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The 7 Primary Teachings of The Christ

(The Teachings of the Seven Rays)

1. Maitreya offers the teaching of forgiving all that touches our life

I forgive All That Is? unconditionally. X7

2. Sananda offers the teaching of non-judgment through our minds, allowing us to see the divine in all ? as God does.

I recognize the love and divinity within all and release any judgment I may hold. X7

3. Mary offers the teaching that love exists within all through the unified field of love and asks all to receive and be filled with this love.

The love is within me and surrounds me. The threefold flame burns brightly.

I recognize that I am Love, and that Love exists in All That Is. X7

4. Sananda offers the teaching that all souls are the Christ and are one with God/dess, and that each of us is a part of this Oneness.

I am the soul. I am love. I am will. I am one with God. I am the Christ Divine. X7

5. Maitreya offers the teaching that the threefold flame holds the balance for harmonizing the soul, spirit and body as one.

My soul, body and spirit are free. I am complete and whole as I am.

God loves and accepts me completely for who I am. X7

6. The Divine Mother offers the teaching that through honoring our selves in sacred space we are divine receptacles for the soul and the light to anchor through our being on Earth.

I am that I am. I am the spirit of love, joy and peace. I am the soul and one with my God Presence. I now open my heart, allowing God to merge with me more deeply. x7

7. Divine Father offers the teaching for all souls to embrace the power within, and to co-create with God/dess the reality that enables our heart to experience divine love.


The first three teachings are of transmutation and re-energization as love. The last three are of the soul, spiritual and physical harmonization, and the anchoring of love and light. This seventh teaching unites the first 6 teachings together and completes the journey of one’s soul and spirit and body through its unification process of ascension. The essence of this teaching is to embrace the power within and to co-create with God/dess the reality that serves one’s heart to experience divine love. This sacred embrace involves three primary embraces:

* I embrace Divine Will, and align my personality to the will of my God Presence.

*I embrace Divine Love, and align my path of wisdom to the love of my God Presence.

*I embrace Divine Action, and align my choices to the intent of my God Presence.


Channeled by Qala Serenia Kikiya Phoenix