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The Unlimited River of Abundance

How to Create Whatever You Want by Enjoying the Ride on the River

By ZaKaiRan

Abundance, and the creation of anything you desire to be, do, or have in your life, is like a flowing river. Universal Abundance, and the abundance of everything you desire, is always flowing 24/7, because this is a Universe of Unlimited Abundance! And there is no such thing as a lack of anything!!! Lack only exists because we believe it does, and our belief in lack makes it so!

But the Universal River of Abundance is always flowing like my beloved Colorado River, which formed the magnificent Grand Canyon over millions of years, with that abundant flow. This Universal River of Abundance is always bringing an infinite supply of whatever we want, as long as we don't try to dam up that river, or try to swim against the current by fighting against what we don't want. But instead, just float along naturally with the river like I have done countless times rafting the Colorado river.

The River of Abundance teaches us to just allow and not try to push the river. The River of Abundance doesn't need us to try to hurry it along! It's flowing in unison with us, or contrary to us, if we are fighting against that current, such as when we try to prove our worthiness to "deserve" to receive that infinite flow of abundance.

When you are fighting against what you don't like and don't want, and not appreciating what you DO like and DO want, you are fighting against the current of abundance.

When you erroneously believe in the lies limitation and lack. And the lies of your unworthiness, powerlessness & helplessness. And when you believe that you're "not good enough", or, "you can't do what you want to do", for some reason. And when you believe that, "they're out to get you". And you believe in the illusion of assertion, and victimhood. And you believe that things, and people, and forces can assert themselves upon you without your consent… When you believe all of these faulty premises, you are fighting against the unlimited abundant nature of creation, and you are fighting against your own unlimited, all-powerful nature, that you have, to create anything you desire.

When you are entranced by 'WHAT IS', by all the drama and conflict, and the unlovable, unlikeable and undesirable things in life. And you are not focused upon what you want, and what is working well. And you are not focused on your dreams and desires, and the excitement of being, doing and having those desires…, you are swimming against the River of Abundance, and fighting against self-empowerment, joy, well-being and love!

Typically, humans erroneously believe that this is a planet of assertion, not attraction! Where things we don't like and don't want can assert themselves upon us against our will. And whatever you believe, the River of Abundance unconditionally flows more of what you are focused upon to you. And, in this case, because you are focused on being a victim, and you are focused on an abundance of things, people and situations, that you don't like and don't want, the River of Abundance has no choice but to give you more of those things!

Whatever you believe, the River of Abundance will flow more abundance of that belief to you, regardless if that belief is one of abundance or lack; peace or conflict, etc. If you believe you can be victimized, and nasty unwanted things can assert themselves upon you against your will, then the River of Abundance is happy to flow more things, people and situations that prove to you that that belief is true.

So, you can see that it is impossible to dam this river, as some people believe. They say, "I feel blocked". Or, "It feels like I have a block with money/abundance". Or, "It feels like I have a block to love, or relationship, or health, etc. But you don't have any blocks! You're just tuned in to the wrong frequency! You're standing in the river, facing against the current, focused on bad-feeling things. And so, the River of Abundance has no choice but to open up the flood-gates of more bad-feeling things for you. And because you're fighting the flow of the river, you're going to get beat up and probably bashed up against the rocks.

The Universe is doing its job of flowing non-stop abundance, and you're the only missing cog in the wheel! You're the only resistant piece of the puzzle! But if you can get tuned in correctly to self-empowerment, by taking 100% responsibility for the creation of everything in your life, now, you become a cooperative element in the creation of adventure.

Now you have a wonderful unbreakable rubber raft to have fun floating down the river, rather than you treading water, and clinging to logs and rocks for dear life, and getting beaten up and drowned by the river. But the river isn't really trying to drown you, you're the one essentially drowning yourself by fighting against the river without a boat, by fighting the natural flow of infinite abundance, by believing in the lies of limitation, lack, assertion and victimhood!

You're drowning yourself by fighting against the natural flow of abundance by trying to make things happen, and sacrificing, and struggling. And working hard. And trying to prove you deserve this abundance. And by fighting against what you don't want!

Most people believe in the illusion of assertion. They believe they must kill off what they don't want to get what they DO want. But this is absolutely the most disempowering belief in the entire universe!!!!! So, most people live their lives fighting against the flow of abundance with their faulty beliefs in limitation, lack, assertion and victimhood. Most people do not believe that they can create what they want because they do not understand that this is a planet and Universe of ATTRACTION, not assertion! Most people do not believe that this is a planet of abundance, and believe it is instead a planet of limitation, and a lack of resources.

