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With a Little Help from my Friends
Learning How to Share

By ZaKaiRan

Greetings beloveds,

I have wonderful news for you all, the time of the lone wolf is complete! You do not have to do this job of enlightening and healing yourself, healing humanity and ascending planet earth alone! It is time to join your broStars and siStars of the divine wolf pack, and empower yourself through the power of Divine Family through Group-Soul, to facilitate your accelerated, graceful and easy spiritual enlightenment and avail yourself to the immense support available to you for your growth and for your divine mission!

You are not alone! I repeat, you are not alone! You have not been abandoned! Your Divine Family is here to support you! We have always been with you, supporting you, guiding you on your journey in any way we could, even if you couldn’t see us, or remember who we were, or even thank us for our divine service, we have always been there for you. And there is even more support available to you if you just ask for it, that’s all you have to do is ask and we’ll come a runnin! We’ve got your back!

And there is also more support available to you then ever before because of the raising of the vibration on this planet by the amazing team of light plorkers (play/work) on this planet. There is so much channeled support available to you on the internet, in books, audios, videos, sessions, workshops, etc., for everyone’s growth, to evolve easily and gracefully to be the divine masters that we truly are.

But everyone who is on this path of awakening and mastery, must now fully start connecting in Group-Soul/Unity/Christ Consciousness and plorking (playing/working) together, because the absolute fact of the matter is that everyone’s continued state of evolution is completely dependent on how much we join our energies with others to create heaven on earth, and enlist the help from others for our soul growth/evolution and to help our other broStars and siStars awaken to their magnificence.

Yes, you heard right, everyone on earth can only evolve so far by themselves! And you will struggle to evolve further into your mastery without obtaining support from your friends, that means friends in physical bodies and friends in light bodies. Because this spiritual evolvement/enlightenment/ascension, is all about entering higher dimensions of vibrational awareness, which is Group-Soul/Unity/Christ Consciousness! All life on higher planes of existence is soul family oriented, everyone works together as one. Everyone combines their energies to create new things and fulfill the divine plan because combining your energies, makes things manifest much easier and faster. And the only way you can ascend to higher levels, is by entering Group-Soul/Unity/Christ Consciousness, where you intertwine your energies like a divine tornado, combining the goodness and Godness of your divine vibrations, your essence, love and your light, with others for the good of all. If you want to evolve quicker, then you must get involved in Unity Consciousness endeavors, where everyone in the group is connecting their energies to create something for the awakening, growth, health and prosperity of humanity. This is what we are creating with the Divine University Project, a community where we can support each other to gracefully and easily awaken and embody our divinity and mastery! Check us out at: www.TheDivineUniversity.com

And humanity’s spiritual evolution as a species, and the creation of prosperity consciousness on earth, rather than lack consciousness is dependent upon how much everyone works together for the greater good of all. This is why all of these problems that humanity has created for itself exists on planet earth, why we have starvation, war, famine, drought…, and everything else that is lack/separation oriented on planet earth, because people have forgotten that they are creator Gods & Goddesses; that they are creating their reality through their thoughts, words and actions; that everyone is their brother and sister; and we are the caretakers of all life. Instead humanity is primarily focused on proving their worth, and ensuring their personal survival and the survival of their blood family, instead of realizing that our joy, fulfillment, and prosperity is dependent upon us all plorking together for the greater good of all. And humanity believes themselves to be victims to reality; to change; fate; coincidence and outside forces.

And being solely focused upon our own survival and the survival of our immediate family/tribe/race/religion/country…, is what the greed forces want us to solely focus our attention on, because then we are disempowered and supporting the continuous creation of a lack/separation oriented reality, and then they can siphon off all of the money and all of the energy for themselves, and we keep working to support this illusion/reality of lack. It’s your choice, what reality do you want to support, a world of lack and competition or a world of prosperity and cooperation? Will you empower yourself by focusing your attention on the new world, on love, on cooperation, prosperity for all…, or will you keep disempowering yourself by focusing on the old, on lack, not having enough…? Focused attention creates reality, where is your attention focused?

