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What is Time?

Time is a wavelength of light, a measurable period or progression that each species experiences within its consciousness. From the perception of the "higher beings", the Creator Gods, Lords of Light, etc. time and space do not exist.

As humans we have our own specific time reference that is indigenous to the human species. Every realm of consciousness and physical expression, on all dimensional levels, has its own specific time reference. And the evolution of each species is related to this specific time reference.

Every evolutionary experiment, such as the ascension of planet earth and the species called human, has its own Light-time zone, which is related to geometry and our genetics. Time is within the consciousness of the specie, literally within the structure of the chromosomes. As this species evolves, we are surpassing the human Light-time zone and proceeding into Light Body. Our chromosomes are changing to accommodate this ascension.

Every realm of higher or lower consciousness has its inherent time zone. They are called consciousness time zones. The planets geomagnetic fields are being altered to accommodate new time zones, the time zone of the new Civilization of Light.

The physical structure of time is being altered to accommodate a much higher reality of universal intelligence. We have been essentially trapped in time and are now being released from our self imposed time warp. We are now free from the cycle of reincarnation and the polarity of darkness and light.

Time could be described as being dimensional. We perceive time as having only a few facets, Higher Beings view time as having many facets. By expanding consciousness we may access these other facets. So time is perceptual based on your level of awareness.

In higher "dimensional" realms, life in relation to time is an eternal unfoldment, where everything is happening now, the past, the present and the future. You can experience this if you just place yourself outside of this reality and view it as the cat views the fish bowl.

As a specie we experience time from one perspective, very linear, very "3rd dimensionally," without other dimensional possibilities. As physical beings we have many bodies, physical, emotional, mental, causal, etheric, etc. We have many systems, including chakras, that experience and receive the energies of humanness in specific ways. We are unifying these bodies into a unified whole called Light Body. With this unification we will then be able to experience time similarly to the "Higher Beings", that it is referential, perceptual, experiential and a creation. By connecting to "Higher Self," we will then be able to experience the many facets of time at once, being able to experience both the past and the future of the physical plane functioning as one.

Why was time created?

Time is an inherent aspect of this reality, part of the physical creation designed for All That Is to experience itself through. As expressions of All That Is, time and other energetic structures were created for us to experience the expression of physicality and all the limitations that go along with it; and for us to experience ourselves as being separate unique expressions of All That Is.

Time gives us a reference point, a perspective of progression that we would not have if time did not exist. Without time we would not have the illusions of past and the future, there would only be the moment. Time also helps us to have sense of self, by being able to refer out of the moment, to redirect us back to the moment, to true self.

Time was a necessary creation so that reality could be slowed down enough to experience sequence, to experience the process of gradual unfoldment, so that we have growth, and flow, and progression. So that we could have a perception that A + B = C. Time slows things down, this allows us to study and experience the process of Creation in detail as it unfolds before us.

So within the realms of physicality it is necessary and part of the fun to have time, but if you travel in consciousness beyond this physical realm, expand your awareness to higher realms of consciousness that are beyond time, you will see the truth of time, that it does not really exist.

In order to play this game we have purposefully deluded ourselves by convincing ourselves that certain illusions are real. We have limited our perception of reality, and one way to do this was to limit our perception of time. The ascension of planet earth is now taking place, in order to manifest this ascension, we must now wake up to our eternal beingness that is beyond the illusions of space and time. We must cure ourselves of our self imposed amnesia and un-delude ourselves - Wake Up, Un-delude Yourself, The 'Time' Is Now!

Perceptions of Time

We live in a limited world, a world with its specific laws and make up. Physically speaking, we are subject to these laws. Spiritually speaking, from the level of who we really are as spirit beings, these laws are subject to us. In terms of what manifests on planet earth and the co-creation of heaven on earth, we must be able to use time for our purposes, we must make it our friend.

The old worlds perception of time is based upon lack and obligation. Time is a commodity, something to be bought, sold and traded in this world of survival. And because this world thrives on the illusion of power, time is used to manipulate life for this purpose. An example is our current Gregorian calendar, which was designed by a man, who was disconnected from the earth, feeling, and divinity. It was not designed with the help of divine guidance but out of greed and his specific desires for power and control.

This calendar is disconnected from reality and does not accurately define any real cycle or progression. It does not even mimic the most basic and obvious progression that exists scientifically, cosmically and spiritually on planet earth, the 28 day moon cycle. This is a natural earth progression that we are under the influence of. As we awaken to the truth we will follow more natural progressive cycles like the Mayan calendar which is aligned to the earth and the cosmos, rather than some man made farce.

From this false-male world's perception, time is strictly linear, based on cause and affect. And this limited perception that humanity has upon reality, limits itself to one time cell reference, it limits the ability of people to see beyond strictly two dimensional perceptions.

As planetary transition team members, our perception of time is naturally different from the rest of humanity. Your perception of time as you co-create your vision of heaven on earth is completely different, it is not based on strictly control oriented linear perception, but upon spontaneity, grace and divine timing.

Who you are, what you are, and the degree of awareness you have about the truth of creation, reality, time, space, and true relationship, will determine how time affects you. Ultimately it has no affect upon you save what you give it the power to do so. We are all beyond time; time is an illusion; but to us who live within the constructs of time, in the physical world, it is a reality. So time must be dealt with from this paradoxical perspective, similarly to our experience of being unlimited spiritual beings within limited physical bodies.

