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Divine Relationship through Soul Family and Twin Flames


All relationship is in truth, the heart of the soul seeking God / Goddess , for the divine relationship of all souls is centred in their heart connection with Source. Each soul journeys through universal realms so as to experience this communion and to explore their individuality in relationship to Source. It is through the higher learnings, that relationships with others gives us the experience of the sharing of God's love and brings us into a closer relationship with Source.

Our God Presence, our divine self, is always in the experience of this divine relationship with Source. As embodiments of our souls, we hold within us the truth of this connection. This truth is held within our hearts as a three fold flame of God Presence. Within our chakras, the essence of this flame and our God connection, is held as God's Love, Wisdom and Power. This flame burns brightly, lighting the path for all parts of the soul that are in separation from the God connection, to return home to the heart of the soul, the God Presence. As each being evolves on Earth through lesson learning from the creation of their reality, there is a point in this evolution known as the soul merge. It is when the soul begins to merge with the body, and the heart of the soul begins to be expressed through the being's eyes, radiating love to others freely, that the divine relationship with Source begins to become primary in the life of the being on Earth. Two spiritual manifestations begin to activate in the etheric realms at this time. The first is the call for the soul family to manifest in the physical life and on the ethers, supporting the path of the soul to Earth. The second is the activation of the flame of God Presence within one's heart to expand.

THE SOUL FAMILY is a large group of beings who are connected through soul lineage with each other. Each soul has family members that are in etheric form as well as physical form. As the soul merges with the body enflamimg the heart, a signal of sound and light frequency as colour rays is sent from the chakras of the being through the environment. It is this signal that attracts one's soul family to one's being. Soul Mates, Mission Mates and Soul Karmic Relationships come into the being's environment as this call is met by other souls who energetically recognise this signal.

SOUL MATES are those that hold no karma between each other in relationship. They have only a great love and recognition for each other. These beings are in divine relationship to support each other to evolve, through holding the light and love as a mirror for each other as each opens to their higher consciousness anchoring.

SOUL KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS are brought forth into relationship for karmic clearing, and bring forgiveness and heart connection to those who have deep wounds within their lightbody. Some of these wounds may be triggered by the actions and presence of another of their soul family. These beings are in relationship to offer a mirror of old woundings that may need to be forgiven and let go of so the soul can merge into the body more deeply.

THE TWIN FLAME is a divine relationship between two souls that hold identical soul signatures within the heart . These two souls were created from the same original spark of God's love, as a sphere of souls. This sphere of souls is held in the heart of God/Goddess and is the divine relationship each soul returns to as they journey out of separation back into a state of unconditional service and love for all beings. It is the flames within each of the souls from this Sphere that merge as one when the I am Presence , master self anchors permanently into the body. At this time when full self mastery is held within all aspects of one's life, the twin flame relationship is activated. All beings then begin to receive the transmissions of light and love physically into the body from their divine partner, their twin flame. If their twin flame has chosen to embody for mission work on the Earth, this being will begin to physically connect to their twin flame in their environment. It is at this time that God /Goddess asks both souls to choose life together as the truth of the flames of God's love in a relationship of unconditional love. If both souls choose this path, their love flowers beyond all love. If they choose the path of ego, they separate until their souls can embody the love they hold with each other on the higher planes of reality.

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