It appears that the greed forces hold all the power by controlling the finances and politics…, but that is not power, that is powerlessness. These poor dears suffer from powerlessness and unworthiness, and they are doing their best to deny this suffering that they inwardly experience (usually unconsciously), by hoarding, manipulating and controlling money or controlling others for money. And people believe that by being in control, they are powerful, but this is an illusion, this is not powerful, this is powerless. Acting this way, is living in a reality where you feel powerless, so you try to act powerful, but acting powerful is not being powerful. Power is not something you do, or act like, it is just who we truly are and how we truly are. True power comes from surrender, from the heart, from an open heart and open mind, not the contrary. Real power comes from love, from sharing, from caring, from compassion…! And this true power of love, is how we are creating an entirely new world of Avatars who are completely in tune and connected to nature!

By empowering ourselves through Group-Soul/Unity Consciousness (MerKaBa), we will shift this planet to one of absolutely amazing beautiful prosperity, where everyone is given the opportunity to experience complete abundance, rather than just the chosen few. Where everyone is supported to experience the fullness of their amazing magnificence!

So how can you support yourself to experience your amazing magnificence, create heaven in your life, and become empowered to co-create heaven on earth? How can you support yourself to break out of the chains of lack/survival/separation/enemy consciousness, so that you can solely focus on your awakening and mastery? What can you spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically do to facilitate a more accelerated vibration?

That’s where I come in. I have been doing this ‘spiritual awakening’/ ‘ascension’/ ‘wake up to my mastery’/ ‘remember my magnificence’… journey, for many years now and have attained a level of mastery where I have figured out this reality/game/play/movie…, on planet earth, to the degree that I might be able to offer some guidance to help you embody the divine qualities of wisdom, love and courage, to make your journey of awakening and mastery (on the yellow brick road), a little more graceful and easy, (to be your own wizard of OZ).

Big Key 1 - The Power of Joy

Luckily, I figured out (just in time for my own sanity), that the biggest mistake you can make down here, is to take life and reality too seriously. This was a specially huge revelation for my spiritual awakening because it is related to my divine essence of joy and fun of the ‘Spirit of the Child’. And one thing that helped in this was working in the film and television industry, and studying acting, so that I could see that life really is just a stage, and we are merely the players, with our many entrances and exits… After many trials and tribulations, and much karmic release through the massive initiation of relationship, I finally got the Cosmic Joke, that my life was an illusion, and that this entire reality on planet earth is all an illusion, and everything we have created on planet earth is not how it needs to be, and certainly not how I would prefer it to be. And somehow I got it, that I could literally change the world, (“with a little help from my friends”… - thanks John). And my ultimate liberation came when I gave up the entire illusion of “life as we know it”, gave up city, country, identity, “career”, fame, (but not fortune), and moved to the land of the dreamtime (Oztralia), where I could dream a new reality and a new earth!

If you don’t get the cosmic joke, that this is all an illusion and you’re playing a game of amnesia (I forgot I was God-Goddess, I forgot I was an awesome master…), then you’ll be sucked in by the drama; the grand soap opera of life; that this is all real; and your unworthiness is real; and your separation from God and Love is real, etc.; and it will be a struggle for you to evolve and grow.

The key is Joy beloveds! Joy is the absolute key to your health, wealth, empowerment and mastery! It is the key to your liberation, to connecting to and living your true essence of Love, and the key to embodying your divinity, your divine gifts (as a healer, channel, writer, psychic, dancer, artist…) and the key to fulfilling your mission here on earth.

The “Power of Joy” is the Joyful expression of your divine magnificence, divine essence and divine presence, and it is embodied in your life by connecting to the inner joy in your heart, expressing and sharing this joy in creative, loving and abundant ways, which is your true way of being and experiencing life!