The Acceleration

Time is relative to the different levels of the cosmic, the different orders of creation on dimensional, physical and consciousness levels. On higher levels, time has very little meaning as things happen instantly. The Divine plan for the creation and ascension of all lower heavens is instigated from these realms. In the lower heavens there is a time lag that occurs where we experience events measurably slower than the master program, things happen slower, based on the time cell reference of that world and species. Hence, our civilization acts out events that have already taken place on those higher levels of creation.

This is a description of the relation time has for us on the physical worlds, compared to the spiritual worlds, that are essentially in control of this physical creation. Everything that happens in the world of physicality, is set up on non-physical realms first. We are under the direction of the divine hierarchy, our friends in high places, and we are that divine hierarchy as well, projecting into these bodies. From our perspective in the physical world, it is the subconscious world, not the conscious world, that dictates the primary order of events.

We are ascending as individuals and as a species. This planet is also ascending as an individual consciousness and as a physical being. Prior to now we and this planet have been condensing, we are now expanding. With this expansion comes the acceleration of time. Due to this accelerated "time" now taking place as we ascend to higher levels of awareness, manifest our light bodies, and planet earth becomes a star, time has less relevance. Time is becoming less real as we manifest more and more of our divinity, divinity which operates outside of the perceptions of time.

As you ascend higher into your true self, and your true self descends further into your humanness, time becomes mutable and relative to your perception of it. Time always was mutable and relative, but we were unaware that it was so, because we believed time to be absolute.

Time is accelerating with or without our help, as the force of evolution sweeps into our universe like a tsunami, you can catch this wave like a master surfer and ride it to God, you can flow with and accept this acceleration into your lives, by continuing to accept the eternalness of your being, and stepping into true self, into light body, or you can let it go past and get left out in deep space.

The most important factor of time is that we are accelerating beyond it as a species. You are already beyond it on a consciousness level, but as a human you are still within its grasp to some degree. As you become more aware of your eternal beingness, as you ascend, as you accelerate your vibratory rate and frequency, you as a physical being, also go beyond the grasp of time and its influence. When you have ascended and inhabit your light body, you are operating at near light speed. When you expand to light speed and beyond, you become physically beyond all creations of time and space, then you become the creator of time and space.

As a whole, we are becoming a civilization of light, eventually we will all be operating at light speed and beyond. To enable this, time is increasing to the eventual culmination at light speed. Until this point, while in the transition we will experience time accelerating constantly. Time is accelerating at such a speed that even though by our calendars it is 1999, in truth it is actually closer to about 2012. The Mayan calendar has estimated that the "big" transition would take place at this time; time would then stop or not exist, or a new time would be here. Many beings in the know, have estimated that this transition would take place before that time, due to this massive acceleration. Time will tell.

With this acceleration, as consciousness expands further and further on planet earth, there will be less time for illusionary activities. There will be no more time for the illusions of lack, power, competition and control. There will also be less and less time for mundane, daily, survival oriented activities. Eventually there will be no time for anything but divine activities. You can surrender to the truth of your beingness and live a divine existence, or, you can put your attention on survival, thus limiting the flow of the accelerated time now available, and creating large consequences to your growth due to your inaction.

Some times it is totally appropriate to put all your attention upon the mundane normal things of life, this can help assist with grounding of yourself into this physical reality and into your body. But you must be conscious of what you are doing, you must have discernment about what is totally perfect to do in your life. You must do what is required of you to be in the divine flow of time.

The Moment

The old version of linear time is obsolete. Time is not solely linear, it is also circular and curvy, it is male and female. There are beginning and ends (linear) and there is no beginning and no end (circular). The feminine circular aspect of time now supports accelerated growth.

Time is unchangeable from a linear patriarchal point of view, but allowing the balance of the female, we find that it is not absolute but changeable. The future and past are (linear), and in the now moment, within the mystic circle of time, there is no beginning and no end, only the moment. Ultimately, time is what you want it to be, it is your servant, you are not under it's control as the patriarchy tried to convince us from its position of fear.

So to be beyond time, to be a master of time, you must combine the cosmic with the mundane. You must live within the world of time and space but know that you are not of time and space. Time and space are under your control, you are not under the control of time and space. Light body and Ascension are beyond the limitations of time and space. Love is the key, it ascends you beyond past and future. Love is truly in the moment, beyond time. Ascension combines the spiritual world of non-time with the physical world of time.

When you live in the moment, in the "space" of love, you are beyond time; there is no time but the present moment, all other time is perceptual within references of past and future, out of this moment.

When you know that you are beyond time, that you are a force greater to it, then it changes for you as your needs dictate, for your mission of the co-creation of heaven on earth. Time alters, it shortens and lengthens depending on your needs and perception of it.

So life evolves with this thing called time. It may be quick, it may be slow, it is in your control and out of your control. You are in control of time from your perception, for you. For others, time is different depending on their perception of it.

From the perspective of divine timing, the divine plan, and the force of evolution, you are under the control of time. So flow with it, time is a gift, not a curse. You can use it to create reality with. It is part of the forces of creation. Creation is how it is, depending on you. You can create heaven for yourself, or you can create hell for yourself. What is your choice? Life is creation.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that's why we call it the present.

Yours for Eternity,



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