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Welcome to the New World!


What Kind of Monkey are You?




Happy Galactic New Year!  Now is the time that we planetary illuminators, have been waiting for, and working towards, for literally hundreds of lifetimes.  And all the work we have done on ourselves, and the consciousness of humanity, is now finally coming into fruition. My friend Matt, the Yoooge master, said it wisely, that this is the ‘100th monkey era’, and it is time now for all of the light monkeys to listen to the call of the wild, to listen to their wild spirits, to their hearts calling to them to take a leap of faith and be the 100th monkey that wakes up and sends a wave of evolution through the species homosapien!

It is time now to move forward at light speed, to let go of the past and to forgive the past. The past is past!  Learn from the choices you have made in the past and make better choices now to create a better future!  Do not make your current choices based on what has occurred in the past and what you have previously experienced, to do so is to live in fear.  Just because things have happened a certain way in the past does not mean they will happen the same way now!  If you keep doing what you have always done, and keep thinking how you have always thought, you will always get what you have always got!

It is time now for complete openness and blatantly honest communication! So, how badly do you want to manifest what you want to create in your life? And if you really and truly want something bad enough, then what are you willing to do to get it? Are you willing to communicate your feelings completely and openly? Are you willing to even risk being rejected because of what you say or do? Are you willing to do what it takes to get to a place in your consciousness where you do not care what other people think about you, but at the same time attract countless people who care for you a great deal?

It is time now for the truth, not necessarily from “the world”, but from you! If you want or expect truth from the world, you might be waiting a long time. So don’t worry about the rest the world, the world can take care of itself, but you are the proverbial 100th monkey! You are the little straw that tips the world towards the light more and more every time you follow love rather than fear. 10 more monkeys wake up every time you tell the god’s honest truth and express your self that you’re tired of lack, tired of lies and you demand goodness, respect, honor, truth, love and joy in your life! And then focus 100% on creating this in your life.

100 monkeys wake up from their slumber every time you are courageous and risk it all for love, honor and truth, and you speak up and say what is right and beautiful about something or someone.

And what really wakes up the monkeys is being excited, optimistic supportive, and thankful! Every time you say thank you and really appreciate someone’s effort, you wake up 10 monkeys. Every time you think about and talk about someone positively, every time you complement them, you bring 10 more monkeys with you to the circus of joy. Every moment that you laugh and smile, help someone, and follow your heart, you wake up another 10 monkeys.

You can’t cling to the same branch forever, eventually that branch is going to fall from the tree and take you with it. You must be willing to swing through the air, let go of the branch and swing to another branch, and then swing to another branch, until it is so easy for you to change things in your life that you don’t have to even think about it anymore.  And you certainly don’t fear it anymore, in fact you look forward to change because change is always so new and exciting.

For most people, change is very difficult to handle because they always think the worst rather than focus their attention on the positive and on what they want.  Most people focus their attention on what they don’t want, so they keep getting more of what they don’t want. But the more you embrace change and look for the gold, the easier change gets and the more magical your life will become.

Most people are afraid to fall, so they cling to the past. They cling to what they know, to what is secure, even if it is negative. They cling to their regret, shame and guilt like security blankets. And they cling to other monkeys who are also afraid to let go of the branch, but of course with all that extra weight, everybody eventually falls. And they ridicule the monkeys who are courageous and who swing through the trees fearlessly.  They gossip about them and say “those monkeys are stupid because they could fall from the trees and the tigers could eat them, so it is safer to stay on this branch”.

They fear the unknown. so they make up stories about how they think or believe it must be on the other trees, and how dangerous the other parts of the jungle are. They act like great authorities because they have watched the news or they have read a magazine article written by “an authority”.  Or they have read a book by another monkey who says he knows the right way to think or act. And they say they know it all because they have heard gossip about what happens on the other trees. But they do not really know the truth because they have not risked anything to find out what is on the other side of the jungle, to find out if it really is so fraught with danger.  If they were willing to risk something to find out, they might find that it is really wonderful and beautiful.

The reality creation / self mastery principle at work here is “who do you listen to?”  The answer is, listen to people who have what you want and who have been where you are.  Every other self-named “master” is a waste of your time, because they don’t carry the vibration of the change you are looking for.  They may have the theory correct, but the essence of it has not been embodied.  You want embodied mastery not just theory!

But ultimately, who you really want to listen to is - yourself!  Learn to faithfully follow your own guidance - without hesitation!  But to follow your own spirit/guidance, without hesitation, you must develop this ability through practice, so that you become a conscious creator of reality, instead of a tumbleweed that is being blown around by life.  Through self mastery, you become the wind. 