Big Key 2 - Share or Die! Or Ascend or Reincarnate - Group-Soul/Unity/Christ Consciousness/Divine Relationship

The other massive key to your awakening and empowerment, is learning how to share, especially sharing your energy; to embed your energy with each other in a divine synergy (synchronis energy), without any interference. You must learn how to share your energy in order to balance and energize yourself to the maximum potential, because only with the help of others and combining our energy and creativity with others, can we truly evolve, because we are all one being! Trying to work alone, is like trying to separate yourself from the other parts of your divine body. If you separate your arm from your body, it’s not going to be able to work without the support of the rest of the body.

This is why sacred geometry is receiving such great interest by the awakening masters, because deep down, everyone knows that sharing energy, (which is the MerKaBa, Flower of Life, caduceus, phi ratio, spiral, toroidal donut…), how nature shares and creates), is the absolute key to our awakening, mastery, soul and physical evolution/survival. In other words, being able to consciously ascend without dying unconsciously and having to recycle/reincarnate… It is also absolutely imperative to the survival/evolvement of the human species. Without learning to share, on all levels, we will eventually die as a species and just be a page in the cosmic history book, known as “the selfish humans”.

Basically, it’s SHARE or DIE! Wake up; remember your magnificence; learn how to share your energy, your love and your light, with others, in Group-Soul/Unity/Christ Consciousness, for the good of all of humanity, (ascension, transcending physicality, with the newly acquired ability to come and go as you please and help humanity evolve in more profound ways…). Or remain unconscious; continue living in separation and denial; die of some inner created disease because of this separation, denial and repression of your divinity; leave your body, not ascending any higher than the high overtones of the 4th dimension; regroup here to plan your next incarnation, (possibly on another planet still densifying); and do the whole cycle over again, to see what you can do better next time.

And the only way to share your energies, is to open your heart, open your chakras, strengthen and expand your aura…, and realize that we are all one, and no one is separate from anything or anyone! Remember that you are Love; that you are Light; that you are God-Goddess! That all life is one big family, a massive magnificent tapestry of Group-Soul, comprised of each individual expression of God-Goddessness!

This is my main speciality as an ascension master - connecting the awakening masters to Group-Soul/Unity/Christ Consciousness (group MerKaBah), to the God Presence (monad) of their being and helping them remember that they are Group Soul. I am a Unity/Christ Consciousness being, my main focus and joy in life, is merging with and connecting to divine family, and connecting souls to other divine souls in Group-Soul Consciousness and play, to empower us to co-create the reality that we have all come to planet earth to create together - a new civilization of love and light, a new star in the heavens.

Along with this group MerKaBa speciality, is healing our wounds that are impeding us from connecting fully with each other, from experiencing our true essence of Unity/Christ Consciousness and connecting to our mastery, which is often related to our programs, beliefs, fears, etc., from past lives where we have encountered difficulties when working with others as pairs, trinities and larger groups. Many of these big “wounds” come from Lemuria, Egypt, Atlantis and other star systems, such as Orion, Lyra... But all of these karmic issues are related to relationship: relationship with God, life, divinity, self, worth, the earth, the stars, animals, devas, nature, and other people. So healing our past relationships is another massive key to our awakening and mastery, and balancing our divine masculine and feminine energies, (another speciality of mine which is “the Path of Androgyny”).

I am also a Karmic Record Healer, with the ability to access the Akashic Records and during sessions, my friends in high places and myself, help heal past energy blockages and karma, held in your soul and the MerKaBa (Light Body), that are blocking access to your divine gifts. A karmic record session also facilitates the healing of what you feel you may have lost, given up or sacrificed, and the core “wounds” that you need to forgive to accelerate your journey of awakening to experience fulfilment and joy.

(Akashic Records: Library of karmic history from all souls past life experiences. A record of lives and experiences where we have lived and expressed unconditional love, the opposite or degrees thereof, held and monitored by the Karmic Record Board, a group of Ascended Masters).


