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The 7 Keys of Inner Alchemy

The 1st Key is:

All is Within You

The first key asks one to go within and connect (be with) the whole self inside. Just through this connection this wholeness will flow to the parts that do not feel whole. By focusing on your wholeness within it will expand. By connecting to yourself you create balance in your outer reality in relationship to your connections in life. The recognition of oneself as a divine being is a key to this.

The 2nd Key is:

Receive Life Direction or Guidance from your Whole Inner Self

So whilst connecting within to your wholeness, if you truly wish to be guided by this wholeness (soul) you will receive this. Merely ask for this and it will come to you and your power to receive guidance from within will grow. If one does not align to one's soul purpose and follow one's guidance, one will find oneself experiencing a feeling of non presence (that is, feeling like one is in the wrong place and time). The second key keeps one attuned to one's soul path in life.

The 3rd Key is:

Holding One's Power…To Love all Equally - Inwardly and Outwardly

This key speaks of one on an inner level loving all parts of self equally - very dark (living in the shadow) or very light. Only when one is able to love all aspects inwardly will there be complete balance in one's inner life. This will reflect outwardly also as one is more able to love all aspects of self equally, one is able to meet more aspects of others with love.

True power is the merging of love and light in equal balance within one's central pillar. If there is too much focus on light and not enough on love then large amounts of shadow aspects will arise from within. And if there is too much focus on love and not enough on light then one will have limited awareness in relation to one's own creation of reality in life. To give your power away to any other being or to your aspects of self that do not feel whole will create you to feel split in your being and will lead to an inner battle.

These 3 Keys are a triangle that are the base of a pyramid of your energy that connects you to the earth plane or physical plane. To create balance in your physical life (outer reality), simply apply each of the 3 keys and harmony will always result. It is important to apply all 3 keys with equal energy from within. Daily practice to these 3 keys are important in training yourself in your inner

The 4th Key is:

Be the Rainbow Bridge

Connect your tube of light to the core of the Earth and through each of your chakras to the sun and moon and then to Source through the heavens. The tube of Light is the only bridge that connects you to your whole nature through all of heaven and all of Earth. As karma arises it will create your chakras to be clogged at times so if you connect your antakarana to Earth and Source you are able to be fed energetically to shift the energy within all chakras and bodies.

If you hold your love when doing this, a vacuum of Source energy will suck all karma into the higher chakras to be transmuted by Source and down through the lower chakras to be transmuted by the heart of The Earth. It is important to connect your tube of light if karma as negativity arises.

Asking for your antakarana to activate will create balance in your chakras. Do not forget to ask for all you wish for and then receive.

The 5th Key is:

Connect to your Divine Feminine Body of Light by Honouring all parts of your Feminine Energy as Divine

This body is filled with large amounts of your love that will channel and fill your etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical bodies creating balance and harmony in their energies. Once this occurs you will feel waves of energy and feel more expansive. This opens your energy body to be able to receive more from the Sea of oneness - or the breath of God/dess. This flows then into the pillar of light (Antakarana) to fill all bodies and create their expansion.

The whale breath can be used to create this to flow more ... breathe into the heart and out the crown ... and also to connect to the 6th key.

The 6th Key is:

Connect to your Divine Masculine Body of Light by Honouring all parts of your Masculine Energy as Divine

This body of light creates more opening in the expansive nature and emanation of your being. As it is fed into the brow it creates a connection to your higher mind and will still all thoughts. This body of light is your inner doorway to the energy of the void or to the pure energy of the stillness of God/dess. This energy dissolves thoughts and the body feels clarity or divine truth through the energy body. Stillness comes to the mind and the mind and heart connect love and light and balance the love/light balance in the energy body.

The breath to connect to this more deeply is to breathe in through the brow and out the heart.

(My insert: At this time you may ask for a no time activation - access no time.)

The 7th Key is:

Call for your God Presence to Merge and Anchor into your Physical Body

It is important to be with this seventh key .... to ask for this and then to receive. This is a powerful experience of meeting one's own presence as God/dess in the body... if one has clearly manifested full balance through the previous 6 steps.

The 4th to 7th Keys create a square that relates to the 4 foundations of your heavenly connection to Source. This square cannot truly be fully activated to its highest potential unless the first 3 keys are mastered and balance is created with them in the your physical outer reality. All 7 keys singularly are able to heal many experiences within you and bring wholeness but the true power of one's mastery is felt when one has mastered all 7 in the order given.

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