatic situations for your spiritual growth), but as a whole, it is not a recommended course of action if you want to create peace in your life. There are three ways to win a fight: have a superior strategy, a superior force, or don't show up.

Is There A Divine Counterpart To Control?

Is there a way to function without any desire to oppose anything and exist in a reality where there are no opposing forces? Yes, divine direction! Conscious knowing, conscious channeling, conscious divine action, in the moment, with little or no agenda, other than that is what your Spirit is guiding you to do now. That is the most accelerated vibration/direction of the moment. Often this is associated with feelings of great passion and even fire of your Spirit. It will be very enthusiastic (from en-theo-ism: in God Consciousness). If things have gotten off track, then this enthusiasm can be linked to "Divine Anger", which really isn't anger at all, but merely Fire, designed to get you back on track, or to guide (if possible) everyone concerned back to the highest vibration.

Those without the eyes to see the truth, may judge this fire as not being "spiritual", even egoic. If you are unattached to any outcome, with no desire to control others, yourself, or the situation, then there is no ego, no separation, only "Divine Direction". Living a divinely-truthful-surrendered life, is not necessarily passive. If there is a job to do, you do it with gusto, with divine direction. If there is nothing real to interact with, then you do nothing. All other actions are social programming, or some form of manipulation, (including yourself).

So living a life of surrender is not one of renunciation, living a life of surrender is living surrendered to acting upon divine direction - always. If this surrender dictates that you yell and scream and cuss and spit, then you surrender to this divine direction and do so without hesitation. If this divine direction dictates that you run away as fast as you can, then you "burn rubber". If your divine guidance and feeling is to fall in a heap and cry your eyes out, then you do so. If inspiration guides you to strip off your clothes and run around howling at the moon, then you do so with all your heart, soul and body.

So your mastery will be in surrendering your life to your Divine Spirit, (who you truly are), to God-Goddess, and discerning when it is time to do something, and when it is time to do nothing. Discernment of who to interact with because there is divine direction and enthusiasm to do so, and who to get away from because they just want to take, control, manipulate, and prove their worth (or your unworth), because they do not know unconditional love yet, because they do not know their true essence of Divinity yet.

Your mastery will be in recognizing when you are being controling, (when you are lost in the political world, playing games to try to avoid your suffering), and when you are totally tapped into divine direction, tapped into the essence of creation. Often there is a bit of both, especially until you get it figured out. So figure out what's what and act on Divinity, trusting your guidance, your Spirit, your intuition…, practice makes perfect. The more you take full and complete responsibility for your entire reality, and accept your divine responsibility as a creator God, and the more of your God Presence that is embodied because of this, will be the degree that you will function from Divine Creation and Expression.

Your ego/personality, and fearful aspects of your soul, (the parts of you that suffer in this world of separation), will always want to control, until they have healed their fears and have surrendered control to your God Presence. Until then, you are dualistic, one part wanting to surrender to Divine Will, the other controling from personal will to avoid your suffering. You may satisfy your desire to control by discerning where you actually have some creative control, as directed by your Spirit, and where you do not, and doing nothing to control anything in that situation.

Satisfy this desire to control, by saying:

"If I had any control over this situation, I would like_______ to happen".

By speaking this, you have given a voice to those aspects of yourself that are fearful, are trying to deny their suffering, and desire to create a peaceful-beneficial-pain-free situation. You've spoken for your desire to control, but have done nothing to try to manipulate anything outside of yourself, to obtain a desired outcome. By doing nothing to control your outer reality, you have admitted the truth that you have no "outward" control over this situation and reality in general. Your attention now can be on your "inner reality", which is where you have real "creative control", and you can now be open to Love, compassion, feeling, intuition, and guidance from your Spirit. You are then empowered to be a real creator of Prosperity/Unity/Christ Consciousness. You are then empowered to be the awesome master that you already are, a Co-Creator of Heaven on Earth.

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things in my life where I do not have creative control, the courage to take responsibility for where I do have creative control, and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

In Divine Co-Creation,

I AM ZaKaiRan

"See, control is an interesting thing. Desire for control is directly related to the amount of fear that you make important in your life. The less fear that you make important in your life, the less you have any desire to be in control". - Alarius (ET Earth Mission)

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(For more information on "Control Dramas", please see the "Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield),

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