The biggest illusion of them all, that everyone believes is real and true here on planet earth, is that we’re all separate from one another. I know it looks that way, because we’re in bodies, and it feels like we’re separate from one another, but in Spirit, there is no separation, and all that is needed for humanity to wake up to this divine truth, is to open their hearts, then they will feel connected to all life and feel no separation, no suffering, no pain, no unworthiness, no lack… Healing our wounds of separation facilitates this opening and reconnection, and taking responsibility for our own reality.

This delusion of separation has created enemy consciousness, wars, terrorism, slavery, apartheid, prejudice…, conflict between race, religion; gender; political, territorial, financial and commerce control…, all basic tribal cave man conflict. Remember, don’t be fooled by “the woman in the red dress”, she might be an agent. (the Matrix buffs will know what I’m talking about). The point is, don’t be fooled by appearance; don’t be fooled by the media and by what you are told; and don’t be fooled by your own beliefs and programs. Re-discover the truth, that this “reality” is just a matrix of illusion, created, manipulated and controlled by the lack/enemy consciousness of humanity. And it does not have to be the reality you support or live in.

Once again, that’s where I come in! And other spiritual masters, who are here to help you illuminate the truth in your consciousness. We are reality busters! (Who ya gonna call? Reality Busters!!!) If you need your reality busted; your mental body reprogrammed; your consciousness and your energy bodies upgraded…. Or you need a clean out of the programs, beliefs, fears, etc., that are creating an undesirable reality, or that you would like to improve… Or perhaps you would like to experience a greater connection to divine guidance, to your God-Goddess Presence; your Divine Mastery, or a greater connection to the Family of Light…, so that you can experience the fullness of your divinity in your life, body, consciousness and reality. Or perhaps you would like some help creating heavenly relationships in your life, or more prosperity… Whatever the case may be, perhaps I can help you with a personal or phone session or through my audios of my Divine Life Mastery Playshops
or my Ascension Meditations CD or my Ascension Manual, "The Ascension Masters Toolkit" & The Mini Ascension Masters Toolkit (Free!)

What is Group-Soul/Unity/Christ Consciousness?

It’s easy to see what it is not! Just look at all relationships on planet earth, and you’ll see what it is not.

Group-Soul/Unity/Christ Consciousness is not based on deals, agreements, beliefs or ideals. Living and being in Unity Consciousness is not giving your power or energy away to the group, to the relationship, the organization, the party…. So that you can survive physically or so that you can experience the attention, admiration, support, energy and love of your “family”, “friends”, society, etc.

Group-Soul/Unity/Christ Consciousness is not based on individual and group survival, but individual and group thrival! It is not about tribes sticking together to ensure their survival, but tribes working together to ensure the thrival of all the tribes, the ONE TRIBE.

Plorking in Unity Consciousness is about staying completely centered in your own divine beingness, your own unique essence, personality, mastery…, in love, while being open to flowing with connecting to the synergy of the group. Once again, you must be able to perfectly embed with others, intertwined like snakes (caduceus), fractal, phi .618…, without interference). Never losing the unique self to the group vibration, but the individual self is enhanced by the group vibration. You allow the group energy support to energize your personal essence to greater degrees, and your unique essence adds to the energy and power of the group.

The old style of tribal consciousness, dictated that the individual is worth less than the entire group, and is only respected if the individual contributes to the survival of the group. In true Unity Consciousness, every unique soul is honored and respected as an integral piece of the divine puzzle of Group Soul, the One Great Spirit. Every soul is valued beyond measure because each soul’s presence, power, love, light and mastery adds more of these divine qualities to the same qualities of the group soul vibration.

So, how do you wholistically stay in balance while working in Group-Soul/Unity/Christ Consciousness? You must reacquaint yourself with your own divine essence and divine function, so that you know how you are to synergetically work within the group vibration, and not be taken over or controlled by aspects of the group vibration or aspects of individuals, who have agendas that are contrary to group-soul divinity, that have dramas and fears about working in Group-Soul. So one aspect of mastery in working with Unity Consciousness, is learning how to say no to these aspects within yourself and others who have these agendas that are fear based. And how to take divine control of certain situations with the power of your Divine Presence and knowing how to heal these wounded aspects of our Souls and Group-Soul.