Succcess is literally a decision away, so you must become a master of decision making as well as acting on, and following through on, those decisions!  Develop your self-guidance ability so that your life is focused and inspired by real true divine guidance.  Develop your inner guidance and you will always make the right decisions, and you will always be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, doing the right things!

So what kind of monkey are you? Will you hang on to that old branch until it grows old and decays and crashes to the earth or will you listen to your spirit calling you to swing, dance, play and jump into the New World of immense abundance, love and joy? Are you listening to the call of your Spirit, or only to your old fears and programs?  And if you are listening to Spirit, are you acting on this call?  If you do not act, it will get more difficult to hear this call and will become more difficult to act on life changing decisions because every time you resist acting on a decision, the prefrontal cortex of your brain literally gets numb, you get brain fog like a zombie, and it makes it more difficult to make future decisions because you are following fear, such as the fear that you will make the wrong decision, so you make none, and go nowhere.

The actions that spirit is calling you to do, are not so much outward actions but inward actions, such as facing your own demons to discover that the horns are just plastic and the warts are just make up and underneath the mask is an angel that got lost somewhere along the way and forgot to stop playing the game of “good guy and bad guy”. An angel that forgot that darkness is just the absence of light.

There is no “sin” that anyone could commit that is unredeemable or unforgivable! There is no judgment day! I know that the naughty, guilty, child within, wishes for judgment day to finally happen so that the pain and suffering can finally end. That beaten-down child of shame just wants to be put out of his or her misery and wants everything to be clear, to be black or white. But reality is not so black and white, because there is every possible shade and color between the two extremes.

There is no savior that is finally going to make everything all better, and there is no controlling force that will finally put you out of your misery and punish you for being such a wretch, or at least give you a good spanking. I have very good, or bad news for you, depending on your perspective - there is no judgment! I repeat! There is no judgment!  There never ever ever ever ever ever ever will be a judgment day! The world is never going to end! There is no such place as hell, other than the one that you can create for yourself if you choose to.

The planet is not dying it is evolving! Planet earth is turning into light.  It is ascending to a higher dimension of love and light. It is creation’s nature to always be growing, expanding and evolving. Yes, of course, aspects of nature, life and creation, die, or rather, they transform into other forms of life.  Which is what happens in nature, things die and disintegrate and then other things grow from the nutrients of these “dead” things.

So now with this knowledge, you no longer have any excuse to fail, because “failure” is just preparation for winning. You are your own judge! There is no other judge in your life except for your own self-judgment.  Certainly, other people can judge you, and we can value or de-value that judgement and it is our choice as to how we will react to that judgment. You are your own God and you determine your own self-worth! How other people feel about you does not determine your self-worth, you do! There is no God that judges you, condemns you, or punishes you for anything that you do or have ever done - because you are God and why would God Judge him/herself!  But you have the power as God to punish yourself if you so choose to, which is what people are doing every day of their lives, they just don’t know it, because they don’t know that they create their own realities.

So every thing you use to justify your denial and repression of your magnificence, and everything you use to justify doing the things that you hate doing, in order to survive, these are all just excuses.  They are just scapegoats you use to blame for your dismal life that you have created by not making a decision to change your life and acting on that decision.  Scapegoats you use because you haven’t had the courage to risk failing, possibly even countless times, before finally succeeding, or risking rejection and ridicule while you fight for your dreams.  But there is no one to blame but yourself for not picking yourself up off the ground and getting back on the horse, because everything in your life you have created and continue to do so with every thought, word and action you make.

Prove to yourself that you are honorable, truthful, kind and loving, by acting this way! Prove to yourself that you are truly amazing by being and acting amazing, regardless of what you or anyone else thinks about you. Let go of your past and swing through the trees to the New World where their is a cornucopia of luscious fruit waiting for you and an abundance of whatever you desire to create in your life!

Go ahead and take a leap of faith, because your magnificence, your awesomeness, your divinity, your wealth, your divine gifts… that you have to offer humanity, are waiting for you on the other side.

So go ahead and be courageous! The definition of courage is being afraid, but doing it anyway! So allow yourself to feel the fear, and use that fear to fire you up to get what you want.  Use that fear to fire you forward, to jump away from what you no longer wish to have in your life! This is why many people enjoy roller coaster rides and other thrill rides, because they enjoy the “fear-factor”.  Life is like a roller coaster ride with its ups and downs, and it is your choice to enjoy the ups and downs and even create your own roller coaster ride, rather than just taking what society dishes out for you.  And when the ride stops, if you are a courageous one, you will get right back in line and ride this adventure again and again to more and more ecstasy, fun, love and joy!  Enjoy the ride of life!

Happy Galactic New Year! 

Happy Galactic Millennia!

Monkey Love!


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