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Warning...Please sit while you read this as you will are likely to experience multidimensionnally

The Love of God

As I sit in this sacred place, I feel God in my arms and feel the nurturance of God within me and everywhere I place my focus. What is this place I sit within? It is the place of my heart where no harm can ever be felt or created. This heart Iam is such a Warm place, like no other I have been and it is here that I rest until my humanity will welcome me into the life of my personality. Why is it that I wait for this one to decide that she is enough to receive my love and the Love of God. What creates her to feel that she is less than this and creates her to strive to be more so she can be this. Why does she not realise that she already is this love . As she is me and I am her, as is one! I am her within the house of God, living purely through the law of God and within the heart of God. I am this I am. I am that Iam. The Mighty I am presence of this one that types this sacred letter. I am the channel and I am the one who gives all light to the body which types as I am. It is I and the little one that are meeting again to be present with the love of God on Earth.

God is a mystery to so many yet God is such a simple thing. God is all that is , there is naught that is not God and thus naught that is not Divine. Am I this , you may ask.? Divine? Are we truly this, my personality asks! but how do we know that we are truly divine? .I answer through the parable of light .that one is Divine as one was created from The Divine as a soverign soul that emanates the Heart of God. Each one Soul was created by The Divine as a replica of all that is and within this one soul , All That Is exists.

But how do we meet this soul we truly are, if this is so? By creating a place in your life for this meeting. What is this place in my life for this.? It is the silence of the heart. When you go within the heart and meet your silence, you will feel the love of your soul emanating and realise your soul has always been there. It is time now for all souls to return to Earth and create a new world together. How many of you connect to your souls and how easy is it once you actually give time to this.? How would you like to connect to your soul now as I type and you read.? The soul of your being is witnessing this very moment and is ready to connect with you at any time just as I witness my being typing on the computer and offer the words for this one to write. how many of you now feel your soul presence as a warm wave around you? This warm wave will grow in strength if you wish it to. How would you like to go into a space with your soul to meet god? For all those up for the journey .. let us first pray. Prayer is power enacting through the spoken word with divine intention. Call to your soul to merge with you and ask that this be an opening to you meeting with your soul and God. Ask that all that needs to occur , to occur so this can be made manifest in the now. Then bless this prayer with the gratefulness of your heart.

So many of your souls now are rejoicing in love , infinitely, as they now have a greater chance to come to Earth. For your soul it has been a long journey coming to Earth even if you feel like you have been on Earth forever, your soul hasn't. This Age is the age when all souls return to Earth for a specific reason. This reason will become apparent to each one of you as you meet with your Soul and God over the future period.

Now the arrangements have been made by God to create this so you see there are some technicalities to creating your soul , God and you to meet. One important factor is your environment. If your environment is a little in the lower frequencies of resonance then your soul is firstly commissioned to create a love pad for you, your soul and god to meet in.
This love pad looks a little like beautiful rainbow swirling lights in the form of a huge pillar of lovelight that is connected to the heart of the earth and your chakras, your heart , your soul and the heart of god. This takes a few minutes so by the time you have read this , if you said yes before this will have been created for you. well that's wonderful isn't it ..that just through you saying yes that a wonderful love bed is made for you ..The next technicality is if you have any old attachments to any others souls then it is at this time that your soul prays to God that you should be freed of these. Then what happens is some very large shining bright angels with their swords of truth come down to the Earth plane through your pillar and cut away any cords or attachments to others in life or on the other side. These attachments will take your power from your pillar and you will not feel free to be you if you have them. God and your soul just want you to be truly you so this is done in a swift jiffy and by now this would have occurred to you. You should be feeling more light now that this has occurred and for those of you who weren't so sure about saying yes to the meeting are probably all quite interested in this fun game and I bet you didn't realis e that this spiritual stuff could be so much fun. No doubt you are really working towards saying yes now just because it is all so curious and you could be missing out on something. What I say to you is that you will never know unless you actually try it .How about it a little soul connection it can't harm you ..

So all of you now, once you have said yes and the love bed is laid, the angels have come and done their stuff ., are ready. Ready for what? you might say ..I say to you what is it you would normally do on a love bed? .yes you are ready to relax .how many of you had forgotten that one? .well that's ok as your body hasn't been raised in a relaxed atmosphere so it learnt to be tense ..you just need to remind it sometimes ..its time now .to relax .so you are all starting to relax .that's much better. We can feel you now with us What do I mean by that? I mean that we are all waiting to meet you too .Yes I am there at your place waiting to meet you to .how can that be? , you say well you called me in ..as I am a part of God like you ..its feel great to be sharing the journey with you I like your love bed looks real comfy .

Can your soul land on the love pad now? .when you are relaxed enough let your soul know it can land and what will occur is rather dreamy ..a bit like being loved from the tips of your toes to the top of your head and all around 6 ft in all directions .just surrender ,, that's all .remember breathing will really help you at this time. Give it a few minutes so you get the full rush of love don't block it it is your love , you know

O.K the big boss wants to come down now .is there room? .of course there is because you will expand to make room. It's a handy little love pad because it is multidimensional and grows in all directions when ever it is needed .God needs it to grow now so it will begin to grow and become a sphere of love, and then it will turn into a beautiful light ship or merkabah as large as The Earth's physical body. That's pretty cool isn't it .well guess what's going to happen next .
more of God will come in to meet you .let go now and Let God look after you for a change ..so many of you trying so hard to look after God and create the paradise for all .God wants to look after you now breathe and just receive all the gifts of love that you have given out returning back to you now .ten times more than you gave

Cool , heh have you all come back now , don't try to come back too soon..give yourself heaps of time..i'll still be here later .yeh i don't reckon you are finished either .remember this is your time lay back and let it all come back to you wow , now wasn't that real cool why not send this on to a friends so they can have some fun like that Q. do you really believe that god is more than you or are a part of you ..

Qala Serenia Phoenix, web site: www.ASCEND.org.au www.light-elixirs-com,

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