Most people don't understand that the entire Universe 100% supports you to be, do and have whatever you want, unconditionally, without any judgement whatsoever!

So, because people don't know that they attract more of whatever they are focused upon, and instead have ludicrous beliefs in evil assertive forces that are hell-bent on their failure and destruction.

And because most people don't know that Source/God/Goddess/All-That-Is/The Universe…, is unconditionally supporting them to create whatever they want, most people believe that they must fight for what they want and force everything and everyone into place like slave masters, so that they can get what they want. They believe they must punish, and legislate, and judge, and condemn… people into submission, and force reality to change for them so that they can be happy. They do not understand that controlling reality is not their job!!! That is the Universe's job! That is Source's job! That is the Law of Attraction's job! That is God's job!!!

It's your job to just allow, and flow with the River of Abundance! It's your job to just experience the contrast of life, of what you don't like and don't want, and the things you like but desire improvement upon, and then launch rockets of desire for improvement upon those things. And then, it's your job to jump into your rubber raft and enjoy the ride flowing down the River of Abundance!

It's not your job to put an engine on and try to race down the river faster! You're not here to get things done!!! You're here for the adventurous ride on the river! And it's not your job to try to prove to others that you deserve the abundance you desire, because your worth is not in question! And other people's opinions do not matter, because no one can create your reality for you!

And the abundance of anything you desire, does not come from people anyway! Other people can be cooperative elements in your creation journey, and be aligned with your vision of abundance, or, they can be uncooperative elements on your creation adventure because they are not aligned with your vision of abundance.

People are either joyful, loving, surrendered, fun, allowers of abundance. Or, they are resistant, combative, recalcitrant, ignorant fighters, who still believe in the lies of lack, limitation, unworthiness, & powerlessness.

This is a planet and Universe of infinite well-being, abundance and constant never-ending expansion! There is no such thing as illness, poverty, lack, or limitation of any kind! There is only the flow of complete well-being and abundance, that flows 24/7, and people that pinch themselves off from that infinite flow!

But as an infinitely all-powerful creator of reality, it is your choice to either cut yourself off from that infinite flow of abundance with your ignorant juvenile resistance, and your limited oriented beliefs in unworthiness, victimhood, disempowerment, etc. Or, to allow the flow of abundance, by becoming a happy, cooperative, flowing, appreciative, fun, excited fishy, who is just enjoying swimming in the river of abundance and the adventure of creation, and enjoying the calm, as well as the rapids, and even enjoying the rocks!

And surrender and allowance is the key! Allowing the Universe to do its work, and knowing what your job in the creation adventure is. And your job is to focus! Not to do do do and fight fight fight! Your job is to be clear about what you want and to focus on what you want! Because clarity and focus are the king and the queen!

And surrender and allowance doesn't mean doing nothing!!! Allowing doesn't mean you sit in a cave meditating for 20 years! Being a master of allowance means that when you are clear about what you want, and you are in vibrational alignment with those desires, then, when the inspiration arises, you have no choice by to take action!! And it means you do not take action until that inspiration arises. Otherwise, your action will be a struggle, and will yield little or no fruit.

And then, you allow some more! And enjoy the ride! And enjoy the process! And enjoy the journey! And enjoy the adventure of creation!

I repeat, enjoy the process of creation! Enjoy the adventure of creation! Not the results!!! The results of the adventure of creation are fun for sure, the money, and the goodies, and the lovers, etc., are all fun, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with any desire you may have, and the entire universe is poised and ready to help you manifest those desires, completely and unconditionally!

And there is nothing more fulfilling then having a desire and then manifesting that desire into your physical reality! And then delighting in your awesome power of creation that you turned that desire into a thing!

But, the results, and the goals, and the dreams, and the prizes… are just the excuse to go on the journey of creation!

Because you don't need things, and money, and success, and relationships, and approval, etc., to prove your worth to yourself or anyone!!!!! You are priceless, regardless of how much you have or don't have!

You are an unlimited, all-powerful immortal invaluable creator of worlds, here to have fun creating fun things to be, do, or have! Nothing more! You are absolutely not here to save yourself, or anyone, or anything, because nothing and no one needs saving! Nothing and no one is broke or faulty in any way! And nothing and no one needs fixing!

You're not here on some holy mission from God, like the Blues Brothers! You're just here to be the awesome infinite immortal creator that you truly are and have fun creating your desires into physical reality!

You're just here to be the miracles you truly are, and turn your joyful inspired thoughts into things! You're just here for the fun of it!!!!!

So, enjoy the ride down the river!!!



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