Compassion is the key. And it is the key to being able to wholistically live and work in Unity Consciousness in the world that lives in separation, lack, and unworthiness, rather than oneness. A world that is based on small group survival dynamics and co-dependent relationships that are based on deals, beliefs, agreements, contracts and vows, so that we can feel safe, loved and survive physically and emotionally. The new world relationships are not based on anything tangible, and they are certainly not designed to prove anything, such as worth or deserving to be loved. The New World Unity Relationship is solely about co-creating in a natural synchronis flow of divine presence, divine grace, sharing, and love! These co-creative relationships (cocreationships), are guided by divine synergy, the synchronistic energy of the Group-Soul of the individuals in the relationship. And they are guided by the natural synchronistic sharing of divine frequency, to continually create new beautiful creations that support everyone, not just the chosen few, or my immediate family, friends, community and country.

The tricky part, as any awakening master will agree with, is living with one foot in the old world and one foot in the new world, and balancing the two worlds and the associated energies in life. How do you stay centered in your divine presence, keeping a balanced mind and open heart; living in prosperity consciousness; and supporting yourself financially, in a world that is disconnected from their hearts; that lives in lack consciousness; does not necessarily support your financial success and wholistic balance, and does not understand Unity/Christ Consciousness?

That is the million dollar question and the million dollar answer is - you just do the very best that you can. It is a journey beloved, a journey of mastery and you must learn to enjoy the journey, rather than always being focused on the destination, otherwise you will go nuts from impatience, (this is the balance of the masculine and feminine). The good news is that there is the “Red” pill, that will make the journey more graceful and easy, and when you take it, you have made the empowering decision to see the truth, to see how deep the matrix goes, and see beyond the matrix of illusion. But I warn you, that just like Neo, there will be initiations to embrace to achieve divine mastery. There are always birthing pains when birthing a new child. And the gestation of this new child is a grand journey of love, truth, awakening and mastery. We must be patient and compassionate as the old world gently dies and support it’s gentle death, as you would support a loved one.

Once again, this is where I come in, and with the help of my friends, we hope to make this ‘journey of your magnificence’ as gentle, graceful and easy as possible. We are here to help you surf the new wave of joy, without getting dumped by the old wave of despair, by always connecting to the joy within your heart, your divine presence and the divine plan, to be guided and guide yourself on this magnificent journey of awakening to your amazing divinity.

Infinite blessings on your amazing journey of awakening to your divine magnificence!


Additional Note: Group Consciousness and Nature

The rampant environmental destruction that takes place on planet earth, and humanity’s adversarial and exploitive relationship with nature is indicative of their ignorance and resistance to their own divine nature, purity and Unity Consciousness, and ignorance of prosperity consciousness, because divinity and abundance for all, lives within the Unified Field of Creation. Humanity is essentially trying to be gods by controlling, exploiting and killing god. They are trying to be individual gods, at the expense of the group godness.

If you follow wild life issues in the United States, you may be aware that in some states, especially Idaho and Alaska, there has been a push by the right wing to kill wolves. Almost every single wolf in the lower 49 states was killed off by the white man, but wild life care groups, have since reestablished wolf packs in many states from wolves borrowed from Canada. Now there are many thriving wolf packs living how they did before their destruction. The killing of the huge herds of literally millions of Bison & Elk, the complete extinction of the entire species of Carrier Pigeon (once thriving in the millions), and the near extinction of wolves and other animals in the past, and this push to kill wolves again, is because they are resisting their own inner Group-Soul nature. Wolves are gentle creatures that never attack humans, (but they’re fond of cattle and sheep), who are only trying to provide for their family, just like humans. Wolf packs always work together in Group-Soul, as do Dolphins & Whales. Similarly, this is why the Japanese are so hell bent on killing dolphins and whales, to resist Unity Consciousness and repress their suffering about feeling separate from their fellow humans; separate from nature; separate from God; separate from their hearts and separate from love. God bless their beautiful hearts!

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