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Divine Relationship

Universal Laws to truly change your reality in relationship
Plus Divine Union Keys


To truly change your reality in relationship one must hold one's consciousness with these following Universal Laws.

Three Laws of Universal Truth.

1. Law of Reality - Creation, what you focus upon expands, thoughts create your reality.
2. Law of Universal Mirror - All is a reflection of thy soul's own lessons.
3. Law of Love - bring all into the Oneness.

All three laws are tools to freeing oneself from the illusions of past/parallel wounds and patterns that are held in the energy body that are stimulated through deep relationships. All three laws are aspects of Source in motion and are true in all cases and in all moments of life. Through attuning to these laws one can set free all energy patterns seen and unseen within self that creates dissonance from love - true expression of the soul and connection to Source / Oneness.

The first law, The Law of Reality, is important to encapsulate, as once mastered no more Karma is created negatively unless truly chosen. Awareness of self and self's motives in creating one's reality is now made manifest to a high degree. Full responsibility needs to be taken for all experience, reaction and conditionality of reality through this law. One learns of one's creative input into life and to place focus on all one wishes to manifest.

The second law, The Law of Reflection, asks for a further level of responsibility. This law often manifests the ability to heal the unseen - the unconscious forces in existence within you. This law states that all around you is a mirror of all within you, as a sacred play. Identifying all that you judge or you react to in your environment in a non-loving way will show you the unseen unconscious energetic aspects of self within, controlling your reality, and creating your reality from limited consciousness.

By working with this law one can remove and heal obstacles of an unconscious yet large influence in your life. This is achieved by accepting the mirror, forgiving all others and self and giving thanks for the lesson. Once this is created truly from the heart the mirror changes permanently to reflect this as healed in wholeness.

The third law, The Law of Love, is equal in importance but more powerful than all other laws. If love is released into any situation from your open heart, whatever it flows to will become whole. This is the ultimate power of the soul and the collective soul lesson for humanity at this time.

Once all laws are mastered true knowledge of the energetic creation of all situations are given through the three laws to each soul encountering life. With will and knowledge comes support. The assistance of all manifestations of self. Through all soul incarnations, all ancestors of all soul incarnations offer full assistance energetically. This support allows each soul to hold energy to step into their darkness - deepest wounds - and lift to Source.

In relationships all are called to achieve this. In Divine Relationship two souls are in full connection within themselves and all others. To achieve this, these souls must love and release their deepest wounds. This journey is only chosen by the souls and partnership of souls if:-

• will,
• knowledge,
• and support are in manifestation.

At this time the soul journeys to discover their love through their darkest memories. In most cases the soul experiences the deepest wound of all lifetimes and is then able to release it and forgive self, God and all others and open to love. Also at this time, the heart truly begins to open and all weights, and energies of old are permanently lifted from the heart over a period of years.

A Simple 4 Step Process
to Manifesting Divine Relationship

(Once the deepest challenges / core wound has been healed)

1) Know Thyself as a Divine Being

For all that you see yourself as will be reflected in your environment - if you see (envision) yourself on a very deep level as beautiful you will manifest a beautiful environment that you always feel and experience beauty in.

To achieve this honour yourself as a Divine Being every day before you start the day. Whatever this honouring will look like to you - it is from the heart and truly fulfils your start to the day. My honouring each day for me is to connect in with my God, give thanks, and through my inner connection to feel that love that I AM and give it to my body through some movement, then shower and dress as a Goddess for the day.

Once you have honoured yourself - then Honour All Others as Divine Beings. Service act or gift to the world. Give time to the world in some way - to the community, household, family, relationship - you need to honour your outer reflection as Divine. Give with love in honour of the Divine within all. Many do this act of service such as doing domestics but do it out of duty etc., not love.

Whatever it be whether it be domestics, meditation, prayer or any other experience - offer it with love or it is not truly honouring the Divine in all, including your outer reality.

2) Keeping the Heart Open

The second step in the Ancient Mystery Schools for Divine Relationship is "Keeping the Heart Open" through all interactions and recognise when the heart begin to want to close. Choosing to open it, to go beyond fear, judgements, old patterns and embrace a new reality with an open heart. Choosing the unknown / trusting universally you will be supported with the open heart. Recognising this, all lifts instantly when the heart is open.

Create a way for you to manifest your heart to open when you feel it want to close. Creating a close relationship with the open heart and nurturing this relationship to be expansive not limited.

3) Power of God / Goddess as a Divine Channel through the Open Heart

Setting the Plan or Blueprint of Your New Relationship. Calling for the qualities in relationship your will to experience through power / prayer / Invocation / Decree and say it three times. Set Divine Intention.

4) Bringing the Power Prayer to Fruition
Manifestation of the Divine Relationship on Earth through your daily life.

The Master Creator must:-

• Take full responsibility for all energy you meet in life - through embracing the three laws

• Once the three laws have been mastered by the mind, then the personality and the mind is in full co-creation with the Master Plan laid out in 3) above. Therefore the saboteurs of self have been met and loved free through the three laws in action in life, the power of the creation will begin to enact.

• The Master Creator must offer and, over a period of time, enact all qualities that are being called for in Divine Relationship and give these qualities from the heart with no attachment for them to return.

• Through the gift of all qualities of the Divine Relationship being offered unconditionally with no attachment or judgement of the other, only love. The Divine Relationship is set in physical through your soul experience and will then be brought into matter in short time through your relationship. If the other partner does not open to Divine Relationship as you do then they will be shown tasks and lessons so as to achieve this or another will be brought who has achieved this.

Qala Serenia Phoenix, web site: www.light-elixirs-com,

Copyright 2002