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The Feeling is the Destination

by ZaKaiRan

How to create and attract your desires to you by recognizing that what you really want, which is to feel good!  And if you can enjoy the journey of creation, then you are a vibrational match to your desires, and so they will manifest into your physical reality!

The only reason you want anything, is for the good feeling of it, because you believe you will feel better being, doing, or having it. So, the result that you are really looking for is not really the money, or the Freedom, or the relationship etc., what you're really looking for - is to feel good! The destination is really to always feel good and feel better!

And that means that the journey must also be a good-feeling journey, because how can you expect to arrive at a happy destination if you're having an unhappy journey? That is impossible, because the person, or the money, or the success, etc., is not the real destination and night what you really want! What you really wanted just to feel good!

So, logically, based on the Law of Attraction, if you choose good-feeling thoughts, you will have a good-feeling journey.

So, here is your game plan to create and attract your desires: decide what you want, then focus your attention upon being, doing and having your desires, and enjoy the good feelings of that!

And by doing that, you are already there! You are already being, doing, or having, what you want in a feeling vibrational way. And by feeling those good feelings, you are becoming I a vibrational match to the physical manifestation of being, doing or having your desire. Because they are the same vibration. They are the same feeling!  So, your desires must manifest!

So, the journey of manifesting your desires, must become a joyful journey. And when it is, the river of well-being and abundance is flowing! But if you are struggling and suffering on your journey, then you are not a vibrational match to the good feelings you will feel once you are being, doing, and having what you want! So, your desires are not flowing to you! Your struggle is damning the river!

And struggle always comes from focusing upon the lack of your desire. An unhappy journey always stems from making your happiness dependent upon being, doing, or having your desire, and then focusing on the lack of your desire.

And focusing on the lack of your desire will always feel bad, because your source is never focused upon lack!  And so, you are not a vibrational match to your own source!

This is why I have never had one bad experience in my 40 Years of travel, because I appreciate every step of the journey! Every flight is a joy! Even waiting for planes is a joy! And the food I get is always amazing! And the service I get is always amazing! Because I expect them all to be amazing and you always get more of what you expect!

And when the journey is a joy, every time I get to the destination, every aspect of the destination is one amazing joyful adventure after another!

So, always remember dear Star Trekkers, the feeling is the real destination!

Feeling good is your real dream and desire! Joy and fun are your real quest!

So, learn how to master the art of enjoying every step of the journey by always making your top priority - to feel good! And to look for things to feel good about! And to choose good-feeling thoughts! And choose good-feeling conversations!

And you will always feel good, whether you have what you desire or not! Because your happiness is not dependent upon results! Because the only result you're ever looking for, is feeling good and feeling better!




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